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I will begin with the description - actually all as at people: mother, the father, the sister (Alina) and I am (Mishan). So strange it developed that my parents don't understand the electronic equipment at all, mother can potter for hours with a DVD player and not include the movie. The father hardly understands the mobile phone, can grumble for hours on small buttons as he one pressing presses at once a little therefore a set of the phone number drags on for some time, and time it depends on dexterity and good luck. We with the sister were brightly allocated on this background therefore constantly spent time together. She was 5 years more senior, taught me to much, from "diapers" put me for Linux (for what eternal thanks to her because мастдай I saw only at school and no more than 2 hours a week), gave to use the majority of the books on programming. We were very attached to each other, quite often stayed nights behind the Internet or some toy. I always thought that she will be to me a friend to whom I can consult at the right time; in principle and was till a certain moment. All began when to me was 17, and Alina 22. I finished the 11th class and thought to go to some prestigious UNIVERSITY from another town. A fair hair, brown eyes, a thin constitution - the ordinary guy what there is a lot of. Alina this year just finished training as "economist" and planned to get a job in some bank, the benefit of communication were. We with Alina had no secrets from each other: she knew that I still had no one girl, I in turn had an idea of the number of her guys. It should be noted that the last was rather big: short dark hair, swarty skin, brown eyes, a model figure - all this attracted neighboring males to Alina. She skillfully played with them, admitting close only those someone were pleasant to her and had not only money, but also brains in a stock. Life took its course up to one day... Part 1 all Began in the spring, in usual April day. Parents were in a night shift, the sister just left on a party, and I sat down at her computer and began to select the password. Alina very much cared about we wash education and therefore in every possible way I limited my stay in the Internet, access of my computer was provided via the proxy server on the Alinkiny computer, and the ravine she in details looked through all. At this time of night having felt the need for some websites, I unsuccessfully tried to pick up the password minutes 30 (earlier I did it and I knew that the password is always the name and a surname of the girlfriend Alina. I don't know why to her such passwords, can specially I put; unfortunately, she often changed passwords and I had to shovel all lists anew, all fruits of my efforts were written down in a notebook, there were all names of girlfriends which stood in passwords). I already touched all names and began to look through her notebook in hope to find new records, couple of names were picked up from there, unfortunately, they didn't approach, but in a notebook I brought them. Still a couple of minutes having stupidly sat in front of the screen with the console, I decided to leave to the room and to rummage in pornography stocks. I already wanted to suppress the car as the call by phone was distributed. "Probably, Alinka, can ask the password? Perhaps I will persuade, service for service or something like that", - I thought. - "All the same it is necessary to work on a situation". In the dark hardly I reached phone, having beaten off the right leg about a jamb and having crashed in-headed into a sconce near phone. I pick up the phone and I hear a party sound. - Hallo, - through the teeth gritted from pain I filtered. - Hallo, and Alina it is possible? - the fervent female voice answered in a tube. As the voice of the girl was unfamiliar, and she asked Alina, me, I grinned, the destiny provided one more chance of breaking of the password. - And someone asks it? - with affected suspicion I asked. - Yulya, I invited Alina to Birthday, - the girl quietly answered. - And why you are interested? I got up courage and went directly: - You see I received instructions from Alina not to "scorch" her therefore I have to answer differently depending on the one someone calls. Call, - I continued, being shocked from the impudence, - please, the name and a surname, and depending on these data I will tell that she does: sleeps, takes a shower or something else. I tried to speak as it is possible more seriously, but throughout my monologue I was scolded for some reason by laughter. But the girl, it seems, took everything in all good faith: - I am Yulya Bystrova. - So, now I will define your accessory at one of groups, - I vigorously answered and itself at this time quickly I wrote down her name on piece of paper. - So, Alina left about 10 minutes ago, probably will be brought up soon so wait. - Thanks, good-bye. - Good-bye, - I blurted out, hung up and rushed off to the room of the sister, on the way having again touched a jamb. The comedy which is brilliantly played by me at phone didn't pass in vain, the password approached and now I had access to the intimate websites. In general masturbation to me not to liking but to find the girl to fuck, at 2 o'clock in the morning quite difficult especially as and in the afternoon day it was impossible to me. In a couple of minutes of surfing the necessary resource was found. Satisfied and happy I decided to merge couple of muvik for emergency. I who is carried away by this business didn't notice how 3 hours rushed. At this time the sister came, she quite often came at night therefore all actions were perfected to perfection: she quietly opened the lock, and with the ease inherent, perhaps, only in asassina, she slipped to the room, having safely rounded an artful jamb. I noticed her only at a door, there was already late something to switch off, let she was also drunk, but to notice that I sit in front of the included computer, and on the monitor the pornushny website, she quite could. I had already a presentiment of a serious conversation with the sister therefore began to invent quickly possible options of succession of events, in such situations the human brain quickly enough thinks, but nothing sensible came to mind. - Again porno? Oh, how to disaccustom you to it? - cheerfully the sister asked, being obviously tipsy. - It is a rhetorical question, all male individuals are interested in contemplation of sexual intercourses, - I said it as it is possible more slowly as the porno