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If the story on the website appeared in music, then I with pleasure would choose to the stories mix from romantiko-mistiko-adventure rhythmical compositions because I cover in the opuses life such what she is, the romanticism in a relationship of course isn't enough today, but I add her as a sweet dushistost, without her pictures of life look as chalk. Hello, misters and ladies perverts!) Hello to all readers of eromo! Again I am Yury... Skuratov. I am glad to welcome those to someone I was pleasant (that is my works), and I am glad to console those someone from I felt sick and unpleasantly irritated. I returned, and it means that on the website stories from life, and not just fictions will periodically appear again. I thank all readers and authors in advance for their responses if they write them to me including for negative, I love them. I promise that I will read each comment, but I will answer whenever possible and to mood. "It is easy to find the woman who CAN do blowjob, it is difficult to find the woman who is ABLE to do it, but it is even more difficult to find the woman ABLE and WISHING to do this pleasure. Because it will pass not just a licking and sucking of the dick, blowjob, is a dissolution of the dick in a female mouth". Yury Skuratov. Philosophical preface of the author. I doubt that among men will be such which will tell that he doesn't love when the woman licks, kisses and the dick sucks to him. There are many men who are receiving less good caress a female mouth, or the receiving such caress so to say "wrong". Therefore men also say that blowjob "is optional" to them, it is more best they is thrust to the beauty in buttocks, than this beauty will take from them in a mouth. Not all women are able to do blowjob, and even those someone do it much and often, are mistaken in the abilities. It gives effect of the "wrong" blowjob, and from him it turns out "optional". The main secret of the "correct" blowjob, that is the present, DESIRE of the woman to give him to the man is. Of course the basic principle of oral caress depends on beauty and charm of the woman much, but, is a love to the man, sympathy, and sympathy for caress of the dick, and not just passion. If the woman wants to make pleasant to the man, then she will make to him as he will remember well. The woman can be both beautiful, and dissolute, but if she has no desire and sincere tendency to blowjob if there is no respect for him, the aspiration to GIVE PLEASURE, then and the "correct" blowjob won't be. Desire and aspiration is necessary, one without another will pass, and an ordinary suction. And if the woman sucks for the sake of execution of the debt, then it is not caress and weak rinsing at all. I had several pretty young women who actually perfected skill minetny, perfected exclusive in order that men went bananas from their equipment. Each of these young women did in own way, but, without the aspiration to give to the man frenzy. Because of it all their equipment came down on assessment "so-so". And many girls and women heartily sucked to me, and is grateful to them to this day. Here about one of them, actually there will also be my story today's. I wrote this story out of genres and out of style, just like that, as I felt. Natasha — she got to me one of the few women to someone I without any compliments said: you suck as the goddess, as a besovka! Any the female person so isn't capable to suck. Natasha smiled on my words, and was proud of the gift. I had one friend, don't want to tell his name, he lived in Pereslavl, I was engaged in the real estate, often came to me on a visit, we had one general passion — passion to beautiful women. Often we quarreled because we liked the same beauty. Often we with him arranged sex three together and four together, but it turned out absolutely in a different way one night. He came to me late, was knocked and told — Юр, give open, we blooming greatly were tired, from Moscow we go, broke on the road. I opened a door and saw the high brunette near my disheveled friend, it was evident at once to me because it was dressed in a provocative short skirt, a leather leather biker jacket and the fitting bright topic which showed her magnificent boobs. I took of her the habitual lewd view, and almost at once understood that this maiden though beautiful, but not my taste. Long thin legs, narrow hips, big tits, impudent black eyes, almost black hair in a hairstyle карэ... All that in me is caused by cold but not heat. One in her was pleasant to me — she was very well-groomed, and from her bore very pleasant spirits. Night guests entered to me the house, asked hot to tea and settled down in kitchen. I noticed one cool detail in the stranger: shoes on huge heels. Approximately approximately centimeters fifteen! Now I prikolnutsya and understood why she from me growth. — Get acquainted, this is Natasha, and this is my friend Yury — my friend tactfully presented the girlfriend to me, and her me. — Very pleasant — I told a standard phrase. — Mutually — the girl parried, looking at me as if estimated what clothing size I carry — Yury where at you it is possible to descend a bit, it is a little more and I won't be able to suffer — she squeezed lips and raised eyebrows a lodge. — In the