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I represented myself in sex as the girl long ago. Always it seemed to me that the girl derives more pleasure, than the man. Up to 20 years I was an ordinary guy. I met girls, I had sex, all as at people. And after me began to visit strange thoughts. At first I wanted to suck away a dick. And, men didn't attract me at all. But, at the thought that I kneel and I suck away someone's dick — just broke off me from lust. Then I began to study further own body and decided to try to fuck myself in buttocks. Was just magically. From one of the girls I never received such orgasm as I received, fucking the buttocks. But, time went, and I wanted something bigger, than a rubber dick, carrots and cucumbers. Somehow, we had a rest with the friend, sat, drank and smoked a hookah. And, by the way, I carried female panties for a long time and thought of myself only in a feminine gender. Of course, I didn't decide on hormonal medicines yet, but in soul I was an absolute girl. The girl who passionately wished to be stuck on someone's hot strong dick. And here, we sit with the friend, little by little, he speaks, it is quite good and for girls to descend. I agree, I speak yes, would be great, I go to throw out a can of beer as washing came to an end. Later I go to the refrigerator and I bend behind a new can. As a matter of fact, all also began with it. He suddenly saw that I in female panties. Also speaks to me: — Mischa, you what it in woman pants dressed up? I overtaken unawares densely reddened. He is such: — So you what, from these? I didn't answer. He again: — Come on, you don't hesitate, you can tell everything to me. And here I give out: — Сереж, it is possible not to look for girls, I will be for you a girl. He was taken aback a little. I dragged on, thought. Whatever one may do, and I am his best friend. More precisely, girlfriend. While he and sat in perplexity, I smoothly kneeled and began to rumple his stallion through shorts. It began to react and increase in sizes. My hand got under shorts and pants, and touched the dick radiating with heat of the average sizes. He was not up to the end strengthened, probably singularity of all situation has an effect. I gently whispered: — If it isn't pleasant to you, I can stop. He is such: — All this, of course, is very strange, but you continue, and there we will understand. I who even wasn't expecting, such continuation of evening, continued to nadrachivat a dick through shorts. Seryozha raised buttocks that I could pull together them. I at once seized the moment and pulled together them together with pants down. Before me handsome about seventeen centimeters in length with a bright red head appeared. I hesitated as for me too the situation was unusual. The head was turned, in thoughts constantly span: there now, now you will suck away the first dick and the way back won't be any more. Now it happens. I gently undertake a hand the basis of the dick. By the way, Sergey, to my astonishment, watched hygiene, and the dick together with balls were clean-shaven. And so, I undertake the basis of the dick and I approach lips a head. a porn stories I Drench her with the hot breath, I catch a light smell and I immerse a head to myself in a mouth, having gently clasped her with lips. Then I am passed by language on a trunk, I fall to balls, I take everyone in turn in a mouth. Again a trunk, I come back to a head. Sergey sits, having closed eyes and strongly snuffles. I continue to suck round a head, I am passed on it by a uvula, further I try to swallow all dick, but near a throat something doesn't pass him. And here, at last, later couple of attempts — all dick at me in a mouth, more precisely in a throat (not for nothing I worked deep blowjob on house phalli). When the dick deeply at me in a throat I get language and I lick his balls. My man groans and asks not to stop. I begin to move the head up-down, sometimes to a throat emetic spasms rise. Here Sergey puts hands to me on the head, and begins to set speed. He simply, begins to fuck me in a mouth and a throat. Speed everything increases, I hardly manage to swallow of air when the dick leaves my mouth. But, the wildness of all situation only makes horney me. From my dick lubricant begins to be emitted. I flow as the real girl. Movements of his dick become even more often, it is poured by blood, it is going to stream in me. I take away his hands from a nape. I want to taste your cum, the friend, it isn't necessary to cum to me in a throat. Lips I continue to caress a head, one hand I podrachivat a dick, another I mass his balls. Here and it. Began. The first stream the most powerful fights to me directly into the sky, behind it the second, third. I continue to move the head on his dick, but I don't swallow of a cum. Here it finished and calmed down, only small spasms shake his dick. I, with gratitude in eyes, release a dick from lips, and I swallow everything that he to me naspuskat in a mouth. Later I collect from lips by a finger and too I send to a mouth. I lick a dick absolutely. Sergey sits and pants. I didn't receive a discharge, but as I become a woman, me well already from understanding that I gave the mouth pleasure to the man. I ask, looking to him in eyes: — Well, darling, it was pleasant to you? He, indifferently, answers: — The darling, it was the best blowjob in my life, you are given simply birth to suck dicks. With one girl I so didn't cum. — It is very flatter to hear it especially as I for the first time tried to suck away. — And how to me to address you after all this? — Call me just Mashenka. To be continued... long distance dating format date today london site mapMain Page