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— You Lyosha are called, yes? "Well everything, the guy, you got" — I nervously thought, and in a cunning look of Oksana that was read most. Having swallowed the lump of nerves which rose to a throat I already tried to build in the head kakoye-to an intelligible explanation for the one someone I am and that I do in such look here, without risking to be thus thrown out for a door as what-nibud small dog. — Listen — I scaredly began — I can explain you everything. — So-so-tak — Oksana kept saying, having crossed hands on a breast and gradually coming nearer ko to me. — No, well you only look. Yes we have here directly a wolf in a sheep skin. A devil in an angelic appearance. The spiteful maniac who unscrupulously got into the room to two respectable girls. This young man conducted by the dirty drizzles planned to turn the nasty affairs with the purpose of satisfaction of the lewd, pervert desires — slowly and colourfully Oksana as if analyzing a situation before invisible public stated. I systematically receded to a bedroom door, feeling as my heart without restraint beats. Oksana looked at me such treacherous and shrill glance that at that moment I felt what-to unclear, animal fear; it seemed, with such look the lion looks at the production driven into a corner. From this look my advantage was literally pressed in a trunk as if trying to avoid punishment which was prepared for me by Oksana for my dirty adventure. — And an object wasn't ashamed even to pretend to be the affected maiden with the purpose to enter trust to subjects to carry out the trite, pervert imaginations. Can even and in a rough form. Na term pulls, Lyosh. How do you think? I began to sweat. For all evening to me it became suddenly really terrible. Yes that there in an evening, I, probably, for the first time in life was frightened really. I never was threatened with the prison term, an of subjects any more for what I didn't make, and from it I pochuvstoval some weakness in legs. "That... Why... For what... "— desperately I endeavored to understand. I couldn't believe that Oksana is going to set up me. And Marina who was immobilized and closed on a balcony was the only thing someone could protect me from this arbitrariness now. It was necessary to count only on himself. I wanted to give repulse to this Shrew, wanted to thrust her on the person, a to dash away then so that heels began to sparkle. No I couldn't hit the woman, even in the self-defense purposes. To that, hardly I could cut down her, yes and in such look I wouldn't get to anywhere. I was captured by slight panic. I couldn't escape, I couldn't call on the help, I couldn't utter words — so I was confused and frightened. From awareness of hopelessness of the situation and from the gushed stress I literally wanted to begin to cry, but I restrained. The situation was heated and it seemed, still slightly and I will just crash down in a faint. After all I gave in to the impulsive aspiration to run away. Making the way to the hall, I already almost that slipped out the bedroom as suddenly Oksana sharply jerked forward, having closed behind me a door. — You won't go anywhere, dear. There is no place to recede already — she told and, having seized me with the on surprise with strong hands by thin shoulders, pressed to a wall. From surprise I stared eyes, having felt as for fear my legs give away. Oksana didn't speak words, an only ominously hung it is necessary me and I drilled me with the scathing, predatory look, an even and I couldn't present to myself what she now so will make by me. She stood so close ko to me that I literally felt her breath on the face. My heart began to knock stronger, being already going to escape literally from my breast as suddenly Oksana threateningly said: — Do you know what I can make with you? Having felt inevitable danger, I began to beg it: — No... Please, it isn't necessary... I will explain everything... I wanted nothing... — To try late, my dear — Oksana interrupted me. — You even also don't know as I can complicate your life. I will suit you it that you will regret that you were born the boy. I will connect you to posineniya and so I will finish you that on your poor little body of the live place won't remain. You, of course, will shout, but because of a gag nobody will hear you. And even your lovely Marina won't come to you to the help therefore that she on my party and perfectly will understand everything. A you will lick my point and to beg me o to mercy, so far I slowly also will gradually trample down your pathetic advantage. I will crush you as nasty bug, an after it I will push to you in an ass such horse-radish that he at you through a throat will leave. Also I will hold you at myself so much how many it will be required, understood? Oksana made a pause. I understood that to resist is useless. Preparing for the worst, I already almost that the mind lost and hoped only for a miracle. As suddenly Oksana started talking again: — Well or... I can just call cops and hand over you. I will tell them that you with Marina rigidly raped me also to you, of course, will seal according to the full program. Well a, of course, will believe me. Marin's A? Ha, well, after what I with it made she will remember nothing, so any more that from her even and won't ask. Here you will ring out with A on plank beds, a knot. So that vyb... Oksana, probably, yet that-to told, but I heard nothing any more. In eyes at me darkened and I fell in a faint. * * * I regained consciousness from a sharp smell of the sal ammoniac which struck to me in a nose. Blinded by bright light, at first I didn't even understand where I am. — You as? — through a ring in ears I heard a familiar voice. As only my eyes got used to light, I saw that I lie on a bed, an is necessary me there is Oksana who, judging by everything, and brought me into feeling. — Lyosha, you in an order? — again she asked. — Yes... it seems, yes... — precisely on the automatic machine I answered already with the usual voice. — Well here and well. Ha-ha, you are such darling when you sleep. You would know. I was in fog as if after what-to bad midday dream, and hardly I understood what occurs and as I appeared in this situation. Having fondly counted that after all the dream dreamed me, I looked round on the parties, with disappointment having found myself everything in others apartment and all in the female appearance which already filled to me soreness of the mouth. — Listen, Lyosh, you forgive me, of course, the silly woman — with a smile I told Oksana. — I the truth didn't know that you are such sensitive. — In what sense? — A you what, you remember nothing? — Ne absolutely. — Well, you were a little bit disconnected. I began to think. — A from what suddenly? — Well pancake, I wanted to intimidate you a little bit — well, for sharpness of feelings, so take to tell — a you, yes and crash down in a faint. I failed as knocked down directly. No I the truth didn't want, honestly. Well I changed I am sensitive, it yes. No I-to thought, you will be ready — it seems as the strong guy — a you as. Of course, there were boys and poslabee, but even they... — What did you so make by me? — angrily-ispuganno I interrupted