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And so in the first part of the fourth story, I told about how me Inna advised me to get spare cash, to begin to sleep with the chief who coveted me more than once, but I because of the absence of the pussy didn't give him. And here, next day I came to work in a short short skirt, brightly made up, undid the top button on a blouse, and even removed the panties, terribly risking that the dick will drop out at the wrong time. Since morning I made myself coffee, and being online on vkontakte I drank it when the chief came. — Good morning, Yulenka — the boss — Good morning, Sergey Nikolaevich greeted — I answered, having raised on him eyes, and having adjusted glasses which I bought specially to work with small minus though with sight never of problems was, but they were more necessary that they didn't recognize me former once again. — Yulya, make to me coffee, and bring, please, incoming documents. — Well, Sergey Nikolaevich — I told, getting up and correcting the short skirt. While coffee prepared, I pulled the thongs, the dick in them accurately filled, corrected a make-up and put on glasses. At last coffee was ready, and I, having approached the chief's office with a tray on which newspapers and letters lay and also coffee stood nearby, I knocked at a door. — You come, Yulya, I was already tired of waiting for you — the chief answered. — You know, Sergey Nikolaevich, I when filled to myself coffee accidentally scattered the rest in the morning, and it was necessary to run to buy a new pack for the money, and the ATM was far — I impudently lied, having lowered a look down. — I hope you forgive me my carelessness? — Well, but be accurater. Sit down I should dictate to you the letter to our partner — he told and I began to have coffee, opening envelopes with letters. I began to take dictation the letter, having thrown in a feminine way a leg for a leg, and this ladies' man began to caress my legs. I defiantly pretended that I notice nothing, but in the bottom of a stomach began to ache not childly. It is a little more and I was ready for it to climb — my buttocks demanded a dick. But it wasn't necessary to wait thank God long Having stopped dictating, he went to a case with documents, began to look for something and I having a little relaxed leaned back on a chair back. The chief having seen that I am a little relaxed, I approached behind, I put hands to me on shoulders and I began to mass slightly. I languished and began to relish. Then he lowered hands to me on a breast under a brassiere and began to rumple it. My nipples strained at once. I then undid a blouse and began to remove her, he to me bent, he turned me to himself the person, lifted from a chair and began to kiss on the lips. I in a feminine way (don't understand an instinct from where I undertook, I never was with men) twisted it with hands answered it a kiss and began to undo his trousers. Having undone them, I got a dick and began to jerk off it. Then it came off a kiss slightly inclined me the head to him, having let know that it is necessary to work as a mouth. As I learned it for Inge I did it with a great satisfaction, at last he terminated. And having taken me for a waist, I seated half-naked on the table with words: — Yulya. you were magnificent. Now it is time to thank also to me you caress. I densely reddened: — At you it won't turn out, Sergey Nikolaevich, well is direct in any way. — It why? — Having smiled, he asked. — If I tell you the truth you fire me. — I pledge the word — I won't expel. Tell what happened? — The matter is that I am not a woman — I have no pussy yet. By the passport I am Yury Sergeeich. — Yes well? There can't be it. From where such lovely maiden face and such beautiful breast. To silicone it isn't similar. — All this on hormones is grown up. Here look — I told and pulled out the kid from thongs. He inspected me, my dick. Then I asked: — And how you are going to live further? You for certain want to make family, children. And I heard it costs much. — I live now with the girl who to me and helps to adapt, and here with money at me and the truth a problem. All documents are ready and though tomorrow fly to Spain on operation, but 5 thousand euros are necessary. — I began to cry. — And I won't be able only to have children if from me the girlfriend manages to fly. — If you want we can sign the contract, I to you will add money, but you will have to work 2 more years for me, and at the same time to be my mistress. And before operation. It agrees? — Of course, I told. If it is necessary I will work also 3 years — I told and literally I started howling, and it were no affected tears. After this day. We began to sleep with it daily. It as a result received the mistress who from him won't fly, and monthly won't interfere with his plans to relax, and I as a result saved the necessary sum in half a year And that was further you monitor my stories)))) To be continued korean dating perth date today july site mapMain Page