wanted to be downloaded. - Be brief quicker and exempt from the clever judgments, - with a smile the sister then she flopped dressed on a bed spoke. - Alyn, wait a couple of minutes, I will download and on a computer to myself I will throw, - I tried as it is possible to say more softly and more gently I. - Eh we also potusit, - with laughter the sister blurted out, then I looked at me. - I will allow you to download a porno, and you me will put to bed, and that I was tired strongly. - Not the question, - with a smile answered I, - anything for the "kind" sister. Having approached a bed, I began to pull together from it boots, then a leather jacket. She lay blindly across a sofa in trousers and somebody similarity whether blouses, whether shirts (I don't rummage in a women's clothing). Having undone buttons of this hogwash (nedopererubashka), to my look her breast in a black lacy bra opened. Here in the head as the lightning struck, was it seems that I already found some other view of the world. I for the first time saw Alina such: the beautiful long-haired girl with a great figure. A beautiful breast 3 sizes, something I didn't notice earlier when I managed such to grow. I removed similarity of a shirt and was accepted to trousers, undid a button and a lightning. "Pants too black, likely setovy (from one set)" - I thought. Here any RPG with a setovy ekvip were remembered, and I somehow abstractedly pulled for trouser-legs. Under a gorgeous crash of seams of trousers I was pushed to the floor. "Here it is female physiology, a bum more widely than it is necessary, at boys it is simpler and simpler, now to me and for trousers will get". In the head thoughts crowded, but most of all crashed: "female physiology" and "bum". Trying to drive away these thoughts, I approached a bed again. "Likely already I fell asleep, I tore trousers to her, and she won't stir", - I with relief sighed, - "I will tell that I at a party tore or on the way home". Here in the head began to get out the pornographic thoughts which are driven away by unexpected arrival of the sister in online. Interestingly, and she in a brassiere sleeps or not? "To remove perhaps. The excuse is", - without thinking twice over it, I pushed a hand under Alina and began to look for a brassiere fastener to the touch. Having a little tinkered, I undid a lock and with feeling actually of triumph I is careful, having raised Aline of a hand, pulled down a bra. Her naked breast exactly rose and fell to a step to breath. I shy gave a hand to a breast, gently clasped and began to rumple slowly, gradually increasing speed. Then I clasped with two fingers of nipples and I began to turn it slightly. - Perhaps you adjust radio? - quietly with a smile the sister asked. My jaw slowly, with a silent scratch spread down. I stood waiting. - Didn't you lay me? Maybe in vain I counted upon you. - I just don't know in what you sleep and in what look. - The second from below, - Alinka told and pointed to a case. I approached a case and removed a door, all regiments were filled with clothes, I stared at the second from below. - Beige, translucent - I Found it seems, - with these words I approached Alina and stretched a shirt, then looked at a computer. - Here it was downloaded, I will pump over to myself and all now. - Before you the half-naked girl, and you cling to a pornography, - the same playful smile hung on her face, she pulled a shirt, took off pants and approached me. - Really translucent, - flew at me in the head. - At you as with girls? - Itself you know in any way. - Therefore you decided to have the little sister? - she brought a hand to my perineum and the dick stroked. He instantly reacted to Alina's touches - I physically experienced process of his vzbukhivaniye and increase in a size. - It from a porno the strut remained with you or I am involved in it too? Here I didn't expect such question in any way, and deeply thought. Alina continued to caress my dick meanwhile, and each her touch was reflected start of my body. Couple more of such strokings and I would terminate in trousers. - Generally you are involved, - I a little bashfully filtered. In the opinion of Alinki the lust and passion flashed. - Today I will help, and we will look further, - she playfully said, kneeling. Alinka undid a fly and pulled out my dick, I felt her hot breath. She licked a head, and then zaglotnut, began to play slowly with him a uvula and to suck. At first she clasped a dick not completely, only a head, accurately a lizha her with the uvula. Then she took my dick in a hand and thrust it into a mouth practically on the full size. From within the giving smacking kiss and sucking sounds were distributed, and I felt so as if now I will receive the best orgasm in the life. I didn't sustain and moaned. Alina, without continuing to suck, I grinned, and here I paid attention that she rubs at herself between legs a free hand meanwhile. I so many time observed a similar scene in numerous pornofilms, however from observation of it personally I felt sharp dryness in a mouth. Meanwhile Alina sharply accelerated a posasyvaniye, and I understood that I can't resist such care any more. "Alyn, I will terminate now", - quiet whisper I notified the sister. I tried to pull out the dick from her mouth, but she held him and continued to suck. After couple of frictions I lowered her in a mouth. She swallowed almost all, only a small part rolled down at her from lips on a chin. She took out the become soft dick from a mouth, raised eyes up and lewdly smiled. - Now your turn, - Alinka approached a bed, laid down on her, having widely placed legs. Under dim lighting of the monitor I saw her pussy all damp from allocations. The sister ran a hand over a perineum, and then moved apart sponges. Out of a stupor I was brought by her pleasant voice: "And you will stand there? Go to me. Show what your uvula is capable of". My knowledge of a cunnilingus were extremely small, but I couldn't leave the sister in such situation. I slowly approached a bed, banishing in a brain that from me is required, and bent to the sister's perineum. In a nose I struck the pleasant intoxicating aroma, I began to lick lips, then passed to a clitoris. I remembered how Alina sucked my dick, and tried to act on the same sample: at first slow, slow movements by language, and then their gradual acceleration. On Alina's groans I understood that she obviously doesn't mind such tactics. I diligently twirled by language, caressing her clitoris, and already gradually began to become stupid from the allocated