Oksana, examining the body on what-libo subject of existence of mutilations. — Ha-ha, yes relax you, I with you did nothing. Unless that I shifted to a bed also all. I think, not to leave you on a floor, correctly? Oksana didn't hide the affection in an occasion of my sudden loss of consciousness. A I that time though and in the general lines, I remembered all that she to me told and nearly began to be cut down again. — So you... called militia? Oksana with astonishment looked at me and smiled. — Bream, well you that. Well, of course. What I, absolutely shibanutaya what-to? Why to hand over me such good boy. Well or the girl as it is necessary for you. It was pleasant to me, but I everything still felt what-to dirty trick in all events. — Truth? — I asked again. — Yes be not afraid you, I called nobody. Well as child, honest word. — And about all these tortures... you it is frivolous too? — I asked. Oksana went into eyes with a look: "Pancake, you pretend to be that whether". — Lyosha, pancake, I, your way, still and the brutal maniac - the sadist, yes? And still as a female of a mantis to guys of the head I bite off, aha. You still check, suddenly I to you cut off a dick. Well don't make laugh, well really. Became me slightly polegche, but disturbing thoughts as is found, didn't want to abandon me. — The devil, then why you so made? — negoduyushche I asked. I felt myself the victim of a silly draw and was in confusion from that thought that Oksana brought me to a faint only of an entertainment for the sake of, but all wanted to achieve the truth from her. — We will go to kitchen, I will tell everything to you — Oksana told, having invited me gesture for herself. For a sit-round gathering there was already quite late hour — though exact time I and didn't know — but I could fall asleep in ignorance everything equally not, a therefore went for Oksana to kitchen. Kohl I was exposed soon, I hadn't to pretend to be any more Alyona therefore now I at last could conduct myself naturally. To that, how Oksana fairly pomotala to me nerves, I wanted to call this knave for the answer for her illegal actions, so that, having entered into kitchen, I decided to occupy a resistant position and not to give in any more on any her mean tricks. After all to pretend to be the girl — one, but to fall in a faint before someone-to — for me it looked absolutely in a feminine way. — You sit down so far — Oksana told me. — I will light, you don't object? — Well, you in the house. What do you ask? — Whether well it isn't enough, you don't smoke, here and I ask. — I smoke sometimes. When I am nervous. — Well so take one, you will relax — predolzhila Oksana also stretched me a pack. I, of course, wouldn't refuse a sigarette now, but from the principle decided to take nothing from this danayki, gifts of bringing. — Well, thanks. Ne there is a wish. — Well as, after such-to shocks? Yes throw you, time to relax. I also truly felt myself intense therefore was given. — Thanks — I told and lit. After an inhaling really felt better me. No I everything still harbored a grudge at Oksana and decided to set a question in a forehead: — So you will explain to me that all it means? Oksana, released a stream of gray smoke in a window leaf, kakoye-to time hesitated, it seemed, gathering with thoughts, and began to tell: — So, well Marina for certain said to you how I treat guys, yes? Well so here, when I saw you, I thought that she again someone-to brought, yes still and what-to pervert. I wanted was you already to expel, but I thought that in such look it will be somehow cruel, ha-ha therefore give, I think, I will accompany. I will arrange you warm welcome, to tell so. The pier, decided to pose as the girl, well so I with you as with the girl also will be. Though the girl, I think, pretty. I was embarrassed. — Here, in the beginning it was played with you, then I solved and Marinku podnakazat — a pier, that to the house without demand of any libertines drives yes still and in female belongings. Ya-to thought, you solved here so to drive to the Marine, well and decided to intimidate then you that knew someone you contacted. A when you, poor, fainted, I even somehow felt sorry for you. In sense, I understood that you with Marinkoy would make nothing bad also that in vain I so, probably, with it. I listened carefully and at last began to understand everything. And I absolutely forgot o the fact that Marina in this time pined on a cold balcony closed and connected in a sleeping bag. — By the way, Marin's a... — Oh, yes you don't worry, with her everything is normal — Oksana calmed me. — Well unless that tomorrow bottom pobolit a little bit, ha-ha. I already so didn't credit it long ago — as time stronger will be slept. No I since morning will release it, you don't worry, to it after all to get up for work. And maybe, I will even forgive her her a small sin, you were very much even the lovely boy. After all it was pleasant to me to feel himself such "lovely boy" in the company of the girl, is about 5 years more senior than me. Vsyo-tak the difference at age between us attracted me in Oksana even more. — So that... oops, the mistake left, ha-ha — she added. — You not serchay, all right? Na me became soul somehow pospokoyney. Whether To from a cigarette whether that Oksana's history, but now I didn't doubt her respectability on the relation ko to me any more. — Ha, I-to thought you the sadistic monologue on the course built — I told. — Aha, even two times, here such I am direct the master of improvisation. You will tell too. Hakh, and by the way, you were inexpressibly lucky that you after all fell in a faint. — Ha, it precisely — having smiled, I answered. Napryazhneniye gradually fell down. Ice between us already gradually melted and I already not so avoided Oksana. After all, she would like me on the business to deceive, she wouldn't begin me to tell about all it. — So you don't become angry? — Oksana asked. — No, of course, well that you. You the truth didn't know someone I am and why I here. — A by the way, why you here? I slightly hesitated. — No, well in sense, I know all this story with Marina — Oksana told. — Yes? — confusedly I asked. — Aha, she told me. And it is even more of that, I still helped you... кхм to transport, ha-ha. Having remembered all yesterday's shame, I reddened with shame and slightly frowned. — Do you know time, then what you ask? — Well pancake, Lyosh, nothing to hesitate here. You aren't guilty, true? Just Marina at us such... mm, we will tell, prikolistka, ha-ha. Do you understand? There is a wish to her sometimes too here so to be indulged with poor guys. Hakh and someone is guilty that you to her came to hand. — Really — I with insult threw. — Yes throw you. There is nothing to pout here, well. To that, she told me that you it seems as were even pleasant to her. My heart became agitated. — What, seriously? — Well yes. Speaks to me such by phone yesterday: "Such good boy came, amusing such, the gave tights to him". And here she brings what-to lovely young lady, Alyona, and it turns out that Alyona is you. I didn't know that you will remain here; The Marine told that you left. I though saw you yesterday, but today in a make-up didn't learn, akhakh, you forgive. — Yes