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- Well you, brother, and brake today: You what, it obtrukhatsya?! - Yes go you: - the guy with insult breathed heavily, absolutely accidentally having squelched on a stomach the remains of the cum which wasn't in time to be absorbed completely. But Ira didn't try to tease him any more, and more than an hour they spoke about things which interested both of them. To the considerable surprise, Volodya found out that his little sister is clever, well-read, sharp on language and in general, just the nice fellow: - Hear, Ir, you be only not angry, - he carefully began - It is possible I I will ask you? - What - that terrible it?! - the girl hokhotnut - That's OK, ask: - You it: - the guy hesitated - From where after all you know that Mishka has such size?! And what such "dildoe"?! - Here I got to the bottom: - the little sister discontentedly hemmed, but, obviously, reconciled to his sticktoitiveness: - The dildoe is a dildo. The dildo of the average size has exactly eighteen centimeters in length and five centimeters in the diameter. It is clear?! - It is clear, - Volodya - But why half breathed heavily?: - Oh my God: - Ira moaned - Such artificial dick enters a female mouth half, - she thought for a moment and added slightly more quietly: - At least, he enters my mouth exactly half and as we with Tanyukhoy sisters, and he has to enter her mouth approximately also: To explain further?! - Well: - he lowed unintelligibly. - Well-well: - the girl imitated him - And Mishkin a bolt even half Tanyukhe doesn't get into a mouth, means in him centimeters twenty if it is only no more. - Listen, - he thoughtfully stretched. - And what, not all?! - the sister was indignant. - You promised: - Volodya frowned. - Come on, give that there still, - Irina took pity - But if you ask me from where I know that the dildo in eighteen centimeters enters my mouth half - I will kill you! - I also wanted to ask it: - the brother absolutely barely audible mumbled. - You promised: - Well, god with you, - the girl wearily sighed - I just tried to take this elastic band in a mouth: - What for?! - absolutely he silly was surprised. - Then, - Irina - with voices raised answered That there was a wish for it: Also will be enough about rubber affairs for today! Volodya muttered something to himself under a nose, and in the come silence of the twin distinctly heard two other voices - men's and women's, distorted by passion and impatience. Minute or two they listened, with bated breath, and then more resolute Ira offered the brother: - We will go, will look what there Tanyukh with Mishka is created?! - And if the door is closed? - the brother objected her. - And I have a key, - the sister triumphantly said. - We will go?! - Let's try: - timidly he agreed. While Volodya pottered with a blanket, the girl was already near an entrance door, having on the way picked up for some reason from a chair panties. For that time that the guy reached a doorway, she managed to bend to a floor, crossed legs through an elastic band of the tango and, having sparkled for a moment is dazzling white buttocks, pulled panties on own buttocks, was late having thought: "Well and what the hell for I do it now?!". The brother and the sister as conspirators, hushing at each other, were chosen in a corridor and, quietly going, approached the door of the room opened almost half from which the voices which were so agitating them reached. Ira nearly flew to the room and stood on a threshold, slightly shocked with what was seen. At soft, pink light of a night lamp to eyes of twins the pornographic picture appeared truly: from edge of a wide sofa hairy, strange curved legs of Mikhail, near them were given, slightly intense, fine-molded legs of Tanya, the twenty-four-year-old sister of twins sideways were located. Tanya, shouting from pleasure, with enthusiasm I jumped on something invisible to still uninvited audience up-down. Sladostrastnayagrimask distorted her pretty face. - Hlyup-hlyup, hlyup-hlyup, - reached in a step to her jumps, and on each it "hlyup-hlyup" Tanechka had a snack the full lower sponge, hardly restraining from failure in long loud shout. The partner suddenly pushed between the lean hips and her magnificent heavy buttocks of a palm and squeezed them in a fist. - O-oh: - the woman lingeringly, discontentedly screamed, tried to string the body on something invisible to twins again, but, obviously, so attractive for her, but Mischa roughly almost dumped her on a floor so Tanya hardly kept standing. "Now that's something like it!" - twins almost synchronously