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Good afternoon, dear readers. It is my debut story therefore you judge with all severity. Names are changed as the narration autobiographical. My name is the Roman, 25 years, with the spouse in marriage already 4 years, quite happy family. The wife is called by Irina, my coeval, for paints will describe her in more detail: of average height, about 170 cm, the long-haired burning brunette, very graceful body, I fell in love at first sight, a breast the sure three of a beautiful form, elastic - therefore quite often walks without bra in t-shirts or T-shirts (why her sexual nipples are beautiful are allocated and attract views of passersby of guys); the flat tummy, equal and beautiful suntan, and buttocks - just my ideal, tightened, rounded shape, but small, buttocks, are kind of moved a little apart from what the dark ringlet of an anus and a sponge of her sweet pussy is clearly visible (I adore). Sex about the beginning of meetings was not just much, and it is unreal much, sometimes were engaged in him just out of boredom, perfected skill, so to speak, the truth everything was rather monotonous, changed only positions and places. Over time, oral caress, at the initiative of the wife was added, even I began to cum in a mouth, sometimes swallows of a cum sometimes spits out, but on it somehow development of our sexual variations also stopped. Ah yes, I tried to incline to an anal, reached only superficial penetration by a finger together with a cunnilingus, but it is a rarity, in the right frame of mind wives. And gradually our sex was come to naught, not such passionate, not such frequent, well, it was necessary to undertake something. The decision came in itself. Once we were invited on a visit by our old acquaintances, Inga with Vitaly. Knew Vitaly from last work moreover and we live in the neighboring houses, frequent meetings with pandiculation of wine or what it is still more strong provided. They aren't one many more senior than us, Inga for about 2 years, Vitaly on 3. Inga is low, with a wide, but round bottom, a breast somewhere of the fourth size, very pleasant can slightly less, but not such elastic, as at Ira, on the person. A little above me, the beer likes to drink Vital, from it there is a small tummy, and in general the normal man with a normal body. Keep to the point, on Saturday evening I called me Vital and I called us on a visit, the occasion wasn't, just presented them a fondue pot - decided to make test drive, from us a small bottle another of red wine. The offer is quite good, evening is absolutely free. I warned Ira, and she began to gather. About 30 minutes she vegetated in the bathroom, having glanced there I paid attention to a clean-shaven pubis, having given a compliment, thought about myself that I surely will lick this charm in the evening. Ira looney, black silk thongs, a short jeans short skirt and a light T-shirt on a naked body put on, at me even I got up on such work of art. Someone she wanted to surprise with such dress there - unclear, lately constantly at them hangs in the evenings when I am late at work, and always puts on to them as on a ball. 20 more minutes and we on Inga and Vitaly's threshold with two small bottles of Cuvee. The door was opened by Inga, she was in a dressing short gown. Waited for Vital in the hall and I already did a fondue. Evening flew slowly, both bottles are empty, Vitaly got a small bottle of good whisky from NZ and we continued communication. Alcohol already went to the head and Vital constantly (as it happens at him in such state) started conversations on sex and always pinned up us. Little girls already were good and only laughed in reply. Decided to take a break and to drink a tea. On Inga's requests to help with tea, Vital kicked me, and I told that I understand this question more, it was necessary to go. While water in a teapot began to boil, we with Inga stirred about that about this, I decided to take an interest as at them matter in a bed (our problem very much tormented me), she answered unclear, told that earlier too all gradually turned into "conjugal duty", but with a month ago they something was tried and now it is practiced quite often, the truth "that" didn't tell, I copied on her cheerful state. Inga got on a chair over a cup of tea and nearly fell, the benefit I was near, and held her, for buttocks, having a little been confused I asked forgiveness, but in reply received the words of gratitude and a request to hold her while she is engaged in search of tea. Well I am a gentleman, two times don't need to be asked, her buttocks and legs appeared in a strong grasp of my hands what I was very glad to, I will note what all captured by me was very pleasant to the touch, probably too began to go to the hall. Inga found tea and, without having warned, jumped off, having appeared in my embraces, set aside tea and stuck the chubby lips into mine, the kiss was passionate, her language flitted at me in a mouth, I felt taste of other woman, having come off and having taken the brought-down breath, I told that it isn't correct, our spouses behind a wall and