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Having remained one, I slowly, came into the apartment, was closed and began to consider what to begin with. However, I waited about an hour so far parents didn't call on mobile and didn't tell that they already in the train and drove off from the station. Then I stripped to the skin and came into the bedroom of parents. I opened a case and the first that was evident that all things were spread out absolutely to other shelves, than it was earlier. I decided that things are shifted after general washing and more this question didn't bother. I began to watch where now that. Was least of all prophetic on the shelf which was directly opposite to me. There the brassieres which are spread out by a row, tights, panties, a short skirt and a transparent blouse, all things lay were absolutely new. I before them didn't see and with surprise considered. I decided to try on. I began with panties. They were made of some quite elastic material and when I put on them that my dick was completely pressed, and having corrected him a little an impression was made back that he is absent at all. Then the turn of a brassiere came. It was lacy with the supporting stones. When I put on it, with surprise saw that he was my size. My breast completely filled brassiere cups. When I tried on Sveta's brassieres, I had to regulate them and to enclose soft fabric in cups, Now the brassiere was completely my size. I was surprised to it a little, but was in such horney state that long I didn't think of it. I at first decided not to put on tights as they were in new packing, but at that moment poorly thinking about consequences, I after all accurately opened packing and put on tights. The tender touch of nylon strengthened my excitement even more, and the dick began to be poured. However new panties didn't let him to be straightened. Why to Sveta such panties - I thought. Then I decided that I don't know much of female life and their lotions - probably, are for some reason necessary. I got a short skirt and a blouse which lay on a shelf nearby, and too I began to dress them. Again I was surprised that everything was my size. The short skirt was a little flared, and a blouse transparent, and through her the brassiere which is put on on me was distinctly looked through. When I approached a mirror and saw myself, frankly admired. Everything sat on me as own, and the translucent blouse through which the brassiere was distinctly visible delighted me at all. More I couldn't restrain - lowered a little panty hoses with panties and began to jerk off frenziedly. It didn't take a lot of time, I terminated practically at once as several times I distorted a skin back and forth. Excitement receded a little, and I decided to continue survey of a case. I opened a door and I looked round. Everything was as always, except for one dress in peas which hung separately from all and which I never saw earlier. I got him and began to consider. It was a print dress with a cut on a breast, flared from a belt, short sleeves small lamps. The dress girded with a small corbel. I madly wanted to measure him. I took off a short skirt and a blouse and began to put on a dress. Clothing came to the end successfully, and here fastening of a lock on a back took a lot of time. However everything sometime comes to an end. Also my torture with a lock ended. I don't know for someone Sveta bought this dress, but it fitted me just. Even the bodice of a dress was by the size of my breast in a brassiere. And as the brassiere and a bodice of a dress squeezed a little and raised my breast, through a low neck the depression in the ground between boobies, as at the real girl was visible. It was something! Having twisted a little more in front of the mirror, I saw that I lack footwear on a heel and a make-up. I touched all footwear what Sveta had, and with disappointment understood that her shoes won't suit me, too small. And here I remembered that in the storeroom there were some mother's things. I opened the storeroom and in an old suitcase I found her sandals. Mother was more Sveta, and I hoped that they will suit me. Of course, they weren't new, but had by the size. The heel was average height. For want of habit I at first couldn't step also a step. Then gradually, step by step I hardly mastered a circulation sacrament on heels. I think that from outside it would seem ridiculous. But I was at home one and seemed to myself the person who made a feat. But when I stopped in front of the mirror, saw that I became really similar to the young and slender girl, it is much more, than without heels. All my bearing changed. Further time to do a make-up came. I didn't hurry as knew that the father with Sveta will return only in three days, and during this time I will be able to make toilet again. I went to a dressing table in front of the mirror where all Svetina cosmetics was stored. However I saw that practically most likely I took away all cosmetics of Light with myself. I became puzzled, but having attentively looked at a table suddenly saw at the corner a new cosmetics bag which here wasn't earlier. In any case, I didn't see it. Without any hope for success I took it in hand and opened. The cosmetics bag was full cosmetics, both lipstick, and shadows, and ink, and is ruddy, and creams, and powder. Having got everything in turn, I saw that all cosmetics was absolutely new. Of course, I shouldn't have used it as Sveta will notice it at once. But excitement was stronger than reason, and I made up as a smog: I applied lipstick on lips, I tinted eyelashes and eyelids, it was powdered and slightly I applied blush. Yes from my boyish I remained nothing, in the room there was a very young nice little girl. And I understood that I with this little girl will spend at least two days. All two days I jerked off on her and in front of the mirror and on a bed. What only a pose I didn't accept. But day came to an end, and it was necessary to go to bed. However I didn't want to destroy this fairy tale, or at least to prolong it as long as possible. I decided to sort at first a bed, and then to undress. However what I saw on a bed when unveiled, threw me in small shock. There accurately folded maiden night dress lay. How did it come to be here? I thought a little and gradually began to remember, as a brassiere and panties, both a short skirt, and a blouse, and a dress everything was my size. Me прошиб cold sweat: all this was MINE, it was bought for me! I thought that Sveta didn't notice my whims with her linen, and she saw everything, understood everything and now bought for me all this! I understood why washing and measurement of my sizes was started. I remembered its crafty at farewell "I think, it won't be boring for it". And she put a night dress to me on a bed because she was sure that I try on all this and the night dress will be logical continuation of my metamorphoses. I didn't doubt seconds, as the night dress will be to me by the size. The fact that all this was started by Sveta brought me, and I as the obedient girl undressed and put on a night dress. It was flannel in a floret, and so pleasantly caressed a body that I fell asleep practically at once. In the morning I woke up and at once I remembered yesterday. However nothing else at that moment I thought, to me desperately pinched eyes. I ran to the bathroom and saw that I didn't wash away cosmetics yesterday, and it she was so pinched. I began to rub strenuously eyes, but cosmetics turned out resistant, and I had to spend a lot of time somehow to wash it. The similar situation was also with lipstick. Having had breakfast to me, it became a little a shame not with what I did yesterday, and for what Sveta will be able to learn that I did these days. I resolved to spread out everything in the places and not to touch these things any more. However, having looked at them, I understood that it will be rather difficult to make it - things had a worn appearance. I spread out an ironing board and carefully ironed out everything, accurately put in a case. Most of all I was worn out with panty hoses, but it wasn't succeeded to fold them as they were put, me. Then I just hid them in the room, and Sveta if asks, then I will tell her that I know nothing. As soon as I finished, phone called. I took the call. It my friend Yurka called. - Hi! What do you do? - Yes so anything. - We from Romkaya were going to the small river, you will go with us? - Of course - I was delighted. I am brisk and Romka were my best friends. They lived in one house and on one platform in two houses from my house. korean dating show exes dateline angels and demons site mapMain Page