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You don't judge me strictly, I am not a writer. I am 38 years old, live in Riga. Desire to change clothes in women's began approximately years with 12. With the man I had the first sex in 16. Then there was a big break, I forgot about the woman in myself, didn't meet Zurab yet. I then was 22 years old thin with long hair. He was more senior than me for 5 years of low growth, but very strong, classes in fight obviously did well to him. At first it was just friendship, I went to support Zurab on competitions often was at their place came to them to the dacha in the summer and was in very good relations with his mother. Zurab's mother was a beautiful and kind woman her called Nina. Then on TV showed series - All love Monica - and when I messed up or something was impossible to me the aunt Nina laughed and spoke Oh I can't from you! You are just like this Monica! This comparison always confused me and I felt that I redden from what all someone I saw it began to laugh. After that Zurab somehow told If you are a girl I always called you Monica. But I am not a girl, I am a guy! Look at me, I even with growth above you! To look at you? Yes you look at yourself. Zurab brought me to a mirror and one hand embraced me for a waist. Look at yourself, in my opinion Monica suits you more. It became a shame to me and it is a pity that I me am compared to the girl. I couldn't escape from his strong hands. The only thing that I needed to close it eyes. He kept me having admired a view from a mirror a little more and having slapped on a bottom released me. I without having said goodbye to anybody I escaped home. All evening and all night long I couldn't calm down I fell asleep only at daybreak. The whole next day carried out in sad thoughts and introspection - probably not they bad, but I such and people react to me adequately from their point of view. Means all around see the woman in me, see what I carefully hid all these years and even already named. Monica. There passed week, I calmed down and solved, come what may. I won't change myself and I won't change the world around. Zurab called on Thursday evening as though nothing was, he was cheerful telling some story I even burst out laughing. Probably he understood that I don't take offense at him speaks - Hear such case here. At us relatives lived two weeks in the country, yesterday left. Mother asked that I on Friday after work went and there moved away all. Don't you want to help me, ATO I there one won't cope? I having a little thought I agreed, there was no wish to lose the only friend. Friday. Zurab came for me for work, on the road dropped into shop behind beer and around six we were already at the dacha. Having loaded beer into the refrigerator, Zurab ordered That was we will be divided quicker, I will clean up the yard and you the house. Well. I agreed and I went to examine the house. Everything was clean and removed, even all window sills and regiments were wiped. On a coffee table an accurate pile magazines lay, without knowing what I sat down to be engaged in a chair and took one, from a cover the girl the brown-haired woman in a beautiful red dress looked at me. She has probably the first breast size, narrow hips, a straight hair to shoulders. I as bewitched went to a big mirror in a corridor, removed an elastic band from hair and tried to give a type of a hairstyle then a look and a pose as at the girl from the magazine, after several attempts at me it seems it turned out. Suddenly behind the entrance door opened and Zurab entered, from surprise at me the magazine dropped out of hands. Put magazines on a table near a big chair. And I want some cold beer, and to you I look won't prevent what wons red and uncombed. Absolutely I was worn out. We passed on kitchen. Cold beer is valid me calmed a little. Zurab told again a cheerful story and where he is only their beret, it seemed to me to him it is pleasant to make laugh me or my laughter or all this only seems to me, and before eyes only this girl from the magazine. There now I needed to mow a grass at a fence and to sweep the platform for an hour I will cope with the house. And what at you? I don't know I rose by the second floor, well probably too for an hour I will cope. Zurab somehow strange looked at me and smiled. And you goes with a flowing hair. I don't know so far I resemble so. I got up and went to the second floor. Having heard as the entrance door slapped, I remembered the girl from the magazine and there was a wish to see her in a mirror again. The mirror seemed in the bedroom. I glanced in the first a full order but there is no mirror, in the second too, in the third too nothing but there was a big case. I remembered that on doors there are mirrors inside began to open them, but there was only small. And here on the lower shelf I saw a big bag, I well knew this room and a case here only sleeping linen was stored because always I slept here when remained. No bag can be here. I at first thought to call Zurab but saw that he cuts the grass and decided to look. There were accurately put things I began to get them and to consider, blouses and pair of summer trousers, steam of packages of brassieres and stockings and a lot of things still from above lay. With a side there was a package of something red, it was a dress. Beautiful smooth material slid in hands it was so fascinating pleasant. I understood if now I it don't dress the second chance at me won't be. I looked in a window, Zurab collected a mowed grass, time means at me is. I quickly undressed, having understood where the back and where before I began to get into it, it troubled me, and here it on me, with a side a small lightning I clasp it, material slightly lasts pleasantly squeezing