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Evgenia Aleksandrovne very much liked our meetings, and on Saturday she came ko to me again. We were already pressed out on-rodstvennomu, without conventions. In the hall I completely ee undressed and undressed itself, accompanying all process of undressing with gentle and passionate kisses. Naked, we came to kitchen, and drank on a glass of wine. To Zhenechka I poured some wine more... Having relaxed, she told that she is very happy with our meetings, became more best to feel and wishes continuation of our communication. A began to tell me o one more girlfriend further — Larochke which I knew a little and she was pleasant to me. Evgenia Aleksandrovna told that Larochka too long ago plainly not eblas and she should visit at me guests. I didn't object and appointed "reception" to the next Saturday. Zhenechka was glad that business of the girlfriend is settled. Having drunk a few wine, we passed into the room to a sofa. I spread out it and, having raised Zhenechka on hands, having kissed ee, gently laid ee on a back. Evgenia Aleksandrovna was as always, it is very good. At once there was no wish to enter her, washing and ee of a shower demanded "spiritual" communication. Evgenia Aleksandrovna liked to read books where there was a lot of sensuality. I carefully took an interest, probably, she when reading is strongly made horney and caresses herself? Zhenechka honestly told that she likes "to be engaged in herself" and does it three times a week. The husband often is ill her, a matrimonial sex one time a month, a that and in two, would force ee to howl to the Moon, a to be fucked with someone got her not interestingly. And itself I began to develop a masturbation subject. Having imperceptibly passed into a chair, and having conveniently taken seat in him, she began to tell frankly and to gently show how she rumples to herself tits, caresses kliterok, rumples popochku... I stood nearby. One hand I rumpled to myself balls, another podrachival a horney dick which a red head watched Evgenia Aleksandrovnoy. "The member of Party" thought I, considering the horney dick. Interestingly, someone thought up to call various party participants "dicks" and at what moment of life and "fight for happiness of the people", it came to him to the head. A why call aunts "the member of party"? It is not the truth. Aunts it is necessary to call "a crack of party" or "nest", then it will be fair. And to call all audience "dicks and cracks of party". A the imagination drew to me pictures, various pictures of members of party, from strongly horney, well-cared to the fallen-down and shrunk mixed dicks waiting where they will be thrust by their "owners". Well all as in life — an asset of the party and the privates who shrank participants... No having quickly returned to reality, I approached Evgenia Aleksandrovne, sat down nearby and began to help her, to caress itself and me. Our session reminded a scene from the movie o reception at the psychotherapist. I told Zhenka about it and told the thoughts to o "members of party". She it is strong, hysterical I burst out laughing. This fun forced us to pass to a sofa. Zhenechka gently kissed me, an I began poudobnee to display ee on a sofa to begin "a session of medical sex"... My "member of party" was strongly horney, and by words Natashki, is similar to a mushroom with a pink hat, egg an on the chestnuts which fell in a grass. I told about this Zhenechka. She lovely began to smile and wished Natashke good luck... Having moved apart Evgeny Aleksandrovne legs, I caressed ee alenky, vlazhnenky "butonchik" pussy ee. Carefully I brought "hat" of my mushroom to ee "butonchiku", and with pleasure I began to move apart "petals butonchika", slowly entering "hat" into a wet hole. Evgenia Aleksandrovna's face was very beautiful — the closed eyes, the slightly opened mouth, ruddy cheeks and ears, a gentle neck... Having enjoyed it beauty, I quickly drove "hat" on "chestnuts" and began to move technically on Evgeny Aleksandrovne. She, having widely moved apart legs, willingly to me I made upward movement. Inside at her it became stronger and stronger plyamkat, as at the old speaker in the end of the speech behind a tribune. By a languid voice Zhenechka asked not to stop and quicker to terminate in her. Carrying out "people wishes", I accelerated and let in several streams of a cum Evgenia Aleksandrovna. I waited, I calmed down and the dick took out. Zhenkina pizda was plentifully damp so cum traces on it. Ulegshis nearby with Zhenechka I caressed ee gently kissing a little and receiving reciprocal kisses. Having a little calmed down, Evgenia Aleksandrovna told that she has not enough time and a heap of affairs. Quickly I brought myself into an order, and having gently kissed me on farewell, I told that next Saturday will come with Larochkoy local dating newcastle date night restaurants near me site mapMain Page