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They sat in the car on the parking and looked at each other. She was in a blouse with a deep cut, in a skirt to knees, and in the black varnished hairpins. — Well, give, begin, my stallion — Sveta told — you promised to snatch on me and two hours without ceasing to fuck. Begin. Igor hesitated. — Give, take me for hair, incline and force to suck — Light again exactingly I looked at it. — I... эээ..., I don't know — here people around — Igor uncertainly told. — What timid stallion — Light derisively I looked at him — be not afraid the kid, windows tinted, nobody will see your feats except me and her and Sveta ran a forefinger at herself between legs. — Well, the kid, give I to you I will help — Light turned to him, I straightened shoulders and slightly I lowered a little a blouse so that the dark aura around a nipple slightly seemed. — Give, their kiss, they so to you want, even from our very first correspondence — Light stroked a blouse around a breast. Igor gave to her a hand too and wanted to concern, but Sveta sharply straightened out him. — Only language, my stallion — Igor bent and licked Sveta's breast. — Воооот, here so, my sweet — Light I pressed his head to myself stronger, and Igor quickly tickled a tip of language it a breast. Light I lowered a blouse even stronger, and her breast completely seemed. — And now suck it — Igor right there took lips her nipple and began to suck it, squeezing other breast a hand, the second he carefully caressed Sveta on buttocks. — Suck another — she pulled out the nipple at him from a mouth and brought to him another. Igor began to suck loudly him and to smack the lips. Beginning light loudly to breathe I pressed his head to a breast stronger. — Show me the kid — Igor unwillingly released her breast from a mouth and leaned back being going to unzip a chair. — No — Sveta stopped him — give I. She gently stroked the sticking-out knob in his jeans, then skillful movements unzipped and got his standing dick. — Before I only on photos saw him — Sveta gently whispered stroking him finger-tips — and now I will take, at last, him in hand. And she strong squeezed his dick. Igor deeply sighed, he was already overexcited, and was already ready to terminate, but in every way tried to restrain. Light perfectly I saw his state, and I enjoyed him. — Give, take off jeans absolutely, they disturb us — and Igor obediently pulled down from himself jeans, having remained in one undershirt. — My stallion wants to terminate, and bad Sveta doesn't give him, punish Sveta, take her for hair incline and force to suck your dick — she gently whispered and his dick continued to nadrachivat. He took a hand her for hair, but it wasn't necessary to incline her because she fell a mouth to his dick and densely clasped him with sponges and nestled on him language. Her head quickly moved up-down each time taking him more and more deeply. It held with one hand the basis of his dick, and the second hand tickled him balls. Long it was impossible to suffer it, Igor was already ready to terminate, he tried to pull down Sveta from the dick slightly having pulled her for hair, but Sveta took him in a mouth even more deeply, and his dick squeezed stronger, Igor terminated her directly in a throat. He shuddered from an orgasm and strong pressed her head to himself. Light I stood for a moment, having accepted all stream of a cum, and then I swallowed it and the dick language started over again caressing slowly pinching the last droplets of reviver. At last she released his dick and was straightened, her eyes shone, sponges shone, she was happy. She stroked Igor on a cheek, then embraced for a neck and bent to him to kiss. From her smelled of a cum, Igor tried to be discharged of her, but her shining eyes attracted to themselves and he resisted not for long. Their lips adjoined in a passionate kiss, her language got into his mouth and made several back and forth motions. — My whore — and Sveta stroked him on a cheek again, then he stroked her on a cheek too, so they sat caressed each other and smiled. — Everything, now my turn to derive pleasure, went to a grove — Sveta resolutely told and started the car. Igor tried to put on, but Sveta stopped him. — I want to hold you for a dick during driving — she playfully told. They kissed again, the car started, Sveta took it for a dick, and Igor covered him with an undershirt hem. Ana let go it only to start or stop on the traffic light. And on each traffic light they kissed while behind the standing cars didn't begin to beep. And few times Sveta kissed not his lips, but a dick. At last, having reached to a lonely clearing in a grove, they stopped and went out of the car. Light I stretched, and Igor with pleasure considered her, remembering as these brilliant sponges were just sucked his dick, and represented what waits for him further. More definitely I didn't represent. Light I approached it and I pulled together from it an undershirt, having left it absolutely naked. Then I departed from it on several steps and I forced Igor will turn around, to bend, he I approached him, I felt him everything, I