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Tram number 48 cheerfully, calling the hand bell as well as yesterday as already quarter of the century, I went along the embankment by a magnificent botanical garden where I, appear, spent all the childhood. It was, perhaps, the only old man in the park of new, beautiful giants. But it is amazing, despite the awkwardness and small capacity, he enjoyed improbable popularity at residents of our small town. I was not an exception. Some memoirs from the childhood every time emerged as soon as I became on a small footboard of this keeper of history. He as if the attached doggie, runs on the trajectory which is rigidly outlined by someone's hand. Today, appear, differed in nothing from all previous days of this fast vain life which there leads practically each person on this major planet. Unless was at me in the morning one presentiment, something spoke to me at the time of awakening, get up, more cheerfully, put on also in fight, today your day, forward. And here I already stood on a stop, I wait for the old red friend. Behind turn his ringing trill notifying all on his approach was already heard. I, as usual, having paid for journey, it was squeezed in the end of the tram to back glass. But what is it? What suddenly stopped me, having forced to strain all my body? Smell. This surprising aroma of freshness which was exhaled by a being, more similar not on the girl, and on an energy lump that in morning sunshine I shone like gold. It seemed that it is a mirage, such gentle she seemed, such fantastic she looked. Through an open window naughty wind frayed her hair which were collected in a coquettish tail. Their bright red color awakened in me feelings unknown earlier. What it, only a play of my young imagination or the temptation testing my fidelity? God knows what else thoughts came to me at this moment to mind, but, looking at it, it was difficult to understand even where I. Bewitched I stood and couldn't tear off from it a look. People behind began to press more and more. She suddenly raised the huge eyes and looked directly not at me. In any other situation I during a moment would look away. No, now I was a rabbit that is influenced by all charms and force of hypnosis of a boa. What line of an eyebrow, what distinguished lines of her royal beauty. Small red sponges were slightly slightly opened and through them teeth were hardly visible dairy color. The hair collected back opened her faultless face form. She languidly closed and opened eyes. Oh, what eyes were. I heard nothing, only a rhythm of the heart which was torn and pushed me to her. Suddenly the crowd as if again also the new wave of an impact woke up, like a wild sea wave lifted me and began to bear directly on her. I was on the roll. The distance between us decreased with an improbable speed. Touch moment. Time stopped. There was nothing around us any more. We weren't in the tram, on us passengers didn't press, we didn't hurry anywhere. She sharply inhaled, as if was frightened of something and, with bated breath, looked me fool in the face. I still was under hypnosis of her charming bottomless eyes. She began to breathe often. At each sigh her breast touched mine. It, it seems, made horney both of us, considering increase of a rhythm of her breath. I didn't notice how my machismo began to remind of itself a rhythmical pulsation. In a moment this pulsation was felt already by her. She again for a moment held breath. Her handles that held before themselves a small female handbag, suddenly unclenched her, and she fell to a floor. Whether but not one muscle moved on it це. And here I already felt them there. There, from where desires of carnal passion reached. I felt a shiver of her fingers. It convulsively touched them as if looked for something. It strongly squeezed him, having closed at the same time eyes and having involved salty fresh air from the embankment. For moments I felt pain, but this was sweet pain – the pain passing into feeling of pleasure. I slowly as if being afraid of something began to raise slowly the right hand and, hardly considerably, touched her hip. Her thin print short skirt, without hiding anything, I opened for me all beauty of her hip. It seemed that the skirt wasn't at all. I carefully slipped down and, having felt an edge of her skirt, stopped. My little finger touched its uncovered with tights to a leg. Did you concern sometime a velvet? It was possible to compare her gentle, reminding children's skin to it. I began slowly, but surely climbed her hip. My hand already was under a skirt. I felt lungs as if feathers of lace of her satin panties. She made one more sharp and deep breath. I for a moment stopped, but then again continued the religious procession with such determination, as if knew what will be at the next moment. I got under an elastic band which gave in to me with such ease as if waited for me, and was ready to accept. Small pillows of my fingers felt a lump of hair. From touch to this part of the body any man won't be able to express pleasure. It is, perhaps, a pleasure limit. She slightly moved. But this time I didn't stop. I slipped to her moist genital lips. They as if breathed. Like a volcano crater they burned with fire. My middle finger as the skilled pathfinder, found that place which leaves the woman into a shiver. It was her clitoris. Small and smooth it can give to the woman indescribable pleasure. She wasn't an exception. She published hardly audible groan. Nobody turned back and paid attention to it. To hide the groans she stuck the lips into mine. I bit me and I kissed at the same time. From outside it seemed that we only a couple of lovers. But nobody saw our hands. They made love. They gave us paradise pleasure. She strong squeezed it, without having released it for a moment. Her right hand touched mine. She surely took her and began to set a trajectory of her movement. And already two of my fingers got deeply, at all their length, into it. It rhythmically moved my hand. I slightly moved fingers, and at this moment she began to shake, like the high-rise building at an earthquake. She painfully bit my lip and, having squeezed her teeth, still didn't release some time. I felt that my fingers with a violent force clench some improbable vice. It closed eyes, strongly screwed up them. After a while the shiver began to pass. But she didn't let go it. A minute more we stood having nestled to each other. Then her fingers began to be unclenched slowly, her sting smoothly passed into a kiss. It seemed that she as if the tigress, trying to lick a wound to a cub, gently licked my lip. People left meanwhile and came into the tram which for us was the pleasure lock, the heavenly spot which arose in this fussy life full of problems. In the tram suddenly became empty, and nobody prevented us to depart from each other. But were merged together. Any force on this planet won't be able to separate us. Except: Except awakening. Yes, yes, it was the dream: And here, I stand on a stop, I wait for the old red friend. Behind turn his ringing trill notifying all on his approach was already heard. What waits for me, someone waits for me in him today? new dating apps on iphone date today bangla site mapMain Page