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Somehow times we went out with the friends across our native St. Petersburg. All of us is no more than 20 have some now. To me there were 19. We saw two girls, at them in hands was according to a big leaf. About one party it was written "FREE HUGS", and with another at the first "embrace Yulyashka", at the second "embrace Katyushka". I decided to embrace friends with girls. I saw girls and guys with such sheets earlier, but somehow considered it lovely, but mad. We embraced all and were photographed. At first on their camera, then on mine. I always took with myself фотик when we left to walk. There now time to go home came. First I wanted to look at soccer. This day I played Zenit. Secondly all already decided to part on houses. I should have gone towards Parnassus, my friend went to a concert with friends. Going down on the escalator, I saw the little girl who in hands had a sheet "embrace Yulyashka". I for fun shouted her: - Hey, wait. My friends began to smile, laughed, but despite their reaction the girl stopped. I didn't expect such reaction and at once decided to ask something: - Why you do it? She: - Just we give heat and good to people. I for fun with a sarcasm shade: - And how? Helps? She with a smiling face: - Well we after school. There is nothing to do. Here also decided to try. - And where your girlfriend? - She lives nearby. And me to go to Prosveshcheniya Avenue. I about myself thought: "Well I will go with her. I will chat, and that is on the way boring. 9 stops to go..." We with her got into one car. To the people there was much. I at the expense of the growth grasped the top hand-rail. The train started, I seized Yulya by a hand as that nearly fell. - Thanks. I kept silent, just smiled in reply. Having passed three stops, I struck up with her a conversation. Get to talking her it appeared very simply. At us it appeared much in common, except age. As I also assumed her there were only 14. But her pretty person, beautiful eyes, a white t-shirt, jeans in covering, gym shoes began to touch me inside. Having passed three stops I lowered the hand to her waist. She even showed no sign. The corner was released. We somehow at once moved in it. I leaned the elbows one rukoyz a hand-rail, and the second held glass having intercepted the retreat of her everything, but all this didn't touch her in any way. She just looked at me and smiled. I don't know what pushed me on it, but I not from that, not from this took and easily kissed her on a mouth. She didn't make to a look as if it she and waited. I admit it was surprised. Already three stops. Already she decided to kiss me, I owing to the nonsense answer her kiss. Already our stop. We leave indifferently. Pours a rain. I ask: - You where? - Actually on Ladoga. Just I wanted to go with you. It struck me even more. I suggested to go to me at least not to trudge one on Ladoga. - I will throw things and I will see off you. Already eight evenings. Quite darkly. We came to me. I suggested to enter to me. - to Tea you want? - I asked. Well only from etiquette. - No, thanks. I took off a jacket. The t-shirt is all wet, it is necessary to change clothes, she sat at me looked at beds. I looked in reply. Also I started over again kissing her, she answered kisses. I took off from her a t-shirt, one movement broke a brassiere, Began to kiss on a neck in a breast. I took off from myself a t-shirt, jeans. Already I passed to her jeans. I wanted to ask whether the virgin she, but I considered it silly, her 14. I pulled together from myself, and then with her pants. I began to lick her a clitoris, to kiss around a groin, then above and above. Then I felt, something wet, Yulya already terminated though I only began. Something pulled me to insert her already got up dick. She screamed and shouted: - Painfully! I sharply pulled out. - Excuse. - No, I want. Sorry, simply it is actually sick. - you Want, but it is sick. Let's not be. - No, give. I was once again struck. I entered her, she groaned as though she will begin to cry now. From her blood began to flow, was on my dick a little. She wasn't frightened, and quickly got napkins from a bag which very opportunely she threw on a bed. Having wiped blood, all already was in a different way. To me it was much simpler. I entered her the dick within 15 minutes and when already I wanted to terminate. I pulled out and terminated her on a stomach. She called mother and told that she will stay overnight at the girlfriend and that tomorrow it isn't necessary to her in school - day off. At this time I decided to visit the girlfriend, and left Katya at home. My friend is called Nastya. She is my neighbor in the house. We are familiar from the childhood. Nastya always wanted from me just sex, we each other were the first. It thanks to her, I know as well as that. Well with Nastya everything is much simpler, already not for the first time. Her section, undressed. She grabbed my dick at once and began to suck gently. From a head to the middle. At her it turned out always well. Nastya loved very much when I fucked her dog-fashion. Having struck a pose, she leaned both hands on a bed. I set to work. At first deeply and roughly I began to fuck her in the pussy, she groaned, sometimes shouted. Then rigidly I entered her it is direct in an anal. To her not for the first time, but she all the same screamed. Then my most favourite. I took her for a nape and I began to fuck her in a mouth, in a couple of minutes she had my cum in a mouth. She swallowed it. I put on and left. I came home, Katya sleeps. Not for long I think I fell asleep near her. For the morning I woke up near her, she as if waited when I wake up. The same kisses on the lips, in a neck, in shoulders, a breast began. And I sharply wanted to otjimet her. I turned and inserted into the back, she began to shout, groan, but didn't complain neither of pain, nor of my roughness. And I entered her and I entered, then I pulled out. the dick between her tiny breast inserted began to jerk off. Then I brought to her face. She became puzzled. But literally in three seconds, the head appeared at it in a mouth. In it time I just sprinkled with it a cum on the person. Now we began to meet quite frequently. The apartment at me free, parents generally live in the country both in the summer, and in the winter. I love very much to give pleasure to girls. Neither Nastya, nor Yulya not an exception. jewish dating events london date ideas birmingham al site mapMain Page