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Three weeks ago I, Oleg, passed to work of the secretary of the director. Irina Vladimirovna, our head mistress, had the ideas of work of the secretary. As a result, I had to satisfy her professional and bed inquiries. I was involved, and shish kebabs with partners introduced the amendments, having deprived of me head hair. Instead of them there was a tattoo of her pussy at the time of an orgasm now. Hair will grow, but memory will remain. All this was spread with a parichok of the girl of the blonde in the form of a short caret. Still I received "magic" shampoo from which hair grow stronger. Surprisingly, but it so. Of course, it is wrong from the man, but it to be pleasant to me. We will look, what will be farther. The working days went a train. Even the sexual implication of my work caused only habitual feelings. As if it is normal. Actually, behind work I also didn't notice how week flew by. I already gathered home and, with melancholy, thought as I will spend these days off as I was called by Irina Vladimirovna. - You are dismissed. - quietly she told, continuing to dig in papers. Me as on the head knocked. For what? What did I make not so? Already habitual world was suddenly scattered on a part and it was impossible to bring together them back, at least, at first sight. - Irina Vladimirovna, for what? - I asked in depression. To my shame, I didn't want to lose this drug - Irina's vagina. - Everything is simple, Oleg. I need the secretary the girl, and you are a guy. - she answered, continuing to ignore me. The fact that she called me by name very strongly confused. Despite a talk "behind the back", I got used to Olga and even felt some perverted pleasure. - The term of your trial period came to an end and now you are free. - Irina Vladimirovna, so it is necessary to you the girl the secretary? - I didn't control myself and told it with some enthusiasm. She, at last, came off papers and is interested looked at me. - What clever boy. - she noted, smiling. - And if I become a girl for you? - what did I tell? But I couldn't stop. She very attentively looked at me, having absolutely postponed all affairs on which I was so keen until recently. - Well, let's try now. Clothes, you know where, Olenyok. I quickly went to change clothes. I don't know what is with me, but there was no wish to leave Irina at all. The strict suit with a skirt shrank on me not bad. There wasn't enough, of course, bum and a breast, but if to put on a brassiere with filler, I think quite will descend. Considering a female blonde wig in the form of a short caret and working lips, quite to itself, a doll. The main thing, equal legs, and they are. Thank God what at office already practically was nobody. Though what I care for? In such look it is necessary to go every day. She expected me when I entered. On her satisfied smile, I understood what was pleasant. Having twisted on the place, I stiffened, expecting a verdict. Strange, but the male part hid somewhere, and women's waited for compliments in the party. Also I waited. - Never I thought that such gifted and beautiful girls work for us. It is possible to tell, I was lucky. I reddened. The praise was pleasant to me, but I didn't begin to react a verdict to it openly. The director didn't render yet. - Oh, and we also modest. - she noticed. - All right, let's try. Now don't leave anywhere. It is necessary to come around still somewhere. I went beyond a door and began to wait for Irina. As order to take off a suit wasn't, it was necessary to be in what is. In principle, the clothes were convenient. Only a little from below blew, but it is possible to get used to it. I thought. Here I stand in a women's clothing, I wait for the director. If it to be pleasant to her, then it is necessary to walk in this dress always and not the fact that only it. Happen it few weeks ago, I still would think and whether it is necessary to me such work, and now even thoughts mind didn't arise. - What, Olenyok to be pleasant the clothes? - Irina brought me out of thoughts. I didn't know what to answer. - Rather early still. Change clothes so far, and we will bring together you tomorrow. - the foundation was laid also I and itself recognized her domination. The woman in me was happy. Olga liked Irina and having given her a male role, and it occurred for a long time, the woman in me began to become a hostess gradually. Hostess of still male body. Unexpectedly, but I left a suit reluctantly. On the other hand, I understood that not all details on the place. For example, shoes on a heel and panty hoses. The head mistress didn't hurry, observing a free striptease of a body and soul. In the evening the city is lit by fires. Bright advertizing, windows and headlights of cars practically don't leave shadows even at night, especially, in the evening. We went on the city on one of the central streets. Brightly lit show-windows of shops there was especially much here. Near one such we also stopped. Irina left in shop and already in a few minutes appeared in the doorway with a package