smell. For an instant I tore off the head to inhale fresh air, but Alinka took me for hair and densely pressed to the bosom. Feeling a lack of oxygen, I began to make much faster movements. In a minute I felt as the sister's muscles sharply strained, I continued to lick. Alina's body was sharply bent, and she terminated. - Not bad, - Alinka playfully told, then I looked at my sticking-out dick. - Well, the pornveda, I am familiar with a pose 69? - Yes, - I answered with suddenly dried up throat. - Lay down, - the sister told and pointed to a bed. We laid down on a bed, and the sister began to suck greedy my dick, swallowing it honor to the basis. I licked her perineum. Change of a position didn't affect for nothing - now it was much more convenient to me to reach her erogenous zones, and I physically felt how she shivers and groans over me. My dick also didn't lag behind, shaking from excitement in captivity of lips and to Alina's language. In a couple of minutes we sharply accelerated and terminated. I and Alinka 5 lay down minutes then I got up, made to the sister a bed and put her to bed. Later I approached a computer, on the monitor in a window of loadings full progressbara and near the inscription "100%" flaunted. "Slavnenko, tomorrow to myself on a computer I will throw", - I then I went to the room thought. I quickly undressed and went to bed also began to think what tomorrow to tell Alinke not to look the last swine who is capable to use minute turbidity of the sister. I a huyeva carried out a cloud of time to thoughts, planning as I could get out then quietly I fell asleep (as practice showed, more better I would have a sleep, what I planned and near the event didn't stand).... Next day I woke up early (actually, as well as always), waited so far ancestors srulit for work (then it was necessary to me to the 3 or 4 lesson, and Alinka wasn't able to go somewhere so we remained together). I, having pulled trousers and having taken empty DVD-R, I directed to the room of the sister. About a door I stopped and decided to knock. In reply I heard some low and the inarticulate speech. "Probably it is possible to enter", - I thought and opened a door. Alinka lay on a bed, having completely covered with a blanket, I slowly entered and began to include a computer. - Alyn, I movies downloaded yesterday... - softly I began, but the sister passed to business at once: - Yes you not only movies downloaded yesterday. I didn't want to pass to this subject therefore decided to replace it imperceptibly so early. - The hangover hollows, the head or a stomach hurts? Can bring tablets. - From the head bring something. "Axe!", - I thought, but went for tablets. Having gathered necessary medicines and having poured a glass of water, I approached the sister's bed. - Alyn, vylazy, - quietly and lingeringly I told. From under a blanket the hand in which I put tablets then the hand crept under a blanket again crept out, I put a glass on a bedside table near a bed and left. To speak with her now it was useless therefore I decided to talk to her later. At a door I was called it by a voice. - Mishan, listen, today ancestors go to the dacha, I want to invite girlfriends, a small party in a female circle. "A female circle to what such hints, could just tell", - rushed at me in the head. - In what hours shouldn't I be? - With 17 on 22, then we will be considered to kaknit. Right there I had thoughts, how exactly she will reckon with me therefore I agreed. Then I went to school. There all was as always - boring dreary lessons which I hardly stayed. After school I went home in hope to talk to the sister, but her didn't find the house. It was necessary to eat, ring round fast friends, to tell that today I treat and we walk up to 22 then to go to walk. The party differed in nothing from a great number of others: beer, a talk, jokes, and then I joyful and become tipsy went home. Having opened an apartment door, I heard female voices. They didn't finish yet, but to spend time on the street and to wait so far all will disperse, I had no desire. Having envied then assassinsky dexterity of the sister, I tried to slip by a door to the living room. - Mishanchik... Popalili, - I thought, I leaned out because of a wall and having collected all the charm on a face (I don't know how it looked) told: "I listen to you". - Drink with us, - one of Alina's girlfriends, a certain Katya told. I looked at the sister, it was difficult to determine by her face which swam away a drunk smile that it expresses consent or something other. - With pleasure, little girls. And what to a pieta? - Vodka. To Kat, pour to him the penalty area. Generally, we not bad sat, jokes from me flowed like water therefore it was cheerful. After a long feast of the girlfriend went home, and I decided to talk to the sister about yesterday's and about how she will reckon with me. I came into Alinki's room, it stood at a case to me a back and changed clothes. Without turning around, Alina began a conversation - You normally get on with little girls, would part somebody, it is more pleasant likely, than with the sister. - Here, by the way, I about it also wanted to talk. - Into the account of that with someone it is more pleasant? With the sister or someone another? - the sister laughed the matter off. I estimated a joke, but wanted to talk seriously. - Into the account of what we did yesterday. - Don't hope that I will constantly satisfy you, - the sister seriously told. I didn't expect such answer, thoughts in the head bunched, I couldn't tell what normally. I approached the sister. - Alyn, pancake, I not about satisfaction. The sister turned to me, approached me almost closely, extended hands and put them to me on shoulders. - I looked at a porno which you downloaded yesterday. Do you like bolshegrudy girls? I absolutely was taken aback. From her half-closed nakedness I began to be made horney. Alinka looked at my trousers and smiled then she clung to me lips. I gently embraced her. We played with Alina uvulas and bit each other lips, I so didn't want to move away from her. I already chucked in that she is my sister and that wanted to talk about our mistake. - And you not bad kiss, - the sister told, licking herself lips. - Well so I am not a full loser. - You remember, I said that I will reckon with you, and so I will reckon with you right now. Alina pushed me on a bed, quickly undressed, then threw off from herself a shirt and stretched to a bedside table, took a pack of condoms and threw to me. - It was necessary to buy, put on quicker. I