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The bean already practically lifted up meanwhile a dress on Cindi and caressed her open pussy. Other visitors expressly ignored us. Of course, in other situation we would be brought out of an institution for a long time, and considering age of our girls, here already there would be police. But when we - the only thing that costs between billions of people and alien creatures wishing to turn Earth into a huge buffet, the situation dictated the relation. A lot of things were allowed to the military personnel of assault space forces - so far everything was by mutual consent. But don't give the universe to apply violence in relation to someone except the opponent! Will carry to the one someone will hit directly hands of a firing platoon, but won't get to the former companions in the beginning. Nevertheless, about decencies I after all had some concept, and I suggested to move to more suitable place. Nobody objected, and we, having said goodbye to the waiter, left bar and went to a lobby of hotel. The beautiful brunette sitting at a rack, with sensual lips having hardly seen us, right there I pressed the negotiation button: - Danny, contact the secretary of senator Kelly, and tell that the president luxury will be released tomorrow morning, and today to him number of category "platinum" will be prepared. When we reached a rack, she already stretched us two magnetic cards, and waved away from the stretched credit card. - Have a rest, misters, our hotel gives you this number. Necessary you will find all there, but if something else is required - with these words she expressively looked at us and got up because of a rack, having shown a perfect figure under the fitting uniform dress - call directly me, we will try to satisfy any your wishes! Having appeared in number, Cindi right there included the musical program on the holovision, and Bob opened bar with impressive gallery of the drinks which weren't conceding to the luxury card of safety belts bars. We drank, and I, without hesitating of anybody any more, Christie between legs got, and Bob, having quickly got rid of a uniform, took Cindi by hand and led to the bathroom. Plath Christie contracted in a thin strip, I kissed her nipples and caressed the wet pussy, she moaned and caressed me on the head. Bathroom doors dispersed, and naked Bob with naked Cindi on hands, left, and went to a huge bed. We with Christie went to the bathroom. A massage shower, a jacuzzi, fragrances, Christie kneeled and took my dick which hardly there was located in a mouth: I took Christie on hands and left with her the bathroom. Cindi lay with the raised legs on a back on a huge bed, and Bob, standing nearby, with enthusiasm fucked her. I put the girl near her little sister who turned the head, and girls kissed. I raised Christie's legs, and the dick began to enter into her pussy as felt that I rested against some barrier. - Hey, Bob, they that, virgins? - Mine fifteen as isn't present minutes, yours now too will cease! - Bob gogotnut. I looked at Christie in eyes. - Tear me, the soldier! - she whispered and closed eyes. I got up courage and made sharp advance, having felt as the barrier is torn. Christie screamed, and right there clasped me with legs, having nestled on me, and merged in a kiss with Cindi. I pulled out a dick, it was all in blood, and Christie didn't keep that being twisted from pain. Bob stretched me a tube with ointment, I began to rub it to my girl in the pussy, and less than in a minute Christie didn't screw up the face any more, and joyfully smiled. We put our girls on backs the heads to each other so that it was convenient to them to kiss among themselves and to caress each other nipples, and lifted and made a helpless gesture of their leg, and began to fuck them, deeply entering their pussies. I felt how the head of my dick strikes in a small opening of a uterus which under blows becomes a little wider. Girls already just sucked the friend to the friend. I felt that the cum is already ready to strike from my dick. - Well, Twisted, give at the same time? You are ready? - I nodded. - Three, two, one - went! I began to take out, but here Christie clasped me with legs and with a force pressed to herself, Cindi made the same with Bob. I felt as the head of my dick nestled on a uterus opening, and the cum began to stream directly there. The vagina of the girl pulsed, squeezing out of me the seed remains. The bean opposite to me stood blindly and published something like delightful growl. We, at last, pulled out from them the hung dicks, and girls at the same time, as if on command, lifted up highly up legs. One idea came to my mind, I approached the handbag thrown on a table, and opened her. Indeed! In a handbag two torn packings from O-tablets lay. An O-tablet, or as it was called still, "anti-contraceptive" - the medicine which is causing an ovulation even in "safe" days, and almost guaranteeing pregnancy approach. - Well, cheats, decided to fly from us? - cheerfully I asked girls. - Of course, not to miss such chance! - enough Christie answered - all school on hands will carry us when learn that we are pregnant from space attack planes! Little girls everything