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About the past. Artyom. In this city I soon as week in a business trip. Having found out about local "lush" places, I decided to visit one of them. It is noisy, vainly, here many know each other, and I it seems as the newcomer, - look askance at me, but don't disturb. And here, I sit, I glance at sad city bustle outside the window when the guy with the Caucasian lines sat down by me for a table. - Hi. Taskuyesh? - Is a little. And what? – I with interest look at the stranger. Uneasy eyes. Aquiline nose. - I too … Beautifully you look. Just as the girl … - you Will tell too. It seemed to me amusing. - Precisely to you гаварю!? Let's get acquainted! Do you want?. In half an hour, already under шафэ, I suddenly was impatient and I go to a toilet "to cast". And only at "institution" I understand that it behind, for me was coordinated, - I squeezed together, I practically brought, I clamped in a corner at a sink, I soaked up my lips and when felt the answer, sharply I developed and I exposed dog-fashion. Well, well, it happens, I in club for persons with a specific bias. So it isn't surprising that he had also all specifics. I greased with some cream, small fuss and, strong holding for hips, I began to pull on the dick. I only also am in time what to sigh … And further I only accept in myself his powerful pushes, his massive balls beat about my thighs, he surely and impudently seizes me … It was suddenly remembered, from far. Park. Public toilet. Walls are ornamented by genitals and various episodes from sexual human life. Having undone trousers and having got the toy, I begin to caress it. Suddenly the man entered a toilet, - I right there turned away, pretending that I just stopped casting. The man for some reason left, then again came. And here … I became puzzled, I can understand nothing, - this man suddenly dropped to me, intercepted at me from hands my economy. Strange some whisper: "At you is?.", "You don't worry … I only to help …" During the next instant I felt how his hot and moist lips were closed on we wash the dick. Feelings were such strong and unusual that I terminated practically at once. Having swallowed, the man right there left me alone and left a toilet. Having taken breath, the shivering hands I buttoned trousers, cautiously looked out of a toilet, - around, as before, nobody … Same I terminated in me, but not in me, - thanks for condom. All such happy, stretched me a paper towel, but I, having sat down on a toilet bowl, nevertheless I complete that why I came here initially, - I merge "on small". He stands nearby. My all eyes are attracted to the huge drop of his allocated stocks which is hanging down since the end in latex. He stares at my thighs, at the stretched, beautiful, wide elastic band of stockings, at panties in trousers. - Vakh! Listen … I'm right and. You will go with me … It appeared, he stayed at the same hotel, as I, only the floor above. And there, in the number, on a bed, it the fat dick zealously proved the rest of night to me what I for him "the desired girl". He fucked me in all poses: dog-fashion, on a back, having thrown my legs to itself on shoulders … lying, sitting, standing … in front, behind, I gave in a mouth, I whispered any platitudes … And so all three days as if the whole year "starved". Carries out from number in the morning, will meet in the foyer in the evening, reduces in cafe, and then, already at itself in number … it is perfect, as with the woman. Well and, he likes such girls as I, with a surprise. Is wild about an anal … Especially for it I visited local shopping center. And I visited the market. It is always pleasant when something new! And for me also this feeling, – the feeling of novelty is pleasant. All of them are such different: temperament, experience, desires... I go on department, I look after linen, I feel. The woman the seller approached, asked: "Do you as a gift look? To help you?." Further – a pause. I kept silent too. And then she began to tell me what they have … I notice in department of two more, - girls on more young, whether for the present train, whether they don't care, parents feed... Senior asks me: - Tights you don't wish yet?. Here new modelk arrived … look elegantly. Phrase, in general, standard, but for clients of women of this shop, and I … Though, well, this offer tickled to me soul, somehow even it became pleasant. And so, those two "green" maidens, having heard it, giggled, and their senior employee and an eye didn't lead. I suddenly had such feeling that she already guesses that I take myself … And I, - well, and what? Yes, to! And what? I asked to show "on a gleam" as will look "on a body", and I feel itself – cheeks flared … They, of course, can giggle, it is easy to amuse them. But, in general, everything is tolerant. Even this, what is more senior, remained in an adequate when I asked for her permission to measure "grace" … Here, probably, depends, - into someone you will run. Though, - well, I don't know, - what moves them, but some as this, really begin to help me with the choice!. Only, I don't communicate with male