anything. I dragged on and felt as I relax more and more. — So after all, why you remained? Yes in such look. I thought, you will take away the things and you will dash away back home. First I delayed the answer. "After all it isn't worth telling her o my secret addictions" — I thought, but suddenly I was what to answer Oksana: — Well, Marina very much asked me. I told that it seems as wants to make to you pleasant. Oksana looked at me and smiled enough. — Well it is necessary as it is lovely from her party. So you here like a present to me, yes? — Hakh, well, like that, yes. — A is good a present, ha-ha. Here where indeed I pleased, the she-devil. I brought such pretty little bird. I was embarrassed. — Yes it is fine to you. — No, truth, Lyosh. You know, I much transikov saw and I can tell that you left very much even the attractive girl. The model it is direct, akhakh. — You are kidding that whether. — Yes I is serious. I as only saw you, even understood not at once that you are a guy. You have very soft lines of the person. And you look what beautiful legs at you, well it is direct women's. I reddened. — Well will be enough for you. I somehow awkwardly feel. — Oh well it is fine, I won't be. You and so already red everything, as beet. No it was the compliment, between other. — Hakh, thanks. The truth, it is very pleasant to me. I already finished smoking and the bull-calf of o extinguished an ashtray, Oksana somehow mysteriously looked at an on me. — Listen, Lyosh — ko to me she suddenly addressed — as about to note our acquaintance? — Em... you know, I don't drink — I invented. I everything wanted to keep myself in a conversation with the person almost unfamiliar to me in hands and strong mind. — Yes it is fine to you, all on a liqueur glass, purely symbolically. For a meeting, so to tell. Oksana got a cognac bottle from a locker. — Well... I don't even know... — To that it will be small compensation for, to tell so, moral damage. I after all a little bit am guilty to you. — Well... as I can refuse to such woman — I gave in again. — Oh, if it is a compliment, then I will consider it, ha-ha — Oksana told, having got two glasses, and splashed in everyone. — Hakh, you aren't going to hocus me? — for fun I took an interest. — Oh, Lyosh, don't worry, I won't stick to you... Well only if itself you don't want, of course, hi-hi. From these words the easy shiver ran on my body, but I decided not to give will of imagination. "I had enough already of imaginations on today" — I thought. — Well, for our accidental acquaintance, hekh — Oksana said and we overturned glasses. Cognac struck to me in the head at once and began to spread pleasant heat on my organism. — Yes you have a snack, don't hesitate. Butery take — Oksana offered me. — Aha, thanks. — Good cognac, Armenian, 5 asterisks. A gift, between other. He at me specially for such cases costs, almost unopened, ha-ha. — For what such? — I took an interest. — Whether well you know, I after all infrequently meet people who really are pleasant to me. A of subjects more such pretty girls, as you, Lyosh. Or you want that I named you Alyona? — No, it is more best Lyosha — I confusedly answered. — A of what so? Don't you like your female name? — The marine gave me this foolish nickname. — Akhakh, well why foolish. In my opinion, you very much even goes. — Well I don't know. — Marin's A and tights you forced to put on? My heart began to knock stronger. — Well, I didn't force... In sense just I asked. — And you here so just agreed to put on in her belongings and to be humiliated before the unfamiliar person though could stay at home already long ago. Be pricked give in what business. I even also didn't know what to answer. — Just I... I wanted what-to to make for Marina... for the fact that she helped out me yesterday. Oksana cunning looked at me. — The answer is adequate, but unconvincing. To you what, it was pleasant Marinka? Alcohol vapors reached by that time my brain, but I as could tried to resist to their harmful influence. — Well... yes, probably... In sense as such girl can not be pleasant to someone — zaniveliroval I the feelings. — I understand. I with her once too had it. Let's pass then still — I told Oksana, spilling cognac on the second calling. — Well, well you told, on one — I objected. — Well for Marinku zhe. Ne you will drink for the passion, he-he? "Yes it is fine what will be from couple of glasses?" — I thought. — Well it is good. No it is the last. — Aha. For our general girlfriend — Oksana and we said, having clinked glasses, drank and have a snack. I felt as the second wave of heat pleasantly rolled on me and, having released the alarms, I began to relax. It was pleasant to me in the company of such girl as Oksana, to that still and more adult, than I. As I also wanted, at me it turned out koe-kak to approach her and I could only guess as our evening will go further. — Listen, I even plainly also didn't consider you — ko to me Oksana suddenly addressed. — Get up, seem. — Why it? — puzzly I asked. — Well pancake, I want to look at you. Ne every day ko to me transiki come, hakh. Having slightly reeled from drunk, I rose so a chair and, having fitted the miniskirt, appeared before Oksana in full growth, is proud having stuck out the roundish breast. Oksana began to consider me as if a picture, but now I for some reason didn't feel shame any more as at the first with her to a meeting, an on the contrary, even I wanted to stand out before her. And I didn't even hesitate of the dick, the small knob which was given through a skirt. After all me had already nothing already nothing to hide. Can, it is alcohol I gave me confidence in myself, a can also the fact that Oksana called me "the attractive girl" — I don't know. No I was glad that I hadn't to hesitate of the shameful external look any more. — Povernis-ka — Oksana asked. — Why it? — I want to look at your pendant, akhakh. I obediently turned, having shown to Oksana the bottom fitted by a black miniskirt. I didn't see Oksana, but a back felt how she on me it is attentive and with interest watches as if on svezhedostavlennuyu the prostitute. And I for some reason liked this feeling. — Can you lift a skirt? — A here it still why? — discontentedly I asked. — Well please. I squeezed will in a fist. — Well it is fine. Only promise not to laugh. — Well it is good, I won't be. Give. And I the shivering hands raised a skirt, having bared the bottom in pink thongs. I heard as Oksana sprinkled, trying to constrain laughter. — Akh-akh, yes, you will tell nothing, the buttocks are good. And with an angry look I hurried to lower a skirt, fitting it nearly to a knee and reddening with shame, and sat down back. — Yes it is fine, well what you? — Oksana asked. — You promised. — Well forgive. No, well truth funny. Marina gave it to you? — Well. — What, yours that whether? — No, of course. — So itself chose, means? From her things. — Pancake, yes what difference. — Well Lyosh, well don't take offense. In my opinion very pretty rozovenkiye panties. Sexual such. Very much even suit you. Well that is... well you understood, akhakh. — Yes I took what came to hand, here and everything — I justified myself. — The easy hand at you, means. I remember Marinku in