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Another holiday came. The yard Na I stood if I am not mistaken the 94th year. Also there was a choice where to go. Usually we went to boarding houses suburban and it very much was pleasant to us. No time changed, people began to leave to have a rest to the different countries, and to us friends advised to try to go to Turkey. The husband then not badly earned and we decided. Aromas of flowers and the Turkish cuisine, the bright sun and radiant is crystal the clean sea! It was the fairy tale! After the killed Soviet hotels we got to paradise! Paradise was called Sol Kamelya where that in the party Cyd. It is the complex of hotels consisting of different stars. We went to three stars, but for us it was a miracle. We were lodged in two-storeyed lodges on the second floor with a view of the sea. The spacious room, the spacious balcony partitioned with neighbors the panel full of holes. Below the blossoming and fragrant garden, an in the distance sparkling the sun the sea. Unless it is not paradise after Moscow? The first shock we, an in the basic the husband, tested having come to the beach. Practically all women sunbathed a top the wood. For us it was that that over natural. The husband stood and looked, at this moment he reminded me a wolf from Disney's animated cartoons who saw the beauty on the stage. Eyes extended, from a mouth saliva, swimming trunks slowly dripped, but were surely bulged. Yes to admit and at me from surprise the pussy between legs began to bulk up. Before us the garden from various boobs was stretched. Sticking out and drooped, big and small with various nipples. The first day came to an end the fact that the husband or lay on a back, or sat in the sea. In result of what decently I burned down. But at night it was something, such active it before never was. It fucked me lying, standing, dog-fashion. I licked my holes and I hardly cumed as the dick put to me in a mouth what I would caress him. I was in the seventh sky from delight, a that else is necessary for the woman! Morning began with sex again. Hardly I woke up as the firm dick of the husband entered to me in писю, without having allowed me yes to descend in a toilet. The seventh sky proceeded 12 days. The husband fucked me for breakfast, for lunch and a dinner, a so we still ran with him in shower cabins for small afternoon snacks! Through couple of days I grew bolder and already sunbathed without brassiere. Being made horney from the men and women devouring my boobies and nipples of views of hot Turkish guys, sunbathing. Having collapsed on a sun bed, I accepted chaste poses, trying what passing by my groove on the swimming trunks which fitted писю was well visible to all. Early or late, but all good comes to an end. Here and our fairy tale approached the end. We packed things. I accepted a shower and, having given a wash a bathing suit from salt and sand, naked came to a balcony to hang up him to dry. Behind a partition neighbors Germans talked and laughed. It were couple of years soroka. We often met with them and politely greeted. Well, what woman could keep on my place! I quietly crept and having found more hole in a partition, bent, having glanced on a neighbour's balcony. OOO! Mine пися instantly bulked up! The neighbor absolutely naked sat in a chair, his intense dick stuck out as a tower! He held to bank with beer, a fingers of the second hand in one hand vigorously moved in pizde wives. The neighbor having widely placed legs, I hanged out linen on ropes, at this o than that cheerfully stirring. At this moment of o than that, loudly talking profusely on a balcony, my blessed fell out. And I had to kick properly him what he wouldn't frighten off our neighbors. Having seen me reddened and in so interesting pose, my husband instantly broke off and stuck to the next hole in a partition. Ne I know, saw or our neighbors heard us, but having looked in our party, they continued the entertainments. The neighbor, having stopped hanging out linen, I got up before the husband and I took from it to bank of beer of the beginning to drink. The neighbor, having clasped ee for hips and having attracted ee to itself, the stomach began to shower with ee kisses, I didn't stick to ee to the shaved pubis yet. At this moment the hot hand of my husband laid down to me on a back, having run on her and having rolled down my buttocks, dived to me between legs. His fingers entered my horney vagina and began to jerk off me. Having forced me to have a snack on a lip that accidental groan not to find the presence. Having mown a look, I saw the husband. He absolutely naked stood, having bent to a hole in a partition and jerked off the horney dick. I stretched a hand and, having clasped with fingers his balls gradually took control of his dick. Slowly tickling fingers it a head, I made horney it, without allowing him to terminate thus. Between that on a balcony of neighbors events continued to develop. The neighbor, having delivered to bank of beer on a table, I fell by knees between the husband's legs, and, having clasped with fingers his intense dick, I licked him. She delayed to him balls and sucked round them and having put out long tongue, licked the bulked-up trunk of the dick, tickling a uvula tip a head. It was a unique show which occurred literally in one and a half meters from us. They sat sideways to us, and all occurring it was clearly visible! At last the mouth of the neighbor completely seized the inflated husband's dick. She bent, and ee a nose buried in his pubis, an of a lip were closed at the basis of the dick. I don't know that she created in a mouth with the dick there, but ee of a cheek were rhythmically inflated, an ee the husband, having cast away the head panted. At last she slowly released from a mouth his dick and vigorously nadrachivaya a trunk began by sponges to suck round his head. Sometimes she sharply pulled skin on a head, forcing the husband to be bent thus on a chair. Suddenly she, having widely opened a mouth, sharply I recoiled back and at this moment the dense white stream struck with her in a face. The man cumed long, releasing long viscous streams of a cum her in a face. She twisted the head, tried to catch a cum a mouth, but she badly managed it and in result all ee the face and breasts were covered with a cum. At last the last drops of a cum left balls, the woman bent and licked everything still an intense head that I told that to the husband, laughed and tried to get up. The husband held ee, having bent to it he began to kiss ee the face soiled by a cum, breasts. The wife softened in his embraces, but suddenly pushed away him, jumped and cheerfully laughing, disappeared in number, carrying away for herself the husband. We remained some. My husband panted so me nearby, his dick burned at me in a hand, a his fingers extorted juice from my pizda! We both wildly wanted to be fucked! And then he seized also me and, having developed the head to a balcony handrail, standing entered my pizda behind! He fucked me sharply and rigidly, tearing apart my vagina proceeding juice, an I, having clasped a handrail, enjoyed the last beams hiding behind the sea sun, aroma of flowers and a strong dick of the husband in me! So our last day of a holiday in the Turkish paradise came to an end. newlywed game questions siblings date java site mapMain Page