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Spring wind, fresh, easy and cool, turned the head... As I adore this time - May! Time when soars in air kakoye-to strange excitement, the anticipation of heat, summer, and together so the thrown-off warm clothes fall down what-to framework and conventions, and so and there is a wish for freedom and to make what-to small madnesses. We with Ania go on night, already pre-dawn city. We go, and I want that this road didn't come to an end, I hold ee by a hand, strong squeezing, and isn't believed me that we met again, and I don't want to believe that today in the afternoon she leaves. The head is slightly turned, whether from champagne, whether from this spring air, a whether from what be near so me - she. We approach my entrance. I don't want that she left. I want that time stood, and we everything went and went along the spring street. I want that it remained so me. I want ee. I am insolent ee by a hand more strong shaking, which suddenly were cold fingers. Here and my entrance. We stop, she embraces me. This smell of spirits... I utykayus a nose in ee a shoulder. I want that this instant lasted eternally. She, such soft, warm, low, with roundish forms, slightly plump, but not thick, a that soft on oshchup, with a breast 3-4 sizes, the light, medno-zolotisty, slightly curling hair, a roundish face with lovely rising apples of cheeks when she smiles, with chubby, sensual lips, brown, perky eyes, and the small, hitched-up nose. - Well that, so far. She so is slightly discharged by a sigh, letting out me from the obyaty. I gather air in lungs, I want what-to to tell, but as as if swallowed language. - The m - can, you will remain?... Remain! - resolutely I blurted out, having sharply exhaled. It is unknown from where the appeared courage scolds me to goosebumps. I as as if am absolutely drunk and I hardly give myself the report that I told it. Na ee the person flashes a half-smile. She costs, having crossed hands on a breast, and having slightly rejected sideways the head, looks somewhere in a floor. I convulsively swallow. These half-minute seem to me eternity (doprygalas, I wanted time to stop, so receive). Suddenly sharply raises eyes. - I will remain. In my head the orchestra plays the flourish. I can hardly believe that it told it. How many long months I waited for it. And today she will be so me, again! I can't believe till the end in it. Nervously and joyfully laughing, I open a door, I overcome steps as as if I fly up! I potter with a key in the door lock, the shivering hands hardly I get to the well, a damned key, an I am a silly woman. I know that whether it navryad once still will repeat, but I am glad to this moment, is mad is glad, internally I jump to a ceiling... I know that I will roar then again that she won't be so me, and these rare meetings of all only a small holiday, happiness piece... No I, the devil pobury, deserved it, I can afford, let on one time, to be sent to the power of the real desires! I want it, and means, it will be! We come into the apartment. Towards the cat runs out, sparkling from the twilight the shining, emerald eyes. I grope for the switch. Anka, leaning back on a wall, looks back. - A here that-to exchanged... Only half a year passed. Well, of course, exchanged. In last time, how she left, I couldn't cope month with the gushed depression, and decided to attack on repair. Pytas to splash out the collected tension, furiously I tore off wall-paper in the hall, and I stuck walls new, light, zolotisto-bezhevy, instead of old, yantarno-korichnevy with large, convex monograms. For some reason then she called them. I in them saw nothing boudoir, for some reason it seems to me, in the bedroom are better what-to soft, light tone. No this damned golden wall-paper reminded me ee color of hair now! Everything, is solved, I will re-stick in green! How she in the next time will leave from me and this city. Well a so far... Sharply I press ee to a wall. My hands slide on ee to hair, a neck, and stop on a breast. I nestle on Anna, my heart without restraint beats. Ee a breast, such soft and seductive, awakens in me wild desire. I touch by lips of ee of the slightly opened chubby lips, it attracts me to itself closer, and answers me, having strong embraced for a neck. Murvshka run on a body, we kiss standing in the middle of the hall, not having undressed, without having taken off footwear, and it seems to me that now she will just be developed and will leave, in a second that it was so, simply, a kiss on farewell. No she here... She is discharged, I try to transfer the got-off, speeded up breath. - Well, we will go. Include music! She, laughing, drags me by a hand to my living room. I can't believe the events, and I hardly move the dragged legs. I include a laptop, I cut on full what-to deep-house track. She laughs: - Potishe. Neighbors all soskochut. Well, days off at people, let's have a rest. And, that more, will catch strange female voices. Ne will be calmed down, will spy. From a window. Someone leaves. About you so already a gossip goes. A I can't shine. I do music more silent though someone will catch because of music, actually, us. To me to spit on the fact that people, me in general will think, no matter, what will be. I want to forget about everything. With her. Now. I push ee on a sofa. I nestle on it all body. Breath is faltering, the head is turned... I grab with ee hand a thick, light hair. I bury the person in this ee to a mane, I inhale a smell of ee of hair. She is such sexy, and what-to... So close to me. Part of my history... I sharply pull buttons on ee to a shirt, and they so a ring scatter on a floor, to my look the big, full breast, in a thin black lacy brassiere appears. Na me attacks what-to mad passion, lust, I tear ee a brassiere, with a crash, in half, black lace, releasing a breast with small speakers nipples, and I am put to her by lips. I undo the lock on a tight skirt, it pulls together ee from hips, and undoes my jeans. Delays my panties, carrying out by a hand. It remains in panties and black stockings in a grid. I sharply hook nails