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I got over on a sofa and pretended that I dozed off, they continued to talk lovely, told jokes, guys told tall tales. Olga laughed with all the heart. Ivan was very cheerful and sociable guy. Sergey paid attention that I sleep, something whispered Ivana on an ear. - Igor go bitterns with us - he told, I pretended that I don't hear and I sleep. - your hubby baked, can carry him home?, he turned to Olga. - isn't present let sleeps if now to wake him, then then he long won't fall asleep - she knew that she said, after all there are so much years of living together. - truth our guest very beautiful?, Sergey asked Ivan - the goddess, very beautiful, was lucky Igor - Ivan answered - what you conceived, it isn't necessary, Igor here, - Olga despite hop tried to stop him. - Wan tell that you would like now if Olga would be your girlfriend? - having cunning smiled Sergey asked - You will tell too, she has a husband, but in general that she very much it to be pleasant to me I would like to have such beautiful wife. - get up - I didn't tell, and Sergey ordered to Olga - Сереж it isn't necessary, not now - his Olga tried to persuade - children that you conceived, I something don't drive - Ivan was surprised nevertheless Olga rose from a chair and left because of a table. now she stood to will of my legs therefore through the slightly opened eyes I could see her a little. Really he wants to fuck her at my presence? And she really she will agree, no photos will be necessary if I unintentionally wake up. Everything will open without them. - you see what beautiful guest at us, - it is drunk Sergey told - And show to Vanka the darling that at you under a short skirt - Seryozha I ask it isn't necessary - his Olga tried to stop, but on a voice it was visible that she was broken - I didn't understand, you will contradict me - he obviously got into a part of the host of the whore. Olga slowly lowered hands and lifted a hem of the skirt, having opened the delights on display. her head was hung and she didn't see either reactions of men or that I see it or not. - how to you, such foreshortening? - Sergey asked Ivan - great, what gladenky, very beautiful pussy. Only I won't understand as you managed to try to persuade her? - tell someone you are? - Sergey addressed my wife - I am your whore on all holiday - Olya quietly spoke - boys the husband here, it isn't necessary, I will make everything only not now, not here. - well, then he let sleeps here, and we will go to you. But I do it not because you ask. You will have to perform one task now. - what task? - approach Ivan and take his dick in a mouth, suck also well as to me. And I descend so far I will open your apartment. Also I will prepare which - that. You will suck so far I won't come. And remove everything, the clothes aren't necessary to the whore. I didn't see what she did, but on a clothes rustle I understood that she removes a topic and a skirt now. - go to me, - I heard Ivan's voice Then the door opened and closed and in the room it became very silent, I tried to represent a posapyvaniye. But I distinctly heard chmokivayushchy sounds. Olga caressed the member Ivana. She was the real whore someone could think day ago that my wife will execute all orders of this male and to do it with such pleasure. But here the door opened and Sergey entered - I see that you don't waste time, the good fellow. How does she to you Wan, well suck? - to be stunned, such beautiful woman and such whore. Swallows on the balls. I want to fuck her. - not here. we promised, especially she executed everything as it is necessary. - boys. went already. - I heard Olga's voice - we go, I prepared everything. Don't take clothes let will remain here. Then you will take away, you will go naked here not far. I told clothes to the whore isn't necessary. - he was obviously happy with the power over my wife I slapped a door and I remained to lie one on a sofa. I slowly got up, being afraid that they can return behind something. I looked out in a window, everything was silent. on a floor the skirt and a topic of my wife and Ivan's shorts lay. Probably he went naked too, I thought. I carefully came to a terrace and approached our window, in the room two desk lamps which light was directed to a bed burned. Near lamps in the field there was a switched-on video camera. I stood in a shadow but to me everything was well visible and heard (the window in the room was open, the conditioner didn't work). The fact that I saw me shook. On a bed Ivan lay, having stretched legs and his dick my wife sucked (it is visible to him blowjob was pleasant and he decided to continue). He had not such big dick as at Sergey, about 16-17 cm, but he was very thick and all in streaks. Olya very much tried when took him in a mouth, he was hardly located at her in a mouth. Sergey took Olga behind meanwhile entering her at all length of the mighty dick. My Olya was fucked as the last whore, at the same time two guys and her it was pleasant as her groan was heard in the yard of our house and it didn't confuse her at all. She was on top of the world from pleasure. her groans only Ivanov muffled a dick which was at her in a mouth all the time. Then they traded places. Ivan inserted into her the dick and he managed it hardly in spite of the fact that there Sergey's dick visited. Olya even bit a lip, it was visible that to her it is a little painful. Sergey took the working cam from a table meanwhile and began to remove as Ivan fucks my wife. He I put close ups, I departed back, I removed largely Olga's face and during shooting I asked her