these pants — that still the shameless person. I went on the house here and the rolls I shook. You know, shlyukhovataya she a little bit, yes. No it so, between us. Do you understand? Whether To deficiency of attention at her, whether that. Ne it is important. No you know, Lyosh, to you her belongings very much even go. You not the whore, yes? — Very ridiculously — I answered, again having felt on myself heat and tenderness from stay in Marina to clothes. Oksana blinked the eyes, it seemed, having thought o what-to. — You know... a you even than-to is similar to Marinku. As if her dick would grow up, ha-ha. It even somehow makes horney whether you know. — Pancake, yes that you it say. The muck is what — I was indignant. — Well why. Takaya-to the girl with "sekretikom", akhakh. In my opinion it is amusing. — Yes well, what-to perversion — I told, having thought that in it everything that-to is. "Oksana would have a dick — rushed at me in the head — an at me on the contrary..." — To Akh yes, forgive, I forgot. You at us the decent and well-educated young person, an I to you talk any drunk nonsense here. Give then on the last as time for decency, hekhe. — Pancake, Oksana, we already and so drank. Ne spend cognac. — I also don't spend A, I treat with a. Give, on slightly all. — Eh... well it is fine — in the next time I gave up. After all I infrequently managed to drink in the company of such people as Oksana therefore I decided to catch the moment and to spend evening as follows. "Yes and Friday, to that" — I with relief thought, having passed the third shot glass of cognac and here having had a snack on the sandwich rest. — We will light? — Oksana addressed ko to me. I agreed. From alcohol and sweet tobacco to me it was so good at heart that I didn't seek home any more, a just enjoyed pleasant society of Oksana as if the girlfriend who dropped in to her in guests. Precisely so still recently we sat with Marina and too it was very pleasant to me. No Marina was "already neutralized", a me seized that time influence of the men's beginning of Oksana more and more. I already rather became tipsy and from it she seemed to me even more attractive and imperious. — Listen, Lyosh, it is possible a frank question? — Well give — I safely answered. — Do you like to change clothes in women's? I was found unawares. — Forgive, didn't understand? — Yes it is fine, don't wriggle. I already got to the core of you. Kakoy-nibud fetishist, probably, yes? Remained that Marinkiny to wear things? Ne hesitate, say how is. From drunk mine tongue already slightly it was loosened, so that I began to spread: — Listen, you only think nothing. Earlier I so never put on. Just we so strange faced yesterday Marina... And she gave me the things... And it was just interesting to me, you understand? And I represented myself... And when today she asked me to put on so, I thought that... more true, I didn't even think, hakh, everything somehow suddenly turned out. Just I wanted to try still time, to feel here it... these feelings... For me it what-to new, you understand? And not, that I what-to there the pervert who likes someone else's dirty linen and all it, just I... Just I liked Marina and when I looked at her... I wanted to look as she, to put on as she... I just wanted to feel myself... I don't know... —... girl? — Oksana finished. I understood that I told already too much, but didn't feel shame — thanks to alcohol — an only easy awkwardness that now I revealed before hardly familiar person. — Yes — I bashfully answered. — Interestingly. Please, continue. — In sense? — Well, you not just so began to conduct yourself as the timid schoolgirl, hekh. And I understood that I had to tell. — A, well... it is simple... when you came, you seemed to me similar to the guy... — O, well here for this thanks, I try. — Yes... also you know... when I saw you... in me as as if that-to peremknulo. Your external look, your manners, as you talked — you seemed to me such courageous and confident in yourself that I just became puzzled. I never so felt... and I didn't even know what to do to me, you understand? Well itself judge: I in your apartment dressed as the girl a you just humiliated with the men's look my advantage... Therefore I somehow subconsciously also began to behave so... as what-to constraining maid. I couldn't believe that all these words leave my mouth. and slightly I was frightened, having remembered what tool Oksana was active in Marin. — There is no N-... — I shy answered. — Oh, well don't worry you so, it isn't sick. If it is only correct to make everything. — Truth? Just I saw how Marina... — O, well that you, she already skilled in this plan. Also knows how to make that it was pleasant to all. — Akh here as. Just I worried about it. — Ne worry, with her all in an order. She even wanted it... And I know that you want too — Oksana told and gently I embraced me for a waist. I indeed felt myself as the timid juvenile schoolgirl who is tried to persuade now on what-to sex by the senior. I was all in impatience before inevitably rising act of copulation and at me knees literally shivered. Whether To for slight fear of the penetration which is coming in me, whether that a penetrating, burning glance of Oksana who is gently embracing me as if fine creation expensive to her heart. I was slightly below her, somewhere on polgolovy, a therefore looked at her from below up as the obedient slave looks at the mister: with love and awe before imperious men's force. — Listen, Andrey... — I said — an at you the truth such big? — Well, the babe, well that you. It is slightly less. To you will be in time — Oksana answered, having grinned. — Now I will show. Only close eyes, all right? — Well. I closed eyes and began to wait. Oksana rustled somewhere in a subsoil of a case, an I was all in impatience again to see her dick. And here, later kakoye-to Oksana told time: — You can open. I opened eyes and was surprised. Oksana was all in shorts and a shirt and, having put hands on a belt, appeared at me with sticking out of her perineum, the dick with a pink head. Of course, it was a little less, than that with which Oksana "bombardirovala" to Marin — approximately centimeters 15, the normal average dick — but more I was surprised that he wasn't fastened. Yes, he was without those outstanding black straps on which that giant fastened, and, it seemed, literally grew up directly from Oksana. It as if was a part of her body, hanging down in a strong and terrible piece of meat from her pants, and organically complemented with the not less powerful look her male essence. And I could only guess for what it fastened. — Well, how to you? — Oksana asked me. Her rubber dick slightly dangled up-down, but he looked precisely at me as if the snake who guessed desired production. And to tell the truth, I slightly was rather afraid of her. — What beautiful — I answered. — Thanks. Do you want to touch? — Yes. Hearing as my heart with emotion fights, I took a dick which soon should enter me in hand Oksanin. It was not very big, but I felt that for my virgin bottom it was just huge. I felt his weight, his force and as far as it was strong, as at a powerful erection. I was afraid of it, but in that time I wished to feel him in the