a breast the lower part gives volume to hips in the form of a hand bell and reaches a knee. I try to consider myself in a mirror, but I see only the head and shoulders, I it insufficiently to me need to see myself all. And a big mirror only below. Heart without restraint knocked on boobies, I on wadded legs leave the room, I approach a ladder. It seems quietly I look out of the window but I don't see Zurab anywhere, I go down I pass the hall there now and a mirror. From a mirror the girl with eyes, big for fear and excitement, in a smart red dress ideally sitting on her thin figure looked at me. It lasted for me a moment, and here I heard a sound of the opened gate and the car approaching the house. I a bullet flew on the second floor and having looked in a window saw the car of parents of Zurab. Quickly I changed clothes having thrown off all in a bag and I pushed it in a case. What I do! In others house I take others things and if learn what with me will be, a nightmare! With such thoughts I go down, greeted Zurab's parents I stand I smile as the little fool without knowing what to do. But quickly Nina's words Monica bring to you mess up again! Look at yourself that is with you!? I look down down. I put on an undershirt on a wrong side. Oh! Sorry, it is possible I will go I will change clothes. Wait you will be in time still. Zurab you precisely didn't find her, and you well and everywhere looked? Naturally I understood not at once what they speak about. During the conversation I heard that here together with parents the girl Masha of years 22 approximately of the same build as I had a rest, at her the bag with all her things was gone. Mother, I very well remember that they had two suitcases, four big bags and the whole heap of big packages. I don't understand at all why when you go to take not giving so many things moreover when you travel by train. All right god with her with this bag. We with the father to you products brought. We will go to anniversary to Ivanov here we won't return so your giving any more on all days off that there was a full order. What was created in me these minutes difficult to describe - joy, fear, some unclear delight. Means about a bag forgot and it lies in the bedroom in which I will sleep peacefully and I will be able to try on all that there is. In the head it was turned, in the bottom of a stomach everything contracted. The imagination drew iridescent pictures in the head. Well all cares came to an end for today, it is possible to have a rest, I in a shower. I having taken in hand the magazine went to a big mirror, trying to copy a look and gestures of hands of that girl from a magazine cover. In my opinion at me not bad it turns out, it is interesting as I will look on heels and it is necessary to give volume to a hairstyle. Erotic stories and stories on the website the bathroom left Zurab, he was wrapped in больш ое a bathing towel of gray color. What do you go all day with this magazine? Go be rinsed in soul and we will have supper. Standing under warm water jets I examined the body, smooth skin, only insignificant vegetation on a groin and armpits. Having looked round I found the razor and removed all superfluous from the body, then washed up the head shampoo giving volume to hair. The second towel was pink, I was wiped and having wrapped in it left to the hall. About! Monica, you smartly look. Pink suit you. There another wasn't. Come on, I joke, pass on kitchen I laid a table there. We ate, drank beer and talked discussing the latest news. Zurab told about those a little someone lived two weeks here. It were familiar the father with the senior daughter who is tried to be acquainted and married with somebody, but she has a terrible character which she doesn't even try to hide. In two weeks Zurab saw her three times and all three times they managed to swear. He told everything and told and at me in the head only one how quicker to reach a bag. Zurab drank one bottle for another and in my opinion slightly got drunk, went on kitchen slightly being unsteady and widely placing legs. He approached me, bent having leaned on a table hands looked in eyes and told - Listen to me, only please don't take offense, you are very similar to Masha - hair, growth, a figure, a face. Even gestures of hands. I didn't know what to tell and what to do. I looked down again and reddened. Here if to her though half of your modesty. All right I was tired, I will go to sleep. And you lay down tomorrow we will move away all. Zurab rose by top. Well чтож tomorrow so tomorrow, I turned off the light in kitchen and rose to the bedroom. Now without hesitating of anybody I got a bag from a case, opened and shook out all her contents on a bed. There was everything that it was possible to imagine! Pair of shoes with a heel and without, some opened, how a sandal, only on the 5th centimetric a heel. Two small handbags with cosmetics and creams. Three dresses - blue with flowers, white and red. Short jeans jacket, three different skirts, two night dresses, several couples Chulkov, tights and package of different panties and brassieres. Summer women's trousers and pair of jackets. And in a small internal pocket which was zipped the small rubber dick with a tube of transparent lubricant lay! I nearly choked with happiness. Many thanks to you Masha! Having opened one of cosmetics bags I found a big hairbrush, combed hair having given these a type of a female hairstyle. I chose stockings light without the drawing with a wide elastic band, thongs and a white brassiere with ruches and foam rubber in cups. Shoes on a heel were slightly less than my size and didn't want to fit a leg, I greased with lubricant each shoe from within and literally pushed legs. It was slightly sick but tolerant. I got on