pulled out gondy and stared in the instruction, then got on it on a dick. - Take the others to yourself, they are more necessary to you. With these words of Alyn laid down on me and I began to kiss me, having clasped with one hand my head. Another meanwhile she took my dick in a hand. Having come off a kiss, she jerked off my dick a little and then sent him to the bosom. - And you have a quite good size. I wanted to answer something, but under the fountain of the gushed feelings couldn't utter also a word. Instead I bent over her and began to move slowly to and fro. Alina clasped me with both hands and quietly moaned, and I kissed and rumpled her breasts. Some time we continued such speed, then Alina was removed from me, the dick pulled out, and got up dog-fashion. "Really she wants so?" - I thought. Having approached her behind, I accurately entered a dick into her and began to move quickly. Alina moaned, gradually groans developed into quiet shouts, I decided to accelerate and in a couple of minutes began to cum, continuing to hollow her a vagina. "And she when will terminate that, I rather got a bit tired", - I thought, but her orgasm didn't keep itself waiting long. She made lingering slightly loud sound of satisfaction, turned, removed from me condom and the dick took in a mouth, carefully I licked him, got stuck gondy and left the room. - I in a shower and to sleep. - And I, perhaps, to sleep at once. Happy with the incident, I was chopped off in 5 minutes. In the morning I was woken by the sister, she stood near my bed in one shirt. - Get up the sleepyhead, the breakfast runs cold. We sat in the kitchen which is filled in with morning light, through easy tulle at a window streamed light and strove to get into an eye. Pulling the head and squinting, I vainly tried to get a fork to the breakfast. - Alyn, and when parents come? - with the filled mouth I decided to dilute our silence. It turned out illegibly, but she seems I understood. - In the evening, hours in 8. - So it at us plenty of time. Whole, - with these words I stared for hours and began to remember arithmetics. - The whole 11 hours, - I added after a while. - At "us"? And on what this time at "us"? - the sister with astonishment looked at me. - Well on... it... on... - I began to show hands (I stuck with a forefinger into the ring formed index and a thumb on other hand), without having managed to show all up to the end. Alina extended a hand to my nose, and clenched a fist, having shown me a fig. - Here, - abruptly and quickly she told. - I agreed with little girls today to walk. - Yes I planned nothing of that kind. - Well of course, and what you here hands showed? - cold the sister asked. - You just not so understood all... - I faltered and tried to remember what my actions by hands could resemble. - Mish, you didn't warn me, and I agreed with little girls long ago, - the chill was gone from her voice, and now it sounded a regret. - At you the spirit amazingly quickly changes. - Yes, probably, - the sister smiled and went to the room. "Probably it is a delicate hint", - I thought, having looked at the mountain of dirty ware. Having finished with ware, I went to myself to the room. Having included a computer, I got to read something. In a couple of minutes the sister who is already dressed and ready to the next party entered. She approached me behind and embraced. - And I thought, you watch a porno, were afraid to prevent, suddenly you still will rape me, - the sister playfully said. - As though I was an initiator of "those cases", - with a smile I answered. - Do you go somewhere today? - as between times I asked Alyn. - No, on days off a her someone you will collect and tomorrow Monday. - Well then we with girlfriends probably here will come, and that you will die from boredom, - having given a flick to me, the sister told. - I am in every possible way grateful for care, - I ironically answered. To listen to women's squeal and a laughter behind the back was obviously not in my plans for a week-end. - I don't like your clever words, - Alina whimsically stretched. - So our ancestors talked, - is gloomy I answered. - To dinosaurs perhaps? - Alina giggled. - Not, later, - I answered. Having convinced that the conversation came to naught, Alina departed from me: - Well, so far, I went. - The dick those in an ass what would reach, - barely audible with a jeer was said by me. Having looked out of a doorway, the sister put out the tongue at me and whispered: - I don't love an anal. "Likely too loudly I told", - I thought and I buried in the monitor. Time passed slowly, even too. Having tried couple of time killers, I came to a conclusion that I from them pound today any, and decided to make lessons. Having approached a desk, I right there departed. "In time released", - I laughed about myself and I laid down on a bed. In the head two last nights emerged, I thought and went to imaginations, probably even fell asleep. I regained consciousness from the fact that I heard loud female voices. Here the door opened and Alina with some unfamiliar girl entered. My attention was riveted by her: a fair hair to shoulders, a breast 2 sizes, wide hips. "Here about such I hundred poods won't take off trousers", - flew at me in the head. - I see, you aren't going to get up, - at last the sister started talking. - Get acquainted, this is Yulya Bystrova. Then I turned to Yulya: "Yulya, is Mischa, my younger brother". Yulya grinned: - And we are already familiar, yesterday spoke by phone. So what group of girlfriends of Alina I treat, Mish? Alina puzzly looked at me, and I at once hurried to transfer a conversation to another: - You what was drunk? Or you have such spirits? - wrinkling a nose from a smell, I told girls. Yulya got a cellophane package in which the grass lay. - It with us the fellow student paid for the help, - through laughter the sister told. Yulya laughed too. - And what ridiculous? Or it you from a grass? - I asked. They told me a story of "the help to the classmate", probably she was really funny, but only they told in eager rivalry, serially or together loudly laughing so I understood nothing, but decided not to ask again. - Turn on the music some suitable, - I asked Alyn. I approached a computer, порыскав a couple of minutes, included a reggae and went to girls who conveniently settled down on my bed and twisted jambs. - Will you be? - Yulka asked. - No, I will stand slobbers to let, - I stupidly joked, but for some reason this joke made stunning success, and I had 5 to bring minutes them round. I smoked