newlywed game questions for married couples
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Everything hi, it is my first story so don't judge strictly! I write it as it is simple to share this situation there is nobody! We with the wife live already together 10 years — me 35, her 30! She is a beautiful slender girl, with the second breast size and a figure almost 90-60-90, in a bed we very relaxed, tried everything that is possible and in any poses (except an anal, few times tried, but to my spouse it is very painful), there is a smart collection various sex of toys and dresses! But I will pass to the basic! About three years ago, after viewing of the next porn of the movie (I like to watch a porn, and here the wife doesn't support), I was strongly touched by the subject Seksvayf (betrayals of the wife) I began to communicate slowly with the wife on this subject, lately any sex didn't take place without imaginations about treason, I fucked her a big dildo, and then continued itself, I was wildly brought by feeling of her substretched pussy! To me just took down the head from desire what it with someone would potrakhatsya, often I released her in night clubs and I looked forward that she will come fucked and with the full pussy of others cum (I forgot to tell, after pregnancy we put a spiral), but she was limited only to imaginations! And here having a rest at the dacha last summer and having fairly become slightly tight, as always we got a treason subject! And here she gives out to me that to her in social nets was written recently by her old acquaintance who once tried to obtain her, but she didn't test and doesn't show in him any interest and were just familiar and if I want, then it is good option for the embodiment of our imagination as he is married, and it is possible about anything not to worry, as in respect of safety and health! I even jumped up from pleasure, I was ready though tomorrow everything to turn, but the wife told that it will so quickly not be beautiful and what plans to make it after arrival from the sea! Slowly with him I corresponded, we discussed all correspondence and phone conversations together! Having had a rest at the sea, we returned and the wife the first time met him to drink coffee, he behind her arrived, they were taken for a ride in a car, and in about two hours they kissed, I watched her movement on a geolocation by phone all the time! When she returned, I tumbled down her at once and we had a mind-blowing sex! In couple of days he arrived to it again, again went to ride, he took away it from a training, and they went out of town, again long kissed, he already posmelet, dipped a hand into panties and rumpled her pussy, and the wife through trousers caressed his dick, I asked her and why you didn't fuck what she answered that he to a campaign terminated as was sharply discharged and he carried her home, but asked when she is able to spend with him the whole day! And here in a week, they agreed to meet since morning! I helped the wife to do a pedicure in the evening, she made depilation of all body, and here it came day! He took away the wife and they went, arrived to what residential district, he took coffee, but didn't decide on bigger in any way, the wife grew hysterical what we sit here, You have a car not tinted, and he is so quiet, went! The wife right there agreed! There is he already agreed about the hourly apartment! I forgot to tell, I the wife asked to take with myself a dictophone! They came into number, (all this from the story by the wife), it began to spread a sofa, and the wife turned on the conditioner meanwhile, on heating (in number it was cool), the annoying he cut music on TV because of what on a dictophone almost nothing was heard! After completion of preparation, he approached her and they began to kiss, he undressed her, and put on a bed, moved apart her legs began to do to kuna, it was her first orgasm! Then the wife told him to lay down he laid down leaned the elbows a back on a sofa back, she began to do him blowjob (I will mention, the wife at me in this case the big specialist), he held her long fair hair with hands, and watched her, but lasted not long and told that he cums as my darling told, he thought that she to be discharged, but the wife accepted his dick in the throat and he began to cum! (on my question what on taste at it a cum she told that she didn't even feel as she swallowed all at once) Then she sat down on him from above, the dick at him is a little more fat than mine, and entered very hardly, she began to move on is mute, beautifully coiling, in about 3-4 minutes he told that he will terminate soon, but here he was waited by one more surprise, she bent to him and told, Cum in me, I have a spiral so not парься! As she told, after these words he finally relaxed, and began to fuck her! He removed her from himself and put a crustacean, the cum flew down on legs, and he continued to hollow her! What is unique, he cumed each 4-5 minutes, but the dick didn't fall, having again terminated he put it sideways and again began to fuck! After it time the wife asked for a toilet to pee and be wiped though a little as there is so much cum that she felt nothing! He carried it on hands in a toilet, and returned back! He laid down on it, and again began to fuck! After it time she thought that already everything, she drank, was again wiped, and wanted to put on already, and it is so quiet, give still, time still is, she terminated already five times and told that there are no forces any more, then it took her for a bottom put to itself(himself) on hands and as a toy I began to pull it on myself as a toy! So proceeded even minutes 15, they once again terminated, at the wife even a few blood was emitted as two days ago monthly ended! Because of what she dressed laying and when came home was completely dry, and I so wanted to potrakhat her on others cum! In the general plan, it tore up her hour one and a half! They left, I already waited for her at home, she came with the shivering hands and a whorish spark in eyes, I right there undressed her and rushed to kiss to lick and fuck, to a descent terminated two times, but from worrying very quickly! I was ready to carry her on hands, we week after that fucked as mad! Planned one more meeting, I even bought pass the video camera to build in her a handbag! But what occurred further I can't explain, I began to be jealous terribly her, ceased to sleep at the nights, didn't want to communicate with her, limited her communication, changed her the phone number! Before eyes constantly this picture emerges! Before her it is a shame to me that I do it and I reproach her with it! It was my desire and a request, and she was minds! And here passed five months, and I can't calm down, I know that she with anybody doesn't communicate! And she strongly is sorry about it! I write you as to share there is nobody any more! newlywed game questions for married couples friendship day 2022 date in india national site mapMain Page