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From the Author: As you znayetess 21 until the end of June, at me are a heap of time to find to yourself 4yu the woman of mature age, and I prefer the principle — "all means are good" therefore after the astounding massage, I decided not to leave from — the Internet and its opportunities, and made what will seem to probably much... cherezchur. Literally the next day, I zaregestrirovalsya on the website of leisure of our city already itself, took several photos, placed the application for the questionnaire, and by the evening so me came for communication already administration of the website. Forced me to break the head a little — rules, it isn't so-to simple to place the application for the questionnaire and. тд, differently all would be engaged in it, and it was required as... "rent payment" on the website, so and confirmation (for the best demand) realities of photos (the last confused me a little, but confidentiality remains confidentiality) By a lunch of the next day — registration was ended. Squall of calls? Crowds obezumvshikh from lust of women? If... demand really was, but... in a day very mediocre therefore it was decided to increase radius a little... and at many forums, the websites, etc... I gave advertizing... about intimate services. I will tell honestly — the next day was more successful — 7 calls. Everywhere or girls are teenagers or women slightly postarshe, but nedotyagivayushchiye even up to 40. Every day — so me several women, and in the principle communicated, similar it is quite good business — if to be fond of him seriously. At last that is not with the help of the website, a from one of announcements on the Internet any more, I on mail was written by the woman, specified directly and briefly — services, the prices, asked photos in the lower linen, and without. I approached softly speaking professionally, later I left number of phone, having called on which — I felt myself as-budto on an interview, but... probably my adequacy in communication, played the role, and the small appointment - the test the drive" was offered to me" All my attempts to ask to her — were chopped quite sharply off by o, under a pretext that she pays for the pleasure, a not for our acquaintance. "Appointment" — was appointed to the next day, almost without special talk — is strict for 2 hours, to the 3 or 4 — in dependence on her preferences. To feel itself as the corrupt maiden... эм... the corrupt man, me for the first time if it is honest, but I was glad that the similar invention could give a peculiar result and wasn't going to refuse. Day of X, I diligently smoothed out things, brought myself into "A commodity look", good spirits, any wrinkled clothes, clean footwear etc., etc. To a floor to the second I already called the taxi and went straight to the customer. Having approached the necessary entrance — I stopped and began to wait, so I waited for minutes 10 until at last to me the call on phone arrived. — "Yes?" — "I see you, to the house on minding it is necessary to you, the entrance directly looks at you" — I heard the short direction. Well it is clear, probably just wanted to look at me, still having estimated time — and I wasn't mistaken in the assumptions. — she praised me when I guessed her desires though they weren't difficult — but having reached a knee with kisses, she held up me other leg. Such smooth, and elastic, and having covered eyes, I already began to feel pleasant excitement from these kisses — on this time I rose to a knee above. — "Teeth" — these words forced to open me eyes, and probably I strongly was fond — since reached a hip, and through couple of centimeters her panties already began. — "A... so?" — I hooked on fabric on a pubis and pulled teeth in a bottom, baring a strip hair on a pubis, and the sexual sponges which flashed before me so far I pulled together them down. — "So... so... "— but instead of classical oral sex, Luda demanded from me kisses of legs again what I would caress and nestled a cheek. — "My God... as it is good when the man at my legs" — she allowed itself to lay down on a bed, leaving the slender legs on my shoulders of a stupnyama — "Ne become flustered, continue above" This phrase, for me facing her on knees, in that time as she lay having put a foot to me on shoulders, forced making haste to cover with caviar kisses, knees, to take povyshe... and... I encountered lips her palm closing an entrance to a vagina. — "Ne hurry... kiss the handle... "— there is nothing to do... and I obediently kissed a hand, feeling as it is gradually removed opening for me for a review the pussy. — "Wuhu... so well already" — her hand laid down it on a pubis a palm, a fingers she moved apart a pussy, poshire sexual lips and ordered — "On French kiss... with a uvula if didn't understand" there is nothing to Do — I nestled on a hole between her