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The party began for a long time. In an environment of guys from University I felt a little tensely. It was my first party. I was 18 years old only recently and, considering severity of my parents: I still was a virgin. Before going to a party my friends told what can happen to me on such action. Some even imparted experience. Here, for example, Ira told how it wasn't sore with her for the first time at all … She was the blue-eyed brunette with long hair and elastic buttocks. As from the childhood she did gymnastics – she had a remarkable figure and amazing flexibility of a body. We with girlfriends always envied how she went, wagging a bum and safely undid buttons on a shirt (her it was valid that to show to guys). Her breast big and besides constantly small nipples stuck out. Sometimes, when it bent down to lift something, two of her tits fell out outside and dicks passing by guys forced "to accept a standing position". According to stories, her first fucking happened at home at some guy whom she didn't even remember because she got drunk to unconsciousness. But she accurately remembers each detail of the first sex. Remembers how this unknown guy brought her home from bar in which she was disconnected on a bar counter. Remembers how he began her to say that he madly wants her that it is ready to fuck her day and night, in all possible holes. It madly made horney Ira, and she literally flowed white liquid. Suddenly the guy approached her, sharply grabbed by a breast, drove the girl into the corner and began to fall slowly down. Soon she felt as his language concerns the edge of a stomach. She began to groan quietly … He slowly and gracefully pulled together her panties with teeth. Then I rushed up, to a breast again, and the sharp movement I broke off on it a blouse under which there was no brassiere at all. Undressing, it massed her breast a hand. Then I started a pokusyvaniye of Irochkiny gentle nipples. She began to groan even more loudly. It was a little terrible, in any second there could arrive her parents and to see all this, but, strangely enough, it made horney my friend even more. Ira didn't manage to come round from a prelude as the guy picked up her on hands, I threw on a parental bed, widely spread the girl's legs, bent down to her vagina and began to move roughly there with language. He so skillfully did it that the girl just cried in deep ecstasy. She didn't understand any more where she is and what does. She wanted all and at the same time there was no wish for anything. Suddenly, she felt as something elastic and warm concerns her sexual sponges. He began to enter her slowly … Ira was so wet that the dick came gently and absolutely without pain. The girl seized fingers brawny shoulders of the guy. At last the dick came too deeply, Irochka screamed and at this moment in inside her something clicked. She quickly turned the guy on a back, and, suffering from small pain, began to fidget on him. She jumped as if on a horse. The guy began to groan too. Then Ira jumped off from him, kneelt, and told the guy what he would enter behind. The guy was doesn't mind at all. As his dick completely was in lubricant he the sharp movement entered buttocks. One hand he took Ira's breast and began to squeeze painfully her (that gave a lot of passion), the second hand he began to mass her clitoris gently. There passed a little time, and at the girl from pleasure the head began to be turned. Then she weakened, rushed on a pillow, closed eyes, began to groan loudly – it was her first in life orgasm. Having completely enjoyed an orgasm and having a little had a rest, Ira saw that the guy still lies near her. And very much he wanted to make her also pleasantly as he made her. She rose and began to fall his stomach down … Lower and lower … The girl suddenly felt a neck as the dick of the guy began to rise again and already was quite elastic when Ira took him in a mouth. The guy from pleasure rose, and Irochke advised to kneel before him what it would be more convenient to them. Ira followed advice of the master. She slowly slipped from a bed and kneeled before him. His dick clasped with hands and thrust him to herself deeply into a mouth. The guy seized her by hair and began to do sharply movements there-back. The girl choked, the dick from one cheek for another shifted, but I couldn't stop for a second. It is a little more and the cum rushed a rough stream to it in a mouth. She swallowed. Now both of them were satisfied wholly. The guy left early in the morning. After this sex, Ira any more never got more saturated feelings. It was the best sex in her life. So the story Irochki about her first sex ended. Following someone I shared the impressions with me there was my friend Katya. Katya is incendiary, with very curvy shapes the mulatto and she told me it …! To be continued … is long distance dating possible date ideas bay area site mapMain Page