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The invitation was accepted, the masquerade will take place 31 numbers I laid a table and at 9 in the evening as agreed on a threshold of my apartment the man appeared. - Zhenya-was represented he - Shura I suggested him to take a bath before new year so to speak by old tradition. He with pleasure agreed and went to a bathtub. While he took a shower I quickly guided a make-up, put on white stockings on a wide elastic band, lacy thongs, the favourite snow-white bra with silicone inserts well and of course the blonde Ved's wig on today's masquerade I assigned myself the Snow Maiden's part. Over all this I threw with the blue dressing gown of the Snow Maiden which is in advance bought in shop in department a masquerade. While he washed I gradually having slightly opened a door pulled out all his things removed them in a case and having settled down on a sofa in the room before a holiday table began to expect him. From a bathtub there was quite strong man with the strong tired-out hands with press balls on a stomach But the most important that me it with small centimeters 20 in length most of all attracted but quite thick not less than 5-6 centimeters in the diameter the dick. With big expanded eyes my guest looked at me probably deliberating how to behave further, but I defused this tensions having approached him and having thrown with a dressing gown of Father Frost his naked body - We agreed with you that today there will be a night of a masquerade Sat down at a table, having a little drunk having seen off old year were located on a sofa having turned on the TV. Suddenly a little unexpectedly but it is so expected Zhenya embraced me and began to kiss and caress me the hands on a back to .yagoditsa and to legs at the same time kissing my neck and lobes of ears It was incredibly pleasant. From all his actions I just floated. 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After death Zhenya sat down on a sofa.а I and faced him dog-fashion with the smashed widely opened hole from which the cum .kotory I followed wiping a hand sent to itself to a mouth. Satisfied and tired we sat down on a sofa both having a little more drunk and having had a rest continued begun. Now I took an initiative in hand. I laid down on a back on a bed as much as possible having spread legs what it would be convenient to Zhenka to enter me. Already more frostily but still tenderly and gently he entered me. I having stretched hands in the parties I looked to him in eyes in which there were sparkles of happiness and satisfaction. At this time he fucked me measuredly without some frenzy at the same time strongly squeezing my boobies. I don't know as, but we terminated again having at the same time given at the same time mutual pleasure. As it is pleasant when the real man has you but not some there toys from a sex shop having A little had a rest, took a shower, then sat at a table having drunk a little. And here morning came on January 1. When parting we strong embraced, kissed and agreed that we will meet old new year together It was pleasant to someone write on mail [email protected] libra man traits dating date calculator in google sheets site mapMain Page