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I was kneeling in a corner hour. Hands are tied behind the back, on nipples clips, in buttocks a stopper. In a mouth a plastic gag from under which saliva to me flew down on a breast. Incredibly there was a wish to caress himself and to terminate, but I didn't deserve it. There were no forces to resist excitement any more, and I began to howl and groan from under a gag. The owner didn't pay attention to me, he sat in front of the computer in the same room and worked. When howl already I became rather loud, he approached me, developed facing himself and gave slap in the face: — And well stop скулеж, the whore. For today you aren't necessary to me any more. At me inside everything failed. I so hoped that today to me will allow to terminate. Two hours ago the Owner flogged me, and then stood in the corner. Usually after that sex and when the Owner was completely served and satisfied followed, to me minute was allowed to jerk off and terminate. Today, probably, he had other plans. — Now I will remove from you a gag that you pinched everything that from you accumulated from a floor. You thank me further and you go to a cage, and I have an appointment. From these words my excitement exceeded all limits at once. We weren't with the Owner in a relationship, and I always dreamed to serve couple. Somehow the Owner mentioned that it can be arranged, but we didn't discuss a detail. Really it was It? As soon as the gag was undone, I recovered the breath and rushed to pinch the saliva and drops of allocations from a floor. When everything was clean, the Owner sat down in a chair and showed gesture on the legs. — Well, the whore, give thank, what is the time I spend for you though you also don't deserve my attention. — Thanks, Mister. I very much am grateful to you — I hasty started talking and I began to cover with kisses his boots. — Give lick properly, the skank. To me to meet the real worthy lady now, but not the whore from the route. That clean were. I began to be brought even stronger, representing as I participate in group sex with the beautiful woman. I put out tongue as much as possible forward as I can, and I began to lick my Hozyain's footwear carefully. The clitoris burned, and so there was a wish to touch it or to be rubbed at least by it about something from furniture. I hoped that if the Owner leaves now, and will leave me, then even despite the connected hands, I will think up about what to jerk off the lewd pizda. — Everything, bothered me — Mister told and took away a leg. Further he took a lead and pulled in the direction of a cage. Lines, I absolutely forgot about it. — The owner, forgive me for the fact that I open a mouth, but I very much want to terminate! Please, resolve. I won't take out some more hours in a cage. — Here you are a whore, and. Day without a drochka you can't, the whore? Tomorrow I will give you to friends, let you will be passed round. And today suffer. Whores have to suffer. Thanks, by the way, that reminded to stop up to you a mouth. With these words he thrust to me into a mouth a gag a ball, ordered to get up and fixed my hands at a wall. Few times I hit on cheeks that I kept at a distance, and I latched a cage. It was vertical and flat. So I staid a couple of hours, pining with desire. Be continued. Write responses on It is sent: Mari no dating policy dateline recent episodes site mapMain Page