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Before reading of the story: 1) The inspiration is obtained by the author from the hyonty "Black Bible". 2) The author didn't want to offend by this story anybody in any way. 3) It is the story more art, than pornographic! Ekaterina taught at school only five years, but already had considerable authority among pupils and teachers. Pupils adored her for justice and rationality, literally listening to each her word. And among teachers her authority was indisputable - even the director listened to her words, concerning development of school... But nobody knew anything about her private life. Moreover, still none of school even knew where it lives... And it had the reasons not to invite anybody. Because Ekaterina was... witch. The woman who is eager for immortality at any cost was behind a kind and fair mask... Because very long time ago she unintentionally sined so awful that the devil personally condescended to her, and told that after her death he will personally accompany her to hell. Katya was passionately believing girl - therefore didn't want to Hell... She began to look for any way not to get there, didn't come across the Black Book yet... It was the book in which everything was told about Satanism and its cults - and Katya began to comprehend slowly and surely Satanism. Soon, the young and pure girl turned into the severe and cruel woman ready on anything. She learned about a potion of eternal youth which allowed to live it up to 70 years, but to look on only more than twenty. She learned about the magic capable to subordinate reasons of other people there, and so seized her that by one her word any man could be dumped for the sake of her from a roof... However, with girls it was much more difficult - for some reason Ekaterina could subordinate them reason only at extensive corporal contact. And once Katerina reached such tops in Satanism that she could study a ritual of an appeal of the demon which could execute any her desire - and Katerina seized this ritual, as a saving circle. Even drink of eternal youth couldn't continue infinitely her life therefore Katya every day became all nervny and nervny. The ritual was very difficult... What was only cost by the one first point – five years of abstention... It was difficult to Katerina to carry out it - she got used to satisfy carnal passion regularly. All these five years she almost howled from desire, two times nearly broke - only the fear of Hell held her. But she could implement this heavy clause... And she right there took the Book in hand to learn everything about the second point. That the demon could find flesh, it was required for him... cum of the witch. Ekaterina was a normal girl, without physical deviations therefore couldn't create a cum in any way... Therefore she began to read the book from cover to cover again. Also I found - the recipe which would allow her to turn voluntarily the pussy into a dick and vice versa... For this purpose the strap-on greased with blood of the witch was required - and within ten hours she will have to make love to the virgin is more senior 17 to receive force over the genitals... The first clause to the witch was simple to be implemented - blood grudged for her not, the strap-on was easy to be bought in the next sex shop. And here with virgins it was more difficult - most of maidens at school lost virginity even in 9 m a class. But, fortunately for her, Ekaterina had one option... The call rang out, and Masha, as well as other schoolmates, began to gather home from the last lesson. However she unintentionally dropped all textbooks and when, at last, all I collected them, the others left a class long ago. She went to a door as unintentionally I faced the teacher. Masha squealed, and nearly fell, but Ekaterina (and it was she) managed to seize her by a hand. Masha was confused, and was already going to leave as the teacher called to her: - Mash, please, remain. Masha stopped and looked at the teacher. There I approached to the door, I locked it and I got up to Masha the person. - I heard that you have Olympic Games on mathematics tomorrow. - D-yes. - Listen, you are going to be prepared?-pointed. - And give you to me tonight you will come? It on Perova Street, house fifth. I have several rare books on algebra, I could help you to be prepared, Agrees? - Well, I don't know... Masha didn't even pay attention as strange the teacher's fingers on the left hand suddenly moved. Right there for some reason it seemed to her that the idea of the teacher very sensible and useful. - Yes, I will come to you... Thanks! Ekaterina smiled and opened a class. - Well, go now. We will meet in the evening! Masha, of course, didn't see how Ekaterina who waited until the schoolgirl leaves a class, ominously grinned... Ekaterina of the house began preparation for a ritual of cultivation of the dick. I drew in one of rooms of a pentagram, I decorated a stomach with runes and I dressed a strap-on. Then Katya brought a knife over a hand and … waved. Blood began to drip on a strap-on. And here Ekaterina began to feel strange pricking in a groin... Then suddenly she fell on knees … In a groin there was a pleasant aching feeling … Then sharp pain and … everything stopped. Katerina looked at the pussy and the dick saw thick, average length there. Ekaterina