a grass the first time therefore I plentifully coughed. To me advised to get used, make затяг more. After pretty long zatyag, on we wash the person tears acted. Having loudly coughed and ругнувшись a mat, I was bent and drew near Yulka, lifted up her a t-shirt and began to wipe the eye. - A couple of minutes we are familiar, and already undress, - Yulka then she laughed told. I had to wipe the second eye about Alinka. Having smoked couple of ships and having plentifully laughed, we decided to make something ridiculous (I don't remember that we then made ridiculous and whether to us it was ridiculous, but it was difficult to wash kitchen from the pasta scattered on all walls). Strongly then torknut me, and I could remember nothing, and now especially. I regained consciousness on a bed, from the fact that someone strenuously tried to undress me. I opened eyes, but was still dark. Someone stood nearby, twisted to me hands and tried to take off from me a t-shirt. Having heard Yulkin a mat, I decided to take an interest in the purpose of her visit. - Yul, you what you create? - I take off a t-shirt from you, - she answered with the out of breath voice. - You didn't see it yet how I from the sister took off trousers, - I began to speak and I stopped short. "I am scorched" - rushed in the head. "I today too talkative" - And long ago you remove something? - I continued. - Mlya and help perhaps, I here ten take a steam bath minutes, - with laughter Yulka spoke. I helped Yulka to take off from me a t-shirt, bright light struck in eyes. Having woken up, I noticed that Yulka naked. - Could take any t-shirt optional that that on me, I have them much, - I told, stretching it a t-shirt, fondly believing that she will put on. Yulka cast away me on a bed and began to pull together trousers and pants. - And trousers that mine to you what for? - I asked. Yulya took my hand and brought her to the perineum. "Wet" - rushed at me in the head. - It is clear - with a smile upon the face I told. I helped it with it, and then bent to it and kissed on a mouth. It in reply kneelt and took my dick to itself in a mouth. I felt differences at once from that blowjob which to me was done by Alina: the sister began gradually, subsequently accelerating, Yulya set at once very high rate of stroking of the dick so from postanyvaniye and even vskrikivaniye I couldn't keep. When I felt that I will terminate soon, the dick from her mouth pulled out and put Yulya on a bed. I laid down on her from above, moved apart her wide hips aside and found between them the happy big size the pussy. Having bent, I began to rumple her breast. Yulya lingeringly moaned, meanwhile I other hand groped her clitoris and began to pinch from time to time it and to caress. Yulya from passion squeezed, again unclenched legs, her breasts rose from heavy breath up-down. Having felt, as my heat fell down a little, I bent over her and the dick entered into her vagina a hand. Yulya at once embraced me hands, pressing to herself, and squeezed wide hips, having thrown legs to me for a back, I began to move quickly from her giving. Two-three of minutes we supported such speed, and then I felt that now I will terminate. I didn't manage to tell about it to Yulya as she screamed, I squeezed me legs even stronger, her hands seized to me a back sharp, long nails. At the same moment I terminated, and both of us cried: Yulya from an orgasm, I too from an orgasm and from back pain. Other events to me were told by the sister. Until we peacefully slept, there arrived parents. Nobody, except Alinka, noticed it, she hardly collected the strength and slowly left in a corridor where there were surprised parents. As I was told by the sister: "I at first was surprised to parents, they stood as in kopanny, and then noticed a gorgeous mess in the apartment". Further again according to the sister: - Oh, mothers, fathers something you are early. - Yes we noticed that you didn't wait for us, - with a smile the father spoke. - Here still somewhere my friend has to be, you didn't see her? - As, saw of course, - with a smile the father told. Mother looked at him and nudged. - And clothes she isn't here, - the father quickly added. - And where she? - With Mishka she, let sleeps. Don't disturb, - the father told, going to the room. - Wow, and here you broke nothing. I woke up late then I joined little girls and we continued cleaning. As I was told, the kitchen was dirtied by me therefore they laid up it finally when I wake up. In about two days all of us amicably forgot about this pro-procession, it was easier for me as I and so didn't remember a nikher. In couple of days I began to meet people who from where knew me. As I was told by Alinka, several her fellow students came for something to us and remained on a raskurka. Also I told that about me already legends go. One that I overslept with Yulka another that I am future great culinary specialist as they witnessed that as I suited a mess in kitchen. According to them I cried out formulas and there cooked something, but I trust it a little. Then monotonous days stretched, I and Alina were issued this year therefore were often busy and just stuck out at themselves in rooms with books in hands. Final approached.... Examinations took place extremely successfully. To final there were 2 weeks, and I had successfully a rest. Because of dispersion of examinations it wasn't possible to collect all friends therefore hung out small groups on 3-4 persons. I almost didn't see Alina, she was employed in institute and the majority of our boozes took place at my place. Soon the summer season began and ancestors srulit to the dacha. We with friends began to hang at me almost for days on end. There were 2 days to final. I with friends (2 more persons - Sanek and Anton) sat in the room, peacefully drank cool beer, something was discussed. Through the muffled music and loud laughter of the friends I heard a lyazganye of the door lock. - Alyn, you? - loudly I shouted. - Yes? - not less loudly she answered. - I here with friends so don't undress, - at these words I felt the termination of the drunk conversation flowing before like water. Having turned to friends, I saw their astonished faces. - Yes I noticed what you not one, footwear in the hall increased, - the sister told. - Well you can I thought what at me legs increased. - More better at you what another would increase, - with laughter the sister answered and, judging by a sound, I went to the room. - Did you Zaha tell her not to undress? - I asked Antokh. - On the street of heat. And