sellers, - once was, it sold blouses, well and me it wasn't pleasant how he looked at me. And I don't approach absolutely very young little girls, those too - eyes will round and if only to get rid of what. Type, – rather from eyes down with and from heart of wons!. Even most it is awkward to become. And here all others … At them, salary depends on revenue, and so, - her size quickly grounds, taking away snickers in off-duty hours on some sit-round gathering, and here it is necessary to work, kind of to sell and earn more … And it is necessary for me that there was an image that corresponded that there was a wish for it. And here the big help, is, of course, heels. I decided to take shoes in the market, of course, with fitting, - in others city I have no right for a mistake. And for sellers at me the legend is prepared for a long time, - I have a program, host weddings, anniversaries, parties, well, type, I work as the host, I act in a female image, something like Verka Serdyuchka, here and shoes on a heel were necessary. Their two women. Suggested to put on socklets, but when I was undressed for fitting, I took off a sock, - they saw that I in kapronka … Until measured, two women glanced, but right there hurried to depart. But shop assistants aren't tired to extol me for courage, for the fact that I can sustain all evening on heels, even gave a compliment, - a leg, speak, at you accurate, and that their men have such paws!. They would know as me same evening, in the same shoes and in obnovochka … Of course, not all purchases were successful from the first attempt, but what reserve of adrenaline I acquired, - ooh!. It is possible to tell, I dispersed outright, - my khach was delighted. Even I saw to the station, before it having implored at me for my phone number. - My girl! Good girl! I it is obligatory пазваню for a teba!. – he waved to me in a trace. However, I also didn't hope that he even to remember me, say, in some hour … Somewhere in a month, can slightly more, it nevertheless appeared, - having arrived to us to the city, it rang me, we met, and further … he lived all two weeks at me as at the girlfriend. During this time I learned, - well and, he has in the homeland a wife, but thick. Children grow. Only, after the second childbirth he began "to be lost" in her, and it very much isn't pleasant to him. Somehow on the drunk, for the company, with companions I tried the boy. On feelings, - it was pleasant, but purely to liking, - not really. Well and here he somehow met a trance, the prostitute. The same feelings, and here sank into the soul. Since then he also began to try to discover such … Well, well, I try to correspond, - coming from work, I pereoblachatsya right there, passing into a full image. I and most very much like stylish lingerie, a defiant look … I stand somehow on kitchen, I make for us a dinner. And on me a nice apron, a bustier, openwork panties, a pleated short skirt and stockings, - a look not absolutely economic, but, on myself I know, it so brings men … besides, me is at the moment for someone so to try. He "was drawn" almost imperceptibly, silently stood, took a look, having leaned the elbows a shoulder about a jamb, then put to me a hand on shoulders, turned to himself, - we long look each other in the face. Kiss on the lips. Pressure upon shoulders. And here I already face him on knees, and he … drives the head on my person. I habitually opened a mouth, and his dick thriftily entered there, having widely moved apart my lips. Massive balls hit against a chin... Yes, besides an anal still very much it is pleasant to it I vaflit me, and he does it at any opportunity. I already know that he loves a loud smack. And still, when being kneeling to him and holding his dick in a mouth, I have to lift "plaintively" on him eyes... Somehow, already much later, looking through an animated cartoon about Shrek and having seen such episode with a cat on the screen, I, to be remembered, then for a long time I laughed, having caused bewilderment in people around … And so, - I begin to drive on him lips. It seems, all as always. But here he grasped me by the head and the dick further and further to me in a throat began to push, literally putting on my head a dick. I began to choke, tried to escape. However my khach, strong holding my head, I showed persistence, and I … felt as his dick began to enter to me directly a throat, blocking access of air and спазмируя vocal chords. I began to choke … He left, allowed me to recover the breath, and again directed in my throat. I all reddened, from the made-up eyes began to flow slezki, appear, a little more, and me will turn out. But instead from a throat suddenly the beginnings will be allocated very viscous saliva which, as a result, and helped him to achieve the objectives … I hardly constrained nausea, the throat hurt, from the shortage of air at me began to be turned the head... But, fortunately, it lasted not for long, - I felt as his cum flows down directly to me in a gullet. It released me, and I failed on a floor, trying to recover the breath … He also quietly disappeared, as well as appeared. I went to the bathroom to