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After viewing almost trekhchasovogo the movie behind a window it was already dark, an I again rather got hungry. Therefore we have supper, chatted a few and went everyone to the room. I long couldn't fall asleep digesting everything that happened in a day. Considering that o than we agreed time behind time with the sister brought my fighter into readiness. A I brought it back into a quiet state. Ne I know how many time I so lay and I deliberated, but all through some time I fell asleep. I woke up from sounds of the rain clattering about a roof. Behind a window there was already a morning. Ne to tell that it was fine, but the charm in a summer rain all was. I got up as always I threw with a t-shirt and shorts myself, the dick is reared stuck out, I madly wanted to masturbate whether but without knowing there is someone houses I as that I wasn't solved. Therefore the dick in shorts that it not so obviously stuck out corrected, I left so the room. In the living room the TV set was included, but was nobody. — Ler you houses? — I woke up at last, the sleepyhead. — Sleepyhead? — You at the watch look. I looked for hours on a wall, half of the first day. I scratched a nape and thought: "Here it yes, it seems yesterday I went to bed early to sleep from what it suddenly so long I slept". — Itself I don't know what on me found. — Probably weather so affects you. The rain since the morning goes. Will you eat? In a stomach the unpleasant emptiness was felt. — Yes I will be, is what-to ready? — Of course, while you there peacefully snuffled, I prepared for us to eat. — Thanks Ler. I went to kitchen. The sister stood ko to me a back and already warmed food. She was dressed in a sports undershirt, under her the white brassiere was transparent. No my attention was drawn by a short jeans short skirt, is slightly higher than knees. And at this moment to me in the head rushed, memoirs of yesterday's day just rushed. My dick which already gradually began to fall down here strained. I sat down at a table and silently looked at the sister's bottom, in a jeans short skirt it was simply magnificent. — Parents called. — Yes? What was told? How it is had a rest? — Yes were only equipped, but mother, judging by a voice blossoms and smells. Asked as we here. Though I knew that the sister will tell nothing, but heart was involuntarily clogged quicker. — And what you told? — Nothing, I told we cope, there is nothing to worry about us, let have a rest. I with relief exhaled. Lera delivered me on a table food. — Pleasant appetite, I will be in the living room. — Thanks. The sister went to the living room to watch the TV, I silently ate a. After that as I ate up food, several more minutes sat silently in kitchen. The dick stood, there was a mad wish to jerk off, but Lera was in the house, it as that stopped me. In the end of the ends, I washed up ware for myself, and went to the living room to look at a TV set with the sister. Behind a window heavy rain continued. In the house it was very cozy and there was no wish to leave anywhere. The sister watched what that series, I sat down nearby. Kakoe we silently watched that time seril. The dick didn't want "to fall" therefore I felt myself very inconveniently. At this moment I damned everything in the world and thought why the sister didn't go to Katke, usually the rain of ee didn't stop, however sense to think why she went was, everything equally it would change nothing. I looked in the TV, without understanding what there occurs, all my thoughts were concentrated on that as to me would will manage to jerk off imperceptibly from the sister. The dick already began to be ill. And here, unexpectedly, my attention was drawn by the events on the TV screen. The guy kissed the girl. So passionately and making horney, my dick strained. From feeling of discomfort I began to fidget on a sofa. I noticed as the sister looked to the area of my groin, then transferred a look to me to eyes, reddened a little and turned away to the TV. Ne turning away, from the screen she told: — Why do you suffer? — A what to do to me? — Well you could help yourself. — It is a shame to me as that, you in the house as in any way. The truth it was a shame to me and to present what Lera will know that I sit in other room now and I jerk off was as that is heavy. — Well I see as to you it is heavy. — And what to do to me? The sister hesitated for several seconds, ee the person covered a flush. She looked to me just in eyes. It was very exciting, on ee the person embarrassment beat off, eyes sparkled. — Do want I will borrow you panties? I was in shock. I assumed what sometime after all will reach before and I will ask for her panties. No that she offered. I couldn't present it. I was in confusion, I madly wanted it, but to tell it language didn't turn. In the end of the ends I everything told it: — I want. — Only you remember o than we agreed? I perfectly remembered it. A condition of the arrangement was the fact that, I can masturbate on ee panties only in ee presence. — I remember. Minute we sat silently. For me this minute was the whole eternity, thousands and thousands of thoughts rushed at me in the head, heart without restraint fought, the dick pulsed. I didn't know what to tell to the sister. She felt it therefore asked the first: — Will you do it here? — Ne I know, let's go more better ko to me to the room, here, in the living room of a window come to the street, an at me on boondocks. — Well it is good. We got up. I switched off a TV set, and we silently went ko to me to the room. The sister sat down on a bed, I sat