in general will die of envy! Will you write to us that it you inseminated us? - with hope I asked Christie, I jumped on legs, I brought from a handbag a felt-tip pen with indelible ink and I held up a tummy. I sighed, and drew at Christie on a stomach an asterisk, the identification number and undersigned. then I gave a felt-tip pen to Bob who made the same with Cindi's tummy. Girls began to squeal from delight, and right there began to discuss what topics him now to carry that inscriptions were visible constantly. - Ooh, rather at us a tum would appear, and that won't believe that you inseminated us, but not just fucked - Cindi sighed. We with Bob exchanged glances. Of course, be we ordinary people, problems would have to the own harm much now. Claims on keeping of children, trials... But those someone served in space assault parts were exempted from a duty to support the illegitimate children, and all providing undertook the state - and providing very generous, without speaking about any bonuses put to mothers of the children born from space attack planes. And in general, it would be silly to count on the claim to the one someone after the following storm, most likely, will become the dust disseminated through the Solar System... - We will exchange, Twisted? - Bob asked, glancing at Christie. Too it was interesting to me to taste Cindi, but here girls opposed. - No, I have to be sure that I am pregnant from you, and that will be decided to be checked suddenly for DNA - efficiently I explained to Bob Cindi - we will make the test and when we know that we are already pregnant - then fuck any of us. We with Bob exchanged glances again. By then asterisks on stomachs at our girls for certain will be already led round by a black border, but to what was to spoil him mood now. Apparently, Christie felt that she told something not that. He I stretched to Bob's dick a mouth, having set up me the pussy, but here Cindi stopped her and laid down under her "jack". Now my dick appeared in the pussy Christie, in Cindi's mouth, and the dick Boba, respectively, in Christie's mouth, in the pussy Cindi. I decided to try Cindi in a different way. Having told girls to kneel and expose pussies, I approached Cindi, and I began to grease her second hole. As soon as my finger touched an opening, Cindi scaredly squealed: - You want me: there? - with a shiver in a voice she asked. - I want you, and time is impossible there, it is necessary here Cindi transferred a view from me of Christie, but to buttocks of that Bob already tried, the girl had the same scared expression as at her girlfriend, and Cindi understood that she should solve. - It will be pleasant to you? - at last she asked - Still as! - I answered. A bean, having grinned, I nodded - Then have us as you want! - resolutely I told Cindi, and, having curved a back, I exposed the daddy. Christie, after minute fluctuation, followed her example. I greased Cindi's daddy, and implanted a finger there. The girl scaredly moved and instinctively was slightly removed, but at once got up courage, and began to move slowly towards to a finger. Having slightly developed her opening, I added lubricant, the dick put to an entrance, and pressed. Cindi moved, and began to move towards. Directly before me Bob in the same way opened the daddy Christie. From eyes of the girl tears flowed, she sobbed, but wasn't discharged, and gradually passed in herself the dick Boba further and further. I didn't see a look of Cindi, but heard also her crying, and felt how, having stood for several seconds after the next advance of my dick in her buttocks, she tries to promote to him towards again. I heard shrill shout of Christie and saw that the dick Boba already completely disappeared in her buttocks. I seized Cindi by hips and one push I overcame the remained site too, having heard as Cindi cried from pain. Some time we so stood with the dicks shipped in buttocks of girls. Girls couldn't hold back tears, but at the same time is proud smiled. - Did you like our buttocks? - with hope I asked Christie - It was more best, than we expected! - enough Bob answered. I nodded, having clapped Cindi on buttocks. We pulled out dicks from girls, and greased with him buttocks ointment. Him obviously it became more best, and now they smiled already enough. We with Bob exchanged again, and before me there was Christie again. - Do you want mine the daddy? - coquettishly the girl asked - No, until is enough her - I answered, having decided that she already tested enough, and the dick shipped in the pussy Christie, in reply that began at once me to make upward movement. Bob in the same way began to fuck Cindi in her pussy. At last both of us terminated, having driven dicks to a limit in pussies of our girls which as soon as our devastated dicks left minks, were highly raised legs lying on a back with. Here Bob's communicator recovered. - Hey, Nick, where devils carry you? - Bob responded to the highlighted number of our gunner - Both Paul and Sven with you? Move to us, we have a president luxury in Ekselior and super little girls who will have girlfriends... What? You with the? Give, we wait! To be continued legit dating apps in usa date ideas lexington ky site mapMain Page