same place, where and more, along the corridor on the left — I slightly playfully showed pozevy. — We woke you? — logically my friend asked. — Generally yes, by the way you are aware what time three o'clock in the morning? — I looked for hours. — So it is aware, you sorry, so it turned out. You are one? — Today yes, I have a rest from the. And you picked up the next fellationist? — I laughed, knowing that my friend to horror loved when did him blowjob. — You won't believe, but she sucks so that you forget the mother! — he rounded the eyes — She is the real fellationist! — Listen, explain me one simple thing: what did it, such beautiful and slender, not sickly estimated, find in you, the seedy little man? — I continued, with humour to needle, still taking offense for not warned night visit. — Again you won't believe, she liked my dick. As soon as he blurted out it, I burst out laughing and finally woke up, perfectly knowing his modest tool of sexual work. Though, women are unpredictable... — Boys, and you don't share with me, than you laugh? — We compare which of us is more beautiful than two — softened I our subject. — Well, it also really is ridiculous — Natasha giggled. — I didn't understand, Natasha and that to you it is ridiculous? — my friend pricked up the ears. — You only don't take offense, but your friend is more nice than you. — You see how women are changeable — I told the friend — I Arrived with you, and looked at me, and everything as if already and not with you. — Can leave you? — seriously my friend took offense. — Yes, it will be so more best for all of us — Natasha, very seriously told, having given a powerful top to the satellite night, she looked at me and put lips in a tempting circle. — Nooormalno — the friend grew thin and became sad. The situation was crappy, and I of course for anything in life wouldn't exchange the friend for a bast, even for the beautiful woman if this of horse-radishes the friend didn't bring me specifically several times. And now I decided to let to him know that he isn't a genius and a pig, and definitely not the hero for female population. I so erotically looked at Natasha that she put to me the hands on shoulders and told — Yury, you look at me as if I am not a woman, and any object which is stuck together on unambiguous appointment... — Well, generally, the woman in some sense is also an object, only all objects different. My offended friend took offense even more, listening to our intimate dialogue, and not seeing any attention to itself, grew hysterical in the end, he was he very and is very jealous, darted off and left with a whirlwind away... — It isn't a shame to you? Arrived with him, and so offended him? — And you feel sorry for him? I am guilty perhaps? Just he is any such. — In total because of you, because of women. Because of you at weak men the roof goes — I grinned. — That's it, at weak. Clever, that is the silnyymuzhchina, because of the woman will never lose anything, and doesn't zarevnut — Natasha seriously told, and kissed me on a cheek — And this pusher weak moreover and ridiculous, oh, this unshaven cheek... — she kissed my bristle and I rubbed about her, closing eyes. — What you so dry on our bristles? — To you not to understand, and not on all bristles we dry. — Natash, you excuse me for frankness, you not in my taste... — And you in mine — she interrupted me, and ran a hand over my groin... I remembered the words of the friend, the fact that he told about Natasha that she is a fellationist. It ulybnut me, but it is already pleasant, but isn't ironic because from Natasha pleasantly smelled, unlike many women, and the hand she touched me too beautifully, not just touched, and pressed heat... She looked me fool in the face, without turning away and without blinking. — And you are a courageous woman, such sometimes it is pleasant to me — I seriously estimated the night guest. Her warm hand smoothly undertook my dick and his pro-stings. — I always try to obtain what I want — she said, moving a palm my dick, and her eyes shone the appearing appetite. — Laudable, I too. — It is good, means we are similar, it pulls together us, it is an identical motttor — she squeezed my dick stronger, and blinked dark eyes. There were no words, unnecessary formality, questions any more, the long-skirted beauty easily fell by a knee, undid my jeans, lowered pants and positively looked at it. I looked at the expressive brunette and thought, on horse-radish it is necessary to her? To suck at the man who told her that she not in his taste... She or the specific road whore in commodity shape, or actually the fellationist. But, one big and serious "but": I didn't feel to her anything sexual! And this feeling of any feeling, upset me, my passionate dick didn't even tremble. Natasha was very effective woman, with a big proportional elastic breast from which there was an invisible erotic steam, with a natural cute attractive face, but... she didn't make horney me. Not that figure, not that nature. In my life there were many such opposite cases, women wanted, but didn't mention me by a sexual wave. I stood and looked how Natasha caressed my dick, deeply breathed a magnificent breast and waited when it gets up. — He is pleasant to me — she told in inconvenient intense night silence — He though small