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I didn't want to go on this Birthday. To tell honestly, just I didn't take a special liking to the heroine of the occasion. But she was a girlfriend of my girl Yulya, and I just had no choice. On the appointed day I came for Yulya to help to finish the gift bought by her in advance. Having come into the apartment, I was once again convinced, the girl, how beautiful at me: small growth, dark hair, wonderful green eyes — all this only a part of her beauty. On Yul there was a summer cocktail dress from red silk and the light sandals bought specially on this occasion. Having come for flowers, we went to the outskirts of the city where the birthday girl's cottage was located. The house was two-storeyed with the built-on penthouse, and very clearly spoke about high prosperity of people in him living. The celebration already began, and we, having apologized for delay, congratulated the hostess and joined celebration. I saw more than a half of attendees for the first time, knew the others so far as, but neither with those, nor with others had no special desire to communicate. The feast proceeded not one hour, guests ate, drank, and, eventually, having gorged on and having got drunk, began to disperse on the house and the garden adjoining to him which, by the way, was very beautiful. I decided to walk too and, having given smacking kiss to the darling, is drunk chirping with girlfriends, went outside. Having wandered some time on a garden, I wanted to drink still something, and, having returned to the house, began to look for Yulya that she kept me the company. But she wasn't anywhere. I bypassed the room behind the room, but couldn't find the girl in any way. At last, I reached a penthouse, pushed the first door and... Yulya jumped on the guy unfamiliar to me. (Especially for) her hair we were uncombed, and the dress on a breast is lowered. The become bare boobies rumpled hands of the stranger. The back without panties quickly moved up down. To tell that I was dumbfounded, nothing means to tell. We met nearly 5 years, and during this time she was never convicted of attention to persons of an opposite sex, except me. And here... Yulya noticed me. In her drunk eyes the horror flew, but then alcohol finally won over reason, and she, having slapped itself in a bottom, with a smile told: — Free hole! And here I flew into a rage... Having quickly got rid of trousers, I jumped up to the Spinning top behind and to a descent the dick to it drove in a bottom. It is necessary to tell that she never felt special love to anal sex and what caused this appeal, still it isn't clear to me. But at that moment I didn't think of anything. Yulya moaned, and I began to move even more furiously the dick in her. So-called doublepenetrationprodolzhalos several minutes, then the stranger somehow strange I began to wheeze and I became soft. I understood that he terminated, and now interfered with the presence even a hundred times more, than earlier. Having seized Yulya in an armful, I dragged her on other bed standing at an opposite wall and left her on a back. Between the spread legs I saw how from a vagina of my darling others cum follows. Having spread legs of darling is wider, I drove the dick in her bunghole again. Now nobody hindered my movements, and I brought down all the rage on the girl's bottom. From so furious invasion Yulya at first shouted, then began to shout, being enough and raking up hands a cover, and at last, thrust him to herself into a mouth to behave a little more quietly. Soon I felt that I cum. The cum flew in Yulya, on feelings, not one minute. I, probably, never in life tested such orgasm earlier. But it was not the end of my payment yet. Having taken out a dick from a bunghole, I saw how the cum flowing from a vagina began to mix up with mine. Having dipped fingers of the left hand in the turned-out liquid, I thrust their Julie into a mouth. The forefinger right hands plunged to the girl into the back, and a thumb — her into a vagina. I began to move them to and fro, gradually increasing speed. Yulya lowed something. Without paying to her attention, I squeezed the fingers which are inside, so, that seemed that the barrier dividing them just about will break, and they to connect, and began to move quickly with a force them, and then and all hand. Low was replaced by rattles. I looked Yul fool in the face and saw in them fear. It pleased me. However I didn't want that she choked therefore I after all took out the left hand from her mouth. Yulya began to swallow convulsively of air, but because of torn to make from within shout it at her it didn't turn out. The room was again filled with awful shouts of my darling which at that moment so caressed my hearing. By the way, the guy unfamiliar to me (though I think that Yulya too especially didn't know him) already retired from the room, probably, having decided not to disturb us to continue to have a good time that we with pleasure also did. I continued to look Yul fool in the face, and a hand washing everything tore it from within. At last, she let out cry, on force to which wasn't equal among previous, her eyes were rolled up, the body at first began to twitch, and then became soft, and she unconscious was tumbled down sideways. It was the end. Having taken out well worked fingers from Yuliny openings, I wiped them about her dress, put on and the last time looked at darling. I will lack her very much online dating apps like okcupid html date time zone site mapMain Page