due to the lack of conditioners, the sister goes half-naked, - I unperturbably answered, but this coolness was saddened by the lit-up eyes of friends. - The fool, you Zaha told, right now her naked would see, it to you all the same, and to us isn't present, - were angry Antokh. - Alinka would finish both of us, you for peeping, and me for an utayeniye, - I blurted out. - Calm down, and that will hear still you, - Sanek interrupted us, then I turned to me and quietly asked. - And you its naked saw? - I tried to turn away at these moments, - probably then my words lacked realism. - You Pizdit, - Anton told. - Before you the cool girl, and you turn away? - She is my sister, - I answered. - Well I spied, че you keep silent, would tell that to us, - Anton blurted out. - Yes he saw, - I told a female voice. We amicably choked, began to cough loudly. At this time the sister passed to the room and sat down on a sofa between Sank and Anton. - You ask more better, it was pleasant to him or not, - with a malicious smile the sister asked. All three stared at me. "It is necessary to depart from gravity, and that will be broken in a trice, and one secret it is less", - I thought and I switched to "Very frivolous and cheerful Mischa". - The forbidden fruit is desired and sweet, - I rhetorically answered. The first Alina understood sense of a phrase and it was lit by a pleased smile. At Sank with Angtuohui it turned out worse, but they decided to continue a conversation not to look fools. - And when and how? - Sanek asked. - Well, if I tell now, then it is more at me it to make it won't turn out, - I told, having hung up a mysterious grin on the person. - You say yes, and that I should be covered everywhere, - the sister asked. - If you behave well, then I will tell, - I answered. - Surely, - I told with Alyn's smile. - By the way, from beer stomachs grow, I have a vodka. Will you be? - A stupid question, - we answered with chorus. We spent the rest of evening behind double talks and trite jokes. Alina sat with me in an embrace, having put the head to me on a shoulder (as her I zalapat Antokh), I inhaled aroma of her spirits, and she aroma of my reek of alcohol. When we decided to be brief, Sanek and Anton showed obvious discontent to the fact that they should have left. After the long conversation and a promise that tomorrow I will retell all, they potopat home. - The good comedy I broke, I also didn't know that you so can keep a situation under control, - with affected admiration the sister told. - And here you are a bad actor, - I joked and began to rake our glade. - Did you why him throw such reason for imaginations? - at last I asked. - I don't want that you were praised by "it", here checked how you will answer. - Do you think, I at you would break up? - I think, you will break up tomorrow. - We argue? - On what? - For one more "night". - First, how you will prove to me? And secondly, it is stupid to argue on what you can and receive so. I received when I wanted. - Something you seldom want, I am much more often. - And someone told you what I will always give you. Selectively. - How I will learn when you want? - I decided to take an interest. - All is simple: you fuck - means, I want, - the sister told and I laughed. - Really simply. Something I didn't guess earlier. Having tidied up the room and having got rid of empty bottles, I, without thinking twice, decided to be washed. Alinka was engaged in something at herself in the room at this time. I included water and got into a bathtub. When the bathtub was filled, I heard a voice of Alinka standing near a door. - Mish, you to wash a back? - And can at once we poyebtsya? - with a sneer I told. - Slightly open a door, - in a voice slight desire something to me was heard to tear off. - What for? - I will show a fig to you. - Not, it isn't necessary, I saw already. - Such isn't present. - She that special? - It is unique. - Allow to take an interest in aspects of its uniqueness - the Direction of flight in your impudent ugly face. I kept silent a little, and then told: - Not, Alyn, I will be washed. - All the same you will see my fig. - I never doubted your commitment. Without having found what to answer, Alina went to the room. I slowly washed, trying to think up as to me to get out. Nothing is normal didn't come to mind, I decided to dodge myself that it was just the joke which didn't have under itself sexual intentions. Having wound a lower body in a towel, I went to the room of the sister. Alina, lying on a bed, having seen me, she gave a hand in my party and beckoned a finger. - Take me, - by a gentle voice the sister told. With a happy mine on a face I extended a hand and showed a fig. - My fig isn't so unique, but it has pluses too. Having not for long looked at me, it turned over on other side and breathed heavily. - Em... Alyn, I it... I joked, - I hesitated. - It like a hint on your behavior. In reply I heard loud artificial snore. - Pancake, Alyn why when you show a fig to me, I don't put on an act. And when I will make something, to so come to behold your awful gift of the actor. - Because you are a guy, and I am a girl. - I also your brother. - Do you think I has to consider also this factor? "If considers, then to me not to see sex as clean socks", - I thought. - You are silent? Really the venomous uvula swallowed? - I shorthand possible options of development of further events. - What percent of the events leading to sex? - Percent 20. - Bad at you in the head the woman's simulator. - Why? - I didn't consider something. - Well and that, speak, I will count probability. - I want... - Yes, I missed this moment. The sister turned to me. I stood wet, wrapped up only by a towel, from hair water gradually dripped, and I formed a pool on a carpet. - Be wiped and climb. I accurately and slowly began to be wiped. Alina, cunning glancing at me, meanwhile I thrust a hand under the panties and I began to stroke there accurately. From excitement at me at once dried up in a throat, I quickly carried out by a towel on hair and approached her. Kissing, I immediately exempted her from all clothes which were. I fastened condom and was going to lay down from above, however Alina quickly slipped out me and a little push overturned me on a back. Having kissed me on a mouth and having gradually gone down to a stomach. Then she took my dick, stood up and sat down on it. "Jumped", - she grinned. It to me was for the first time: if earlier I could regulate speed, then now all was assigned to the sister, and it must be said, she didn't pump