touched him with a finger, and he shuddered and began to grow. Ekaterina bit a lip from pleasure which she derived. "Yes, men have very pleasant advantage …" She began to caress the dick, shuddering from pleasure. Her pleasure began to reach peak as suddenly she heard knock at a door. "She!" with delight Ekaterina thought, and hasty putting on, approached to the door and looked in a peephole. Yes, there was Maria dressed just like the Japanese schoolgirl – a short skirt, a shirt, tights and even галстучек! Ekaterina licked lips and opened a door, pleasantly smiling: - Oh, hi Mashul. Give, come. Masha confusedly smiled and here her eyes extended a little. Ekaterina inspected herself and found – on her skintight miniskirt the horney knob was ahead clearly visible. Masha confusedly looked some time at a knob, then pomotat the head and entered the house. Ekaterina tenderly embraced her for shoulders and led to the room. Also I told before her: - So Mash, and you not hot? - Frankly speaking and... - So give I you I am sensitive I will undress … with the worn-out brains that, you won't learn much. Masha only confusedly grew brown when the teacher took off from her a tie and a shirt under which there was only a T-shirt. And, as it appeared, Masha didn't wear a brassiere, it was visible on nipples which distinctly stuck out under an undershirt. But Ekaterina didn't begin to pay attention to it not to confuse already absolutely red Masha. Katya put her things on a chair and told: - So far here put a bag. - But there notebooks, handles … - don't worry, they will hardly be necessary for you … - Unless? Well, well. Masha put a bag, and Katya brought to a hand to the room. Here she also spaced out. Not every day it appear in the room which is absolutely completely adorned with pentagrams. It wanted to tell something, but Ekaterina turned to her. Her face it that at Masha all words in a throat got stuck … The teacher turned in air fingers, licked one of them and began to carry out it by a nail on all clothes of Masha. The nail with ease ripped up all her clothes. And soon Masha faced Katya absolutely naked. And that continued to rip up also the clothes now. When Katya's skirt fell and the shocked girl saw how between legs of her teacher the twitching huge dick dangles. Katya ominously smiled, whispered something and here Masha felt how at her language grows dumb. It quickly passed, but when she tried to cry, from her throat nothing escaped, except a silent sipeniye. Here Ekaterina strongly seized her by a hand and threw right in the middle the hugest pentagram on a floor. Masha tried to get up, but here she heard whisper and her hands and a leg right there stretched to edges of a pentagram and stiffened there. She lay as a starfish, before the teacher. And she began to sob … Ekaterina was fastidiously wrinkled and sat down on Masha. She clasped her head with hands and seized her lips the. Masha lowed, but that began to kiss passionately her. Masha began to resist, but the only thing that she received - it is strong excitement. The teacher leaned against her, began to rub the breast about her, to caress her on hair, to rub about a groin the dick – Masha was horney to a limit. And at once as if struck her mind with current – she understood that she wants that Katya raped her. Invisible fetters disappeared from her hands and legs, and she began to caress the partner's back. Katya already roughly pushed the language and the beginnings in her mouth is active it to work. Masha was curved, trying to sit down on the teacher's dick, but that as if teased her and took away it. The girl lowed from rage, and Katya understood that if jokes further on her, that will rape her. And Ekaterina relaxed, having understood that the girl will make everything. Masha interrupted a kiss, licked the teacher's cheek, and sat down on her groin. She was beaten by a shiver from the forthcoming sex. She exhaled and began to sit down on a dick. The groan escaped from her breast, as if struck it with electricity. It continued to be stuck on a dick, and pleasure grew in it. And soon she completely sat down on him. Ekaterina bit a lip from that pleasure which I derived when Masha was stuck by the very narrow pussy on her. And Katya, having seized Masha by buttocks, I began to fuck her slowly. Masha began to moan slightly from pleasure. Katerina began to poshlyopyvat her on buttocks in a step to sex. Maria's breath became frequent, she began to moan, and her heart knocked as if wanted to escape from a breast. Her breast jumped up in a step to Katya's dick, all this together formed a unique, exciting picture. Katerina saw meanwhile how on her dick from Masha blood flows … She right there felt how the dick began to twitch and bulk up why Katerina felt infinitely great satisfaction. She terminated, and her cum mixed up with Maria's blood … The dick was right there lit by weak light, along with pentagrams. Maria screamed and became soft as if having hung on invisible threads. Katerina panted as if she ran kilometer. "Uf, it was too short … It is necessary to repeat with her … today". Ekaterina took Masha on hands and put on a bed. Then I collected from her a cum and I collected in a jar. "Hm, the second point is ready … What's next? also I opened the book … korean dating near me date today ethiopia site mapMain Page