legs lips, and obediently slid off on hardly wet vagina a uvula. — "Vod him on a circle... dada so!" — Luda reacted at once when I began is simply banal to lick her pussy, working a uvula inside. — "The good boy" — she raised legs, and put them so that under knees there were my shoulders, an of her foot lay at me on a back. — "Work work... "— once I reduced the rate of a uvula, my elderly mistress at once, corrected and directed. — "A now... as dick. him... "— to recover the breath, I had to make a break — in a type of several kisses on a pubis because of what she discontentedly demanded to continue, and having dropped lips to her pizdyonke, I thrust a uvula into her hole, working with it on manners of the dick. — "Mm" — she leaned back, and without looking that she very poorly became wet, everything got the real pleasure what not to tell about me — language grew dumb and hardly obeyed. My dick stood, expecting when at last we start the main thing, but Luda just relished from oral caress, and soon confirmed my assumption — to her the uvula is very important. — "Well ka... now lick here" — she pushed away me on master's leg, and having got up dog-fashion stuck out the bottom — any more not such elastic and slender as at young girls, but a form — in a type of a heart, with obviously visible sexual lips and a ringlet of a bottom was for me incredibly attracting. — "Well? Give" — she repeated by already more exacting voice, and leaning on one hand — another pulled a part of a bottom in the party. There is nothing to do — and having fallen ponizhe, I carried out by language on a vagina how many I could and brought to a bottom ringlet. — "Okh you... exactly so continue" — it even began to wag from pleasure a bum, and I as a puppy obediently licked her from a vagina to buttocks — "And a hole... the second nezabud so-zhe" A obediently licked her buttocks, without experiencing disgust or still what — usual anusleasing, and for that money that she will have to pay — it is quite possible. — "Well everything, will be enough, a that you will lick the bitch as a dog" — it was curved in a waist — "Bury lower, I won't terminate yet" It was necessary to lower the head, it is inconvenient to keep under an inclination and to suck and lick her pussy, sexual lips and between them, but to my pleasure — in such pose she terminated very quickly, and soon — "Well... cost kobelyok" — slightly rezanulo my ears. — "The good boy" — she turned over on a back, having stretched hands from what nipples on her breast provocatively stuck out up. At me the thought flashed that is possible from me only and the uvula is required — but, having stood up it reached my jeans, and extended a belt. — "Go kobelyok here" — probably she I solved as will call me, and especially I didn't ask my opinion — the belt passed through a buckle — I formed a certain ring — in which there was my neck here. — "Ne be afraid, I won't beat, just I love attributes" — and it moved apart legs again, already except a vagina forcing to kiss both a stomach and a breast, however without kissing in lips. In result I kissed it literally all body — when above — it pulled for edge of a belt when below — I pushed away a leg. — "Will you so also be in them?" — she attracted me a belt so that my lips touched her pubis, and without weakening a grasp demanded — "Remove so" Koe-kak, sitting on knees before her, having buried a nose in a pubis I pulled together pants to knees and alternately helping one, other leg removed them — a later and at all pushed away far away a leg. — "What here at us?" — her hand clasped my dick, having bared a head and on the hostess feeling balls from what I was wrinkled from pain. — "Normally, as and in the questionnaire" — laughter shadows, only real assessment of my dick. — "Give, there will be enough time to spend" — she laid down and pulled for a collar from a belt to herself. — "A... "— I wanted to remind about condoms, but she so not patiently pulled that I just failed on her, having successfully thrust a dick is direct in a vagina, than and caused a bend her in a waist. — "Give... it is direct what is necessary" — they I held legs bent, and I helping to hold I pushed hips — driving time behind time a dick in already damp from soka and my saliva a vagina. — "Give... fuck the grandmother" — she panted, having exactingly shouted and having lifted up hands seized a pillow — "Down! Kiss a pizda" I obediently slipped — and once I touched her clitoris with a uvula, having caressed several time — as it moved being bent and hard exhaled. — "Not bad... but time still goes" — there was no wish to kiss her a vagina to me any more, and so a half of time worked a uvula therefore having grasped by legs, I pulled together her poblizhe to edge of a bed, and having bent felt as the dick entered her excited bosom. — "Good kobelyok... "— she quickly breathed as on a marathon, smiling and