touched a breast, I pushed in a press, I snuggled buttocks, I clapped on thighs, I opened to him a mouth and I examined teeth. — A quite good zherebchik, thoroughbred — Sveta approvingly told. — And now let's examine your main advantage — Light took in hand his relaxed dick and discontentedly I fingered him. — Give itself jerk off him that got up — she ordered to Igor and departed from him. Igor began to rub the dick, fingered him, slightly nadrachivat, twirled by him here and there. Light attentively I watched it, each his movement, at first she licked lips, then began to bite them, representing what this dick will do in her. Her nipples bulked up, she wanted to take them fingers, but felt blouse fabric near at hand, she quickly removed her and flung away aside. Igor at last finished reduction of the tool in combat readiness and faced Sveta slightly shaking him here and there. — You have such beautiful dick, I so love him — gently spent Seth on him by finger-tips. She involuntarily licked the lips. — So it was pleasant to me when I had him in hands — Light I squeezed him stronger — and in a mouth — she told and reddened. — Go to me my baby — Igor told and having embraced Sveta attracted to himself, their lips adjoined again, they rubbed tips of languages, and Sveta didn't let go his dick. — You remember, you promised to lick my pussy — Sveta whispered — you promised it to lick two hours in a row without stopping, you remember? — Of course I remember — Igor answered — and I want to make it right now, Sveta sharply pulled his dick down and Igor fell on knees, his face appeared directly opposite to Sveta's pussy. Sveta undertook a hem of the skirt and began to raise slowly her, baring the legs. Igor kissed them obediently following edge of a skirt. — I so like your dick — Sveta whispered again — and you mine? — and she sharply pulled a skirt up, between legs at her the rubber dick hung. Igor recoiled from her, but Sveta sharply hit him with a knee in a breast, tumbled down on a back and took seat to him on a breast, having pressed down his hands the knees. Now Sveta sat at him on a breast, and her dick lay at him on a face. — Was frightened, the baby? — gently she whispered — be not afraid, my dick same as well as your, and will be pleasant he to you also strongly. Light I stroked the dick on Igor's face, he the movement of the head tried to throw off him. — No, it won't be pleasant, dicks it isn't in my line, Igor surely answered. Light with tenderness I looked at it, I slightly opened sponges, and I dripped saliva on Igor's face, and I began to smear her on his face the dick. Igor tried to be turned out, but isn't really strong. — Not to be pleasant, the whore? — with insult Sveta asked. — I am not a whore — Igor shouted — Get down from me! — You aren't a whore? And my obkoncheny language was pleasant to be sucked to you?, and the rubber dick isn't pleasant to be sucked to you suddenly — Light I looked at the evil on Igor — give so, I pay you five-copeck coin for an hour, you suck my dick, you swallow of my saliva, and you pretend that it awesomely is pleasant to you, then I carry you back home and we leave. Can be to next time, and can forever. Goes? To Potrakhatsya with such girl and to receive for it money that can be more best, well I will suck her dick, well he rubber and we are familiar with her only through the Internet on nicknames, all the same nobody learns anything. And the car at her a kruzer, can will allow to drive still. He looked at Sveta, then at her car. — Also you can fuck still me on a cowl — Sveta added — it agrees? — I agree — Igor right there answered. — I don't agree, and it agrees — Sveta corrected him — I agree, vyeb me Sveta, repeat. — I agree, vyeb me Sveta — Igor obediently repeated. Light I got up from it and the dick took two hands. Igor rose too and warmed up numb extremities. — On knees also suck, the whore — Sveta ordered, Igor kneeled, crept up to Sveta and took a head of her dick in a mouth. — Give more deeply — Light the dick more deeply to it stuck into a mouth, Igor tried to take him even more deeply, but at him badly it turned out. Then Sveta took him for the head and itself began to fuck him in a mouth, sticking him on a dick more and more deeply, Igor choked, Svtet was put out by the dick at him from a mouth and he has a fit of coughing. — Absolutely the whore inexperienced, you aren't able to suck — Sveta derisively told and waved with the dick before Igor's nose. That was so touched suddenly by her words that he rushed on her dick and snapped at him. — Yes I best suck, now you will see — and his head rhythmically moved up-down her dick. It took hands it for buttocks and itself began to push her towards to itself, it swallowed her dick more and more deeply, now Igor already began to moan at each movement. Sveta was very much surprised by such speed of Igor, she looked as his head moves, she already almost didn't see the dick, he almost completely swallowed him, saliva the river flowed on her legs, she was very much made horney, now each his groan, each his push as if was given by current in the bottom of her stomach, Igor continued to move without