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I will begin the story with small lyrical digression. I am at heart a ladies' man, I recognize, I don't pass any nice young lady by myself. Always madly I loved sex, clubs, parties... I loved the liberated bitchy maidens who went to me to bed and moved apart legs. But this time everything was in a different way. The friend invited me to Birthday. We had fun, alcohol went, and then I noticed madly beautiful girl... She sat among all of us, but drank nothing, was very sad. I was just struck by her beauty... A reddish nutbrown hair curls fell down on shoulders, black sad eyes were watched directly and openly, by snow-white skin, chubby lips... I looked at it without coming off... Then the friend cut music and we went to hang out, slow music soon played and guys began to invite little girls. I approached this beautiful girl and asked to dance with me, she smiled and got up... We went to dance. I put hands to her on a waist, having noted about myself that at her also a great figure, fragile, thin... I was afraid to touch her... - What is your name? - I asked. - Milan, - the girl whispered. - the Beautiful name, - I smiled. - Thanks, and you as are called? - Anton. We talked to her for a long time. Since then we with her became unseparable, I gave her a sea of flowers and gifts kissed near the moon, ate under a window, wrote love letters and messages with paint on asphalt before her balcony. She just ochy I went a rovala me. So we provstrechatsya 3 months. She never admitted me to the body though I madly wished her, but further kisses and оьятьев business didn't come. It was St. Valentine's Day. I went to her with a bouquet of snow-white roses and a gift. We agreed to meet at cafe. I approached there, she wasn't yet. Well it was in her style, girls are always late... There passed 40 minutes... I became agitated... Phone didn't answer. I went to her home. Having come into an entrance I heard shouts... I flew up on a ladder on the 7th floor where Milan vein and was terrified... At the elevator I stood Mylan, some guy drove her into the corner and greedy kissed her shoulders, a neck, Milana plkat and beat off, but he was stronger... I felt as if blow... I ran up to this type and cut to it properly, it was bent in half, I ran up to Milana, we entered her apartment. She rushed to me to embraces and began to cry, I soothingly stroked her on a back: "More quietly, малышкасё it is good. I am with you. He won't touch you any more. "She suddenly ceased to sob and settled on a floor, I lifted her on hands and incurred to her room, put on a bed, she lay all pale and such beautiful, but hair her were ruffled, the jacket was a little torn, on a lap there were scratches... - the Bitch...-Protsedil I through clenched teeth, - I will kill him. She regained consciousness... I went to kitchen and made by it sweet tea. It drank and smiled. - Antoshka, I love you. You saved me. - Milan, tell me someone it was. - It is my former. He hates me and always threatened to rape. Today he tried to make it... - He made nothing to you? - No, you prevented him... - You are sure? Let me bring you to the doctor? - No. Anton, he didn't touch me. I calmed down. So far I near her won't stick to her any freak. I sat down on a bed about it and kissed it: "Milanka... As I love you! I won't allow anybody to touch you!" She embraced me for a neck and attracted to herself. I kissed her shoulders a neck, a face... - do you have condoms? - suddenly directly she asked. - Is I...-told. - I want you! - she told. I didn't believe the ears. She kissed me on shoulders, I began to take off from her a jacket. She began a thicket to breathe, I was burned with desire too. I took off from her a skirt and she remained only in a brassiere and panties. The head of me was turned, she already even moaned. I undressed and stuck before her absolutely naked. - To be honest, that I am afraid a little she...-admitted. - be not afraid. I won't hurt you. She got up and approached me and suddenly touched the dick.... I was just covered by a passion wave. But I understood that yet not time that it is still a devstvenna and it is necessary to make everything accurately.I gently pressed her to myself and took off a brassiere, to my look the tremendous breast with pink smooth nipples opened... I began to kiss them, it was bent by an arch and cried out my name. I lifted her on hands and incurred on a bed. I kissed each section of her snow-white body, and she groaned and whispered that she wants to be sent me that loves me. I ran a finger over her panties. They were got wet. I removed them. I began to kiss her tummy. She was all such beautiful, her body was smooth as silk and snow-white as milk, I fell below, to accurate tiny a treugolnichka and began to kiss her sexual sponges. It was bent and published a cry. Then suddenly I got up and again I touched my dick... I told that I laid down. I laid down and she kneelt about me and having taken my dick both handles brought it to a mouth.... I just exploded... She sucked a head, such inexperienced, but I never felt such pleasure yet. I pressed her to a bed the body and spread her legs. She parted them far apart. I was attached between her legs and began to kiss her nipples again. She moaned... At this moment I sharp breakthrough entered her. She screamed. There came the pause. It lay such scared... And then suddenly again I moaned. I began easy movements. We moved with her to a step of t groaned. In 3 days I came to her again, houses at her was nobody, she led me to the bedroom and took off a dressing gown. Under it nothing was. She laid down on a bed and moved apart nozhzki. I fell before her pussy and a uvula got into its depth. She groaned and fought in orgasm convulsions. Then I undressed. She got up dog-fashion and I entered her... We fucked without ceasing. She groaned and shouted. I meet her 3 years. In a year we are going to get married. I madly love her. She turned me from the ladies' man into the prince. Because she is a princess, she was given me completely. She always with pleasure to go to me to bed. Also doesn't change. newlywed game host bob crossword clue date ideas jackson tn site mapMain Page