on stockings, leaving the long, creeping down arrow... I pull still time, I definitely like it... She laughs. - Well here, me I spoiled all clothes... Here I will take and I will make out a bill for the Italian brassiere to you. You will pay. No I-to know long ago that it is pleasant to her, and she never made out any bills to me, so yet that... She lowers from me jeans, and strong squeezes buttock hands in thongs. The t-shirt is removed through the head, she pulls together ee, and minutes three it seems to me that she wants to strangle me, well, or, on an extreme measure, to arrange me claustrophobia attack, specially scoffing it is necessary me, and driving for hair my head in a t-shirt there-syuda. In the end of the ends, the t-shirt is taken off. I with still warmed more up agresiyey attack on the passion. Having grabbed with ee by hair, I take sharply nails on shoulders, I lean on it as it is possible more strong for all a body, (everything is equal I I weigh less her, hakh), I seize shoulders fingers, leaving on them pink traces. Moe heart without restraint beats from what-to delightful delight, excitement, happiness and at the same time hurt that it is all what-to hour, an it will leave then... And I don't want to release ee. Never. She is mine. To a shiver, to goosebumps, and now I just am without restraint happy. I often breathe, heart without restraint beats, and to a throat the lump as as if roll sobbings rises. I hit ee on a cheek. She has a snack lips, ee breath changes. She it is invocatory, with a squint, looks to me directly in eyes. I strike still time. She begins frivolously, hysterical to laugh, is rolled on a sofa, and throws off me on a floor. Hangs it is necessary me. - As I after all missed you... Can, from these words, or can, from tension, from a wild emotional charge of the moment, rising rydanya are released, and at me tears begin to flow. Sobbing, I turn over the person in a floor, and I roar, having a snack on own hand. I don't know, it that happens with me. Simply, what-to emission of emotions. No so it happens me. Catharsis. Dumping of tension. Without it it is impossible to experience all completeness of emotions. She carries out by a hand on my hair... Softly, tremblingly, it is even gentle... I sharply pull together ee for hair on a floor. Here it is rigid and cold. I strong embrace ee, I squeeze in obyatiyakh, I squeeze more and more strong... I reduce hand ee behind a back, repko I squeeze wrists, leaving on them traces from fingers, and I connect ee by the torn stocking. I take a hand on ee to a cheek, and again I give her slap in the face. I conduct fingers on lips, and I put them to her in a mouth. I advance further and further, she has in a mouth already a half of my palm. I grab with a free hand hair, having collected them as in a tail, I wind on a hand. I begin to move rhythmically e-headed, holding by hair, she sucks my fingers, and I so like it... I imagine myself the man. Sometimes I regret that I have no dick. She sucks beautifully. I even test almost physiological high, fucking ee in a mouth fingers. I pull out with with chpokayushchim a sound. I get a bottle of cognac and directly I do several drinks of a throat. It costs on knees so the connected hands. I look in a window. The last lamps went out, and shines in the sky only only, magic, than-to neobyasnimo attracting, mysterious and me a favourite Polar star. Everything mixes up in me what-to shrill melancholy and neobyasnimoye happiness. Tart taste of cognac, fresh smell of spirits, May night air, and what-to improbable confusion, confusion of thoughts. I drink still cognac, and I approach it. It looks at me with a squint, and there is a feeling that it not she, an I in ee of the power, cost on knees so the connected hands. I pleskayu cognac to her in a face. She licks lips, has a snack lower, drops flow down on ee to a neck, run up to a breast. I grab ee hair and I put a bottle to ee to lips, she drinks big drinks, cognac flows by, spreads on her down. I begin to lick ee shoulders, a breast, a stomach, the taste of cognac in a combination to a smell of ee of skin creates so mine unimaginable. I quickly it is also noisy I breathe. She moans. It is visible that she is strongly horney, yes and I am already drunk as, however, and I. I lower a hand below, fingers all in lubricant. I vigorously move fingers, she sobs, shudders, I thrust a free hand to her into a mouth, she screams with my fingers in a mouth, and has quite strongly and painfully a snack them, but I don't turn on it attention. On my fingers flows. Rhythmically, loudly screaming, she violently cums. I pull out fingers at her from a mouth, she often and deeply tries to recover the breath. I untie her hands. I lay down from above on her and I nestle all body... Suddenly she sharply pushes away me. Kakoye-to time we lie on a floor nepodvizhno. She suddenly turns ko to me and carries easily out by a hand on a body. Takes off from me a brassiere, and strokes on a breast, edges, a stomach. Goes down below. Ee fingers already with might and main work there, without removing thongs. I lie, having had a snack on a fist, and I swallow of tears, feeling as the shiver runs on a body. Waves of an orgasm begin to overflow me with the head. I begin to sob, and suddenly I can't stop laughter, rough, hysterical, such feeling that the ceiling jumps up is necessary me, before eyes color flashes as small fireworks flash... She nestles ko to me, I feel softness of ee of a body, ee began to smell... The mad high covers me with the head. In the room already begins to dawn, and the first beams of the sun gild wall-paper. ee smells of spirits, and what-to mad happiness in the morning. She sits on a floor, having thrown a naked body with an unbuttoned shirt so fragmentary buttons. - And hunting to you to leave? Remain... She looks at me. - Ne I know. I that-to I will solve. I have to what-to to solve. Then. A now... Look what beautiful dawn. I stand at a window. I almost that I am happy. Behind windows May dawn is gilded. My first literary experience. 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