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She sat on me, her pizda rubbed about my lips, me there was no left no what how to open a mouth and to begin to lick. I am 34 years old, live in the small regional center, I work in the solid company with mainly female collective, often send, studies in the regional center, the central office of firm in the capital. to improve skills, to study new computer programs, there are new requirements of the government in which fiendish difficulty. During training we live in departmental hotel, the organization bought several apartments, united them, 5 rooms in which there were about two smart polutoraspalny beds, the TV, the general hall and the kitchen packed at full scale turned out. I already three times was there, and all passed quietly and peaceful. This time the fifty-year-old aunt, of average height, not thick, but not thin was my roommate, but she was larger than me. There lived at the moment in hotel eight women. In the evening, having gathered in the hall, we got acquainted, drank. Hours in 10 I told that went, to sleep, having taken a shower I turned off the light and went to bed, thinking that after the journey at once I will fall asleep. In about 15-20 minutes my neighbor (Galina) came, not including light she changed clothes in a dressing gown and went to a shower, having returned from him, took off a dressing gown and approached my bed, I lay on a back and pretended that I sleep. Here she made what I didn't expect, she threw through me a leg, the second remained on a floor and sat down to me on the person, having nestled pizdy on my mouth. She sat on me, her pizda rubbed about my lips, me there was no left no what how to open a mouth and to begin to lick. I won't hide, I had an experience of similar communication with the woman before, and I was in principle doesn't mind, but I didn't expect such impudence. She rubbed about my mouth, and I licked her a pizda, having terminated she laid down near me having told, "so cool terminated, good night". That night quiet I had to masturbate, otherwise wouldn't fall asleep. Having woken up in the morning, Galya first of all asked why we lie on one bed? I answered that in the evening she raped me. That's OK she told, there can't be it though she drank fairly, and probably doesn't remember. You will tell in the evening what between us occurred. Having had supper in the evening, we dispersed on rooms, two women probably having decided to come off family life went to night club and didn't come to spend the night, were on occupations. Classes were at the same time in three offices, and trained us in different knowledge. Galina studied what I studied a year ago, and I studied, new purchases. We watched TV, then I went to a shower, then Galya. Having returned, she turned off the light and villages near me. Tell what occurred yesterday, and that I was thumping and what I don't remember. I told her as there was a business. She told that the story made horney her, and she wants already sober to try repetitions, though, in my opinion, she was not so drunk also yesterday, that what not to remember. She asked; do want I will lay down? I answered, no, let all will be as yesterday. She village honey agarics on me and I began to caress her language and lips, and hands caressed her breast. She cumed longer, than yesterday that once again confirmed my guesses into the account of her sobriety. When she got down from me, began to ask about we wash experience of a similar relationship, I told her couple of cases. She lay, having stretched legs and just asked to suck her sponges, I laid down her between legs and began to suck sponges, periodically putting a uvula on use, so she terminated the second time. Then she wanted to look how I masturbate, I pomasturbirovat also we, having embraced, fell asleep. Such euphoria proceeded week. Then Galya and three more women left. Us remained four, two women of the lover of clubs, and can they already and in clubs weren't, and found to yourself lovers and lived at them, I didn't ask them, and they didn't speak. Е still Tanechka, 19 summer girl who according to her story waited for the guy from army that will get married. Without Galya it was boring and I decided to try to tempt Tanyushka that she allowed me to lick. In the evening I came to not into the room, it lay and read the book. I began the conversation on life which smoothly passed into her relationship with the guy, told it that I divorced not long ago, I live with parents, I bring up the son and so forth. When the conversation reached intim, I asked whether the guy did it to it to kuna, she told that and it very much was pleasant to her. In my marriage kuna came the way of me not often, and I preferred simple masturbation, I brought myself to an orgasm more better. She was employed by the father, and I told how I managed to settle, my story also finished her. With work in the regional centers not really, and having seen the announcement of not bad work, I went to an interview, at first the interview was conducted by the HR manager, so the general questions, and then the direct head, the