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Friends had it in the summer evening at the dacha. Mikh treated - 20 years after all. Hooted with might and main)) Lena was for the first time on such holiday and therefore all the time I was near me and practically with anybody didn't communicate. It was a silent girl. We got acquainted with her in library. Despite her beauty, it had no guys - likely books were more interesting to it. I don't know that it found in me, that spring afternoon. I came into the reading room and sat down to it nearby. The conversation was imperceptibly struck up. Something in her was... That evening I took her home and she was the beautiful interlocutor - with her it was possible to speak about everything on light. But she was modest. I would tell too. Though with her parents it would be hardly possible to be another. We met three months when Mishka turned down on to himself on a birthday. I wanted it with Lena for a long time, though not to time with it didn't speak. I thought that it will refuse, but it agreed how it isn't strange. After 3 hours of continuous toasts, dances and other it suggested to walk. We entered the house. Cool dacha... We rose by the second floor, Lena approached a window. "Friends, cool at you".-she told. "it precisely" - I answered having embraced her. I kissed her on a neck. She shuddered, but told nothing. I kissed once again and she closed eyes and cast away a neck. I began to kiss her a neck hardly touching her with lips. Lena hard began to breathe. My hand unzipped a jacket. She turned to me and embraced me for a neck. I began to play with an ear lobe - she sobbed and began to moan. I was a little removed back and looked with her in eyes - in them desire and a small fright were read. I kissed her on a mouth and began to lower slowly on a bed. I began to take off from her a t-shirt. She, resisted a little. - I am afraid. - be not afraid. everything will be good... She took away hands. I took off a t-shirt and dropped to her neck. she groaned. I kissed her shoulders - she had velvet skin. I began to fall below... I removed shoulder-straps of a brassiere and I slightly opened her breast. It was fine. I dropped to it boobies began to kiss each their millimeter... I played language with nipples.... Her hands took off from me a t-shirt. I undid a brassiere and threw off it on a floor... I fell below... I kissed her tummy. My hands began to take off from her jeans... she resisted a little but then conceded... I began to kiss her legs... hips... hands slid on a body hardly touching it. she closed eyes and panted... then I began to lower with her panties. she grabbed my hands and whispered: "no" I told: Be not afraid and she conceded... I got up and looked at her... she had an ideal body.... I spread her legs. it was a tremendous show. the virgin, by someone not touched pussy. I began to kiss her hips, approaching a peshcherka. I touched with language her clitoris. it all was curved I convulsively exhaled... I began to lick her pussy... all room was filled with her groans... My hands massed her breast.... Then I got up and took off from myself jeans and pants. she scaredly and enchanted looked at a dick as a small animal... I put on condom and laid down nearby. she squeezed hands on a breast. I kissed her on a mouth... my hands slid on her body... I laid down from above on her. she spread legs. I kissed all her body. lips shoulders. neck. breast. stomach... then I put a dick to her peshcherka. I carried out on a clitoris... I laid down on her from above. I kissed her her... The dick gradually I began to enter... she all strained... I moved didn't enter superficially, to a barrier. It began to relax. when it didn't strain I with a force any more entered her. she moved, but I held her strong. I stopped... then I began to move. slowly... she began to moan soon. soon she already screamed from pleasure... at her it was narrow there. I felt that I will terminate soon... I made some more movements and I felt as she fights under me in an orgasm... at the same time the cum shot at condom. so we lay several minutes having closed eyes. Then I kissed her and told: "I love you..." "I love you too" - she answered and we kissed again... In the morning we put on and left before all. Since then I had no other girls. In two years I did her offers. She agreed. Now we have a little son Andrey, and he has her eyes. newlywed game questions most likely to date ideas dayton ohio site mapMain Page