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Slightly gloomy autumn evening when foliage already underwent blows of night frosts, I whithered and I began to fall down in large quantities on the earth, covering with a thick carpet sidewalks and the carriageway. When the sky all threatens to be discharged by rains and here further threats at it meanwhile doesn't reach. When darkens already not as in summer early, but also not as in winter early. In such evening I came back home. The darkness went down under the falling-down crowns for a long time, streets and lanes were lit with faded similarity of yellow sunlight, the subway spat out the people, tired and indifferent to everything, who are chaotically dispersing someone where. Having separated on some site from lump, I turned into quite not well-groomed park, thus having decided to cut off the considerable site of a way. The park in a working zhilmassiv I used not the best glory, on him didn't recommend to walk not that, and even to move the companies, especially in the dark. But anyway, I went many years here, met, happened, chavs, but collision with them somehow avoided me — and that is good. Bright red dress in which don't go shopping, in which in transport don't go, and precisely for work don't dress — it was caught sight to me from far away. Despite total absence of any lighting in the abandoned park, light of gloomy city glow reflected from low posazhyony clouds broke through tears in foliage and pulled out a bright spot of the dress reaching the bottom edge nearly the earth. I am afraid if not this bright dress, I and didn't pay attention in that party, but the congenital curiosity got the best and I accelerated a little to manage to make out this miracle in such solitude. Also I don't know, whether I too quickly went, whether rapid breathing became the reason, and the lady can just and itself I felt a little uncertainly. She few times turned back, estimating the distance which is reduced between us, accelerated and suddenly ran. I didn't even manage to regard her act as she without having taken also ten steps, was hooked for branches of a bush and failed down to the ground. I was near already, gave to her hands and at last understood that both of us not absolutely adequately assess a situation. I other also didn't want to think of anything except how to help her to rise, satisfy the curiosity concerning a dress, to arrive home, to make toilet and to sit down for a couple of hours for "Civilization". She opposite, was obviously afraid of me and was afraid seriously: — Please, it isn't necessary... Take money, but don't beat and force. I ask you. I was taken aback. — I... — it was succeeded to squeeze out from itself. — I don't gather... Let me help you to get up. She with a certain caution allowed to pick up herself and to put on legs. In the twilight I had no possibility her well to consider, but the light smell of the drunk alcohol could catch nevertheless. — You shouldn't be afraid of me. — I calmed her, helping to shake off. — There are I home, decided to cut off a way, and precisely for anybody I don't hunt here. So you shouldn't be afraid of me. — Thanks. — she swayed on the unsteady legs terminating in rather high heels, which are obviously not intended for walking on the cross-country terrain. — Thanks, and that I thought... Thanks, I will go. And I nearly released her. So there was a wish to reach at last the computer and to play, but she once again stumbled and failed — this time to me in embraces. There was she on the heels nearly a cut above me and without them surpassed in growth, but at everything at the same time it turned out so easy that I was even surprised. — Allow to see off you. — again I put on legs her. — Where do you live? She lived not that on the way, but also a hook I couldn't call this deviation from a route so the remains of education got the best and I picked up her under a hand — very unostentatiously having picked up, is exclusive for the sake of convenience — and went to a way. Several minutes we went silently. — How old are you, young man? — suddenly she took an interest. I answered: — 29... — It is necessary?! And to him was as much... I didn't begin to specify to someone it to "him" and why was... But was not to stop her any more. Alcohol, bright dress... All forty three though she as I didn't look age was it already for forty and if to trust told by her, then. She lived, I divorced, seized... And the mass of other details, and here now went from a themed night, I would call it an office party, but she persistently insisted on a themed night in the Spanish style. Her boyfriend this evening left with the very young bookkeeper, and here she was about it recruited that, from her words, wasn't peculiar to her. Once to us to a meeting there were couple of children and asked to light. — You that, the brother, you don't see — we don't smoke. Not before to us. — And! — street muggers grinned and, probably having taken me for, snipped off just production, passed. The park terminated, we came to the lit street and to it stayed at home no distance. — Houses someone are? — I took an interest and I know for what purpose. — No. — she answered. We passed in front of the house — the building of post-war construction, with ledges, turrets and vague understanding about