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Chapter sixteenth Zhich it appeared the rights - both Genka, and Denis stood under doors, being already going to bang at a door in impatience. - What so long? - discontentedly Genka grumbled. - You have already a good time, without us? - Aha, we have a good time! - Anton hemmed. - We drag mats! Sorry, that didn't wait for you. If you want, you can back povytaskivat them and again load! - I will be interrupted, - frowning, Genka threw and I potopat to the storeroom. Denis silently proceeded behind him, shaking up on the run a small small bottle. - Oh, and you what here? - Anton was surprised, having noticed one more client who modestly leaned against a stenochka. - All went, and I went, - the boy by the name of Roma grinned. - Or the entrance is forbidden? - It for you? - Anton returned him a curve smile. - Try forbid... Enter. I hope, for you all class won't be secured? - Surely! There already the announcement hangs, - left Romk, entering the gym. Anton locked a door, having checked nevertheless whether someone isn't in a corridor. No, it is empty. And change already came to an end - do that you want. When all gathered, Zhich told: - Taha, you cut down light in the gym. The historian won't poke to check, and the rest and shouldn't know. Romka, that for a hogwash? Genka, you called? - I have eyes of no type, - squinting enough, Romka told, examining the one someone so interested him, that is - to Sashk. - I saw how you it to the gym dragged, then I heard as Genych of an excuse to the historian molds. I put two and two, here and I was. Yes you are it seems not glad, Zhich, and? - I am glad, glad... - the Czech frowned though by the form you won't tell it. He switched to Denis: - Dan, what dragged? Oh, super. He read the label - "Baby oil" - How did you the nurse part? - Yes well, nonsense, - Denis modestly answered. - I gave her twenty dollars, she also showed a bit of generosity. - Still, for such grandmas of tens of bottles it is possible to buy. Well, we will test? Someone the first wishes? Sashka sat on the top mat, shaking legs. A lamp it is opaque I was reflected in his skin, adding a charm. - I, I! - a grief from excitement, Dimka leaned out forward. - Yes without problems, - generously I allowed Zhich, understanding that the car and everything will be enough for time some sweet. - Get up! - Dimka pulled Sashka a hand, pulling down on a floor. - Turn! The shivering palms he developed Sasha a back to himself and inclined, then lifted up a dress hem. - Ooh-x-x, - he, увидав exhaled pink panties. - In a trick, boys, гля! Around burst out laughing, but in hoarse laughter desire was already heard. Dimka hooked an elastic band and lowered panties to knees. - Yes remove them in general to hell, - Genka advised. - Only will disturb. Dimka hurried to pull off a silk rag. I flung away aside. - Place legs! - he ordered. Sashka obeyed, parted legs in the parties, was inclined forward, улегшись on a leather mat by a breast. His halves seductively grew white before hungry looks of boys. - Hold, - Zhich Dimke stretched a small bottle. - Grease more better, you not one here. - Aha, - I began to nod Dimk and generously transparent gel splashed on a hand. - Бл *, and shorts... Hear you, be developed for a minute. Undo shorts! Sashka turned back, looked puzzly - on him any shorts and wasn't trace. At last reached what Dimka interprets. Having turned a small button in fingers, San undid it and lowered Dimkina shorts with pants. Dimka began to grease himself, driving on firm as a piece of wood, to the dick. And Sashka was again developed, having struck a former pose. - And to him grease a bum, - I taught Zhich from outside. Dimka was twisted, but nevertheless ran few times fingers over the gentle hole exposed on a public inspection. And only then the dick exhausted with expectation tried to insert. The first attempt terminated in failure - Sashka strongly strained. - Relax, - puffing, Dimka ordered and again I put a head. This time everything passed, like clockwork - the chlenik entered inside and Dimka happily began to smile. Sashkin clasped with palms the back, it began to be pushed inside, striving to pass at all length. Without arranging, boys porasstegivat shorts. Romka, continually driving language on the dried-up thin lips, I grew bolder and I pulled together shorts completely. - Well, Romcha, you give, - enviously shook the head of Genk. - And what to me to hesitate, perhaps? All the! - that explained quietly, stroking himself, but without haste. There was no wish to terminate ahead of time. Denis changed