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I will begin with the fact that I have a young, beautiful wife whom I love very much (she is 26 years old, growth 178, weight 62, with a beautiful breast of the 3rd size, appetizing buttocks, and the gentle, always shaved pizdyonka). And so, we arrived with the wife recently from Turkey where there was one case. As soon as we arrived to hotel, next day the wife dragged me in the Turkish bath to prepare skin for suntan (there do a peeling of all body). The bath was directly in our hotel and visitors, except us wasn't there. We were hospitably met by bathhouse attendants (male Turks), all explained what needs to be done and we went to change clothes. When we changed clothes, I suddenly very much wanted to kiss the wife that I also began to do, but soon interrupted us, having called at first in a usual sweating room where to us suggested to get warm minutes 10. Having come into a sweating room and having decayed on shelves I noticed that the wife in eyes had devilish a spark, and the finger began to stroke accurately a shchyolochka through panties (obviously affected actions of a kiss and our embraces wives at me it is very quickly made horney). Ten minutes passed quickly, the door suddenly opened and on a threshold there was a bathhouse attendant, the wife even didn't manage to take away a finger (which by the way already was under panties). The bathhouse attendant of course saw all this, but showed no sign, and called to the Turkish hall. There to the wife suggested to remove the top part of a bathing suit that she both made at once and began to wash us. We lay with her nearby, I was washed by one bathhouse attendant of her soaps another. In about 5 — 10 minutes her bathhouse attendant when reached her buttocks suggested her to remove swimming trunks. She interrogatively looked at me — I approvingly nodded, the bathhouse attendant having seen it, itself smoothly pulled together from her panties and threw them in the same corner where her bra lay. The mixed feelings shrouded me — on the one hand devoured jealousy, on the other hand captured wild excitement — my naked, defenseless wife was devoured by two pairs of eyes, pair of someone's hands rumpled buttocks of my wife and when she turned over-surveyed her breasts, and then having slightly spread legs properly walked on inside of hips, purposely and not purposely touching a chink of my wife. When I looked at this moment at the face of my wife — I understood — she is wildly horney (the face was red, I breathed very often). Here to me declared that I am already washed and that I can go to have tea (it absolutely in other room). I left in wild excitement from that thought that my naked wife there, on a table with two Turks. The wife left approximately in about 20 minutes. I without having allowed her to drink tea I dragged her in a pereodevalka where having thrown off from her a towel I inserted the dick into her pizdyonka, and at once I understood what my wife was engaged there — instead of a sweet and gentle pizdyonka there was a smashed hole, and my dick dangled as a pencil in a glass, but, strangely enough I terminated as never in life I cumed. To the sun I began to tell nothing to the and when left a bath, one of bathhouse attendants approached us and suggested my wife to resemble different massages. I told that we will think. Having come to number we protrakhatsya till the evening, and for the morning I sent her for massage, and itself remained to wait in number! korean dating reality tv shows 2022 artsy date ideas nyc site mapMain Page