thought, having made out at last on what quite so zealously their already adult sister did riding. The huge dick of Mikhail пружинисто shook here and there, having escaped from close embraces of the Tanechkiny vagina, and stiffened tensely. The damp, covered with plentiful women's lubricant trunk of the Mishiny tool bewitched the immodest sizes - Ira swallowed plentiful, slightly bitter saliva - and a dark-purple head, глянцево shining by the light of a lamp as if led the, separate life, small shaking from excitement, slowly covered by the scanty lace curtain seeking to take an initial position, but in advance doomed to a failure. - Go here! - hoarsely the man ordered. - Bend down! Tanya obediently bent over a sofa - the partner carelessly grasped her by hair and stuck her charming head to himself between legs - the smeared his penis hit it by the way on a face, having left a damp print on the left cheek. - Lick everything there! - his voice trembled for a moment, he leaned back back and covered eyes. The woman touched by lips of his perineum, the dexterous pink uvula slipped out the slightly opened lips and began to process dexterously a short ribbon of the Mishiny perineum, slowly rising up. In several moments Tanusha's language reached a ball sack and started gleaming over her with such speed that twins hardly managed to monitor his movements. And Tanya alternated caress a uvula with korotkimipokusyvaniye of gentle skin, trying to rise even above, but the partner pulled her hair and again stuck her already rather the smeared face into a ball sack. The woman nearly bit a uvula, but, obviously, understood what it wants. Helping itself lips, she smeared Mischa's ball sack in own saliva and, having convulsively taken breath, carefully, hardly breathing, swallowed huge egg of the man in a mouth. It was clearly visible how it is intense, her uvula behind unexpectedly fallen cheeks hard moves. Twins stood in the doorway are alive, are dead. The girl moved forward, slightly bent, the hem of already short night dress is more shameless was lifted up, white marble, magnificent buttocks appeared to a third-party look in all the beauty, but Volodya of it didn't notice. He, keeping the eyes glued, I contemplated focuses which were manufactured by his elder sister. - Will be enough already, - Mischa patronizing addressed the woman who is hardly taking breath. She carefully released from prison him slobbered and the shining egg is damp, I sighed and began to lick a trunk of his impressive penis, rising above and above to a seminude head. Having reached her, Tanya accurately walked language on a head, without having forgotten to delay a lace curtain and to suck round all undercover places, was interrupted for a second and is soft, the dick was gently stuck by the got a bit tired mouth on Mishin. The man shuddered, Tanechke on the head put the second hand and it is rough, painfully I pulled it in a mouth against the stop. "And Irka is right," - Volodya thought: "It is more than a half x. I on the street remained:". He for the first time saw alive as the woman does the man blowjob moreover what woman - his elder sister! He so was fond of this show that he didn't notice how he in the heat of observation buried the overexcited, eregirovanny dick in delightful buttocks of Irina - magnificent hemispheres of her buttocks conceded a little to an impact of his tool which comfortably was arranged in the opened depression in the ground. Hands clasped him the sister for hips and attracted to themselves - the girl shuddered from surprise, but shortly and cautiously made upward movement to him buttocks. Not especially she managed the movement as they stood, having nestled to each other is so dense that it seemed, and the thin sheet of paper won't manage to get between their excited bodies. The sister accurately ran fingers of the right hand over the perineum and furtively pinched from them plentiful moisture. "It is possible to go crazy," - she thought quietly: "Though squeeze out pants! And what will be farther?!" Meanwhile representation continued. Mischa that rhythmically stuck a gentle mouth of Tanechki on the stake - her cheeks at the same time for some reason sharply became hollow, and it was visible how it is heavy, but her uvula persistently moves - that I pulled out the tool almost completely. At the same time the woman hasty, extending lips a tubule, I tried to hold a dickhead in a mouth. And indecent sounds still accompanied all this performance. - A kiss kiss, - reached twins - the Kiss kiss: kim kardashian hollywood dating tips date difference excel negative site mapMain Page