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My name is Ira and I am married already eight years. We with the husband have no children yet therefore we enjoy with each other. I love very much the husband, and he me. And still, from time to time there are thoughts of that, kind of I felt in a bed with other man? The matter is that my husband was at me the first and only sexual partner, he is very passionate and ardent lover and to me it is good with him. I just go crazy when he begins to make horney slowly my body, forcing to lose the head from pleasure. But today I will tell you about that case which happened to me a month ago and forced my consciousness to turn over. We do repair in the apartment and we are helped by the friend of the family — Seryozha. He is one year younger than my husband, married and he has an eight-year-old daughter. His wife my schoolmate and the girlfriend therefore we often families walk, we celebrate holidays and we organize parties. Well and so, I will return to that case of which I wanted to tell. The husband was at work, and I was at home as Seryozha had to fix a framework to a ceiling. Since the morning he worked, and I helped on a trifle: I gave tools, I did coffee, I prepared easy having a snack. During the lunchtime we came to a balcony to smoke and drink coffee. Stirred about everything and about anything, laughed and joked. And here at some point I caught myself on a thought that now I would like that Serega kissed me. I right there straightened out myself for nonsenses and laughed, having made Seregu silent. He attentively looked at me and having suddenly given a hand, ran a thumb over my lower lip. I instantly trembled, having felt the run shiver on a body. And he drew near me closer so meanwhile that I was pressed to a balcony parapet. — That... what are you doing? — I whispered, having felt heat of his body and understanding that his smell made me conceited. — I want you... — simply and laconically he said and I saw the inflaming flame in his dark eyes. My thoughts began to be confused and be stirred: one part me shouted that I ran from him, so I love the husband, and another — whispered more and stronger that it would be interesting to have sex with him. — We... we can't... not... — but he didn't allow me to finish speaking and his lips covered mine, and his warm and rough language got into my mouth and about persistence began to caress my language. I felt his tart taste, taste of cigarettes and coffee and it began to bring me. I with ardency answered his kiss though the remains of reason tried to stop me, but when his palms with a force squeezed my boobies, I was completely dissolved in feelings, new to myself. — Mm, darling... — his hands began to rumple roughly my body, but it was pleasant to me. I didn't expect that such quiet Seryozha suddenly was such exacting and persistent. His lips went down to my neck, he slightly bit my skin, and hands squeezed my hips, pressing me to the body, letting know that he was outright made horney. — Seryozha... I... — but he only pressed me to himself more densely and again stuck on my mouth rigid we will kiss. Our breath got off, hearts without restraint beat, and hands with ardency caressed each other bodies. Here his fingers began to potter with a belt of my dressing gown and having jerked him, he opened floors and now his hot palms covered my breasts and began to finger the hardened nipples. I cast away the head and moaned when he persistently pulled them and twisted. Then he inclined the head and took the right nipple in a mouth, tormenting him with language and teeth, and him thin tapes on my panties gave a free hand meanwhile and now persistently caressed his fingers and caressed my clitoris. I was curved towards to his hand, demanding bigger and he right there obeyed to me, having slipped a middle finger in my pussy expiring from desire. Seryozha began to caress the second nipple while his fingers were active between my legs. I groaned each time more loudly and more loudly, feeling inflow of incredible pleasure, curved a back and raised hips that his fingers got even more deeply. — Seryozha... oh... yes... yes... Seryozha — I as if delirious begged him about something bigger and his horney dick through trousers began to rumple. He deeply began to breathe and here his lips took control of mine again, and his fingers rhythmically moved, forcing me to shiver and be shaken from desire. During the next instant he released the giant on will and I was a little frightened to the presented sizes of his dick. With indecision I clasped him with a hand and began to caress slowly. — Uumm... clear head... here so... well... — both of us closed eyes, continuing to attack seminude bodies of each other. Now was to spit on everything: on the fact that neighbors and passersby (our apartment on the fourth floor) could see us, that I was married, and he is married, on how cold wind cooled our excited and moist bodies. During this instant there were only we... — I... I... holy Christ... I won't sustain any more... — I moaned to him in a shoulder when his fingers slipped out my pining pussy. But Seryozha right there raised me and having pressed to a parapet, one push entered me. During the first instant I felt unpleasant pain as my husband had a dick much less therefore my pussy wasn't adapted for the big size yet. He made one more attack and it became easier for me, and then at all cool when his tool became active and with a force to hollow my pussy. I cast away the head and loudly cried out when he began to increase the pace, holding my hips and pressing to a protection. — Aaaaa... уууууу... — only also I could groan, biting a lip and losing the head from the rolled orgasm. — Ira... Ira... Ira... — he growled to me in reply, without reducing speed, forcing me it is already simple to shout from pleasure. And here the bright flash broke out before eyes and I rose on the seventh sky with happiness and a high, spread over my body with waves. Still the instant and Sergey violently terminated directly in me, having stuck an impatient kiss into my mouth, having muffled my next shout. For a long time we and stood on a balcony, panting and kissing, having forgotten about everything, the voice of the aged neighbor wasn't heard yet: — Also it isn't a shame to you?!? In broad daylight! Moreover in such look! And what it is created, people kind? Any more also don't hide anything!!! We loudly laughed loudly and ran out to the bedroom where Seryozha at once tumbled down me on a bed and having widely spread my legs, began to lick my overexcited pussy, having forced me to begin to flow from desire again. I started fingers in his head of hear and pulled his head up. Our lips merged and I felt the and his taste. Then he smiled and the fast movement turned over so that his dick was near my person, and his head nestled on my pussy. (Especially for) I playfully I licked a uvula his head and it made the movement hips, stimulating me to take a dick in a mouth. I slightly opened the mouth and involved his tool, slightly biting and sucking it while fingers I played with his balls. Seryozha accelerated and now his language got into my bosom. I not often practiced this pose with the husband as it not absolutely was pleasant to me, but now to me it was very good, especially when fingers also joined his language. — Mmmm, take me... — I didn't sustain the next torture and I began to beg him. He right there obeyed and having turned me on a stomach, forced to the knees and entered me. I moaned as his size was still unusual to me, but then to me it became very good and here I already sent hips to it towards, demanding that he entered me till the end. He something growled and slapped me in buttocks from what I screamed and itself accelerated. Sergey sharply turned me on a back and having thrown my legs to himself on shoulders, became is unceasing to hollow my pussy, didn't terminate yet and with noise was tumbled down on me. — You miracle... — he whispered, having removed a wet lock from my forehead, and I gave smacking kiss to him in a nose and smiled. — And I also didn't think that you are such... — What?! — Nuuuu... clockwork such, such passionate... — Ha, I hope, the darling, it was pleasant to you? — he gently kissed me and stroked on a stomach. — Still... Unexpectedly the phone call sounded and number of the husband was highlighted. I reddened and ran out to other room, having pressed the button "accept a call": — Hi, hare! how are you doing? how there repair? — Эээ... hi... everything is good... — Well it is healthy, I just already go, I will be in fifteen minutes, I kiss... — and he was disconnected, and I as scalded stood and looked in phone, having just now realized that changed the beloved husband. Seryozha who is already dressed and brushed entered and having approached me, embraced me, having understood that this minute eclipse ended, and probably, will never repeat is exclusively dating a relationship html date with placeholder site mapMain Page