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I decided not to stick at once, and to look – what will be? Music played and Nadia told that it wants to dance. I perplexedly looked back since I was in some shorts, but she lovely smiled and waved a hand. When we embraced in dance, I with nervousness felt that my dick strained in an anticipation of expected at once. Nadia languidly danced and nestled more and more closely on me. Her hands wandered on my naked back, and the cheek was based upon a shoulder. Under fine fabric of a dressing gown, I felt her strong back, gentle, rather slender waist and inhaled aroma of a female body. When dance ended, Nadia approached a curbstone with disks and low bent down to get a new disk. Her blue dressing gown was short and to my look her slender legs, a bottom of buttocks and a desired chink opened. Panties on her weren't! At me desire to get up, approach her, to take Nadia for hips and to insert the dick into this chink was big! But I made to myself a promise not to hurry. Nadia put a new disk, attentively looked at me and asked to pour some champagne. Her eyes shone, and the mouth was half-open. Her look fell to my shorts and скрвть what there bugritsya, I couldn't. Nadia, with a glass in a hand, gracefully approached me, sat down on the chair handle, having semi-embraced me a free hand, suggested to drink brotherhood. At the same time her dressing gown dispersed below and above and I could behold her gentle, round knees, and hard boobies 3 sizes rising in 10 cm from my person. We drank and touched with lips to each other. Here also pereklinit us. The kiss dragged on and my hand went for a walk up to her breast. So far only through a dressing gown. What it was a breast! Firm nipples, elastic spheres which wanted to be caressed indefinitely! Her right hand slid off the handle of a chair and rested against my got-up dick. She didn't draw aside a hand, and gently began to touch my trunk through fabric of shorts. 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Nadia silently drank champagne, blotted a mouth with a napkin and having turned to me the back, having struck that delightful pose, began to shake up pillows on a bed. I observed how her hands move as the breast rocks. My look rested against a crack between two halves of her round hard buttocks again. I put a hand to her on the internal surface of a hip and carried out by her to a chink. Nadia slightly moved apart legs, I saw holes - semi-opened and damp. My palcha were slipped there and Nadia slightly moaned. Her hands with pillows stood, the back caved in. I got up, threw off unbuttoned shorts, embraced Nadia for hips, applied a dickhead to a chink and at first smoothly, and then strongly drove it. Nadia spread legs even more widely and I began to stick her back on the dick. Nadia groaned, moved to me to a step, wagged hips. So lasted minutes 15. I was tired to stand, the dick took out, turned Nadia to himself. 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I wanted to take you for hair and to hold up your mouth to my dick what you would suck away it". "It was pleasant to you how I sucked away? Do you want more? That you still want?" I didn't sustain and having raised her buttocks, spread Nadia on a dick. Having sighed, she leaned back back and began to shake on my dick. I supported her for hips and deeply stuck on a dick. Me broke through and got. "I will fuck you, sticking on the dick! You will are fucked in all holes! You will suck it and to lick! You will do everything that I will tell and you will be fucked as вокзальныя the whore!" Nadia began to shake and Vyebi me as the whore moaned "! In all holes! I will cool suck away!" She was shaken again by a wave of an orgasm and Nadia fell to me. I gently turned her on a back, shifted on edge of a bed, parted more widely than her leg and the dick drove in a vagina. I held Nadia by her delightful hips and fucked strongly and deeply. 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And when to me began "to burn", I took out a dick and told – "Give the smart back here!" I turned her on a lap to myself buttocks to an israz I entered an anus. I tore up Nadia long and strongly. I played the end of the dick at the exit, I deeply stuck her buttocks on a dick. I drove her back here and there. I caressed her breasts, hips, legs, a stomach. I touched to her clitoris and caressed it. Nadia, periodically passed the hand at herself between legs and fingers played with my ball sack and the dick getting into her bottom. Then I undertook her basin more densely and, accelerating, deeply entering her, terminated. Both of us groaned in an orgasm of minute 3. Then I fell asleep. Nadia slept in the room. In the morning when I left, we gently said goodbye in the hall. Our lips couldn't come off from each other. My hands caressed Nadina a breast, and the dick rubbed about her hip. Nadia cunning smiled, kneelt, got my dick both quickly and gently sucked away. 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