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History described below the absolute truth, except for names. It is my first work therefore I ask you, you don't judge strictly... It occurred a few years ago, I was an ordinary guy of 17 years, normal I would even tell nice such, but here with little girls somehow didn't reach sex, they were afraid perhaps. At that time, I already worked as the ancillary worker at catering department in one of city hospitals, two more children worked with me, one of them (he was called Vitya) had three sisters (Nadia, Olesya, Vera), Nadia and Olesya worked in hospital as nurses. I got acquainted with them very simply, they often came to have dinner to us, worked at kitchen as as. Simple girls in communication, I almost approached at once them, but further than lunches and smoke breaks on a porch nothing came until once to Nadia her girlfriend Lena came. Lenochka was very beautiful girl, the high, slender brunette with elastic buttocks, a small breast with the sticking-out nipples (I noticed it because she was in a light summer sundress, and on her there was no brassiere) is in addition more senior than me for three years though she looked is a little more senior than for 20 years (such glamour doll). Lena for me seemed inaccessible top of Everest, but having a little talked to her I understood that she too not from those someone put themselves above others. We stood on a porch, smoked stirred, laughed, and then she should have left somewhere and she suggested to go to all of us to summer cafe, beer to drink, all agreed with pleasure also in the same day, in the evening we met at the appointed place. There was fine weather, we were included into cafe, Nadia, Olesya and Vera occupied the whole table since we were five, I with Lena (I got acquainted with her this evening). We drank much, laughed, danced when we included slow dance, I decided to invite Lena and it agreed with pleasure. Here then that we the first time kissed with her, we kissed so long that even when music was replaced with more rhythmical, we and continued to kiss together. Around there are so much to people, all dance, and we stand and we kiss, unforgettably. Lena came round with the first, I suggested her to depart, aside, where more quietly. She told that she was tired, then I having taken her for buttocks put on low (slightly more than a meter) the small fence and that she didn't fall continued to hold her for buttocks, to be exact to squeeze her. Lenka with a smile made me remarks that I stopped, but didn't take away my hands, so we protselovatsya before closing until our friends brought us round. And such evenings was weight until once Nadia suggested all of us to gather at their place, motivating it with the fact that there are no parents of the house also money especially too, and settled upon that. The apartment at them small, though three room therefore we seated on a floor, Nadia brought glasses, water and liter of medical alcohol, at first all refused to drink, but then when tried out, alcohol already reached a limit, then I suggested to descend behind beer and invited Lenka, she agreed and we went. Having gone down from the third floor on the first, I suddenly stopped and pressed her to the battery, began to kiss, feel her breast, she drove at me hands on a back, slightly pripodymy a t-shirt when my hand tried to get her under panties, but I was prevented by a belt on her jeans, I suddenly stopped and stood. There came the silence, she asked that it, having sustained a pause, I answered that I want her on what she slightly bit me for an ear and whispered that she wants too. I all couldn't cope with a belt on her jeans in any way (for nervousness probably), at last she undid it, I lowered slightly her jeans with panties and began to caress her pussy, she was clean-shaven and already began to get damp when I began to push the fingers in her narrow hole. Meanwhile, she undid a fly of my jeans and began to podrachivat my horney dick, all this proceeded not long, in the on-door speakerphone, someone called, we were quickly discharged from each other and began to be clasped. My dick continued to stand, we were horney, I suggested her to go to other entrance since at all parents were at home, and there was a wish to have sex in the presence of three sisters not really therefore she called them and having referred to a headache to go home and I allegedly will see off her. We found an entrance with the broken on-door speakerphone almost at once, on the elevator rose by the eighth floor, I took off jeans with pants already by then, Lena got condom from a handbag, but after drunk to put on it from the first it didn't turn out, we giggled, then she got the second, this time it turned out. She leaned the elbows on a wall of the elevator a little and it rang out, at a silent night entrance it is especially heard, I understood that it is not option, we came to the platform between the eighth and ninth floors (the benefit was clean there), I bared her breast, began to kiss her lips, cheeks, a neck, smoothly passing to her breast, she was small, but beautiful elastic with sharp nipples, I began to suck them, and a hand caressed her pussy, she groaned also jerked off my dick. (Lot of amateur Russian video! In excellent quality! In the bedroom, in kitchen, in state muddy, it seems is and on a ladder - look inside! - editor's note) Then I developed it, she rested about a handrail, the hand I began to send a dick to her pussy, with small work it nevertheless entered, in her was so hot and close, I began to move in her, it was pleasant to her, I caressed her breasts and the second hand the pussy, so proceeded long enough and I imperceptibly removed condom and here then I felt that that I became a man, then I felt fully her very narrow flesh. She felt it too and tried to escape, being afraid that I will terminate in her, but I quickly calmed her. I began to accelerate, she began to groan more loudly, I was afraid that she will wake neighbors and closed her a mouth the hand. Lena right there took my two fingers in a mouth and began them to suck greedy, I was surprised, but didn't take away fingers, I felt that it receives a big high from these actions, it proceeded still some time and I understood that it can't terminate and I was tired. I left it slightly departed, and it and remained to stand in the same situation, it is seen I tried to recover the breath. And only when I saw her shaved pussy from outside, I terribly wanted to caress it and just that it terminated. I approached it behind and began a hand to masturbate her, then quietly kneelt, continuing to masturbate thrust her two fingers into a crack and began to caress her language, she moaned more, in about five minutes shook it a little and she became soft, probably it and there was her orgasm. I sat down on steps and began to look at her, she raised the head, on her face there was a pleasure, eyes burned, then she saw my standing dick, having a little bitten a lower lip, told that she wants too that I terminated, but she never sucked how many she didn't try to incline to it. Then she nevertheless approached me, squated, long looked at my dick, caressed it, then came very close to it, I felt her hot breath, was heard as her heart fights. At first she licked a trunk, then took only a head and began to caress her a uvula holding in lips. I dipped hands into her hair, then slightly pressed on her head and my dick plunged entirely in her mouth, I slightly helped it holding her head, and then she also got used it was visible that to her to be pleasant, then she suddenly stopped the dick from a mouth took out and asked that I didn't cum her in a mouth, and then continued to suck when at last came nearer an ejaculation instant, I quickly took away her head also dodrachit a hand on a wall. On her it was visible that she is happy that I terminated. We fast put on went down, went outside, I went to take her home. We went holding hands and were silent, everyone thought of the, by the way I so to her also didn't admit that I was a virgin, thought that at other case, in other time. And time another didn't come because she went in other city to study more we didn't see her, so SMS of times a year for birthday, well is fine, it doesn't matter, the main thing that both of us know that that night was the best in life and such isn't present any more and won't be... If it isn't difficult, vote... To all someone this subject or my story is interesting, write: Rulezzz-surgut@rambler. I Will answer with ru to all... is it too late to start dating at 40 date ideas no money site mapMain Page