up, from the very beginning quickly shaking on me. I clasped with both hands of her hip and, as bewitched, looked at the jumping Alina's boobies. Without having kept, I seized them, and began to rumple. Meanwhile sex it began to be accelerated more and more. Alina, having overtired, I began to moan from passion, but to an orgasm - both her, and mine - it was still far. Suddenly she sharply slowed down, and I understood that she was tired. Having passed hands under her hips, I one dexterous movement turned us so it appeared from above, and all this without taking out a dick. The sister poorly smiled, and I at once set super-fast speed. Both of us are zapykhtel, and in half-minute terminated. I woke up before noon. In my embraces the sister peacefully continued to sleep, her gentle breast touched my body that brought me into indescribable excitement. However the terrifying headache of slikhvy suppressed any excitement. Having got on pants, I got up, covered Alina with a blanket and went to kitchen. Without having found in the mineral water refrigerator, I ran in the nearest shop. Having come back home, I was engaged in preparation of a breakfast. I prepare not so, but knowing "punctuality" of the sister, I decided not to die with hunger. Having safely had breakfast and having taken medicines, I took seat more conveniently on a kitchen corner and stared in a window, expecting action of tablets. In a window life dimensionally flowed. - Other world is direct, - I heard a voice of the sister who following my example too I looked out of the window. - Life flows the river, and we with a hangover, all the same, here that the dead. - Yes, it is truly noticed - I told and slowly I turned to the sister. - We have Che from "to drink"? - Mineral water in the refrigerator. - Perfectly. - When today do parents come? - And horse-radish knows them, but likely will be soon. - It is good that they didn't find us in a bed, and тоб the fucking disaster to us was. - Even at a hangover the brain well works for you, would think up in a trice an excuse. - Probably, Lang I will go I will tidy up all in an acceptable look. - I told and I left kitchen. Without thinking twice, the sister joined me. Cleaning consisted in mass opening of windows and airing of rooms then we fast vacuumed and sat down in front of the TV. - At you tomorrow final, I for you worry - there began the sister. - Because of what? - I saw you drunk. Soul of the company and all your little girls. Kind of you weren't broken off there. - with a smile the sister answered. - I only in the small companies such, and there 60 people will be. - Well so you will break into small small groups all the same. Generally all right, we will close this subject. I here when went to final, mother told me that I wouldn't bring any boys here. Most likely and will tell you most too. - Do you think, I will bring boys? - I laughed. - Well in your case of little girls. - with laughter the sister told. - Don't worry, I hardly to kogonit I will pick up. At these words the lock rustled and the entrance door opened. We quickly dispersed on the different ends of a sofa. - All houses? - the father's voice was heard. - Yes - we answered with chorus. The rest of day passed ordinary and without incident. Next day I was pleased by parents that after an official part final they are taken up on a visit on the uncertain number of days and the sister will watch me. An opportunity to talk to the sister appeared only after an official part. - Alyn, listen, about that not to bring anybody... - Don't conduct more than one girl. Don't drag boys. - Tough rules. - So there are more chances that the girl will give you. - What you careful and if all the same doesn't give? - About me don't forget. - Very careful... - Lang, already ancestors go, кароч ancestors till tomorrow Approached, once again congratulated me on successful leaving school then we with friends went to restaurant where had to pass mega a feast. I have no opportunity to describe a feast as I generally knew all from stories by friends. Generally the central part of a banquet drops out, at the beginning of nothing over interesting was, and at the end of the banquet I began to sober and decided not to be caught up any more. Slowly recovering, I found myself in the company of one girl - Olya. I tried to lift memoirs, but in the head the Terra incognito emerged (Latin). Having decided not to bother, I continued not forced conversation. - Two more hours to stick out here - having looked at the watch, I told. - Yes, it became dullish in the end, gradually all lose ability to the movement. Having quickly seen rooms, I noticed that the majority celebrating already poorly words knitted, at the same time very accurately spilling vodka on glasses and also accurately draining them. Having held a set of a talk on the subjects distracted from a holiday, I decided to invite it to me home. - Do you gather somewhere after the banquet? - Well, I wanted to continue with girlfriends the holiday and a half sleep already at home. And what? - There is an opportunity to together continue a holiday at me. - Interesting the offer and only probably you want not continuation of a banquet. - All of us are identical, only not each of us to seek to embody that he wants. - Do you suggest me to hope for your high level of morals? - Well, it so agrees or not? Olya, having looked round on the parties and having a little thought, it is visible I didn't find alternatives of carrying out morning (already was hour 4) - All right, I persuaded. The holiday approached the end, and we decided to leave a bit earlier. Having bought on the road still vodka and mineral waters, we went to me home. At a door, having rummaged in pockets, I slowly and as it is possible more quietly opened a door. Having come into the apartment I, to the surprise, I saw the light in Alina's room. - Mish, at your home someone is? - Olya asked. - Yes, the sister, but I thought, she sleeps - I answered. - And she doesn't mind? - Olya took an interest. - Alyn, and you what you don't sleep? - quietly I shouted. - Don't disturb, I on raid - was heard from the room of the sister. - Where she? - Olya didn't understand. - She is busy now, and it is unknown when it is released, - I told. - It is clear - with relief Olya said. - Pass on kitchen - I told, specifying a way. We spread out a glade, I got snack. After couple of toasts the sister came to kitchen. - And to you it isn't a lot of vodka? - having looked at a glade, Alina told. - Ha, it is a delicate hint on that to join us? - I