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I don't give a damn for this life, from where this fear? I am afraid to die? I stand on the edge of the 12th floor house, don't ask as I got here, it is a long story. But where to hurry? I am Vladimir, 18 years, I don't see sense to live, there is no sense where he? With mother frequent quarrels, to the father to spit on me, I am not at home in general because of it, what should I do in this rotted-through world, I hate him! Externally I am not a handsome man, I don't play sports, I никчемен. I extended the hands as the bird who wants to fly up is a pity that I won't fly up. I close eyes and finally I decide to take a step, having killed the fear. I hear steps, someone goes, behind me, I don't want to look back, they just come nearer closer and closer, without a uniform word, to me it is curious. why? Steps are heard in the right side now, I turned the head and I see her … she as if an angel. her hair shook on wind, pink hair as if color of an Oriental cherry, and it was dressed in a pink dress, white golfs, I already in paradise? It extended the hands as I and too probably is going to fly up, but why? Such appearance, it, I. I don't understand what here occurs how it can have problems? It can doesn't see sense in life as I? In the head a heap of questions, I forgot about everything on light, about that as I was already ready to commit suicide couple of minutes ago, I took and shouted - STOOY This angel turned to me the head and in her eyes I see emptiness … emptiness same, as at me. Her long pink hair wave on wind, her empty eyes look in mine, I stood with this picture. Be I an artist, I would draw this picture all life. - T. you are divine. - All this? - NO! NO! Her eyes were a little slightly opened, on her face surprise - was visible That? – she speaks a silent and lovely voice - In. we will join hands? - H. what for? - In. undertake also everything, t. you have the same nothing the same nothing to lose! - X. well I took couple of steps aside, took her for the gentle handle on which cuts on a wrist were visible, having ceased to look at her hand, I asked her: - At you was sometime, ddd. that, ce.kc? - H. why do you me ask it? - I. I am still a virgin, help me please, I don't want to die the virgin. - D. get lost! I all the same will die that to me to lose, I very much never want her, now or. She wants to escape the hand, but I had strong successful fellow, I pull her on myself and both of us fall. I fell directly to her св to an erkh, I hold her hands and I look at her fine face, she closed eyes, and I feel her fear, I seem I understand why she … to spit, I will only lose virginity, and I will jump off, such chance is given time in life moreover and with such beauty, heaven contracted over me and decided to give me in the last second something good? I approach her face and I feel charming aroma of flowers, in trousers at me the friend strains to be in action, I kiss her on the lips, she just stood what is with her? Even doesn't move lips, only closed eyes even stronger, having spread her legs, I rub through clothes about her panties, thus kissing her ineptly, I feel more than ever didn't feel, I feel not worthless, it is her fear makes me such? she had a breast probably of 1 size, eh, if also the breast was, it would be perfect, however I not strongly am interested in boobs, I passed to kiss her neck, at the same time released her one hand, she still doesn't move as a doll with which it is possible to do everything that you want, the defenseless girl, and there is a wish to protect her, herself for a start to protect … I get from trousers the horney her, I cease to kiss her and I sit down on knees, leveling a back, now I completely see her body and the person, I begin to be played with her pussy through pink panties, I enter fingers inside and I do circular motions, having removed back I bring closer the head to her perineum, and I lick her писю through fabric, I seem hear as she quietly groans, I accelerate a uvula, enter a hole as is possible more deeply, her groans amplify a little, all! I can't more! I shifted her panties aside, I hold with hands her legs, and I enter this doll, I look up, having closed eyes from pleasure, opening a mouth, slow movements I move ahead more deeply and more deeply, my dick was average, but thick, my pubis adjoined to her clitoris, I enjoyed these improbable feelings, was ready to terminate already now, but I stopped to restrain, but couldn't, I exhale air a mouth and splash out inside suffered hardly as, the seed, what strong orgasm, I having clenched teeth and fingers cum as if the guy come back of army to the girl, she hid the face in hands, without allowing me to look … As I want her once again, her sweet mouth. I am ready to make for the sake of her everything that she was with me … It seems to me, or I wrote nonsense again? 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