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Out of an office of policlinic they met for the first time. Over a year it is tormented by attacks of severe pain in a stomach, capable to bring to a faint. Inspections don't clear up, drugs don't help. Nerves, nerves. Hardly overcoming shame, she agreed to his impudent offer to treat her neurasthenia by means of a small course of a seksoterapiya. Very sexy young doctor, apparently, knew about what spoke. — If you were a very young girl, I wouldn't give a hint at it. But, though I and not the psychotherapist, but only the gastroenterologist, believe, perfectly I know from where similar "incurable" diseases at absolutely healthy women "thirty" as you undertake. It isn't necessary to take offense, become angry about me, just let's try — he opened two small bottles of Miller and offered one young nice lady. The tiny fragile woman — the very picture of health — hardly expected that the next reception at the gastroenterologist will end in this is apparently, the stranger — the apartment some gynecologic experiments. — Let's try to achieve full disposal of the shame connected with sex, then we will try to derive from him pleasure maximum. You will tell me about what makes horney you in your thoughts, imaginations that you would like to try, and I will try to apply all the experience and knowledge. Also believe, there are no barriers to receiving pleasure. You won't manage to surprise me with the "indecent" imaginations. An our main condition — any harm to health and negative feelings. Entrust the physician the fine body! — he smiled. Having talked some more minutes, they passed to caress. Having worked love according to the usual "standard scenario", they finished a rendezvous, and he brought it home. Agreed that if it wants to continue "studies", she will call him. In several days she called and told him that she is ready to another "session". Again same apartment, evening twilight. It switched on light: — Let's light candles and we will extinguish electricity! — she asked. — No, you will show me the delights at full illumination. Also don't argue, I am a doctor, it is more best to me to know as it is necessary. This time he didn't allow her to come into the bathroom to be refreshed after the working day. Today she had to get off "false shame for the natural female smells". It helped her to undress and, having laid on a bed, ordered to show properly to it everything that she hides between the fine legs. The role of the patient who has to obey the doctor began to be pleasant to her. Already without any shame (it is necessary for treatment) she languidly caved in, slowly raised legs and, having widely parted knees, fingers moved apart sexual sponges. — Perfectly — he on business (as the doctor) examined appetizing delights of the patient — I see, you were prepared for our occupation, carefully trimmed sponges. She tried not to face to him. Holding her by knees, and not allowing them to be closed, he made her a remark: — When people talk, they look at each other. Why you look away? She blushed. — Look at me, keep in touch, I have to know your reaction. He licked several minutes her hot, already slightly damp folds. — What you are tasty! If you want, we can have only oral sex. — Oral sex never satisfied me completely. I want you, you are already ready, go here! She put on him condom and again moved apart legs. In ten minutes he terminated, without having felt her long-awaited orgasm. He didn't begin to discuss. Women derive pleasure in the course of the intercourse, and this pleasure happens quite enough for full-fledged sex life, but, they here not for this purpose. — Listen, you not the girl any more, I think, you will suit more adult entertainment. I well am able to do it. And you will have to relax and trust in me completely. It will give you much bigger pleasure, I am sure. She was told to part legs more widely and to support them under knees as it is possible above. At first he plentifully greased her perineum with gel. Then, having covered with him a hand, without effort I thrust it into a vagina three fingers and I made several vigorous, deep movements. Then he entered the fourth finger and tried to promote as it is possible more deeply, but she began to whimper: — Something not so? — Not pleasantly, painfully, I am afraid — you will tear me. — No, it is excluded. Now skin will stretch and it will become pleasant to you. He turned a hand a palm upward and, continuing back progress, became stronger to press fingers on the top wall of a vagina. After the drunk beer her bladder already was quite full, and she at once felt a strong desire to urination. It strained her: — Oh! I can't any more, in a toilet there is a wish. — Suffer. With a full bubble you will quicker terminate. He long enough continued to move four fingers in a vagina, trying to get more and more deeply. When skin already noticeably stretched, his movements became sharper and various, with a bigger amplitude. She felt again discomfort which amplified from a full bladder. — And - and-and — she quietly stretched and moaned — can, it isn't necessary? — Still a little bit and I will enter you the whole hand. — No, give I run to a toilet! — Also you will rain on the parade of yourself! Relax, my charm, it will be pleasant to you. He accelerated, deepened the movements of a hand. It strongly flowed that