aside to see the events sideways, and not just the jumping Dimkina a bum. He picked up Sashkina panties and now rumpled them in hands, even secretly brought to the person, having inhaled a weightless smell - boys were keen and, apparently, noticed nothing. But just in case, I cast away a rag aside. Dimka moved fussy, breakthroughs, showering the head. It lasted not for long. In three minutes he moved stronger than former and calmed down. - Che, all? - I asked him Genka. - Weakling! Give I now. Diman came unstuck, quickly pulling shorts. - Would wipe though, - discontentedly I noticed Zhich. - Will dry, - Dimka waved a hand, silly and smiling enough, little thinking still. Genka got up on his place, too splashed on a hand several drops: - Oil cool, - he told. - Oh, the expert was found out! - Anton burst out laughing. - What, experience is? - I have a small brother, he is smeared this every day, - having reddened, Genka told. - Yes go you, don't disturb! And he inserted the dick into an opening, already wet from the Dimkiny cum. Sashka moved, screamed quietly - probably, Genka too sharply entered inside. - Tsh-sh-sh, - I clapped it on a back of Genk. - Quietly... The dress rolled down back, disturbed, he continually showered him back. - Perhaps to remove to hell? - having seen such business, Anton told. - Then, - I told from the place Zhich, - it will be in time. As Genka will terminate, and we will pull together. What was felt by Sasha? It is difficult to tell, he also didn't understand yet. Mix of fear, shame and the arising pleasure captured him. Uncertainty - wearied what else will be thought up by these inventors? Genkin the dick slid in his body, causing the warm inflows which are rolled on a stomach and a breast. Sashka has a snack a lip to interrupt involuntary groans, but they were all the same heard. - Boys, that I died, it is pleasant to him! - Dimka, already оклемавшийся and quite stretched on a narrow bench at a wall grinned. - And you thought? - judiciously I told Zhich. - You pediki to all will be given if it isn't pleasant. Yes they climb if only inserted someone! You see itself, three days didn't pass, and he already came tearing along. - Гы! Boys, he will go every day, precisely I speak! - Genka hokhotnut, slipping out and again inserting. All of them were mistaken... Sashka groaned not from pleasure at all. If he endured Dimka with ease, then Genkin the dick was stuck with such force that pain was given even to whisky. But Genka was a little disturbed by feelings of the boy lying under him, him own high, and tested for the first time in life worried more. And in general, from all attendees only Zhiche had an experience, it seems. In any case, in his behavior looked through acquaintance to this aspect of life. However and to tell that Sashka suffered unearthly torments, too it is impossible. Painfully, terribly, humiliating - but it is tolerant. Especially if not to strain, to contract in a lump if to weaken everything that is possible... Everything will end soon... Not eternally to it to last? "My poor Sashka..." - Denis thought about himself, having hidden a face in palms, but glancing through chinks. Cheeks burned, eyes povlazhnet, but he didn't interfere... Feeling like at the same time the finished rascal. - Pancake and Genych as the elephant, won't terminate in the afternoon, - Anton impatiently said and quickly I pulled together shorts, following the Romkiny example. - Che at him one hole stands idle? He got on a pile of mats, villages before Sashka and widely stretched legs. The brilliant head with the delayed thin skin zakolykhatsya directly before the Sashkiny nose. - Give, work as a uvula, - Anton ordered and attracted Sashkina the head down. Nothing remained to that other how to open a mouth. Anton waited slightly and discontentedly told: - Che for affairs? I told, work! As at cinema that! Lips, language, give! Sashka set to work - the uvula gradually came around, licking a saltish head. Then I began to move the head, sticking Anton in the mouth. - Ooh-x-x... Another matter... - with a whimper Anton told. In a few minutes there was surprising - Genka shortly moaned, being splashed out, and along with him Anton terminated, though sat down much later. - Guys, you че, agreed? - I began to blink Zhich, looking at such focus. - Yes, cool it turned out, - being wiped by edge of the Sashkiny dress, Genka told. - Precisely, as at cinema. Sashka swallowed, the weakened Anton's chlenik released from a mouth. But the hope that he will be left alone, was too weak. marriage date in 2022 hindu calendar with timezone python site mapMain Page