now, but he has a big structure, a head, especially characteristic of sex, she shows on special force, I feel that horney he, such what is necessary to me — Natasha described the assumptions, gently licking a soft head. She licked him from below up, without fingering. I shuddered, she carried out by language once again, more firmly as if she a fiery stream poured. The pleasant spasm pulled me a stomach bottom. Natasha put out the flexible tongue from a mouth entirely, raised him my dick, she strained language and held still small hose several seconds, and here I felt something strange... Her language was similar to a hot baking sheet, and he worked on my dick irrespective of me, powerfully and quickly! The small hose began to harden. I didn't want Natasha, but those cunning manipulations that she made, gave to my body the hardness and sweet. I didn't like this woman at all, but her language as if pricked me with something pleasant. To me it became very hot and good, I began to whirl the head. Natasha understood that I like the fact that she does, and smiled licking lips enough. — I knew what will be pleasant to you. Now I so just won't release you, so I will get that you will be stupefied. Her eyes began to shine, she threw a dick in language up, opened lips and caught a mouth my semisolid dick. Pierced me with a lightning! Natasha clasped with painted lips a trunk of the dick and began to take quickly him completely in a mouth. Her brown moisture-proof lipstick was slightly smeared on lips, Natasha began to look as the sweet tooth eating tasty pie, my hose hardened and increased, it became a pipe. It was pleasant to Natasha, she lowed and got up on the second knee. — O-au-au-au!... — escaped from me on by my mood, I felt as force leaves my legs, my body begins to relax and the dick is poured by density and very pleasant dissolved in a female mouth. It became a part of her mouth when Natasha took him in a hickey, it seemed to me that there his place, and is more anywhere, there he is loaded with something unusual. At me began to tremble legs. Natasha looked at me, closed the eyes and sucked more slowly, the spasm slightly receded from me and on all body heat dispersed. Seconds later the night guest accelerated hickeys, and began to carry away me in drowsiness, I was surprised that to happen with me what most pleasant fluctuations cover me and this with the fact that this woman isn't interesting to me at all! Her smart tits impudently fell out of an undershirt, came across to me in eyes and said: this is the real woman! I was driven into the corner in the blurring sight noticing that Natasha couldn't absorb a dick entirely any more, he got up to the full size and didn't find room at her in a mouth. She tried to swallow, but choked. This dear long-legged beauty drove a mouth backwards-forward and squeezed a trunk cheeks. Her movements burned me and irritated. I wanted movements more abruptly, took Natasha for the head and attracted to myself, pushed away and again attracted, she understood everything at once and began to do fast and strong hickeys! I screamed, it was slightly sick and hot, these two effects gave feeling of immersion of my flesh in massage with hot water. Now she released a dick half and began to suck only a head, to suck inventively, long and with pleasure for itself. Natasha exhausted from me neurons, exempting me from power substances, she licked the most sensitive part of the dick and blinked. Natasha soaked up a dick and lowed, groaned, wound the head. I began to twitch and groan too, strong hickeys of this woman passed into zaglota, she devoured my dick as if she wanted to swallow an odubevshy head. When I began to shout, she sustained a pause, relaxed lips, looked at me and smiled. — You as it should be? I had no forces to tell, I just rocked the head. Natasha with an unknown force swallowed a dick as far as she could deeply, closed eyes, and at this time I saw nothing any more, at me everything floated. This woman went to amateur performance, played in some rigid fate! I couldn't sustain such pressure neither physically nor emotionally! In the middle of the night I shouted at all apartment and strong squeezed hands Natashina the head, my dick came to wild exhaustion. Powerful pushes of a cum took off outside, I pulled Natasha the head and shot. Tension began to leave, I merged some more portions. Natasha didn't remove companies, didn't turn away a face as many women, it pleasantly surprised me. Having a little recovered I looked down and already accurately saw that this beautiful bitch and is kneeling to me with the dick in a mouth. Natasha slowly licked the weakening trunk, on her lips and a chin the cum flowed, it already was liquid, and she probably swallowed all the rest. I tried to take out a dick from her mouth, but Natasha didn't give it to make, she adjoined a mouth a ball sack and continued to suck. "One more madam who loves truly and is able to suck moreover and swallows of a cum" — I understood about myself, having finally recovered from a heavy suction. In about ten minutes Natasha released my soft body, licked lips, looked at him, it became a soft small hose again. The fellationist wiped lips, they at her grew dumb, I helped her to get up from knees. — The dick, good at you — Natasha sighed, and approached