different questions all the time - what do you want? - fuck me, I want more and more - you someone? - I тоя whore, laying - will you do everything that I will tell? - yes. yes. yes He approached her face. She needed to speak nothing, she waited for it long ago. Olya with greed took his dick in a mouth and began to caress him, at the same time all the time tried to look to him in eyes and to smile, he filmed all this. She was the real sexy slave of the strict owner now. Ivan published uterine roar and began to cum, and he cumed that in my wife, he also didn't think to take out the dick. Olga was so keen, caressing the dick of the owner that didn't pay any attention to it. But here and Sergey a camp strained also began to cum in a mouth to Olga that he already did a few hours ago. This time Olya didn't utter any drop, having greedy swallowed everything and having licked a dick several times. In her eyes it was read, I want more and more I was very horney, watching this picture. My dick left my trousers for a long time and stuck out as a stake. My hand cajoled him quicker and quicker. Meanwhile in the room the break was, it seems, announced. Sergey had a rest in a chair, Ivan leaned back on a bed. My dear wife sat on a floor, she was obviously not satisfied and wanted still, in difference from them she didn't cum, despite all their efforts (the drunk wine is visible had an effect). She was horney and wanted more and more. Having kneelt and having bent a back she spread to a chair on which Sergey sat. - it is possible I will take him in a mouth - with hope she asked. - only don't hurry, we have even all night ahead. Yours that probably till the morning Sergey took not to be spent on drink - for hair my wife and attracted to the fallen-down dick. - he when is drunk can oversleep till a lunch - Olya answered and having taken a dick in a mouth began to caress him a uvula, to soak up in itself, rolling in a mouth (that and Olya was able to do blowjob). It proceeded minutes five then Sergey got up and without releasing a dick from a mouth of my wife moved to a bed and laid down near Ivan. - And that Vanka started missing, well work and with his dick - Sergey told It wasn't necessary to ask Olga two times, she without letting out the member Sergey from a mouth, the member Ivana took a hand and I began to jerk off him a hand. then having released one she, I took in a mouth another poddrachivy a hand the dick of the second. Thus she periodically took in a mouth from two guys. - sit down on him, the whore - Sergey told. Olga as though only also I waited for this invitation quickly having climbed up Seregu, she sent his big and such desired dick to herself. The groan escaped from her breast. It began to move very actively on it accelerating and accelerating the movements. Ivan bypassed it behind meanwhile, took for shoulders and inclined forward. I understood at once what he conceived. Now my wife will be had in both holes at once. Anal sex wasn't pleasant to Olga, and we very seldom practiced it. In total we had three times for all our living together when I entered her buttocks. Ivan moistened with the saliva meanwhile tried to implant him into her buttocks, but as he had very fat dick at him nothing it turned out. The buttocks refused to accept such monster in itself. - moisten it with the saliva, - Ivan without being too soft on these words I inserted it to it into a mouth. It plentifully moistened his dick with the saliva. - to me it will be sore, I don't love so - his Olga tried to dissuade. Ivan spat the fingers, and entered one finger to Olga into buttocks. She probably didn't even notice it. continuing to move on Sergey. Then he entered two and at once three fingers. Olga stopped, tried to turn, but Ivan by force pressed her head to Sergey's breast and she stood, obediently expecting continuation. He took out fingers and a camp to enter a dick into a bottom. Though he also prepared it a little, but all the same at once he didn't manage to enter again - to me it is painful, please it isn't necessary, - Olga squeezed lips and began to cry - now it will be good - and with these words as me it seemed to him it was succeeded to enter her. Her shout was heard probably on other end of the city. She began to sob in a voice. Е й it was very sore. He seemed I tore her everything to the priest. But gradually he began to move slowly and her groan became more silent and more silent. It seemed to me that she fainted, but in a minute I heard as she began to groan as usually groans when to her it is very good. Zadvigalsya and Sergey under her. now their movements became synchronous and I heard: - yes. yes, still, still. I want - Olga groaned, she was ready to terminate. In a moment she all was curved and cried splashing out from itself all which that energy her these males saturated. But they continued to hollow her, and Olga groaned so that I thought that now it will be difficult for me to bring her to an orgasm. She terminated two more times before Ivan having begun to wheeze began to cum her in buttocks and almost also Sergey was at the same time discharged. They fell weakened on a bed. Olga lay facing a window, I saw also clearly as she cried, tears flowed from her eyes a hail. She sobbed, but couldn't move either a hand or a leg. It were happiness tears. Such I never saw her. So proceeded even minutes five then Sergey began to pack the things. - my clothes remained with you, - Olga said in low tones, - it is necessary to take away - tomorrow you will take away - and they went to an exit. list of dating apps by number of users dated and related episode 1 site mapMain Page