make toilet. I washed. I cleaned teeth. I rinsed the aching throat a tooth elixir. It wasn't absolutely convenient to me to draw in detail the reddened eyes anew so I was just limited to shadows. I applied on cheeks we are ruddy, I made up lips lipstick. At supper I don't dare to look to him in the face and the voice got hoarse. And, it seems, the offense smothers that he managed with me so, and at the same time … We spoke with him about it the day before, looking through a porn, and all were surprised, - as?. And here and so, in actual fact, "alive" all also occurs!. Pleasant it isn't enough … He helped me with ware, with an apron, brought to the hall, seated to himself on knees and began to zalaskivat, "begging" for forgiveness. Everything came to an end the fact that he exposed me knees on a sofa, I spitted out to me directly in an anus opening, and then the dick in a condom thrust in me and I began to fuck. He did it quite roughly and saliva as lubricant, so-so, so here - feelings not the most pleasant. However, I was accustomed … nevertheless not for the first time … and we had a condom especially for such sex … I, even, began to derive certain pleasure. But we, eventually, moved to the bedroom. Having thrown on a bed, he sat down to me on a breast and again gave in a mouth. The bedroom was filled with sweet and trite sounds of a smack. Here I saw to it that he didn't reach my throat any more, - it is simple, intercepted a trunk a palm, and all... Minutes five he so fucked me in a mouth, then laid down, having pressed into a bed all the weight, and entered in a missionary pose, - I crossed legs behind his back. With loud champing as if choking with lubricant which he nevertheless "remembered", my hole began to accept in itself his firm and fat dick. The bed began to creak in a step to his pushes, I began to make the low groaning sounds. It tore up me, and couldn't terminate everything in any way … I already and visited four points, and on one side … - Artyomchik (so I called the khach who isn't able to utter his real name), darling, cum, cum!. – begging, I groaned. Eventually, we dumped a blanket on a floor and already there, again a crustacean … is so much more rigid, more penetrating. Moreover and without condom that to it it was felt more better … I lowered!. We spent the rest of night together in a light sleep, - his hip between my legs, a hand on a waist … I praised myself in the morning for the fact that guessed to enclose laying and in general that I dressed panties, - the zatrakhany buttocks didn't hold any more, in a night there was all wet, it was necessary to be washed away again. Without getting up, he with interest watches how I gather for work, - as I put on panty hoses, atop one more panties, but already elastic, in обтяг. Besides – a prokladochka. Then a short silk shirt instead of an undershirt, and only then newly the ironed shirt, a suit. Face control, amendment to a hairstyle, toilet water … It got up. Naked. I saw to a door and here suddenly I gave out: - Э!. Here it is necessary to me … You know and!. It is necessary to go … I asked to return from work a bit earlier. All morning I passed as if "lowered", all thought of myself, of it, of us … At this moment I was sure that I any more never will allow even to touch to nobody the buttocks. Mentally I swore to itself to break up with men and forever to stop the women's adventures. I for some reason then felt deceived and thrown, and this feeling was aggravated also with the fact that after last deep blowjob at me the voice "was gone" … However, it also became an occasion of my early going away from work, - I asked for leave after a lunch, having referred to an indisposition … He came home, and already all – "on suitcases". Sat down on a path. I to him gestures, - as to me it was good with him, what a pity, that so quickly everything ended. He to me in reply, – bla bla bla and, well, but at him I put, and so on. In front of my eyes slezki also welled up. He embraced, and then, kind of, at parting … When behind him the door slammed, I literally sobbed violently in the crumpled bed. I, for some reason, was sure that it already everything that "more than a kina won't be"!. And he it is valid - I was gone. You calls, neither messages, nor even letters. In total! There is no person. In soul the offense crept in again. Really I am so bad and isn't beautiful. Really … I went in cycles in female things, again steeped in a subject. And even I began to accept hormones again. I packs swallowed earlier of contraceptive tablets, and now it was succeeded to buy an estradiol forte, верошпирон … Having come home, I try to change clothes right there in women's. Then foundation, powder, blush, carefully led round eyes, shadows, lipstick. Still I apply wigs though I and the hair have industries enough. And is farther on mood and depends on weather, - now I often go out for a walk in the evenings in image. May, as always, was very cold. On me a new jacket, a skirt, shoe boots, a hat, without telling already about all intimate, - with skillfully executed make-up, quite taken place image. Only the voice spoils all look. How