feet and I tried to pass, it seems it turned out, but here it will be necessary to be trained. I put on a dress red therefore it was pleasant to me most. With cosmetics it will be necessary still to understand and learn to use, I found lipstick red and bright as from advertizing. I approached a small mirror, I made up lips, I corrected a hairstyle. To what was seen in a mirror I was satisfied, only one the fact that the mirror was small upset and only reflection of the person is visible. The big mirror was below but it was very terrible to go there. I approached to the door and listened, in the house was silent. I slightly opened a door and turned off the light in the room. I waited a little so far eyes will get used to darkness and took a step from the room. Trying not to knock heels I reached a door to Zurab's bedroom. I listened, behind a door the measured posapyvaniye of the sleeping Zurab was heard. Now and with guns you won't wake him till the morning - I thought and went down. Carefully I came downstairs holding on two hands to the banister. I stopped having groped legs a carpet path, I straightened a back I caught balance and I went as they say from a hip. Legs in stockings slid and rubbed the friend about the friend, smooth material of a dress embraced my body a soft cloud. Having reached a corridor I stopped and listened to sounds of night without having heard anything suspicious I clicked the switch. Bright light filled in the hall. From a mirror I looked rather lovely creature in a smart red dress at me. The dress completely hid shortcomings of my figure and gave to my body female lines, I was happy, heart without restraint knocked the head was turned in a mouth dried up. I went to kitchen to drink waters. Having drunk a glass of mineral water I looked round around, before me there was a mess which we left in the evening. Having remembered that I have to clean up the house decided not to postpone for morning. I removed unfinished in the refrigerator, I put empty bottles in a garbage can. The table stood opposite to a window and in glass was reflected as the attractive girl wipes crumbs from a cloth. Very much it was pleasant to me my reflection in a windowpane and I slowly wiped a table having forgotten about everything on light enjoying this moment. And here I understood that in reflection of a window something changed, in a doorway there was naked Zurab. To me it became very terrible, I couldn't even move. Zurab approached behind and strong pressed to himself the left hand, right began to caress my legs and a bottom. My legs gave away and if he doesn't hold me that I fell, his right hand quickly appeared under my dress and with might and main rumpled my buttocks. I felt his hot body, he told something calming me. Zurab put me a breast on a table, lifted up a dress removed from me panties and began to mass fingers an anus ringlet. Fingers couldn't creep in my hard bottom, to me it was sore, I screamed and tried to get up, but Zurab one hand pressed down me to a table another opened the refrigerator and got something. It was the piece of butter which which was pressed to my bottom at once, it thawed greasing an anus opened a little and oil failed inside behind him at once fingers got. At first then two gradually stretched one me. I calmed down and relaxed Zurab understood a little that nobody resists any more the dick gradually began to insert into me getting into me when his groin nestled densely on my bottom having pressed me into a table I fainted. How many I stayed unconscious I don't know. When I regained consciousness I was in the same pose on a table and Zurab held me two hands by hips and fucked me in all length of the dick. It was sick but only a little bit on my body warm waves began to disperse filling me with the forgotten high long ago. But here his movements became sharper yes so I began to jump together with a table. I seized a table hands raised the head and saw in reflection of a window of and Zurab, he closed eyes clenched teeth and his body strained so veins were blown up. And here he began to roar as the animal squeezed the dick deeply in me and began to cum filling a bottom with a cum. Staid so so far a dick itself dropped out of a bottom. Zurab released me opened a bottle of beer and drank everything without coming off. It is necessary to take off a dress - he told. I tried to get up and take off a dress, but I had no forces even to move. Zurab bypassed around a table and pulled together a dress through the head. And here I saw his dick even in the fallen-down state he was very big with a head as plum, I was frightened admired and fell in love at the same time. I wanted to try to take this charm in a mouth, but Zurab had other plans. He took me on hands and incurred to the hall, put me on a sofa and laid down from above having thrown my legs to himself on shoulders, вздрочнув the dick few times a hand pressed a head to an anus entered me one movement sharply thriftily as in the woman, the bottom squelched letting in a dick, in eyes darkened and iridescent circles floated, the dick on a cum passed somewhere very deeply. I began to scream he closed my mouth the lips, pulled hard on me with a force driving a dick on most I can't. I squealed as the bitch his dick was stuck and rubbed some point in me to me it was sick and good at the same time. I don't know how many it proceeded but I cumed having seized Zurab hands and legs the cum shot from me the anus ringlet convulsively contracted giving to the lover additional pleasure and it didn't keep itself waiting long terminated in me. And it was only the beginning. PS. It is my first story. If you have to me questions or wishes, write me on mail [email protected] nyc date day ideas date calculator khmer site mapMain Page