anus which literally already twitched with delightful feeling of fast invasion in him. And with this feeling also my dick jumped. — Alyon, go ko to me — Oksana told. We came nearer to each other. Oksana embraced me one hand for a back in the region of a breast, an another is slightly lower than a waist, almost that for a bottom, and was pushed by the dick at me between hips as time under my ball sack, so, that he there firmly sat down, allowing me to feel. I embraced Oksana for a neck as the girl - the teenager on dances and if not to consider sleeping on a balcony to Marin, we with Oksana remained absolutely some. She strong pressed me to herself, the dick slipped her on smooth nylon further away further that now I the excited dick felt Oksana's perineum. I looked in her deep brown eyes and understood that she madly is pleasant to me. And, having given in to the feelings, we kissed again. I felt Oksana. I felt heat of her body pressing me to itself, strong, but in that time is sensual and gentle as if a butterfly whom you don't want neither to kill nor to release. I felt how under a pressure of her passion I literally melt and I am dissolved in her hands. I felt her strong dick who pierced between my hips and wanted to feel quickly him in myself. As only we stopped kissing, Oksana asked: — Alyon, you will make to me a mouth? I was made horney here. — Do you want?... — I asked a gentle voice. — Yes. Very much I want. I smiled to Oksana and told: — Well, Andrey. For you everything that is necessary. Oksana smiled to me in the answer and I fell by knees, having slightly opened a mouth and prigotovyas to take in a mouth her dick. Ne I know, can fault to that there was a cognac, but I the truth wanted to suck away to Oksana. No matter, that her dick was iskustvennym — so even more better — it seemed to me, so I will be able to show really to Oksana as she is pleasant to me. Though didn't know whether it is necessary for her. I looked at Oksana's dick threateningly sent me to a face as if a gun barrel, and passionately I wanted him zaglotnut. Ne that I wanted to suck whose-to dick — I liked to know what I do now that-to wrong that-to wildly strange, what then it will even be a shame to remember o, not what to tell. I gave smacking kiss a head of the dick lips, then began to lick her, having felt taste of rubber in a mouth. "Well though not fleshes" — I thought, continuing okhazhivat Oksanin the device. I raised eyes on Oksana and her dick began to immerse in a mouth, looking at her passionate and lewd eyes as the last skank. I began to swallow rhythmically Oksanin a dick, taking it for a cheek and processing it language, a she that time looked at me, having a snack on a lip from pleasure and observing as what-to modest schoolgirl sucks her mighty dick. I knew that Oksana doesn't feel all charm of blowjob, a feels only slight convulsions in the vagina, but that continued to bash out on her trunk not less, and with such spirit and energy that even I didn't expect from myself. Probably, somewhere in soul depth I wanted to feel myself what-nibud porn actress who so skillfully masters others loins or what-nibud dissolute whore, which sucks away for 5 dollars in a gate behind garages. As time I also felt myself as such girl. The truth I didn't know whether Oksana feels herself as the guy now. — Very well, Alyona... Good fellow... You are such good girl... Yes, very well... — she languidly kept saying while I to her "sucked away". I understood what was pleasant to Oksana. Looking her in eyes, I squelched and smacked the lips her a fleshy dick, porguzhaya in the throat and groaning it from swallowing what-to a strong dick enough, a she caressed me on the head and heaved from excitement a deep sigh, from time to time publishing only: "Yes... Alyona... Yes...", as it is usually done by men, almost without showing the feelings in sex time. I understood that Oksana wanted that she had a dick. She wanted to subordinate herself girls and to fuck them in a mouth as she fucked me now, so that for me was pleasure to bring to her joy to feel itself as the man with strong, sound economy between legs. At last, Oksana told: — Wait, Alyon. She pulled out the slobbered and brilliant dick at me from a mouth and went to a case. I stood on knees, feeling as at me slightly podsvelo a jaw, an Oksana that time began to rub plentifully a dick with lubricant from that bottle. I watched how she processes it, gently and thoroughly as if masturbating, and from this show I was involuntarily made horney. Instinctively I for some reason wanted that Oksana here so jerked off on me and on my lovely face. A I just would sit and looked how it bashes out the dick, already red from tension, as what-to drocher, driving on the beautiful girl from the class. Oksana finished preparations and suited ko to me. Her dick looked in my party again, terribly approaching my person, and from delightful feeling of a presentiment of what-to long-awaited, I got up. — You are ready? — Oksana asked me. — Yes — I surely answered. — Alyon, tell, you the truth of it want? — Da, Andrey... I want that to you it was good. Oksana smiled, an I smiled to her and began to take off a jacket. — No. Ne undress. I want you in clothes. My heart trembled and literally flashed. For completeness of feelings I very much wanted to remain in image and very much didn't want to expose for show defective kolgotochnuyu a breast. — What, directly in tights? — I took an interest. — Yes, and in panties. — Well it is good. Only you poakkuratney, all right? I endured tights for Marinin. — Ne worry. I will make everything as it is necessary. Get up in front of a mirror so far. — Why? — I was perplexed. — I want that you looked. I passed to a mirror and again saw myself in the maiden image. As and before, the beautiful long-haired brunette with expressive eyes and charming legs who still didn't even suspect o looked at me how she will be fucked now. A behind ko to me was already attached Oksana who, having lifted me a skirt, began to feel again impatiently my bottom, making horney us both. She went down below and slightly tore to me tights in the area of back pass from what I impulsively moved. I felt an easy cool there, behind, though my body everything literally burned. Then Oksana got from my buttocks a stripe a string and moved them sideways, having received that the fullest access to my anal opening. From type Oksaninogo of the dick which should enter me now I all just shivered in impatience, but and slightly was rather afraid of this striking dagger capable to tear my gentle, unprotected bottom as Oksana only that tore tights. Oksana dripped a little lubricant on fingers and began to process my hole. She implanted a finger to me into a bottom and I again involuntarily shuddered from unusual feelings and slightly became nervous from entry of what-to of the stranger into the anal opening which was calculated only on an exit. Oksana drove a finger backwards and forward as if developing my devstvenno-narrow anus and with a characteristic sound squelching lubricant, an I felt how my sphincter resists, bringing me not the most pleasant feelings. No I understood that Oksana knows that she does and with her I have nothing to be afraid, a therefore