many I don't train, and all in any way!. Though you cry!. So, I am made up, dressed. In a handbag lipstick, powder, the passport. I approached to the door, I look in a peephole - nobody. In the yard too nobody, only through an entrance something is briskly discussed by two grandmas. In principle, a day exit if you "the woman with experience", isn't more dangerous night. Especially, I almost like in "tank", - from below a scarf am wound so that I can hide a face to a nose there. I go on the yard. There is a guy at the car, darts at me a glance, but in a moment as it usually and happens, takes him aside. It is all about own attitude towards ourselves, in own "cockroaches". The main thing, - confidence and restraint. It isn't necessary to jump aside, considering that you too are in the public eye that your "defects" in image to someone there too are evident. It is necessary to understand that your "such" behavior as "dashing aside" and will cause suspicion … I went outside from the yard, - five minutes, flight normal!. It is a little passersby, I from anybody didn't receive special attention. Only at shop some maiden through чур long stares to me in a trace, in any case longer and more fixedly than the others. Whether I understood something, whether she was interested in my dress - don't know. Yes at department store from the car I am undressed a look by men. On the way back almost closely by me there passed a man before a retirement age. And though a nose would lead and!. In meters of thirty, in a niche between buildings I notice one more man celebrating need. On the one hand, it seems, and well, that it is busy, and with another … What he is a freak!. And!. At the lady … and such affairs … I run in an entrance and, literally face to face, I face the neighbor in an entrance, - it is good though not on the platform! I bypass him with a side, I run in the elevator and … I rise by two floors above. And, it seems, ridiculously, most, and, at the same time, in soul such lump … I reduced stress toys. It, of course, already especially individually, but to me, for example, after such walks, there is a devilish wish for male caress. At this moment I am ready, practically, for all … After this case I gave up image for some time though before I had a certain temptation to plunge into it finally. Even I ceased to accept hormones … And here - summer. That for a party I was, - I don't remember. Simply, I paid attention to the developing conflict. High, thin, with big strong hands, - having drunk too much, this guy talks some nonsense, well and I decide to interfere, help him, - I take away out of harm's way. I took home, and there … he suddenly opened the heart. It appeared, he has a heap of claims to women as to very mercantile beings. He "wants to insert so to someone from them!", but at the same time" … they are all bitches!. So far you will try to persuade". Well, I have heard plenty. Well and as, between other, I asked: - And give I to you I will jerk off. Do you want? - You that, moron? Blue, perhaps? - puzzly I asked Pasch. - Well, - I answered, indifferently. - And what for a trick then?. - Simply, I offered … - I didn't understand … - Listen!. If you don't want, so you and tell!. And that … - I in turn flared up. - He wants to insert to someone here … Ached-ached to me the whole hour here … You take out a brain … Eventually, I suggested to help, and you … right there on popyatny. Isn't necessary, perhaps? Can't you?. - Wow!. Damn!. And well, try. (Well, where here without great Russian?) - That?. - Well, you what?. Bitch!. I didn't make you talk … I not safely drew near, stroked him on a knee, on a hip. I undertook a lightning of a ziper. Fell out. Peeled off, is more dark than all body, slightly bulked up … I slipped on knees, I shipped this miracle in the mouth … entirely, then I began to lick a head, at the same time podrachivy a trunk a hand. - Oho, even so!. The dick recovered. I began to gain strength. Having let out him from a mouth, I began to jerk off very quickly to him. - To be stunned!. He at you such bent! - I whispered, taking breath. Pasha had a dick, really, is a little bent, but his size explained all. It was the real men's elda! - Well, give, suck still! - Pasha moaned. - And you can me you ch-poknt? – being thrilled in caress of this miracle, I said. The pasha moved, trying to look to me into face. And then … - Take off trousers! – shortly he ordered. I lowered trousers. The pause after which suddenly was distributed in perfect surprise hanged: - Well, dick to!. You what, women's you carry?. - And you that? Minds?. – licking lips, leaning back, I said. - I like to stay, sometimes, for the girl … - Yes here, it seems as, and not sometimes … You in their now … as in the!. - Did you notice it?. As everything is successful, isn't that so... Did you want to the woman will insert?. And here - on you!. - Well you … Whore!. Having taken off completely trousers and a shirt, I approached Pasha, sat down to him on hips and … tastefully kissed on a mouth. - And you want?. That I became for you such … - What?. - Well, you told … Whore. Well, or … How there still?. The