stopping, Sveta felt touch to a leg of his standing dick, and here she moaned, Igor embraced one hand her for a waist, squeezed teeth her dick that he couldn't move at him in a mouth and quickly stuck now with other end directly into Sveta's pussy. Sveta already not just groaned, she screamed after each movement, she looked down and saw that Igor's hand quickly quickly moves where that there below, he jerked off the dick, it was pleasant to him too, at Sveta the head from excitement began to spin. Igor sucked her dick, strong held one hand by a waist, and pushed the second between Sveta's legs, and began to put a finger to her in buttocks, Sveta tried to escape, but it only accelerated penetration into her of his finger, Sveta shook and from the following push she terminated, screamed and leaned hands against Igor's head, they was exhausted, but Igor didn't release her dick from a mouth, he held a finger in her buttocks also nadrachivat the dick mad movements. She bent, opened lips and showed saliva to Igor, that released her dick and opened a mouth, Sveta spat in him and right there felt drops of a hot cum on the legs and saw how Igor's movements fade. She spat to him a mouth once again, Igor swallowed everything and again opened a mouth. Light diligently I collected by a palm cum drops from the legs, I licked her and I bent over Igor's face and I spat to him in a face. Drops began to flow on his face, and flew down in a mouth. Now Igor was satisfied. — Do you such bitch appear — stroking his head Sveta told — and what then broke in the beginning? — I never so tried — is guilty Igor answered — I tried it turned out, very much it was pleasant — and Igor started over again licking her fingers. — The good whore, you will far go — Sveta told — you will fuck me on a cowl? — No, I am not ready to such fast change of roles — Igor answered. — Not then send to the car, buttocks to me you will lick — I told Svetai I pushed Igor towards the car. She sat down on driver's sitting, turned to Igor, put one leg on passenger sitting, the second on the control panel. — Lick give what you watch? — Igor obediently bent to her pussy and began to lick, it was all wet, and very tasty as it seemed to him. — Below, silly, the whore, below — and Sveta pushed him closer to the small hole, and lifted up legs that it was more convenient to him to lick her. Igor carried out by language from her pussy directly to a chocolate hole and began to tickle her quickly quickly. Light I laughed, then he tried to put a tip of the language there, but Sveta pushed away him. — Will be enough, I am afraid of a tickling, dress on me hairpins more better — Sveta slightly kicked Igor towards the hairpins rolling near car. Igor, took them teeth, brought to the car and dressed them on Sveta's legs. — The good whore, quickly you study — Light dug heels in Igor's breast, then I brought one to his face. — Suck heels, suck them — she passionately whispered, her eyes began to shine again, she for some reason started the car. — Now sit down on a sitting edge — she ordered to Igor — here so the whore, and now suck two heels at once, suck, suck, here the clear head — Igor obediently took in a mouth two heels at once and sucked them, holding Sveta for legs. — How you think — Sveta asked — my whore earned the money? Igor quickly began to nod the head. — Yes, I earned — Sveta gently repeated — the whore was obedient, the whore was passionate, the whore was inventive. Igor it is loud again I zachmokat, anticipating fast payment. — But you know that — having sharply become serious, Sveta told — I hate whores. I went!!! And she sharply pushed with Igor's heels directly in the mouth that surprise fell out of the car, and several seconds couldn't recover from sharp pain, and Sveta quickly sat down on sitting, and sharply pulled from the place. Having driven off meters hundred she braked, Igor thought that he she vovzvrashchatsya and smiled to such silly joke, but Sveta slammed a passenger door, and with stalling started further. In two minutes she hid behind the turn. Igor was shocked by the event, just he derived inconceivable pleasure, and now there was left one, in the middle of the wood, without clothes and documents, more precisely from clothes there was only Sveta's blouse rolling in the middle of a glade. He didn't even represent now what to do next. Where he, he didn't know where to go too remembered vaguely because when they went here, Sveta held him for a dick and he looked around not, and on her breast and legs, well on sponges, such brilliant. Kind of it would be good now that they... But they were it is unknown where, and to go to ask the road local it was terrible, could tyknut also a pitchfork just in case. The whole hour he deliberated what to do, but nothing clever came to his mind. At last it was solved, got up and went on hardly noticeable road on which there left Sveta. Hardly it departed from a glade, rumbling of the motor in the distance was heard, Igor ran away after the journey and hid in the forest. He looked forward until the car passes further to go home, but it turned out that it was Sveta's car, he right there jumped out