tried to relax a little. At last, Oksana, got a finger from my bottom and whispered to me on an ear: — It will be a little bit sick. And, having slightly bent me, Oksana began to enter into me a dick. I deeply sighed and prepared ko to invasion. I felt as that-to firm and slippery rested to me against a bottom, persistently wishing to get into her, and from understanding that quite strong and fleshy dick is thrust into me now, my eyes were rounded. I tried to distract somehow, representing that came to usual massage of a prostate, but I wanted to know that it was not the finger of the doctor, an Oksanin the dick. Oksana crawled the head on my back pass as if trying to break through in it, and soon, having enough stretched my anus for the dick, began to enter me. I published a strained exhalation. I felt how in me, champing, head Oksaninogo of the dick persistently tries to enter, but from tension my muscles clenched, without allowing the dick to pass further, and I began to breathe often and deeply, trying to relax. "So here what it — for the first time" — I tensely thought. — Alyon, everything is good, relax — caressing me on the head, Oksana tenderly said, slightly having calmed me. At last, koe-kak having pushed through a head of the dick in my bottom, she continued the immersion. Oksana entered me smoothly and slowly as if being gnawed through through a dark and damp jungle of my anal jungle, I felt a how my direct gut is gradually filled with her strong 15-santimetrovy dick. Slightly groaning from pain from the first anal sex, I literally felt a gnash of foreign body in myself and with what persistence he uncompromisingly gets into me. Oksana drove the dick more and more deeply as if pushing in me a huge stopper, and I felt how on an immersion measure it began to be thickened, only adding me discomfort. No I with firmness suffered, hoping that then it will be far more pleasant to me. And here, after the long procedure of introduction, Oksanin the dick at last reached the end and stopped, having plunged that is called, on the balls so that Oksana nestled ko to me the hips now. Having densely stopped up my hole, she was inclined and embraced me while her dick grew roots on the new place. I felt how sat down what-to huge rubber stake at me and slightly was rather afraid that from it my bottom now literally will burst in half. I all still deeply breathed, relaxing the sphincter, but soon when I already got used to stay Oksaninogo of the dick in the subsoil, I felt that it was even pleasant. I literally an ass felt Oksana and her phallus which is strong clogged into me. And it was pleasant to me that now someone-to was in me, an of subjects more Oksana who kept me in the embraces and whom I madly wanted to feel in myself. — Alyon, you as? Everything is normal? — Oksana asked, holding me densely stuck on the dick. — Yes — I languidly answered. — You are just a fine fellow — she told and I gave smacking kiss to me behind an ear. — I still will take. You will tell how you will be ready. No I was already ready. I turned the head and, having looked at Oksana, gently said: — Oksana... And as if having given in again it is unknown from where to the hormonal desire which undertook in me, I covered eyes and quietly I whispered to her: — Fuck me. And the Bay Oksany stuck into mine in a gentle and passionate kiss again. While Oksana kissed me, feeling me for a soft breast and keeping the dick at me in the priest, I suddenly felt as between us powerful emotional communication was formed; perhaps, the strongest of all that happened for this evening. Now we were really close to her, in a full measure feeling the friend's friend as those as someone each of us would like to feel. Still kissing everything and embracing me, Oksana began to shake hips, driving in me the dick there-syuda. My bottom already got used to this foreign object and now he already fluently hung around dark back streets of my back pass, an I could only be surprised how it could be so painful first. Of course, me everything was still slightly uncomfortable with neprivychki, but all my inconvenience with likhvoy smoothed out trembling caress of Oksana who with love and warmth okhazhivala me. With these gentle feelings and from feeling of a strong core in the bum my friend was already decently reared and now frankly stuck out through pants and tights in which I was fucked now. A Oksana, seemed, knew about it therefore that her hand got again into my perineum where began to process my frozen dick in his full ammunition. And I involuntarily began to be shaken in a step with Oksana, at the same time fitting a bottom her dick and sliding the dick in her hand. From inflow of pleasure I began to groan very quietly as actresses in pornofilms groan. I wanted to know what it — to feel myself the real girl into whom here so ruthlessly get. And I felt myself to her, even nesmotrya on a shoot at me between legs. No it didn't disturb me, an only reminded me o the fact that I am in others skin now that I not on the place that I do that-to strange and wrong, a from that was even more made horney, feeling as I am fucked by the girl. And I was really happy to appear in Oksana's power, but even more I was happy that in her hands I also was that girl to whom I presented myself: the beautiful and gently groaning Alyona in embraces of a hot, young male on a name Andrey. I couldn't believe that all it so me occurs — so it was syurrealno and it is absurd. Still what-to having entered Marina's apartment couples hours ago, I couldn't even present that soon in my bottom the dick of her girlfriend will begin to scurry about quickly. Certainly, I wasn't ready to it, and this feeling of suddenness of the events warmed up even stronger my agiotage as if producing natural lubricant for my back pass in which it is crafty the dick rushed Oksanin. It was for me the real adventure, o which I always dreamed. Oksana released my lips and a dick and still slightly bent me so that now I already stood in halfbent situation. She grabbed my hips, an I lowered hands on knees, having recorded the situation and again having felt smooth nylon of tights on the legs. In a mirror I saw everything that occurred: I stood in a pose of letter "G" as what-nibud dragged prostitute while Oksana, having undertaken my bottom, desperately took root into depths of my anus. In her look I saw the real male who in a rush of the raging testosterone hotly credits the next pussy. Na her person the clean high was reflected: she slightly slightly opened a mouth and covered eyes as if letting out the collected sexual energy, thus heaving from excitement a deep sigh. Holding me behind, Oksana vigorously stuck mine already raznoshennuyu to the priest on the strong core while I, hardly keeping on the giving-away legs, gently groaned, representing itself the lewd, dissolute little girl, it is pleasant to whom when her so thoroughly perdolyat. — Alyon, you, probably, it is inconvenient? — panting, Oksana asked. — We will go to a bed? On the truth to tell, and the truth it was slightly inconvenient to me to strain here so a backbone, I also really wanted to get over on a soft bed, but I wanted and to bring pleasure to Oksana, knowing that she likes to look at herself. Yes