pasha dipped the hand to me between thighs. And, having swallowed, I told: - Whore!. Whore you!. I dropped to his breast. - Pasch!. Vyeb me already!. And?. He got rid of me from the knees, forced to lean the elbows on a table. - Damn!. You have a bum … gorgeous here, - Pasha told and with all the dope I slapped me on buttocks. - Well - at … Fool!. Painfully, - I with insult stretched, sticking out a bum stronger. - And you aren't afraid that it will be even more sore? The pasha wetted with saliva a finger and tried to put it to me in an anus. I frowned … Then he put a dickhead and slightly pressed. - Pasch!. Wait! Let's get used, - I because his dick, really, was too fat for my buttocks cried. And can already and I weaned … Провозившись so some time, I, at last, gave up and asked: - Pasch!. Well, you … it … At you nothing is valid isn't present?. Vaseline, there … or that else?. Was!. In a first-aid kit, vaseline oil. In the same place I found also the disposable syringe by means of which I injected into myself through an anal of this smazochka. Barely, but he squeezed. However, the anus quickly got used to the size, and already I ask him: - Oh!. Thrust to me him … On the balls thrust!. The pasha became constant visitor, furiously exhausting under the root. - Yes … Yes … Yes!. Fuck me!. About - about - about - oh!. My God! As it is good!. A-aa!. A-aaaaa!. M-m-mmm! A-aa!. Fuck me … Fuck!. I am yours … Your whore!. - I shouted while Pasha furiously scribbled in me, and I made upward movement to him as the most real eblivy whore. He planted to me "bull" very deeply. I, even as his big balls hit against my ball sack, felt. And here, suddenly … The pasha having taken out. I was developed. He placed me on a table, lifted up, put my legs, himself on shoulders and, to a descent, set again. The pasha, really, got on me with such rage as the last whore. It Razukharitsya so that I am only surprised everything from where what undertook. Mad speed... - Ah-y … Pashenka!. Oh, My God!. At-at-ooh!. Ooh!. Ooh!. Ooh!. Well!. Only don't stop!. And - and - ah!. Ooh!. Ooh!. Ooh!. State-pas-di-ii!. Not in the first, of course, but not always it occurs … especially so, from the first … I, without touching the dick, I get an anal orgasm. My cum follows on a stomach... - With - with - the bitch! I … now … too … Concha! – suddenly Pasha shouted. – Уф … уф … уф … Ukh-h-hm-mmmm … Damn!. And - ah-hm-m-mu-uy-yyyyy … - it began to be puffed up. And here I feel how absolutely the hardened dick suddenly slid it in me … yes so easily … here, literally, from the head to a root. - Bitch!. As it is good!. - I squeezed out Pashk, having been out of breath. - Such gorgeous hole at you!. I released. Being clamped, I run away to the bathroom. Well, and there, having given the back behind a bathtub fillet, soap I wash the next fall. It was wiped. I put on panties, I tightened tights, I drew aside the t-shirt covering me to a hip. - Did you from where so learn to wail that?. Something I lamented all road there, еб so far … I zardetsya. - Here, that-what, and it I didn't expect from you. Test back!. So now without offenses … well if what suddenly … it wants … Give, we will drink, perhaps?. For a new, so to speak, relationship … We drank. Now his hand, one, another, or heavy freight hangs on my shoulders, a waist embraces, on a knee or a hip slides … Soon, I feel, again began to become wet. Softly, but persistently I slipped out from under his hand and I ran away into the bathroom. Now I climbed completely and I washed long, on new comprehending the event. And when returned to the new boyfriend … The pasha slept, at a table, having put the daredevil on the hands. Well and I, without wishing to disturb him, I left him a note, and then quietly I left back home. Almost all summer I was taken with it, meeting nearly an every day, the benefit he lives in the quarter, next to me. And, it seems, tender, attentive to talk was about what, only … It constantly had to be "worn out" on itself. And what something would happen "on the present", so also it was necessary to podpaivat. So he silent, it seems as timid, sometimes - to horror. He and on blowjob could not always be tempted. But once he crooked the elbow, so already - an eagle!. It was a pity for me for him. I didn't want to accustom to drinking him. On myself I know, what is it … Generally, it isn't surprising that besides him I had also other communications, - I met one, other man. It was interesting to me what will be my new partner as he will behave with me whether I will be able to satisfy him in a bed. Now I wasn't afraid to be given any more to the man as knew as far as it is pleasant. More likely, on the contrary, at that time I was ready to hold up the buttocks to any someone was ready to enter it... I already remembered about the meeting with that khach as about not a lump an iridescent episode in the life as suddenly … He appeared, at the end of summer. I approach the house, and he in the front garden sits … Alerted: hi – hi. We rise to me. He helped me to undress. And I something fuss, I collect on a table. And suddenly, he the lapishcha and along all my back. Well, I