in hands. It was terribly interesting to me that is there, but I didn't decide to ask. Will want will tell. Irina periodically looked at me. She obviously saw that it is interesting to me. I, of course, knew that there lingerie, but what? Also stopped by in couple of shops. Packages on back seat of the car everything increased, my curiosity grew also. We finished evening walk at my house. It so didn't open today any of packages. I don't know how I will sleep, thinking of what can be inside. It killed even thoughts of the current pussy of Irina. I didn't get enough sleep at all. Phone woke me. Irina in mandative tone told that we have a long day today and I should leave. She will approach soon. I understood that I burn all the boats, but the hand didn't tremble to slam a door when left towards to uncertainty. After all the machismo still was valid and demanded to turn back, but other party of soul was unshakable. With such torments I got to Irina into the car. My expectations at last were executed and any doubts are rejected. I stand houses at Irina and I turn in front of a big mirror, examining the girl who is reflected there. She was me and, at the same time, not me. The skirt, length is slightly lower than a knee, proceeded panty hoses of dark color and came to an end with black shoes on a small heel. From above a skirt the white blouse, a false breast of the second size in a white lacy brassiere added, long white hair and not striking make-up which absolutely hid all my male lines. A little gold jewelry added necessary details. I expected something like that, but not so. - Well, Olenyok, and now in restaurant to celebrate your birthday. I needed only to agree. Time at restaurant passed quickly. Guys tried to look after me even and be I more drunk, I would even be led on it. But Irina rigidly stopped all offers. Seeing that I was already taken decently, she carried me to herself home. I so got into the role that I behaved just as the girl. I with shame thought that the second time in a row to come drunk to Irina and to wake up in her bed, without remembering anything, it is already a system. What will the hostess of the apartment think of me? But alcohol disconnected all centers of self-checking, having left me to go down stream. What I, with pleasure, also did. There came morning, sense of shame for yesterday's and a headache from alcohol. Promising not to drink in general, I rose in a bed. The same, only now I was in a nightgown. Very beautiful, it was pleasant to me. Strange, of what I think. The thought flashed that it is necessary to make toilet. Well or at least to be refreshed after yesterday's. I got up and slowly started wandering in a toilet. In a corridor I came across the hostess of the house. She with some, earlier unnoticed by me, warmth, looked at me and, having drawn the conclusions, led to the bathroom. So gently to me still the back wasn't washed. I stood and didn't move, being afraid to frighten off the moment. But, having put me in relative order, Irina left the room, having provided to me further to deal with everything. Interestingly from where such tenderness? That it is love it wasn't believed, but any tender feeling precisely. Nobility what. And the head after yesterday's doesn't want to join in any way. Having finished water procedures, I left the bathroom as was, in a nightgown. - There is a dressing gown, dress so far. - was heard from kitchen. In the bathroom indeed I hung малиново - a red silk dressing gown. Having put on it, I went to kitchen to apologize. The fact that I got drunk, and Irina already saved me twice, haunted. Right there I remembered familiar taste of her juice and it became good. At this moment I was in ecstasy and is ready to serve the chief eternally. Understanding that I go with foolish expression on a face, I went to kitchen to thank the benefactor. She waited for me. I kneeled and having raised a floor of her dressing gown, touched by lips of a sweet bud of a vagina. Now all this what I wanted. Our kiss dragged on. The hostess didn't hurry to interrupt me, and I enjoyed the moment. When she with a low moan terminated, I drank her sweet juice. And there is nothing opposite in it. Her fingers gently caressed me at this time on the head. Knowledge of where it occurred very much made horney me and I didn't sustain too, soiling a beautiful nightgown with the cum. - Well, all right, will be enough. It is necessary and eat since morning, dear Olen'ka. But at first we should be washed away. - gently, but it is persistent, she lifted me from knees and led to the bathroom to be washed away. For this purpose she made the first it, having shown as as it is necessary to do. - Show how you understood. - she put me on a bidet. Yes, she had also such adaptation. Having satisfied with my execution of this women's ritual, she went to kitchen. The breakfast was easy. Irina spoke about advantage of healthy nutrition, and I understood that I absolutely agree with her in it. Can therefore she, still, looked attractively and is even young. In any case, I wouldn't give her her age. Irina Vladimirovna