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I will begin a little from it is far, small background. We with Ksenia are married 2 years, about 3 years she the sexy blonde met a beautiful breast buttocks and a face before, and for a long time carried away me in a subject of group sex and betrayal of the wife. She at first was minds, then like, but was afraid. When we got married, in a year, during sex, we dreamed on this exciting subject again. I whispered to her on an ear as would like to stand behind a door and to listen to the scratches of a bed and groans reaching from our bedroom she said to me that her lover will fuck her and when they want, they will let me in the bedroom to them, to lick her perineum from the lover's cum. During sex it wildly made horney and we as always wildly cumed and further continued to dream anew as she sleeps with the chief or her friends whenever possible use her buttocks. antazii-imaginations, but once after sex, my wife told me that she is ready. I couldn't believe the ears. When she presented with a fait accompli, I felt already a few other feelings. Mix of jealousy, excitement, property. As a result it became clear that at work she has a colleague, our age which states unambiguous courtesies in her party. She to him had no feelings, but he made horney her as the man and she admitted to me that she wishes to spend with him night, under a condition, of course, that I will give the consent. And I gave him, of course, with a counter condition, but it is another story. On it the conversation was ended, and there were no explanations when it is, and so forth. Literally in 2 weeks, they had an office party, and to me came from sms: "Do you remember our conversation? ;) We go to a sauna, I will be late". I tested burning mix of jealousy and excitement and squeezed out from myself in sms only two letters: "OK". Until she arrived, I couldn't fall asleep, many times jerked off and cumed on her panties zakinuty in washing, representing as her colleague whom I didn't even see has her now. She came at daybreak, more precisely she was taken by car. When she came into the apartment, gave smacking kiss to me in a cheek and at once went to a shower, I went to the bedroom, having left a shower she in some fresh panties approached me, and having removed a strip pink a string, began to be stuck on my dick. And here us broke through, I filled up her with questions as had her and that she tested whether she will also continue to fuck. She answered me all questions with great passion. Here the restored picture of that evening spent with her lover. We began to note at office, and Sergey (so called the lover) kept me at once the friendly company when already fairly file everything, someone suggested to go to a sauna and to continue fun, Sergey asked me: Whether "I will go?", on what I, without thinking, in the affirmative nodded, then I also wrote to you it is sms. Already in a sauna, Sergey came to me while I changed clothes in one of guest rooms, and began to kiss to me a neck, at that time from clothes on me there were some lacy panties, I reciprocated, so we moved to a vertical pose to a couch. Panties appeared on a floor, and his dick in condom. I was on so much wet that he slipped in me without friction, and in a passion rush I lay under him having spread legs, kissing and suppressing groans what other colleagues wouldn't understand that we fuck. When he terminated, we just exchanged views, he removed condom, threw for a sofa, we tied sheets and left to the others. Nobody noticed anything. More that evening nothing was, to the house she was given a ride by the acquaintance from work. While I listened to her story and streamed a seed in her uterus, demanded what now Sergey would fuck it at me. She began with him closer communication on the Internet and told all our imaginations, and that she laid down under him only because of me, but it was pleasant to her and she doesn't want to stop. As a result she invited him to us home. When he came, everything began a little unnaturally, we sat, drank wines, began to speak on abstract subjects, but I began to try to catch his eyes, they were directed to legs of my wife who was in a short dressing gown which hardly covered her buttocks and when she bent her transparent openwork thongs were visible. Then I suggested Ksyushe to show to Sergey our apartment, and itself went to shop behind wine, I understood that they will begin everything without me and it will be so simpler. I returned to the apartment in about 25 minutes, and saw that the door to our bedroom was closed, I approached and pulled the handle, she was locked on a latch and behind a door the measured scratch of a bed and exciting groans of my wife was heard. My dick was poured by blood, and in 5 minutes the bedroom left sweaty naked Sergey, and without a word went to the bathroom, and I came into the bedroom, and saw the dressing gowns and openwork panties of my wife lying on a floor and her lying on a bed with the moved apart legs, the swelled sponges from a vagina the cum plentifully followed. I laid down between her moved apart legs and began to pinch remnants of love and brought it to an orgasm soon. It fast threw with a dressing gown and ran to the bathroom in which Sergey already washed, and I remained with the thoughts on a bed. In a few minutes I decided to look what at them occurs, and having opened a door to the bathroom, saw Sergey and the kneeling Ksyusha who with love sucked round his dick. Having heard that the door to the bathroom is open, my wife asked me to wait I a little outside. All our imaginations were turned into reality, I had a dick again. I went back to the bedroom, Ksyusha soon returned, I laid down on a bed, embraced me and fell asleep, and her colleague soon came, laid down from her storonya and too fell asleep. At night in the sleep I felt pushes and understood that my wife lies again having spread legs and serves the lover. In the morning, having woken up from a scratch of a bed and groans of the wife I saw how Ksyusha is kneeling having rested the head against a pillow, and Sergey fucks her in buttocks holding her hands zalomanny behind the back, I began to masturbate looking at it, soon he terminated, at once began to put on, the wife went to see off him. At parting in the hall he kissed it on a mouth, softly slapped in buttocks and left, and I attacked on her and fucked her slippery buttocks on a cum of her lover. So far more it didn't repeat, she just goes from time to time to the male he fucks her, and then Ksyusha brings me in the panties gifts. kpop dating games date ideas zagreb site mapMain Page