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Joint project companies are sexual adventures of Christina. Friday---seven o'clock in the evening---Was December winter therefore darkened early enough. Light of lamps otbleskivat girlfriends on snow which squeaked under legs of young people (him was on 19). They were called by Christina and Yulya. Yulya loved sex and in general male attention while Chris (so all called her) never kissed even. It was the reason for more skilled girlfriend. Slowly touching legs they went to local club. Yulya decided to help the girlfriend to feel such pleasure as sex. She picked up clothes which will be put on by Christina and gave lectures on the different subjects connected with skill of sex, Chris heard it approximately so: "The most sensitive place is a head. bla bla bla. don't forget about... bla bla bla" the girl thought not of it at all. She all dreamed of the fellow student from University - Anton. About his kisses and about strong hands which clasped her body. And her it would be warm and cozy, she would feel protected and darling.... What can the girl dream of? They came to club, there were many people. "So there isn't enough place as if in the minibus" - Chris thought. And suddenly she pushes someone around, even without having looked at someone at it, apologizes. The male voice is suddenly heard: "About Chris, I see to you it was pleasant to step to me on legs" - it was Anton (even this morning Chris three times walked on his legs). The girl was dumbfounded, having seen him. Together with him there was his friend from the 3rd course - Kolya (Anton, Chris and Yulya were on 2). Yulya having seen Anton and a look of Christina giggled, she knew about feelings of the girlfriend. Guys treated little girls with alcohol, and four of them cheerfully spent time. Yulya pulled Chris "to powder a nose" and there they had such dialogue: Yu-well Chris how we divide them? To - Well I don't know..... (she knew, but to her it was awkward) Yu-Hakh, yours - Anton, mine - Kolya, will give a ride? To - of course) Girls giggled, but here Chris noticed that she pounded lipstick. Yulya left the room, and Chris solved the problem, it wasn't often painted therefore there were difficulties with flatness. In minutes 15, the girl could achieve the desirable. When she left that saw that behind a bar counter where they were before, only Kolya sat. Chris had a desire to find out where Yulya and Anton. When she asked Kolya, that just nodded towards an exit. There the "gone" individuals stood and kissed passionately. At Chris the thought flew by: "well we agreed..." the tear also swept. And here alcohol and offense went to the head. It grabbed Kolya's hand and pulled on itself that that got up. The guy in perplexity executed that what the girl tried to obtain. And here Chris stuck into his lips. Though she wasn't able to kiss, Kolya's experience extended this kiss to very not bad result. Chris wanted to kiss only with him, but when out of the corner of the eye I saw as Anton with her girlfriend goes beyond the handle from club, she understood that she wants to spend this night not at home. She whispered on an ear to Kola by a sexual voice: "I want that you fucked me... let's go to you". The guy was not against the offer, ours Chris had not a bad figure. They got to him into the car and just silently went. Kolya Chris which he sticks on the dick already represented a lovely face. And Chris tried вспо to think that she was spoken by Yulya about sex before club, at the same time damning the girlfriend. Yulya knew that Anton isn't indifferent for Christina. Having arrived to Kolya's house, Chris silently went on steps without knowing what in general needs to be done next. She not seldom watched a porn and because of it thought that she during the first sex won't become puzzled and will be sure. But here she understood that she was mistaken. At an entrance there was no elevator therefore they walked on the 5th floor. Her thoughts were interrupted by Kolya: "What you such frightened, as if the virgin before the first sex?". "Comparison in a point" - Christina thought, but she answered nothing, just giggled. When they came, Kolya in a trice closed a door and drove into the corner the girl. They hot kissed. The guy, without distracting from Bays Kris, I took off footwear. And then I sat down, I took off shoes from Christina, I lifted her and I incurred to the bedroom. Heart of the girl began to fight stronger. She expected rigidity, but the guy having put her on a floor, Chris stuck into a neck, accurately I undid her dress and having pulled together him found out that on the girl there is neither brassiere, nor panties, only black stockings. He put it on a large bed and a loop of kisses began to go down below and below. Lips. neck. and then and to the nipples which bulked up from excitement the turn came. He licked greedy one, the second. The girl with pleasure moaned. Then the guy went down to the most intimate, the pussy was clean-shaven also very mokrenky. He ran fingers over her as if estimating, and then began to lick and kiss the girl's kisonka. She didn't notice that as began to mass the breast. Groans were stronger and stronger, it began to coil and on all body the wave of unearthly pleasure and heat swept. It unambiguously was the orgasm. Kolya got up, and Chris sat down on edge of a bed. She ineptly undid a belt and jeans, meanwhile as Kolya removed з himself a shirt. Before her the view of the huge, standing and hot dick opened. Chris accurately began to suck a head, and then and all trunk. She tried to embody everything that saw in a porn and what she managed to be remembered from the story by Yulya. It was heavy to overcome an emetic reflex, but she tried as could. And suddenly Kolya took her head and the dick in her mouth on the balls set. The girl very much tried. Then the guy approached a bedside table and got condom from there. He dexterously broke off teeth packing and his plot on a dick. Having bended over the girl, the guy properly spanked her buttocks and surely inserted, the girl strongly zoyknut, her was больновато, but she suffered. She heard as Kolya whispered: "ухх as тугонько". Then having extended a dick, the guy stood with words: "You that virgin?.". On his dick was to steam of drops of blood. The girl uguknut. And having told: "I am flattered.", the guy inserted to the girl more accurately. She already had more pleasant pain. There passed some time, the guy turned her and they continued in a missionary pose. He kissed her gently, but surely fucked. Then the guy began to moan and having extended a dick, having removed condom and having raised the girl, plentifully terminated her in a mouth. Chris didn't know that so to fall in love with this taste. Here so our Christina also lost virginity. The first sex was successful let and not with the adored Anton. Chris to become just dependent on sex what will be farther her sexual adventures? nyc dating podcast dateline zimbabwe site mapMain Page