seriously decided to look after over me. It was shown in everything. From an odergivaniye me when I behaved, according to her, incorrectly before the choice of clothes. Nothing bright and shouting in what she bought me, was. The strict style which isn't deprived of grace and even coquetry. Not striking cosmetics. We spent Sunday together. On the street there was a spring and became warmer already enough to prove to be without heavy jackets and raincoats. Walk on the park, a lunch at restaurant and evening cinema at movie theater. Day was delightful and even the morning constraint from the look quickly passed. It was pleasant to me. Ira, namely so she asked me to call her today, told about herself and the life many interesting stories. As though, we were girlfriends. Even I didn't hesitate to speak also about men as though girls spoke. Apparently, in a male role she didn't perceive me in any way. It appears, recently she liked women more and that secretary Olga whose name she also called me was her last love. She even admitted that I something am similar to her, is more true similar. Ira looked at me with such deep look that I understood that still I didn't know Irina in general. I don't know as it turned out, but we kissed. Lips in lips. It was our first kiss, long and sweet. - If I knew that you so cool kiss, then would make it earlier. - with a smile, she admitted to me. Then we kissed again. Her eyes burned with desire and I was made horney by order. However, people was around, as ill luck would have it, much and the desire it was necessary to hide far away. However, in eyes sparkles sometimes broke, but we behaved further decently. Even didn't begin to come into a toilet. There was a wish for romanticism and full-fledged proximity. And as I wanted it! Somehow imperceptibly, throughout the day I switched to the female essence. No doubts arose. Everything was as it is necessary also I, for the first time for long time, felt happy. Unclear to me women's hypnosis, continued also on Monday when we went to work from Irina. She insisted on it. The work on my image wasn't completed yet, and I should have got used. Here also decided that temporarily I will live at it. And the working days went. Strange, but I perceived vaginal caress as my gift by her, such remarkable. There was one more moment, worthy mentions. We became girlfriends as far as it is possible. It seems that she saw off all the secretaries through it. When suddenly it became clear that they have darlings, lovers or husbands, it terribly enraged Irina. Then scandals followed and all of them left. I was advantageous option. At first Irina used me just as the machine for eyewash and satisfaction, but then accidentally noticed that I am similar to her last love of Olay. Probably, then she also began to look narrowly at me closer. Even a hairstyle, and then and a wig I fastened similar. It only enhanced similarity. My dismissal was cry from the heart and check at the same time. Irina got used that all leave her, and there was a lot of love. Here also I decided to check. I passed a test, and the last days in a female image pulled together us even more. The woman will always be a woman and with she will lack love. So was also Irina. Her way of life didn't allow to pay much attention to men, and the love wanted. And it turned out. But now she had a faithful secretary, the girlfriend and the mistress. So, imperceptibly, but is insuperable I became the loved one to Irina. Everything suited me, her too. Do you ask and how you reconciled to it? You are a man, the male designed to cover females to the right and on the left! That, I am not such. Nevertheless, love in my, lonely before, lives became sharp much. Only for the sake of it I was ready to lead the woman's life. Especially, such as Irina. Weeks followed a week, and from the chief I didn't leave. She didn't release, without trusting the again found happiness, and I didn't want to come back to empty rental housing again. Which, by the way, already was also not. It should look for anew. And it developed. To her honor, it is necessary to tell that Irina decently behaved with me. Only caress in consent though I never also refused. It was pleasant to me to see as this woman in my society blossoms. So passed few months of our union and collaboration. By the way, hair of the industry. The truth they appeared white color. I heard that it happens, but to see most it something. Now I had a smart head of hear of the blonde and it was pleasant to me. As well as Irina. Once she surprised me. - Olechka, darling, I thought here and that we all work and we work. Don't you want to go to have a rest somewhere? she asked somehow in the morning. I only stretched Ira to myself and kissed. Naturally, I wanted to have a rest, and that, as Ira wants it too, I didn't doubt. - And still I have for you a surprise. - crafty she added after a kiss. - Suffer, darling, will be pleasant to you. We gathered and went to work. As always together. Sometimes it seemed to me that I all this time lived only to find her, the girlfriend and the mistress