to him … Well on cheeks I didn't nadavat. Type – you what, all forgot? Out of an image, any such … I you not there, and you me not here … and in general, it isn't necessary to me the here … Where did vanish so much time?. Could call at least?. It appears, in Moscow his proshmonal then phone was gone. Then, here, to it work turned up, well and … that yes сё … it twirled, but I remembered … always that there is here such … What?. And here such - the girl … And here I again in image. We embrace, we caress each other hands. Everything, as for the first time … Then he laid down on a back, I climbed on him from above – 6 on 9, we caress each other lips. I get acquainted with his phallus again, - warm, smooth, similar to carrot!. Yes, thick!. But loses in Pashke's length … And, nevertheless, he awfully is pleasant to me! I suck to him … He pays more and more attention to my anus, - language will walk, fingers. And it is so surprisingly pleasant … so disturbingly... And, above all – he, all … I lay on one side when he was attached behind, - turned in to me a leg, with an easy resistance entered into me the. I don't know, whether he entered me in a different way, whether new lubricant, whether because so affected that he was without condom, - there was everything, almost, spontaneously, - but pain from penetration was much weaker, than I expected. I felt how he slowly slides in me all deeper and deeper … I nestled all over. And suddenly I began to kiss me everything as if knew that and it is necessary. And then … I unambiguously felt like her in his embraces. He loved, satisfied and was satisfied itself … I had no doubt in it … with each his movement it only became stronger and stronger and brighter and brighter … - the Good fellow, the maid! Buttocks – a peach, listen!. I lie on a bed prone with widely scattered legs, and from my rastrakhanny, wide hole his dense, odorous cum follows. Buttocks, legs and a back too in cum drops. And here, it is unexpected for itself, I understood that I test something similar for pride that I could satisfy this strong, handsome man. I run to the bathroom, and there … Long I look at myself in a mirror, - cheeks burn, heart knocks, on thighs flows down … Well? And what?. You are a maid?. Received a portion in herself?. After a shower I dressed a new set: бюстик with porolonovy cups, tango panties, an elastic belt, stockings. Well as without them? It seems to me that from everything that on me, stockings and are the most clockwork … And still I put on a silk shirt. And only after that I went to him to bed. Some horrors dreamed. I went somewhere … ran … then the building, it is a lot of doors, and I don't know in what to me … then strong wind, a grotto … snakes … creep around one tries to bite me, but I slapped her on the head and she right there lagged behind … then, I as if in a trap … but me is so sweet in her … I am punched by a fever … then me becomes suddenly intolerable hot … I woke up from the fact that I am fucked again. This is Artyomchik!. Most likely, he had a morning strut, here he also tries to extinguish it in me … And me what?. I what, minds perhaps?. To catch in itself the next portion of a spicy cum?. So this happiness what … After three-four changes of positions, he suddenly calmed down. On his face it is visible that he is satisfied with the event. I lowered … and besides - in me … Looks to me in the face, kisses on the lips. Having carried out by a palm on the person, reports that he was going to go to have a rest on the sea and that he would be happy if I keep him the company … I am shocked!. Still nobody offered it to me?. It is simply improbable!. I won't describe how I managed to implore at the administration for two week-long extraordinary holiday on account of the basic, but I managed … We lived in the country practically at the seashore. After all - the end of a season, to the people is already not a lot of, with places and with housing – without pressure. We bought me a bathing suit with a short skirt, something else, - a dress stripped vest, shorts, short skirts, indicators. Walked, however, so, with my image, first, only in the evenings … but on arrival "home" … Every day he tirelessly "tore up" me as the, and, eventually, even he believed that I am a woman and is. Moreover, before the departure, I even began to come to the beach purely in a female look. Somehow, walking on the embankment, he carried away me in an eucalyptus grove, having thievishly looked round, forced me to the knees and fucked in a mouth, having plentifully terminated in a throat … We came back from the South already as the created couple. I didn't hesitate of him, he didn't avoid me though people continually stared at us. But, one business when you no someone knows, and absolutely another - when you are watched by the eyes knowing you from the childhood. We rented apartment in other district of the city. To me began to reach longer work, it was necessary to get up earlier, but … it became much simpler with an exit in image "on people", even on shops and shopping centers. Earlier, being going to get something new, I terribly worried, left to the