aunt, years of the 45-50, on the person terrible, but a figure cool. Having asked me on my knowledge and experience, she told that to me there were three here, but they didn't approach, there are special working conditions. She was going to leave, but she isn't released won't bring up to itself replacement yet. If I want to replace her with positions I have to obey her. It seems what over usual, but she told that she will impart to me knowledge only in exchange on intimate caress which I will have to her give all the time of my training. To live off parents with the little son for me in burden, I solved, come what may. Called her Alla Aleksandrovna whether she asked me I am ready? I answered yes. She had a separate office, she passed to a sofa, threw one leg on a chair, the second was on a sofa, pants on her weren't, she told: start. Having kneeled before her I began to lick her, I did it for the first time, she didn't receive an orgasm, but wasn't upset, gave me the address and told to come to her in the evening home. Having explained that at my place the son, she told what, a couple of hours he without mother won't die. In the evening, having passed to her, she, having put me I sat down on a bed from above, this time it terminated quickly. Then I licked her buttocks, then again to a pizd and an hour later with small I went home. It is necessary to pay her tribute, at work more we had no sex, only at her home, rarely in the evenings, frequent in the afternoon during the week-end. Having gone to the area, she bought a strap-on with different nozzles and fucked me, accustomed also to anal sex. Having told all this to Tanechka, I saw how at her eyes began to shine and cheeks turned pink, but to suggest her to lick I didn't want since I wanted that she sat down on me from above and if I offer, she will just spread legs and all. I suggested to descend to drink to tea, having drunk Tanechka went to a bathtub to take a shower, and I went to myself to the room. In five minutes Tanechka entered, sat down on edge of a bed and was silent. I asked that she wants? We are adults what will hesitate of. She asked, I couldn't lick her? I answered well, but only if she sits down from above. She turned off the light, and climbed on me, she squated, I to her licked, and hands caressed a breast of the first size, was cool. When she terminated and moved slightly remaining on me back, I told that she extended legs since they became numb. What she also made, I having in turn bent the legs in knees pushed her that she leaned the elbows on them, pulled on herself her basin, began to drive language on all pizda, lowering all are lower and lower, Tanechka probably understood, drew near slightly forward and itself hands moved apart buttocks I began to caress her buttocks. Then again to a pizd. Here what I didn't expect from her, so it a question. Whether I am familiar with domination? I was interested in this subject, Alla Aleksandrovna dominated on to me, but it in the past, having received a position, she having submitted me all cases went to other city. I answered, read on the Internet, watched pictures, all this not mine, chains, skin, lashes and so forth dregs, I consider that sex has to be for pleasure, but not for pain. She answered that it isn't pleasant to hurt her too, but told that her guy liked to wipe up it language after she will pee. I didn't try it. Let's try, she offered. I agreed and she led me in a bathtub, I asked why not in a toilet? She answered there it will be more convenient. I got into a bath, it suggested to pee on me, I agreed, it began to write, at first on my pizda, then lifted a stream on a breast, and then on the person. Having finished I told that she is ready to "wipe", I licked her. Whether she asked I want to try her all? How it? I asked. She told that she not up to the end peed and wants not many. I understood about what she and took her to a pizd in a mouth, she slightly strained and to me in a mouth the stream began to flow. She wrote not much, in two drinks I drank her and again licked her. She told that ZD what she gave out to me removed between us all of constraint, and asked, you don't want that I hesitated as soon as entered your room and lost a speech power? Of course not, I answered. She told that as soon as wants to write поссыт on me once again, she very much liked it. But it was opposite to drink and I answered what can be peed, only not to drink, she told well, but drink, but all the same she will ssat in a mouth, then you will spit out and you will rinse a mouth. Then we went to a bed, there I still licked all her openings and before falling asleep she once again gave to drink me the nectar. Next day, she, obviously, descended in a sex shop and bought a strap-on had me on full, fucked both in a mouth, and in a pizda and buttocks. I learned cool, it natrakhatsya for a long time. As there was Tanyushka a vein not far from me, looking what measures to die, her regional center was from mine in 50 kilometers. Once a month I got out to her, but that's another story. kim kardashian dating cnn reporter date today how to write site mapMain Page