number of storeys. She opened an access door, and I wanted to leave her here, but she murmured something about a dark entrance, old steps, and she on hairpins... The entrance indeed was without lighting, painfully familiar and reminding of much. No, certainly, at this entrance I never was, but there were and more than once in others, and all of them, at the variety in plannings, the sizes, purity — all of them are identical at night, in the absence of lighting. Memoirs gushed over me, and I didn't restrain, gave vent to feelings and hands. Somehow so left that think about "Civilization", about a cosiness and a nourishing dinner disappeared and those feelings got the best that wake up often in such situation — silence, the twilight, isolation of space and existence near at hand of an individual of an opposite sex. Light at an entrance where on a staircase one-room "five-storey apartment block" could be placed, got only through the wide, but long ago not washed windows and therefore nothing is essential I changed. We underwent flight between the third and fourth floors — below silence, above the top floor and... I would like to tell that I decided, but was somehow so that hands by itself developed the lady nearly is twice more senior than me to me the person. Light fell to her, by the equal gray shade doing her face maiden-young and I didn't sweep aside not a shadow of doubt in her eyes concerning the fact that now has to occur. She perfectly understood it and that is surprising, didn't object. On the contrary, I pushed me to continuation. — Last time at an entrance at me was in student's years. — she shared, I embraced also with all passion peculiar to her, from top to down, kissed me. Somehow to kisses I was ready cool — for some reason I loved tipsy ladies, but here to kiss them — not really. Therefore picked up her for a waist, I raised and I seated on a window sill. I don't know how it looked from the street and in general whether the bright spot of a red dress was visible, but we continued, not especially caring for such trifles. Her low-necked top at once went down, baring, let also not the young people who lost a little in elasticity, but full boobies. It was curved forward, umostitsya by some miracle by the hairpins on a radiator of the battery and allowed to be placed to me between even the legs hidden by a long hem. I regretted that my right camera seeing different types, but only not such isn't with me. I am afraid, be it with me — I wouldn't keep and I made two-three of pictures. And meanwhile she exempted the hands from a decollete and now and itself could participate in the events. She caressed to me a back, pressing to herself, frayed hair when I covered with kisses her breast, a neck, again a breast... Her nipples bulked up and now reminded not revealed buds, and breath was so falteringly that I also didn't doubt her excitement. To admit, I didn't even expect from her it, for some reason assuming that ladies of advanced age of considerably zakreposhchenny youth and the fact that "are less advanced". And here on you — the direct proof of the return! So far I admired her breast, her ability to curve a camp so that I at once wanted to take her. So far she parted the legs, passing me forward, opposite, squeezed them so, that I was almost in the trap arranged with a female female spider ready to copulate with a male, and after to treat him at discretion, so far... I somehow didn't even notice that she undid to me trousers long ago, took my bulked-up phallus to a half, and having passed a hand between the legs, began to caress it. Yes, the lady was not from simple. Not the first time she held male pride in the hand, and in difference from younger generation, perfectly knew as to treat him. Having squeezed him so on the one hand not to cause discomfort, and with other — to deliver a pleasure maximum, she kind of by the way as if being engaged in something that became long ago for her ordinary business, became a habit, slowly brought me pleasure. We lost count of time. Caress dragged on. For the first time I felt what is the adult created woman capable to take and be given, and the fact that all occurred at an entrance somehow occurs at teenagers who and want, and there is no place, made horney us. We practically didn't speak, only hot breathed yes hushfully moaned. She didn't hesitate of the events at all, covering with kisses all parts of a body where could reach in this situation, caressing me a back, massing "younger brother", tousling hair... And then for an instant I was interrupted, I tightened edges of a dress up and I bared the perineum, obviously letting know what now it wants. On it there was no linen. I could assume that she took off it before process, but couldn't remember the moment when it could occur. She understood my confusion, grinned and explained: "Themed night. Spaniards treated with neglect underwear in due time. Compliance was required". Yes! I was a little discouraged! Here so, passing on the street, I even wouldn't think of that depth of sexuality that disappeared in this body and therefore lost the head. I long didn't deliberate. I exempted finally the fighter from a burden of matter and especially without aiming, I entered it. She screamed from surprise, but at once recovered. Inside she was same accurate and well-groomed, as