neighboring area and, after long "walks by", often and came back with anything. It is very difficult to buy something from women's, being in a men's image, especially something from "top". And here, - already late fall, on glove hands, around the "inflamed" throat the scarf is wound. It is possible to specify, of course, by gestures that I look for what there is a wish for, but it is necessary to tell all the same something. I learned to do a make-up which doesn't give me. In any case, not so obviously. And here voice … Not for you tint it, you won't hide behind clothes. As a rule, all this is very difficult for perception of the ordinary unprepared person. But I found a way out, - in image I speak only in a voice floor, it is so easier to give high-pitch tones and hearing to people doesn't cut" … I come on a market, to the people it is a lot of, are pushed, someone behind, for certain, stares, and I all such – Dolci Gabana!. Once you become interested in some thing, right there: "Look! There are such, and here such … stand so much". And, if I communicate with the seller, then, is sure, they are surprised by my voice, - however, absolutely any negative manifestations in my address. All sellers with pleasure help me to choose something from what they have. So I had a beautiful white pukhovichok with a black edge, recently here bought boots. I go in broad daylight, nobody stays without turning a hair! Somehow I chose a dress, and the seller I promised that I will be just "doll", but not to deceive me, I see that. Didn't approach. But I all the same took a jacket and a scarf from that woman. You won't believe, but a year ago I couldn't imagine at all that I will be able to walk here and so, easily, on malls and to buy everything that will want, in general without nervousness!. One is bad, spring, summer soon, and I hardly such courageous will be. Though, there is desire to continue. Well and if to work over the pass properly, to train a voice, to perfect dynamics and to develop skills of communication, then it can quite work. Now I go among people … not often, but nevertheless … In the morning, having convinced that he sleeps, I went to a shower. But, when I left, he, smiling, faced me in a corridor, - his fat, sinewy dick stood a stake too. "Here unruly", - I thought. This time he drove me into the corner, having raised one leg, entered me. Then I picked up other leg and I began to fuck on weight. Then, having left on the dick, it carried me to a bed, lowered on her and, having put in half, having almost thrown me legs for the head, began to have deeply. I only quietly gasped, stroking his hairy legs and a back. He cumed violently, with a force pressing me into a bed... And still, our women, it is such people!. Here is to our men, - it is all the same. And these at once prosekl, - and the fact that at me, on arrival from the South, are thinly removed, eyebrow podshchipana that the person became more smooth, hands are well-groomed and that in passes of gestures became brighter also yavny to be looked through affectation "notes". Soon, from their giving, at work for me the rank of "blue" accurately took roots. Well and, it became more difficult to me to communicate with our men, but women practically ceased to hesitate of me. And what, in the business, all the same they, on general belief, out of my attention. For example, they could spread out easily on we wash a table the new things and to discuss openly what from all this is more fashionable and as it will look if to put on it with that yes in such occasion … Well, only thanks to them I was aware of all trends of "modern fashion". In the evening we had just mad sex. From our bedroom indecent sounds are distributed, - Artyom rightfully, minutes ten, and maybe longer, sticks me on the stake, strong holding for buttocks on weight. I hold his bull neck, - my legs helplessly dangle in air. Under a plaintive scratch a bed, without paying attention to my groans, it deeply and powerfully does me to the … Our strange "family" life goes on. He is engaged in some affairs unknown to me, sometimes leaves for several days, leaving me money for economy and other. The main thing, coming from the mysterious business trips, he steadily attacked on me with passion of the yearned male. Somehow, after long absence, he fucked me, with breaks for short rest and food, the whole day, having terminated in me five times or six... From more or less regular intake of hormonal medicines I issued accurate chest swellings, became heavy, hips were rounded. In any case, all my skirts became me in обтяг. My skin became really smooth, a body – a little friable. I completely passed to lingerie. Artyom liked these changes, it said: - You at me just the beauty and! Neither monthly nor what … even the head doesn't hurt!. As you want - take and, the child all the same won't be!. And here I asked him: - And you would like that I incurred from you? Well, that became pregnant … I, for example, would only be happy if it occurred … He then answered nothing to me. And by New year … I was gone again. local dating app hyderabad date today hebrew calendar site mapMain Page