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All hi. I decided to write the story which happened to me about 6 years ago. To the neighboring apartment which some time was empty the girl was installed. She bought this one-room apartment and moved to live. The girl was very young, at that time to me was 21 years, 24 was her. The nice girl with a fair hair and a big breast, her name is Lena. Somehow time she called me a door and asked to help with telephone wires. I looked, made that was necessary. After that she suggested to remain and drink with her. I invited to the large room. In the room there was only a mattress on a floor, the TV on a bedside table and the computer. we sat down on a floor, drank champagne, stirred, she sat opposite to me with a little spread legs, kind of attracting me. During our communication I sometimes was lost in contemplation her between legs, she think it I saw, but wasn't confused at all, and it is rather on the contrary. I waited for my action. But I was in a stupor. Later I came back home and we practically had after that no meetings. Then she had a guy though it is rather even the man. As we with her the general wall in rooms, and at her had no furniture, audibility was excellent. This man so fucked her every night that lying behind a wall I nearly cumed from her groans and shouts. I looked forward to every evening when I hear her shouts again, they very strongly made horney me. I represented as I with her. As I kiss her. I took an iron mug and listened through a wall to hear each groan, each sigh. A year later, I noticed that she comes back home one. I always greeted her and smiled. In one our such meeting at an entrance, I thrust to it on a visit, to sit so to communicate, it not at once, but nevertheless agreed. In the evening I took champagne and went to her. We sat, drank champagne, talked about what. Now she had a bed and she settled down on her, I sat next. I remember that there passed a lot of time and there was dead of night, it lay on a bed, and I all and sat, looking at her. And here I say that I want to kiss her and I reach for her, we began to kiss it it was so unusual and fine. I kissed her neck and squeezed her big breast. On her there was a light T-shirt and house panties. I pulled together with hands a T-shirt down, giving her to boobies to get out freely and greedy began to rumple and kiss them. A language tip I caressed her nipples licked completely her breasts. Slowly I slowly fell down, kissing her tummy and пупочек. Then I stood up and began to pull together her panties with panties when I completely bared her and all her delights were before me, I took off from myself all clothes. My dick firmly stood, ready and being waiting in the wings. Lena got condom from a bedside table and put before me, I took it, but wasn't going to use yet. I began to fall below to her fine pubis it at her perfectly looks big, average the light volosik which are seldom growing – very sexually are long. I greedy stuck into her in her damp sponges, she was strongly horney and her sweet flesh waited for me. I caressed her a language tip, around her vagina, caressed each fold in her perineum, then all uvula shipped in her. Lenochka closed eyes and quietly moaned. When I enjoyed her, spread her legs kneelt, dressed an elastic band and the dick sent to her bosom. It was gentle, very wet. I one movement entered her everything why Lenochka screamed and move away from me. Then I slowly progressively began to enter her, more and more deeply. She I began to groan as from the German porno – I I I, then I thought that she looks at her. When I completely entered and left her she began to shout on another OH oh oh, oh what big, oh what big. It very much was pleasant to me and I with a bigger force began to fuck it and to rumple her big breast, then she began to shout loudly, quite so as I heard her behind a wall. I took out a dick and having taken her for a bottom put on all fours, having bent down her head down. Having a little admired her behind as between legs at her small droplets drip I stuck into her language and licked her everything, caressed her buttocks a little, and then again the intense dick stuck into her, she screamed again when I completely entered her. It became again sore with her and she screamed. Then she clasped my dick with two fingers at the hole and held that I not really deeply entered her, then I asked to squeeze these fingers as it is possible stronger and began to pierce with madness in her, so I also terminated. Then having embraced we fell asleep. Since morning I quite often have a desire, especially when the bared girl is near. Lena lay to me a back, I slowly drew near her, took one hand for a breast, carried out on a stomach, stroked a leg and raised her to insert into her the dick. Her vagina was dry and therefore I didn't manage to enter deeply at once, but it creates pleasant feelings of a very narrow hole. I took it for a bottom and more and more deeply entered her, deriving pleasure and already very soon I terminated. Two weeks later, we agreed about a meeting again. Together descended in Chinese tea, and then went home. I came to myself, changed clothes in lighter clothes and went to Lenka. She changed clothes too and was in a light blouse and a short short skirt. I approached her and began to kiss, at the same time squeezing for her buttocks. I lifted up her short skirt and thrust a hand into her panties, other hand I squeezed her breast - it is magnificent feeling. Near a wall she has big clothes with a mirror in all growth. And we were reflected in him. It made horney me even more. My dick escaped from trousers and I gave him freedom. I took off a t-shirt, Lenochka began to kiss my breast slowly. I took her hands and sent myself between legs. She as the schoolgirl who the first time touched a penis so clumsily concerned him and quietly said "OH"))) So funny. One movement I lowered trousers and faced her naked. My trunk looked up and was firm. I very much wanted that she sucked away to me and so that I could see all picture in a mirror. I took off from her a skirt and she remained in panties, I left them on sweet. I sent to Lenk a little down she didn't resist and so ineptly began to suck. I had to set her speed most, I pushed the dick to her in a mouth, more and more deeply. And at this time I looked in a mirror as the naked girl, being kneeling in some panties sucked my dick – this picture was remembered to me. And I remember her still. The wave of passion swept on the dick and I put it deeply deep to her in a mouth and terminated. Lena obviously didn't expect it, but began to swallow of my cum. Then it deeply recovered the breath and wiped a mouth. I sat down on a bed and opened champagne. Lena sat down on a floor and was attached between legs. We stirred and drank champagne. Through some time we lay on a bed and Lenochka asked, "That it to be pleasant to you most of all in sex?", I told, it to be pleasant to me when she caresses me a uvula. Then she fell below and began to suck my relaxed dick and in several seconds my trunk was firm. Lenka on anything sucked and it seemed that she any more not the schoolgirl, but the skillful priestess. When she stopped sucking, took an elastic band and put on to me a dick, and then sat down from above and so furiously began to jump that for a moment became feel ill at ease for me. Lena moved quickly and very actively moved a bottom. I lay on a back and almost didn't move, only hands enjoyed it колыхающейся a breast. When she cast away the head back and I was bent I embraced her and stroked on a back, kissed her nipples and turned, bended over her as it is my favourite pose. Also I continued to fuck her. But Lena clasped with fingers again my dick that I deeply didn't enter it. Then I put it on a back and a little on one side drew in her legs and entered her very narrow hole. As it is pleasant … after several movements, I felt that now I will terminate. Having pulled out a dick and having quickly removed an elastic band Lena began to suck it and then I terminated her in a mouth. Having stayed a little more, I left home. What for??? There is a fool!!! It was the last time. Later I did different attempts, but is NOT PRESENT. Here such here history. most used dating apps in usa uncharted release date in india ott site mapMain Page