down on a chair, at a working table. Again the silence sank down. I was extremely horney. It seemed from one touch to the dick I will terminate. I didn't sustain and began the first. — Well, it, me to begin? — To Akh yes, forgive. I forgot panties. I now. The sister moved from the place, but here sat down back and lowered eyes. with the sister's vagina. It was the most damp. The taste was a little saltish, but in whole nothing. — If you want I can give each time to you panties from under myself? It sounded so vulgarly and so excitingly. I wanted as it is possible skoree to begin. — I would be doesn't mind. It is possible I will begin? — Of course... I threw off from myself shorts and pants, the dick was stone, the head opened, it was all red. I heard as the sister involuntarily sighed, looked at her, she looked at a dick and didn't take away from it eyes. The dick I had 19 centimeters in length, and centimeters 4 in thickness. — To me as them... well it... — You can dress if you want. I dressed panties on myself. At once I felt as they densely fitted my balls, felt gentle, warm fabric of panties, and felt what they are damp. The dick wasn't located in them, he stuck out over them. I took him in a hand and began to jerk off at average speed. The sister stopped me here. — Can you slowly do it? I opened eyes, looked at the sister, hands were between legs, but is already deeper. She panted. — It is good how you will tell. I slowly jerked off a dick, completely baring a head, it was darkly claret. From understanding that I jerk off before the native sister in ee panties I nearly terminated. The sister noticed that I accelerated speed. — Stand. I stopped. — Do you want to terminate? — Very much I want. — Хм, you want to terminate in my panties? This idea very much made horney me. — Yes Ler I want. — Then remove panties. I got up so a chair and removed from myself panties, at once felt certain freedom in balls. — Continue, you can just terminate in them. I wound a dick with panties and began to bash out them on the dick. Feelings were unusual, fabric was very gentle and it in addition stimulated a dick. Long I couldn't hold on. In several minutes after such drochki I terminated directly in panties. It was tumbled down weakened on a chair, couple of moments I came to myself. I heard heavy breath of the sister. — Sash... — Yes Ler? — Listen, it is a shame to me to ask... — To ask what? — Could you clean them? "What problems, I will throw in stiralku" — I thought. — Of course. — You didn't understand. Now. Well you can... to pinch? I opened eyes, I wasn't ready to it. I looked at panties. There was many cum. Ne badly I was made horney. — Why? — Well just I want to see... — Well I will try. — Did you try the cum earlier? I honestly admitted: — No. — Mm, you will have it for the first time. I bent to panties, the cum smell was felt, but the most interesting it wasn't to me opposite. I tried to lick. I touched language a cum. It was warm. — Well Irochka, be not afraid, it will be pleasant to you. I licked. The cum was dense and saltish. Stop. She called me Irochkoy. I looked at her, just in eyes. Lera probably I understood nothing. — What that not so? — You only what called me "Irochkoy"? — Truth? — Yes, why Irochkoy? In the head one theory already turned. — Simply beautiful name, very much is pleasant to me. — Ler, tell honestly why Irochkoy? The sister was disturbed. — I speak, simply beautiful name. It will be possible to call I you Irochkoy when you do it? A thought that the sister will call me by a female name when I jerk off me very much made horney. — Well all right it is possible. — Perfectly, well pinch till the end. I brought panties ko to a mouth and began to lick, the sister greedy looked at it, edge of an eye I noticed that she imperceptibly moves with hands. I pinched, feeling new having come excitement. When I stopped pinching looked at the sister. — It was pleasant to you? The truth it was pleasant to me, the sense to lie wasn't, I the truth already felt myself more free at the sister. — If it is honest, then yes, it was pleasant. — What good girl Ira, now will you always do so? — Well if you want? — Yes I want, now it will be your duty: to clean after itself panties, understood? — Yes. — To clean language, surely. — Well I understood. — Let's agree that when you do you will be Ira? My girl. All events very much made horney me, in soul depth I got from it unimaginable pleasure. I am a girl. The sister will name me Ira when I jerk off panties on ee as it is humiliating. No in that time as it is exciting. — Well, I will be a girl for you. — If you behave well I will encourage you. Today you behaved well therefore wait for a surprise in the following time. I didn't know what the surprise will be, but was intriguingly. — Na today I think all? I looked at the dick, it began to rise again. Lera that I saw it. Ne I was in time that or to tell how I noted: — Na today all. I took panties from me from hands and I left from the room. I remained one. Everything rolled excitement and rolled therefore I jerked off still time. Later I put on and left from the room. The little sister watched a TV set. I sat down with her nearby. — It was pleasant to you? — Very much. — Here and well. No let's agree not to show to a look each other what between us what that is? — Zametano. Till the end of day nothing usual was. Lera watched a TV set, then I went to walk, I returned towards the evening. I was cut behind a computer in toys and time from time masturbated, remembering about the event today. new relationship questions to ask him date calculator calculator soup site mapMain Page