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There was the real winter. Snow lay in polmetra, the easy frost, the people hangs out, pink cheeks at children and girls. Carriages with mothers stirring nearby. Suddenly a snowball in a back. — How many years... An unexpected easy kiss in lips. Joyful face of the familiar beauty. To anticipate all questions, I gave out in cheerfully-telegrafnom style: — Frigid, but I am married, I gave birth to the girl, received the apartment, the husband in the sea, milk was gone, help, I tried everything, told that on the nervous soil. — I run behind collective-farm milk, the neighbor occupied turn, come, we will talk. The first ee a word guarded, probably, the hubby "compared" the Nordic regal beauty to the southern lighter and delivered her "diagnosis". The family cracks on seams, milk was gone and in general... * * * She was very beautiful the person, but to the child had terribly complex about a breast (I am "board"), but now the door was opened by just astounding beauty. Thin graceful lips, bright blue eyes. The dressing gown designates at least the 2nd size. The long promising French kiss with a breast. — Though close a door... Again kissing. * * * — You it seems well decant as I knew — with a smile began a conversation in kitchen. — Your blessed unless didn't decant? — You want, I will tell you a joke: The seaman comes from the sea. Calls to the apartment. The jockstrap with hands, wet from milk, opens a door. — You someone? What here do you do? — I decant milk to your wife. — I went! I will make everything! Night. Sex at crew personnel the most long in the world: I inserted, I took out, I terminated, three hours in a faint. The wife awakes it: — It is time to decant, the last feeding. There pass three days. Husband: — It is what-to penal servitude, any dream! Any rest! Cause stsezhivatelya, let it and fucks and decants, an I will go to the ship, I will sleep off and I will have a rest... * * * — Brought east medicine? — I began to take off a dressing gown, just magnificent dropped out it is white — dairy boobies with beautiful "horned" nipples and pink circles around them. — The grandma a dancer was... — I began to bend coquettishly a body, having lowered eyelashes and shaking boobs. — The smell will be, include an extract. Sit down opposite to me. I lit a candle and I began to do a fascine of wormwood stalks. Probably, yet never I experienced such sexual nervousness. Beautiful dark long with ryzhinkoy slightly curling hair, kartinno a white face with thin bright lips as on the Japanese engraving. It lowered eyelashes and became so sexually attractive that pulsed all my body. — I will look for points — I will touch you (though in it there was no need at all) — All right. She straightened a back and the breast rose. — Look for — she smiled — You are a sorcerer, don't hesitate! — You have hot hands. It is pleasant to me. You are the real psychic. Then I became silent, I covered eyes and I began to shake a body slightly. — To you it isn't cold? — I burn, especially in boobies — I answered slowly and somehow otstranenno. Most began also at me... It became difficult to breathe. Heart began to fade, to accelerate. Means, it is strong zakonturilsya Ee of companies was slightly opened, breath became faltering. — Take for a breast and hold. — Kiss me. I want. — Ne so, an is strong. You are able... Ee of a hand without interrupting a kiss, already pulled out my shirt from trousers, hot slightly sticky breast rubbed firm nipples of o my body. Phone rang out. — Went to the room! I approached phone on a table at a sofa - beds of an and I showed gesture that approached closer. — It is your blessed, I told. It from area nedokazanno mystical: If the wife enters a strong contact relationship (not necessarily sex, there can be just mutual interest), even the husband who is most babbling in the world - a male it is capable to feel it and to allow o to itself nobility or arrive to the most critical moment. I took a tube. — Wait minute. I will look at the daughter. I was taken for a hand, taken away on a sofa - a bed, laid with the lowered a little trousers, she quickly sat down on me astride, rose and inserted into a vagina the pining dick long ago. I put my hands on the boobies, I made several "control" movements a basin, I took a tube. The horney voice of the husband in a telephone tube admitted to it and the child love, sent passionate kisses and as always, so by terrible force I was jealous and threatened. — Never I admitted — I whispered and at the same time I licked to me in an ear. Mummy as the talented actress, was in an image of the most faithful wife, all in tears, swore love to the spouse, kissed him on a tube and is at the same time careful, but so taste, moved down and ran into my standing dick. Made horney need to do it silently and slowly terribly ee. Deification of love and family happiness! — I thought. No it is visible, her it was a little, without interrupting a conversation, I bent down and I sent a nipple to me to a mouth. Smiling, having covered a tube with a hand, I whispered: — Suck! This such decantation. — Warm milk of mummy excited. The second nipple "came". And so in turn. The dick bulked up and was ready to be cast out in damp warmth, it strongly squeezed it, took in strongly compressed state a little, and it "cooled down". The telephone conversation of o of love and devotion continued. — I descend on kitchen, I want some ice cream — sounded in a conversation. She put a tube in a blanket. I ran on kitchen to the refrigerator, I brought an eskimo. Then I lifted a tube and I began to lick and suck ice cream and at the same time to lick cold language my rising dick. — Eskimo! — she answered in a tube — helps from frigidity. Sounds of blowjob were skillfully disguised under ice cream and she made horney "an iron strut" again. The conversation came to an end together with ice cream. Final hot kisses in a telephone tube... also will pass. Again telephone call. Lepshaya girlfriend. The banquet against frigidity continued. I got up on all fours, I raised a bottom, little and deep pushes directly in a uterus followed. Sometimes even the uterus slightly "prisasyvala" a head, and mummy slightly sighed on what, it is visible ee the interlocutor a question reacted. — Yes I have a massager, here the breast is developed that milk went. Again there came the period of "slow and silent sex under a telephone conversation". I for strengthening of a slow high implanted into ee buttocks the big licked finger. She from surprise stopped, but then continued movements. Still time made the movement, like "was mistaken a hole". She covered a tube with a hand. — Cream on a table. Densely the dick covered and I began to mass an anus a finger, fat from cream, then two. She stiffened in expectation. I bent down popochku. I began to drive a head of the dick around an anus. The attempt of "breaking" didn't take place... Again massage already three fingers. The point was warmed, she already most wanted therefore that sharply I tore off a conversation: — Oh soup. I forgot. Poka-poka. I made a helpless gesture buttocks. — Give, I want! The head passed, the trunk and the easy end of introduction went hardly. The dick took out. The anus pulsed. I though time in life have to terminate! Add cream! Fuck! Further the movement began to accelerate. Ee shook from excitement and, at last, the cum shot and both terminated. * * * I was already going to leave, was already late. — A is weak to warm up my boobs that there was a milk? Then, having touched a breast, joyfully I exclaimed: — Already went! * * * local dates java date button html css site mapMain Page