demonstrated that he — on a right way. To progress he added rotary. — Oh — she moaned, muscles of a vagina managed to be relaxed completely, and perineum skin freely passed its four fingers. One more small effort and the fifth plunged into wet pink folds, a thumb of his hand. She only quietly groaned, looking in a ceiling and massing the small, highly put breast with sticking out, covered with gel, large nipples. She already gradually began to get used to new, stronger feelings. — The clear head, потужься a little bit to relax more. She inflated a tummy, and he felt as the vagina pressure upon his hand upon a moment slightly weakened. He advanced a hand deep into a little more, and all bones of fingers plunged into her hot, wet interior. She already quite loudly groaned: he tried to press her on the top wall of a vagina, stimulating the erogenous zone which is deeply hidden by the nature. She raised the basin, lifted up legs above, opening an opportunity for deeper penetration. At this moment it carefully got from her a hand and again, already all at once, entered back, having rested a middle finger against a neck of the uterus. Having bent fingers honor in a fist, he pushed a hand more deeply, and, having made several careful pushes, again took out a hand outside. So he played with it, practically bringing it to an orgasm and not allowing to terminate. — Videla you, what at you now a big juicy hole! — he grinned, stretching fingers an opening of a vagina and admiring depth dark red, full of moisture. — Well, give still, you what, was tired? — she was indignant. He cunning looked at her and, having as much as possible stretched her small sponges, with a force rubbed a thumb the become bare clitoris. She shuddered and again moaned. He left a clitoris and, having moved apart urethra folds, began to get into it a language tip. This action caused the mixed feelings. After that he one energetic movement, without effort, got a hand into her vagina and clenched a fist there. Other hand he strongly squeezed one, other her breast. He began to turn carefully a fist in different directions, then began to do weak pushes deep into, sliding bones on zone G. It moaned again and raised a basin. — Do you trudge, my sweet? I think, it is worth prolonging this pleasure. He took out a hand from her vagina again, and again entered it, driving into frenzy and not allowing to terminate. The prepared gel wasn't required any more. Her viscous transparent lubricant squelched and flew down between buttocks. — Yes, yes, it is excellent! Do so still!!! His bones were shown outside, the folds which bulked up from excitement swallowed his wrist. She tried to rub the clitoris, but strongly tense folds of a perineum hid it. Her tummy which is a little inflated from a full bladder, slightly rose in a step to his movements. They were directed at a small angle up as much as possible to stimulate zone G. Much they weren't required: muscles of a vagina began to be reduced, she loudly groaned and moved a basin towards to his hand. The rough, but short-term orgasm stopped, and it took out a hand from the vagina stretched, full of a phlegm. Tired, she lay on a bed in a shameless pose, in slight semiconsciousness. It kneelt over her face and, having enclosed a pillow to her under the head, the intense dick to her inserted into a mouth. Overcoming fatigue, she sucked off to him, having obediently swallowed a plentiful portion of a dense cum. They meet from time to time year. Sometimes they don't call each other for weeks, but each of them knows precisely — day of a meeting will surely come while in each of them fire burns desire. They have no problems or disagreements when they find time to stay together: her, independent and capricious on life, it is pleasant to submit to it because she knows that he will never cause her harm. With him she finds the sharpness of feelings capable to compensate a lack of attention of her husband busied at a responsible position. Between them there will never be nothing bigger: at everyone — family, obligations, work. Their relationship differs from usual family sex a little. They meet to afford slightly more — what will be hardly apprehended with interest their second half. His task to teach her to relax and derive pleasure, without paying it with unnecessary shame, it was reached. The woman free in a bed — is free on life: from prejudices, fears, false shame, so — from the subconscious tension, dissatisfaction with life. He taught to receive it and to give pleasure. What can be simpler? What can be more difficult! To tell the person with whom years of family life about what you suddenly wanted to try are lived it is terrible to imagine: he does round eyes, is lost and about what it? And, however, why not, only at first not with it, it is necessary to fulfill at first the equipment again to appear at height. Ambitions, unnecessary vanity, mistrust — our main enemies on the way to mutual understanding. But it doesn't concern it now. It is free with jealousy, for fear to receive less attention from the husband and men in general, she doesn't wait for male fidelity and doesn't suffer from unfaithfulness. Marital fidelity — doubtful virtue which only the woman and which doesn't bring her anything except suffering is capable to estimate. most popular dating apps in the united states date in spanish examples site mapMain Page