a mirror, correcting a skirt. — Yes usual he as at all — I didn't accept her compliment, and estimated her behind. This woman was the complete antithesis to those women who were pleasant to me. But her blowjob was almost out of competition! This most lousy feeling when something is pleasant in the person, but the person doesn't attract in any way. — No, he not such as at all — she continued to speak about my dick — He doesn't stink, not just equal as at many, and art, curved up with the head directed down, he doesn't fly up to a navel because of weight of a large head, and in it his charm. He average in length, but big in thickness. Well, he was pleasant to me, long ago such looked for, not all enters a mouth, but it is even more best. Not that at your friend, thin and pale. I take your dick. Her characteristic on my dick flattened out me laughter. — Do you take him? — I burst out laughing in a full mouth — And how it? — We with you will have oral sex, in other words, I will come to you and to suck. If I as the woman am not pleasant to you, we will be limited to blowjob, and you me will do to kuna. At us will be cool I shouted! — Natasha summed up, having tinted the lips, — Or it wasn't pleasant to you? Here to me it wasn't ridiculous at all because very long ago nobody did such blowjob to me. Natasha on all sucked away 200 and 1000% to me very well. — Very much it was pleasant to me, you are the real queen of blowjob — I recognized already without drop of irony and humour. — Here and wonderfully... — Interesting you are Natasha — I looked at a curious being in a short black skirt — We with you are almost unfamiliar, and you here so easily quarrel with the lover, you take from me blooming greatly in a mouth, and even doesn't offend you at all that you not in my taste. You are an unusual copy — I shook the head towards the intruded young woman in my night, buttoning jeans. — I with anybody didn't quarrel, just you were pleasant to me much more, than your friend. You are more beautiful than him, more pleasantly, and your dick forced me to thaw. I vpervovat turn I pay attention in the man to his advantage, it shows what he is a man. — I didn't know — I cheerfully truncated — And I thought that the dick not the main thing. — For me the main thing. I adore good dicks. And that I not your taste, it it doesn't matter. I without complexes and not sensitive. How many it is necessary to you a break that it got up again? — Never I marked, minutes twenty can be. Do you want more? And you will suck it again? — cheerfully I was surprised. — Yes, I still want, I love very much it, especially, when the man is pleasant, I from it fly into a rage. — And you always swallow of a cum? — Almost always. Blowjob without cum won't pass. But I don't swallow in the morning. I listened to Natasha, and I wanted to vomit, but something made horney in her words, she spoke as if did it, her obscene mouth provoked to sex. — And you would like that I to you all night long sucked? — her black eyes lit up. — About isn't present, all night long from such cocksucking it is possible to kick off. — All right, I will suck at you when you want it. And I will call your dick "Chupa Chups". Natasha approached me, slowly undid jeans, smiled, sat down on hunkers and gently tightened "Chupa Chups" in a mouth. I began to faint again, her mouth sucked, didn't procrastinate and sucked, a hot damp wave. I was scary glad, the dick got up quicker, than the first time also was executed by steel force. (Especially for) Me all shook. Natasha moved language a little, then began to suck at full capacity! I couldn't move a little, even to speak, took the breath away so that all held down me, I began to choke. As it turned out at Natasha, I don't know, but hips my twitched under the power of her hickeys, I was enough her the head trying to stop speed, but she didn't listen to me and sucked even quicker! Her zaglota were strong, deep and frequent, I thought that it exhausts me! For some time it seemed to me that this blowjob much more sharply and more pleasantly than the most rigid a mouth! The lover of blowjob dispersed on a joke, she hysterically hollowed the language my dick and soaked up him in the mouth with a loud clang. To my heat the end came, I was curved and shouted! Streams of a cum scattered to Natasha in a mouth, but now she accepted only a part in herself. When the seed rushed in her eyes and cheeks, Natasha moaned and shook legs. — Listen, the darling, we will go we will lie down, I can't keep any more, you drained in me in the end. *** *** *** We went to bed, I was unconscious practically, twisted a dick and extended. Natasha sucked iskusstno. In the morning I woke up from pleasant feeling in the bottom of a stomach, my "Chupa Chups" was absorbed by something damp and warm... Having opened eyes I saw how Natasha slowly and accurately sucks at me... Oh, as it is wonderful, is able to wake up and see, feel tremendous blowjob from the woman who likes to do it and! — Oh, you woke up the road, now I to you fast will suck away, and we will go to me, I want to take a walk with you, to acquaint you with the mother — Natasha told, and continued the royal business. Pancake, she began to me with something it is pleasant mickey and minnie dating or siblings count date values site mapMain Page