looking me in eyes while I fucked her the pussy beginning to squelch. "Well @-well to a nuu!!!" — judging by her starts, she terminated still time and though I understood, it is not my merit — just the woman skorostrelnaya, but the feeling of vanity lifted it. The dick was already too poured by blood, and I was ready to become torn — therefore in the head not to terminate I solved the equations, remembered animated cartoons... but all — without ceasing to thrust a dick into so attracting vagina, and hands to squeeze her breast, I moaned — than caused her surprise. — "You what? well ka don't take in head" — she pushed away me a leg — "Ne hurry, you Will be in time still, at me..." She descended and sparkling a naked bum bent down over the jeans — "I on you have 20 more minutes, will manage to terminate... though" She defiantly licked lip language, and clapped herself at first on a tummy, a then ponizhe. — "If you terminate, it is necessary dolizyvat" — with these words she lagla on a side, and moved apart legs, having bent one in a knee — "Though, all equally is necessary, so that whether choose itself" It is necessary to say what I chose? In several seconds the bed reeled, an of an eye of Luda were closed from pleasure — my dick hollowed her vagina with a huge speed, pushing together partially her from a bed. — "Hell Daa adaa" — she shivered with pushes, an I held her, without allowing to crawl away or shift legs having brought down me an orgasm — "Fuck the bitch kobelyok" — "Hey... "— I nestled on her, having put a dick honor till the end and with each pulsation I felt that I fill her vagina. — "Do you long on me plan to lie?" — I heard her comment so laughter. — "Forgive... simply... cool so, you narrow very much" — I almost didn't flatter her, the dick densely enters as as if the contemporary, a not in the lady is 40+ years more senior. — "Dolizyvay give... I have 10 more minutes" — she stretched legs, and nothing remained to me how just to fall, and to lick as a kitten, praying that the cum didn't begin to follow from her. — "Continue... all is right" — any more not from desire will be satisfied, a was just pleasant to Luda — she reached phone and called the girlfriend while I to her licked, stirring o to any nonsense — I couldn't listen t, to. I tried to work the money honestly. — "You where? penal a?" — I furtively noticed that there passed more than 10 minutes as only Luda stopped talking to the girlfriend and put phone, and was already going to stop dolizyvat to her. — "Penalties?" — the language which grew dumb not especially allowed me to talk accurately. — "Well minutes 10 — 15 you still vanku dragged... I lost time paid so that give" — she clapped inviting themselves on a vagina and moved apart fingers sexual lips. There is nothing to do — it wasn't a shame to me to lick her, but later literally couple of minutes, I heard noise — as as if the door opened and closed. Luda, having covered eyes I didn't react in any way. — "MAMA!!!" — light strip from the slightly opened door, and afterwards the shriek forced to jump up not only me, but and Luda. — "You... what came? why?" — it was visible that for Luda it is surprise. — "MAMA! What here occurs? What you do! What do you create?!" The girl of years 30, with huge as saucers eyes stood in the aisle. — "That I want, I do! I that on yours such old?" — Luda flashed — "I in your intimate life don't climb, And you in mine don't climb" — "Mother, yes it is younger than me" — she stuck into me with a finger. — "Ne to you to decide to have a good time with someone to me!" — Luda grabbed jeans and began to dress — "Kakoe to you put? or you to me will look for lovers? I to you don't climb in a bed. and you ko to me don't climb!" I tried to merge so a wall that wasn't especially successful — her daughter transferred to an a view from mother of me, and back — clear her shock, on her eyes the young guy licked her to elderly mother, a that is still dissatisfied, the fact that they were killed. — "Mothers... I have no words... your business is fine" — she covered a door having left us alone. — "What you cost... put on" — she a leg pushed things ko to me — "Got busted pancake" my Collecting happened enough skomkanno and if I began to put on in the bedroom, then literally through half of minute I finished already in a corridor — and having put legs in sneakers, felt as me in a stomach, a then and was stuck into a hand kulachek from Luda — in is mute there were crumpled clamped notes. Especially without considering payment I thrust into a pocket and fast left the place of so peculiar shame. Having already called the taxi to the house, I developed pieces of paper — 2500. Not bad... not absolutely that sum on which I counted, but all. Desires the truth to repeat — similar wasn't any more though easy money... attract. mystery date board game poindexter date ideas houston site mapMain Page