Ira. In Irishkiny eyes I read similar feelings. Is it worth being upset for the sake of it because of such trifle as a female image? At work I found out that Irina organized everything and we needed to work couple of days. And we fly to Turkey, under hot east sun. I asked as I will treat. - Nothing terrible, you will stay my boyfriend. - I was what to answer she and I kissed me. Probably I nevertheless have some chances. Flight and settling in hotel, quite smart number, underwent easily. Shopping and to beaches caused pleasure too. It was the period of some warming of a relationship between Russia and Turkey and after unpleasant sanctions of our tourists there was still a little here. So we bathed in attention local, than and used. Having filled up in shop, we could measure and choose something long. Around Turks went, offered that and it, and we only chose. It was fantastically pleasant. At least, me. I abroad on vacation was for the first time and everything was pleasant to me. To Pokupalis not only Irina of a thing, but also me. Almost all, except necessary now, were female, but I didn't protest. I liked a women's clothing. It was gentle and soft, pleasant on a body and attractive. Considering such help, it is clear why women twist men as want. I wore these clothes with pleasure, why not? - Darling, you remember, I promised you a surprise? - oh yes I remembered. - I want from you the baby. - this surprise, to all surprises surprise. I embraced the favourite Ira and carried away her on a bed. Now I precisely her, all completely. We began with her and my favourite procedure - kuna. I don't understand that in it opposite and humiliating. But now all her body was mine and I dispersed. After her lower sponges nipples followed. I caressed them for the first time too. Under me the desired woman lay and coiled, I I didn't hurry. Let her learn that the man can if loves and I did everything that for this purpose it is necessary. There were also long gentle kisses when we even forgot to breathe. When in I entered the Ira, making her absolutely dependent on me, she already received not one orgasm. But I wanted to serve the main course to her very hot. And at me, apparently, it turned out. I looked as under me my woman receives the deserved orgasm and I rejoiced. That, now our relationship will precisely change. - I love you, Olenyok. - she hardly kept after endured, but found forces to embrace me. In reply I embraced her. Then we long walked in the evening, remembering the pleasant moments. - To me with you it was so good, Olenyok favourite. - she spoke - Only I am afraid that with us will be farther. It seems, I fall in love with you. Just like the girl. - And of what to be afraid? I love you too and I will make everything that you were happy. - I answered. It was not the only time. Nearly an every morning began at us with sex. Proceeded during the lunchtime when the sun especially pekuchy. Also came to an end in the evening before going to bed. It is so much cum how many I merged to Irina in a week, would be enough not for one kindergarten. And it worked. In a month after arrival from solar Turkey, Irina had a delay. Having bought the most expensive test, she right there, having arrived home, I asked me to check her. - Same your baby, I want that you the first learned about it. - after arrival I became again her mistress and the secretary so there was Olay. Having done necessary manipulations, I with a shiver in hands, got a tester. My destiny was decided. I am a parent of the child and the suckretary not capable loved Irina or just to conception. The test indicator surely showed two weeks. Without knowing itself with happiness, I got up and strong embraced my darling. - You are a mother and I love you. - I whispered to her on an ear. Irina reacted. Having embraced me too, we stood and cried as two silly women, but as to us it was good! There passed some more months. Ira's tummy was considerably rounded. Both of us as who are brought, told dithat about the future. What we only didn't do that to it it was good. And beautiful music was put in earphones on a tummy and fairy tales were read for the night, and just a lot of things was told. We believed that children, even in a maternal womb, hear everything and feel. Not to concern once again mother, we decided that Olga will temporarily work for her. Thus, though it is temporary, I became the acting director. I perfectly knew all affairs, how according to documents, and from within. Experience of the foreman didn't get to anywhere. It was amusing to observe how people who, I precisely know come, told anything behind my back, and now are humiliated to receive my signature. But it wasn't simple. I knew where to press. - Olga Evgenyevna (namely so I was called now), and that is possible... or it...? - generally, I got into the role of the director successfully and even stopped couple of swindles which Irina didn't guess. People at first were angry with me, but after I threatened to show documents to someone it is necessary, at once calmed down. I and so helped them, without having told