and me, in the general, it was pleasant too. — Well, everything is good — languidly sighing, I answered with a thin voice. — It is pleasant to me when you me here so, behind. — I can you and in front. Do you want? Frankly speaking, my dick already slightly started missing warm Oksaninykh caress, an in this pose with him was hardly possible that-to to make therefore I decided that it is worth reclining after all with Oksana on her soft bed. — Yes, give — with awe I told. I felt as Oksanin the dick began to creep out smoothly of my mink in whom he already well located, and, chavknuv by lubricant, Oksana took him from me. "Only she wouldn't ask him to take in a mouth now" — with disgust I thought, looking at visited depths of my gut the dick. I laid down on a bed, on that bed where slept, a can even and Marina and Oksana had a good time, and with warmth I presented how Oksana on her will fuck me so now as she precisely so fucked the girlfriend here. Oksana climbed on a bed and got up it is necessary me on all fours, hanging the courageous trunk over my maiden little body. Oksana passionately and impatiently looked at me in an anticipation of continuation of a coition, and I completely shared her desire, looking at her lovely and innocent eyes. As suddenly she as if in a rush of the real excitement, it was inclined closely to my person and told: — I want you. And again our lips were closed in a hot kiss. I closed eyes from pleasure and felt how Oksana, having raised my legs and almost that having bent me in half, began to enter again the dick why I again languidly moaned. I felt how in me the head of the dick tries to creep again, but I wasn't afraid of him any more, knowing that it is the dick of that girl who now so gently and passionately kisses me. I tested slight convulsions from desire somewhat quicker again were pleasant to feel in themselves Oksanin her — so to me these feelings. Having reached, at last, extremely admissible depth, her dick for a while stopped, then again having begun to crawl fluently in my bum. Oksana everything still kissed me, continuing razdalbyvat my already shabby point, an I represented that my friends and my chief would tell about me if they see me now. No everything was equal to me that others will think of me. I liked to pretend to be the pretty girl who now so raznuzdanno is credited in her back hole. I even wanted that on me now someone-to looked how, has to be, it was pleasant Marin when looked at her, snoshayemuyu connected in a sleeping bag. I wanted that all saw the final act of my consisting transformation into the girl into whom now so desperately and perfidiously got. I don't know itself why, but I madly wanted to brag of the fact that I am fucked now. Soon Oksana, everything still sucking in me the lips and piercing in me the aggressive dick, I plunged all body on me, having nestled ko to me closely and even more widely having moved apart my legs. Under weight of her body me as if pressed into a soft mattress of a bed why I felt power and Oksana's strength even more. In delightful desire I embraced her and felt as her hand touched my friend burning from excitement who was already tired of waiting for attention to himself again and began to finger him. Now to us to both it was good: To Oksana whose dick as I already understood, was inserted into her vagina a can even and in an anus, smooth movements on her a clitoris, and me to which she now podrachivala. From pushes of Oksana drilling my back pass, the bed under us slightly rocked and creaked. I groaned very quietly, but under the amplified Oksana's oppression I wanted to groan more loudly, and is so loud that all neighbors just died of envy to our spontaneous and hot sex. Oksana thoroughly warmed my dick why at me even fingers on legs clenched, and I understood that time to release the emotions came. In the end of the ends, I was not at myself at home and could by the full right feel itself other person what I so long waited for. I moaned more loudly, representing as Oksana is even more made horney from my exclamations of pleasure. And soon the feeling of the dick which is driven in into my bottom Oksaninogo mixed up with pleasant feeling of stimulation of my friend, and even it seemed to me that I and in the business am fucked in front, is in my nonexistent vagina. And from it I felt feelings, amazing, indescribable for guys. Being in strong embraces of Oksana who is wearing out me and getting into my mouth the language I already almost that lost feeling of reality and I felt myself the real girl who is gently caressed and loved by such adult and strong man on a name Andrey. I already fairly sweated in tights and a woolen jacket, yes still and Oksana the excited body literally leaned on me, without facilitating my maiden fate, to that still and bashing out me in front and behind. I thought that I from a surplus of feelings will terminate soon. No I didn't want that it occurred so soon therefore began to groan even stronger, having already almost passed to easy shrieks as begging my physiology still a little bit to stretch this fantastic pleasure. No I couldn't control a situation: Oksana drove in me the her quicker and quicker, from excitement puffing as the engine, and diligently I processed my dick, it seemed, trying to reach our simultaneous orgasm. As also she, I, of course, wanted that we terminated together, a therefore tried to distract somehow, delaying the delightful moment. No tension everything accrued. I, all still desperately groaning and literally melting under Oksana's body with spread wide as at the whore, legs between which drummed the thick 15-santimetrovy probe, nervously I twitched from a presentiment of a fast, desired orgasm, not in forces to resist to his perfidious approach. A Oksana began to breathe even more heavy, itself having already almost passed to easy groans and even stronger pressing my distressful body. She jerked off to me quicker and quicker and more quickly, an I could do nothing except how to relax and be sent to the power of skillful, skilled hands of Oksana knowing the business. Having entered the spirit, unprecedented to it, which is warmed up by my lewd shrieks she began to fuck me even quicker, it seemed, already on a limit of the capacities; she kissed me even more strong as if she wanted me to swallow, my dick she squeezed a so strong that literally I wanted to squeeze out quickly from him already ripened sexual juice. And here, at last, when I was left already almost without forces to resist Oksana's pressure, she inserted into me the dick so deeply that I literally screamed and felt as from my friend who is strong withheld by Oksana I escaped powerful and a stream, fiery volleys escaping to me in pants until Oksana, at last, released my lips and failed grown weak on my transitory little body. Judging by everything, we after all terminated at the same time. Having approached the friend the friend really, now we, sweaty and emaciated, translating spirit, worried our tremendous though also a little oddish, sexual incident. I all still lay vraskoryak, feeling in myself Oksanin a dick which she for some reason from me didn't take out, and realizing that me only that the girl fucked. I having felt true pleasure