talked still any nonsense though all event me wildly made horney, the dick stood at attention, heart beat and there was a wish for continuation. Inga took me by hand and led to the hall, from round the corner showed the events there, I was shocked with what was seen, my darling standing on knees before Vitaly sitting on a sofa passionately and with enthusiasm his dick sucks, shaking the head up - down, at the same time her short skirt was lifted up and she was played by the left hand with the pussy. In me everything boiled and was ready to blow up (the truth in the porn imaginations I represented a swing exchange and it brought me), Inga forced to distract with the increasing feeling of rage me, she dexterously slipped to me in legs and is imperceptible for me (probably my state of shock affected) pulled together jeans together with pants and, having licked sponges, pushed my dick to herself in a mouth, so, that I forgot about everything, my legs became soft, I all was sent Inge, to her divine blowjob, she not just sucked, she fucked my dick the mouth. Each time Inga tried to thrust my dick more deeply, and at her it turned out to swallow it to the basis (the dick at me not the giant, is slightly more than average length, but rather thick). To take breath, Inga got a dick from a mouth and began to play a hot uvula with a head licking her, sucking. All dick was wet from saliva and allocations, everything flowed on a hand of Inge which she podrachivat him. Sometimes I watched how Ira sucks at Vitaly, and it even more brought me, I was ready to stream a cum stream on Inga. She understood that I already on the verge, suggested to pass to more convenient location, and we went to the hall, Inga threw off a dressing gown on the run under which there was nothing, except her fine naked body, reclining settled down near Vitaly and spread legs more widely, I understood a hint and, having thrown off all clothes, kneeled before Inga. Now accurately it was visible to me how my Ira does a blowjob, her sweet sponges clasped with a ring rather big trunk of Vitaly and slowly as she loves, move to the basis and back. Having looked at me, she released a dick from a mouth and said in low tones that she loves me. Having smiled to me, she began to suck away a dick of our mutual friend again. After her words it became easier for me, I understood that it is only carnal joys, feelings remained former. I began to lick hot and already damp pussy of Inga. It was other smell and aroma of the woman, I raised her hips and dropped the lips to the flower exuding with juice, I licked her anus, plunged a language tip in buttocks, then moved to a clitoris and back, Inga groaned and coiled. Caressing a clitoris, I began to immerse a finger in buttocks, having overcome sphincter resistance, I began to move ahead more deeply and more deeply, there were enough Inga's allocations to do it most comfortably, I understood that today I will fuck her buttocks. I saw to the right of us movements, it Vital and Ira threw off the clothes, my spouse was great, her perineum all shone from lubricant. Ira kneelt on a sofa and, having leaned the elbows on a back caved in, Vital fell to Ira's perineum and began to lick her vagina. In such situation it became convenient to Ira to watch how I give pleasure to foreign woman, and it undoubtedly was pleasant to her. A time later, Vital got up behind Ira, the dick few times vzdrochnut, I greased a head with saliva and breakthrough entered Irochka, she screamed and here began fuck, I was even distracted from the work, only fingers jerked off buttocks and Inga's vagina. Vital fucked my wife in front of my eyes, in a mad rhythm, without condom (now clear, than they were engaged the whole month here, even know that the wife drinks tablets), judging by periodic groans the wife, she terminated several times. The room was filled with the squelching sounds and groans of my darling, she began to cum continuously, for Vital's respite the dick took out and it was played with Ira's buttocks, then he got up both legs on a sofa, Ira caved in as a cat and in such pose they continued sex. Inga, having used a pause for my part, I turned over on a sofa, kind of headfirst, and I was attached to suck my dick again, I was delighted to such change and began to fuck her in a mouth, at the same time I rumpled her big breast, unscrewed nipples and periodically pulling out a dick slapped him on the person. Vital I began to fuck my Ira even quicker and I began to immerse a thumb in buttocks, here those time, I thought, lagged behind addictions of the wife, at that time Vital was pulled out by the dick, Ira quickly sat down before him on knees and opened a mouth, I understood hundred Vital now will cum, he began to jerk off quickly the dick and in a moment on the person, in a mouth and on a neck of the wife cum streams rushed, he cumed violently dense white cum, she flew down on a breast of darling when Vitaly finished, Ira took his dick in a mouth also sucked round dry. From what was seen at me in eyes darkened, and I began to cum directly in Inge's mouth, there was so many cum that she wasn't located at her in a