on the road directly before her, and she hardly managed to slow down before him. She went out of the car and he rushed to her in embraced, nestled and began to cry. — Well you are a whore mine, were frightened, huh? — stroking him on the head Sveta whispered — do think I will throw one in the forest such nipple? I just went to change clothes, well and cream for healing of wounds to you to bring, I to you tore a mouth? Oh, that is scratched? Igor answered nothing, only nestled on Sveta stronger and sobbed. — Well will be enough, the baby — spoke Sveta gently — show a mouth, open, let me look. Igor opened a mouth. — And nothing there terrible, slightly potsarapno and everything, drink waters and stop aching — Light gave to Igor a mineral water bottle, he drank and at last calmed down and could consider the come-back Sveta. On her there was a fitting sports suit now, and between legs outlines of her rubber dick distinctly were seen. Igor smiled, and gave a bottle to Sveta. She flung away a bottle aside. — After whores I don't drink! — she spitefully told — че you grin? Only in vain behind cream I went. And Sveta threw a tube with cream in Igor. On a tube it was written Anal lubricant. — Do you want home, the whore? — already again tenderly Sveta asked, stroking outlines of the dick — make horney me. Igor got up before her and the dick started over again nadrachivat, he stretched it, squeezed when he began to strain, tried to touch Sveta's hand. He I pushed away him and I told: — I don't want him more — then Igor put out the tongue at her and how quickly he is able to work with it. — Too not that, think quicker, before dark we won't be in time you will remain to spend the night here — Sveta indifferently told. — Do you want me in buttocks? — Igor asked. — Mmmm..., well I don't know — having smiled Sveta answered. Igor understood everything, he turned a back to Sveta, bent, took her by hand and put to himself on a buttock, Sveta right there began to squeeze her, then she took him for a dick, and pinched, Igor screamed, but continued to twirl by buttocks before Sveta. He nestled buttocks on her dick which was still hidden in sports pants, then was developed, kneelt and and teeth syatnut them from Sveta. Panties on her weren't. And in what female panties it will be located. He concerned language of her eggs and carried out by him to the head, then took it in a mouth. Light I flung away it from myself. — We already passed it, buttocks give work — Light the dick took a hand and on Chala to nadrachivat it. — The kid, you will have callosities — having smiled Igor told — let's grease your kid with medical ointment. Igor squeezed out several drops from a tube to himself on a palm and a little on her dick and began to rub slowly and gently lubricant. — I am itself — Light pushed away it from the dick and itself began to jerk off him. Igor got up on all fours, turned to her the back, and began to rub with lubricant the buttocks. He slowly moved a finger on the depression in the ground, slightly moaned, and wagged buttocks. Light continuously I watched his finger and violently the dick nadrachivat, Igor even thought that it can melt from such speed. He squeezed out one more drop of lubricant to himself on a finger and put him in the hole, Sveta's pupils extended, breath almost stopped, she glazed over looked at a finger. (It is exclusive for eromo.org — seksiteylz.org) Igor tried to put slowly him to himself in buttocks, but Sveta rushed on him. — Take away paws, the whore, this mine — shouted she, seized claws to him a waist and the dick tried to put a srazbega in Igor's buttocks, but at her nothing turned out, he stuck, and only hurt him, she growled and more and stronger stuck to him into buttocks. — Give the kid, give I — her Igor, and at last tenderly tried to persuade, after a series of attempts he caught her for a dick and put to the hole, and right there sighed because Sveta half drove it inside and sharp pushes tried to drive it even more deeply. Now Igor groaned not just to make horney Sveta now to him it was really sore, he narrowed eyes, expecting him so far the violent mistress will play enough with his buttocks, at last she ceased to stick so strongly into him nails, the dick began to slide freely in buttocks, and Igor began to derive pleasure too and to groan voluptuously the nadrachivy dick Light I moved in it and I shouted from pleasure, at last having screamed flat-out I fell to him by a back. — Yes the baby, I adore you, terminate me once again — he said to the mistress, Sveta herself took what the dick and began to jerk off, slowly sticking with the dick to him into buttocks, for several seconds having lagged behind Sveta Igor terminated in the hand which is held up her too. She got down from him, the dick pulled out, they sat down the friend opposite to the friend and kissed, were again rubbed by uvulas. Sveta brought the obkonchany hand to their lips and two of them pinched a cum from her, pushing droplets each other, both sucking round languages of each other and licking lips. Then merged in a long passionate kiss. local dating facebook date calculator using weeks site mapMain Page