alternately with a pleasant, warm thought of o the fact that I at last could feel myself desired and favourite creation. Suddenly Oksana, already slightly podostyv, raised the fair-haired head, looked at me and told: — Forgive, Alyon. Itself I don't know what on me found. — Well, Andrey, it was pleasant to me. The truth — I sincerely said everything that female voice. And having reddened from Oksana's look and from understanding of the incident, I bashfully took away the look. A Oksana, having enough smiled, I gave smacking kiss to me in lips and with the champing sound I took from me, at last, the "shot-back" dick, having set up a stripe my pink a string on the put place and having lowered my skirt. Having grown weak from all these gestures, I was in perfect prostration. From alcohol me slightly drove at that in a dream, so that I already almost didn't think, indulging only in delightful feeling of relaxation in the end of the unlucky and saturated day completed by the act of the unbridled and hot fucking which was provided to me by Oksana. And feeling on itself freight of a hot body of Oksana who it is desired I looked in my eyes, I with horror understood that I love this girl. Well or guy. For disorders and shame there was already quite late hour. My thoughts absolutely were mixed up, eye an already simply stuck together therefore everything that I wanted, it only to go to sleep, with awe and melancholy remembering today's unusual day which was soon fated to approach the end. — Andrey... we will go to sleep... — with the half-closed eyes I drowsily said. — A you don't want to take a shower? — Give already tomorrow... I am a little... I got a bit tired for today. — And you won't even undress? To undress, of course, there would be also a truth not bad, but I wanted to spend the last maiden night as it is necessary — in maiden clothes. — A... You know... Here it is somehow cool... A in tights will be warmer... — already through a dream I muttered. — Well then I won't be too — Oksana told and got down from my exhausted body. Already almost filling up, through the closed eyelids I saw how light went out, and turned on a side, prigotovyas to fall asleep a sweet dream of the baby. Whether To already in a dream whether still in reality I felt as Oksana laid down behind me, having embraced the hand and as her dick rested to me against a bottom, reminding me o that accidental evening that we carried out with her. It was pleasant to me to feel himself in Oksana's hands of such darling and the shabby crumb with which she only that was engaged in love and gently embraces her now, having conveniently arranged the dick between her legs as if having finally fixed the rights for possession of this trembling creation on a name Alyona. — Quiet night, Alyona — having kissed me on a cheek, Oksana told. — Quiet night, Andrey — having smiled, I answered. I fell asleep with a pleasant thought of o the fact that I happened to feel these unforgettable feelings and to try what I always wanted, and in the company of the girl which went towards to my desires, an I, without understanding that, made pleasant to her. And I was inexpressibly glad that our desires coincided. I thought o those bright impressions that presented to me this day — with pleasure, but in that time and with a regret that next morning we should leave. No I understood that it isn't worth blaming destiny for the fact that that-to takes away from you, an it is worth thanking her that she that-to gives you, though for a while. In it there is also all charm of a case. And filling up in Oksana's embraces, I thought o how it is good that we three together met. * * * Next morning I woke up from the invigorating smell of coffee and the head pain which is stupidly beating my brains which was supplemented by easy burning in my back pass. I couldn't even wake up, without telling already o volume to get up from a bed, and began to remember tensely what it occurred yesterday that could cause such atypical combination of feelings. No for me everything was too chaotic and indistinct to distinguish the truth from fiction, and I couldn't understand in any way why at me in the apartment coffee smells. And soon I, with work after all razlepiv sleepy eyes and having looked round, I began to guess that I at all not at house. I understood that I lay in others bed in others apartment and, having cast away the blanket covering me was convinced that I was still and in someone else's clothes. With a shiver in all body I began to remember what after all occurred yesterday, and, hoping that everything didn't come so far, I pushed a hand to the burning bottom and found a hole in tights there. "Isn't present... can't be — having made buldge out eyes, osharashenno I thought. — She that, me... No, it what-to nonsense. Nonsense! The devil, o what I in general thought?! That me, adult guy..." I lay in full confusion. I felt as if it is necessary me outraged, touched and literally crushed my advantage, having treated so me, as what-to maid for the night. From this stream of thoughts my head hooted even more former and I needed to bring myself into feeling somehow. And I decided that seductively reaching from where-to from kitchen I began to smell coffee now I would have very much by the way. No I suddenly realized that it now, has to be, that prepared that she so defiantly fucked me yesterday, and from that thought that now I should meet it again, I just wanted to be covered with a blanket and to get out any more never. "The devil, I am a man" — it is slightly contradictory I thought. Both having overcome itself and overcoming migraine, I got up from a bed and went to kitchen, accurately stepping not to injure mine the victim after yesterday's an anus even any more. It is easy to guess that in kitchen I was waited by Oksana, such sleepy as also I. Standing at a plate in those clothes that and yesterday, she watched coffee and sipped a cigarette, releasing whitish streams of smoke which smell soared on kitchen, mixing up with a coffee smell. Having seen me, Oksana slightly smiled to me and greeted: — With kind morning, Lyosh. How it was fallen down? I didn't even know what to tell. From memoirs of o yesterday's I just wanted to fail through the earth. Well or though to jump out in a window. As if prishiblenny I was included into kitchen and tactfully answered: — Well, thanks. Ne you will prompt which hour? — A floor - the eleventh already. I felt that I slightly overslept and from that to me the head so hurt. I was absolutely broken and understood what in my state couldn't be done here, a therefore decided that time to go home. "In the end of the ends, it would be time already" — I thought. — Listen, Oksana, I, probably, will go. Thanks to you for the company, was very pleasant to communicate to you, but to me the truth is time to go. I can take away the things? I bashfully stared in a floor in expectation that all this disgrace at last will end, but Oksana suddenly told what I literally grew dumb with and lost a speech gift: — Oh, Lyosh, you know... Here here kakoe business... Hakh, Marina to me you, it seems as, left. Continuation follows market share of dating apps in india date calculator los angeles superior court site mapMain Page