well as externally. Her internal corporal contents absolutely corresponded to external. Feeling as "brother" her heat, sufficient, but not excessive lubricant, feeling beating of the speeded-up pulse, I couldn't believe that I here so just was going to pass by such miracle. I moved, despite the relative inconvenience given by a hot radiator of the battery. And I helped me, having embraced my camp as hands, and having crossed the legs at me behind the back. Movements were sharp and frequent — I terribly wanted her, she wanted rigid sex, with slaps, with pushes — she few times even about that asked me, but I decided, being afraid to draw unnecessary attention. Yes, it was a pity not for the camera! I presented our texture from outside and I wanted to imprint it for memory — the adult well-groomed lady, her bright Spanish dress doesn't cover anything essential for a long time, and is only the certain juicy decor which got off around a waist, about profits the big white breast, strong womanly legs weaved around mine waists, shoes on a long heel, one of which lies somewhere behind me on a floor long ago, are more irrepressible, and the second dangles on a leg in a step to our movements, her hands which twisted my neck, claws stuck to me into a back, and my hands which are strong pressing a female body not giving to volume to slide off a window sill and to fly from my excited dick. From the next push she screamed and flew from a window sill. Fortunately I managed to pick up her and having put on legs, to develop to itself a back. Now I took her behind, having densely attached from buttocks — not deviche-teenage, but the real, large, fleshy female buttocks for which not a sin was and to be taken. It was curved again, this time in the opposite direction, and it is "again so correct" that I was surprised to her experience and skill. There passed enough time and, being screwed in in her once again, I all looked narrowly at her buttocks. I haunted, and to me — her rotundity, softness, heat proceeding from her and attracted. Any time I couldn't decide and here, one instant left her, accurately replaced a provision of the advantage and tried to squeeze. The lady was surprised. The truth I wouldn't tell that very much. Without changing a pose, it was bent and looked to me in eyes, asking a mute question of my intentions. I nodded and pressed more feasibly, then she without words took hands the buttocks and as it is possible more widely parted them. Not without effort I squeezed inside. As I understood already several seconds later, here I was not the first and even not the second. She had experience of anal sex and didn't hide it. Having moved back, she pressed me a back to a handrail and actively earned by buttocks. At first she frayed me, working buttocks as millstones, further, having developed itself enough, started the bunghole round, increasing gradually pace and when to accelerate was already chick-pea, and passed to deep penetration. The lady was hot, even more and as I was already convinced, was able to work not only traditional female delights, but also all the rest. Being actively stuck on my dick, she continued by a free hand to caress herself between legs why on an entrance voluptuous groans began to spread. Someone their residents didn't leave though it seemed to me that behind couple of doors characteristic rustling was noted. And here it is an instant when I couldn't constrain more myself and was discharged directly in her. I of course would prefer to dump the stock to her between legs, to feel her heat, a shiver polova of lips, the bulked-up vagina, but as it appeared, to lower and behind gives smaller pleasure if the woman knows how to manage with twist buttocks and it is correct to give it to the man. I lowered inside, without taking out, and still some time my dick convulsively tried to shoot a cum which wasn't for a long time. At last time to leave her came. I was tired and felt to her if not feelings, then wished continuation precisely, having adjusted to pay a visit now, to take a bath — with her surely — to drink tea and to continue by all means. — Thank you that carried out. — she gave smacking kiss to me in a cheek. — and that I even wouldn't know that I and would do... So far... Maybe still we will see... — also I flew away to myself on the floor, having obviously let know that about any continuation maybe speeches. I stood still some time, in hope that all this a joke — but told into a joke wasn't turned. Home I went all through the same park, but already no someone to me on the way met. Went and reflected as far as ideas of female sexuality after only one incidental "time" at a dark entrance can change?! As far as there can be "interesting" in respect of sex a woman of average years, let and lost to some extent the former beauty but enriched with experience and for a long time deprived of teenage constraint and maximalism, not afraid of experiments and understanding that sex is a normal human nature, but not a certain cult which defines human command. Unfortunately — or, on the contrary, fortunately — more we with her weren't crossed, but since then I realized force and attractiveness of mature femininity... I would even tell — they began to attract me... In more detail: online dating apps in hyderabad date tattoos site mapMain Page