anything to Irina. Now Olga was dear lady. Quite so I also wanted to be. Irina at first checked me calls to me or the subordinates, but then understood that I know that I do. As a result, by new year, our turn grew. Measures which I entered affected. Then, by new year, we expected the most important miracle in the life - Irina gave birth. Probably, affected that I so tried, and the hot Turkish sun can worked, twins - the boy and the girl were born. Having read reports and having calmed down for firm in my sensitive handles, Irina focused on long-awaited children. While Ira had a milk, we lived a year more in such mode. I directed. Now nobody even told a bad word about me, and in a face treated extremely with respect. Generally, the director left me excellent. Ira and specially employed nurse spent the whole day in house efforts. When I came from work, and I took driving test, too joined in this game. The benefit children required so much attention that was enough for three. It seems to me, the nurse guessed that I not at all the woman, but told nothing. When Irina returned to work, I even slightly regretted for it. I liked to order and affairs went well. The clients became more thanks to new advertizing tools. Having listened to everything and having praised for perfectly made work, she appointed me the deputy. Unlike the first position that I occupied in this office, now I really ordered. If Irina Vladimirovna wasn't at office, went to me at once. And began to live. I felt like the woman for 100% and even reacted also. It was pleasant to Irina, as well as me. After all, my Ira was the hidden lesbian, though didn't admit it. But once occurred, what both of us waited for a long time for. We lay in a bed after sex. Sometimes, we after all, had also usual sex. - I love you, my Olen'ka, is more than life. Marry me. I couldn't recover after these words. I waited for them so long ago. Of course, I could say them too, but for some reason considered that Irina has to make it. And here she told it. - Of course, darling. I will be to you both a husband and the wife. Someone you want if only with you. - now I not one or one, don't know as it is correct, but it is all the same. I am happy. In a week the smart black limousine with wedding ribbons approached the REGISTRY OFFICE. The groom and the bride were beautiful and just madly loved each other. They for a second didn't separate a hand, constantly smiling. Looking at this happy couple, it was possible to think that at them it is the first love. To some extent, it and was. In restaurant invited only the, but even such it appeared much. It was necessary to invite many business partners, it is useful for business and both understood it. Doors in, beautifully decorated, the hall opened passing two beauties in the wedding dresses which are with love looking the friend on the friend. Almost all knew our history, but all the same in the banquet room the silence suddenly was established. Then she failed from shouts "bitterly". Two girls selflessly kissed even when finished the account. At last, we opened our lips, bright red from lipstick, and went to guests. We were congratulated by all. Confused nobody that holding hands, there were two brides. We took a walk then cool. And how many toasts were drunk for beautiful women! I sat and was thrilled with pleasure. Darling is near. I didn't even know someone I am her and me all the same was. If only be near. Irina shone with happiness too. I don't know about what she thought, but it was something pleasant. As at a wedding there were even two brides, and the choice with someone to dance, was big. Has to notice that Olga enjoyed popularity too and with her too willingly danced. I even gave one dance to Max, that my deputy in crew. He said that I was lucky, and I agreed. Why not? And to get drunk, by tradition, it didn't turn out. But all the rest was top-level. But all holidays quickly come to an end and the next morning woke us Masha and Oleg's shouts. So called our children. We continued to work. At office our duties mixed up and often subordinates didn't know to someone to run behind permission of a question. Just went to that which will be found the first. I became a mother. It is difficult to believe in it, but we in family had no man. Irina wasn't capable to order at home, and I didn't want. I appreciated homeliness more. And we ceased to have sex in the standard understanding. I began to drink a few hormonal medicines and removed to myself balls. We will have enough children also these. The age, of course, affected, but even so my body was pleasantly rounded and even the first number of a breast grew. And bigger it is also not necessary. Business pleased, affairs turned, children grew. Everything was good as far as it is possible. Soon Masha and Oleg went to school. - Mother Olya, mother Ira, and we at school told the rhyme, we the excellent were given, we got acquainted with neighbors, it is possible for us on the street? Here and we live, without being sorry about anything. local dating in oldham date today formula salesforce site mapMain Page