mouth, I pulled out the dick and began to cum her on the person, having covered it almost completely. Inga was killed in pleasant convulsions, all that time too that I fucked her in a mouth, she masturbated. Not on gentleman's, I thought, but still I will have an opportunity to give it pleasure. Girls ran to remove "make-up", and we exhausted fell to a naked sofa and slowly sipping whisky stirred there is nothing, my thoughts were deeply in me, just on my eyes my wife changed me though I too to spit, let it will be the beginning of new sexual life. Meanwhile, we noticed that our wives became silent, went to check, and found them already in the bedroom, they in a pose 69 licked each other. Ira was from below, she with ecstasy licked a wet shchelochka of Inga and at the same time fucked her in buttocks a rubber dick of the average sizes. Excitement at me began to accrue again, I approached from Ira and gave her to suck at me, the dick began to grow directly in a mouth of darling. Having a little enjoyed a marvelous blowjob of the wife, I pulled out a dick and decided that I will execute the old dream now. Ira understood my intentions, pulled out a dildo from Inga's buttocks and moved apart her buttocks. I put a dickhead to Inga's anus and nadavat on it, the head began to plunge gradually into buttocks, my dick was more fat than the rubber predecessor therefore the anus ringlet densely clasped my dick, it were new feelings, I was happy. When the head slipped a natural barrier, Inga moved and moved a little back why my dick plunged half. I didn't begin to force events and the dick pulled out, gave him to Ira, she is obedient licked him, then itself sent to Inge's buttocks, this time the dick entered easier and I began progress. I absolutely forgot about Vitaly, there is he ran to the hall behind the cam and removes our trio from the most interesting foreshortening. Probably it is beautiful, before the wife's nose I drive the dick in buttocks of her girlfriend, at the same time she licks her vagina, ммммм, a high. Vital I showed too willingness to attach the dick in someone's buttocks, option one, Ira, but in such situation he couldn't approach. Having decided not to torment the friend, I suggested girls to settle down glad with each other in a pose "dog-fashion" and to provide for a rigid and ruthless fucking of their buttocks. It is solved, made. Vital mounted the camera behind us, our wives took positions and caved in, it is how possible, having opened for us the delights. A look of course for all 200%, two quite beautiful girls, absolutely naked cost dog-fashion on silk sheets and wait when they are fucked in buttocks. I decided not to change the partner (the I still zatrakhat houses))) and approached Inga, Vital, respectively Ira. I at first decided to enter a vagina and to bring, at last Inge pleasure, and Vital began to fry my beloved in an anal at once. Inga a happy zamurlykala, and I began to move slowly in her, gradually increasing speed, her vagina gently enveloped my dick, inside all was wet. A thumb I pressed on a dark ringlet of buttocks of Inga, the finger slipped inside and I felt as my dick moves inside, after a while my partner was killed in ecstasy, I felt how her peshcherka pulses as the anus ringlet contracts around a finger, it was super. I gave some time to take rest Inge, moved to the wife, more precisely to kneeling up a bum to the whore whom the dick drives in Vital's buttocks. I wanted to lick its wet from allocations a pizdenka, I approached it and shipped the language inside, Ira moaned even more loudly (she loves oral caress, especially, when I get language into her shchelochka), and literally in centimeters from my nose the member Vitalia, a show magnificent moved in buttocks: thick as sausage, venisty, in lubricant, gets into accurate buttocks of my wife. I felt something warm on the dick, this is Inga in gratitude for a qualitative orgasm does me blowjob. Having come off the wife, I put Inga in the same pose, spat an entrance to buttocks and began to immerse the dick there. Inga moved when the head failed inside and strained a little, but having a little got used - relaxed and I began to fuck her. Ira began to groan more loudly, her next orgasm, and from anal sex came nearer, I once again was surprised! Together with Ira terminated also Vital, he lowered directly her to the back. When he pulled out a dick from the wife's buttocks, the cum, not so much, but enough from there began to follow to wet everything a perineum. They fell to a bed in languid fatigue and began to watch us. My finish was already close too, I beckoned the spouse a finger, took her for hair and bent down the person to Inga's buttocks, got the trunk and began to fill in the face of the wife and Inga's buttocks with a cum. Ira licked Inge's buttocks, they kissed in a hickey and now we with Vitaly's wife exhausted fell to a bed. Decided to remain to spend the night at friends, after rest we continued the crazy orgy, but about it in the following story. If someone wants to criticize, or to prompt council, write on is siblings or dating real dated and related daniel site mapMain Page