asked. - I likely will only disturb, - the sister told. - Why, together more cheerfully, - Olya inserted. - Well then sit down. Olya is my schoolmate. - then having turned to Olya - It Alina is my elder sister. - I told. - Rada to get acquainted - girls answered with time. - Anything that I not at a parade? - the sister asked. It is worth specifying that I was in a jacket, Olya - an evening dress, and Alina - in the short dressing gown which is put on a half-naked body. - To you and it is so good - I joked. - Well then we will lift a toast for acquaintance, - Olya offered. Having fairly caught up, we went to my room. About a door Alinka apologized and told that she will more better go to sleep. I with Olya entered the room. Without thinking twice, I embraced her and kissed. Olya slightly uncertainly moved the lips to mine, and then as if having released itself, stuck into me, having clasped with hands. Kissing, we approached a bed, is provident me sorted in advance, to a campaign on final, and laid down on it. I began to kiss Olya's neck, gradually passing to her breast. Having slightly shifted a dress, I began to kiss one breast, caressed another a free hand. Olya clasped with both hands my head and pressed even more strong to herself. Her breath became frequent, from time to time she sharply exhaled. Having stopped kissing for a while a breast, I one hand lifted up a hem of her dress, and another accurately lowered panties. Olya pulled down from me a jacket and began to undo a shirt. In only several moments we were completely exempted from clothes. I pulled out condom from the pack left by Alina, fastened it and bent over Olya. Having caught her fearful glance, I decided not to hurry and began to kiss slowly her stomach, falling all are lower. When her breath began to become frequent again, I accurately entered the dick into her and for some time left her so. "All is normal?" - I quietly asked. Olya convulsively shook the head, and we began to move slowly. I continued to kiss Olya's breasts and all her body, she only lay, embracing me and panting. Gradually accelerating, I rested both hands against a bed, Olya in reply seized me by a neck. I felt that I will already terminate soon, and darted a glance at Olya. As if having understood me, she sharply moaned and muscles of her vagina clenched around my dick, having caused ejaculation. Having embraced each other, we fell asleep. (I woke up late, was hour 4. Nearby naked Olya lay. Having decided not to awake her, I carefully got up and left the room. The door to Alina's room was closed, but was heard as some sounds from columns of her computer reached. I for some reason strongly wanted to visit her. Without thinking twice, I opened a door. In the room there was Alinka and her girlfriend (earlier I didn't see it). Both of them stared at me. - The whore, Mishan, you though put pants, - with laughter Alinka told. - Oh you shit, - began to fuss I and quickly closed a door. Under sounds of malicious laughter of the sister and her girlfriend I quickly got on pants and went to the room of the sister. - So more better? - I asked coming into the room. - Could also trousers to a heap to put on - still laughing, Alina told. - Actually, I wanted to offer mass opokhmet. - And Olga still sleeps? - Yes, I didn't begin to awake. - You go still toilet make, and I will deal with affairs now and I go to shop. - Lang - told I and left the room. While I took a shower and washed, Alina went to shop, having returned already without girlfriend. - Awake Olya - the sister told, passing on kitchen and covering a glade. I on hands incurred Olya to the bathroom, having a little awakened, I put it under a warm shower, gradually adding cold water. Then I helped her to be wiped and put on. Silently having freshened the nip, we went to the living room and mudflows at the TV. I, without thinking twice, embraced Alina and began her to undress slowly. It is visible euphoria of the removed hangover I didn't pass yet, and it I wasn't resisted. Suddenly I felt on myself a look and, having looked back, saw Olya's eyes, round from surprise. - And you precisely brother and sister? - she asked. Alina, already completely naked, grinned and told: - Well not just like that we together live. - And it is normal? - uncertainly Olya asked. Instead of the answer I stretched to her, clasped with both hands and kissed on a mouth. She a little uncertainly answered my kiss. Meanwhile Alina approached Olya behind and began to undress slowly her, stroking a back. From her touches Olya shuddered and moved to me. I kissed her on a mouth again, and then began to caress language her neck. Alina undid a brassiere on Olya and slowly lowered it. Having finally undressed, we laid down on a carpet near the working TV. Under the muffled speech of leaders of some talk show I accurately raised Olya's body and put her on myself. She, having understood a hint, I groped my dick and I entered him to myself, then I began to move quickly. Meanwhile Alina fell directly by my person and I began to lick her and to caress. Alina's type completely fenced off from me Olya, and I could judge her progress only how I gradually was more and more accelerated movements. According to acceleration I licked at Alina quicker and quicker, bit her clitoris and, having raised both hands, caressed her body from top to down. Suddenly she sharply shuddered, and in a moment terminated. Alina got up and stepped aside, and we with Olya focused the friend on the friend. I, moving the dick, I tried to accelerate more and stronger process, and Olya, in turn, only promoted it. Her breath everything became frequent and as a result, the charter, she fell all over directly by me. I immediately used it, having clasped with both hands her buttocks having stuck on me stronger, and began to operate independently speed, moving her to and fro. Olya for an instant rose on hands over me, however then her forces refused, and she fell to me again. I felt that just about I will already terminate, and sharply pulled Olya on me. She screamed, her hands on my shoulders involuntarily clenched, and I terminated. Olya lay on me, panting. Having accurately raised, I removed her from myself and put on a floor nearby, and itself spread to Alina. Having seen me, she inertly smiled, still panting after an orgasm. I examined her magnificent body: darkish velvet skin, graceful hands, a slender waist, the high, rising breasts with sharp nipples, a strip of hair in a groin. In several seconds I felt that I am again ready to fight, fell by Alina and entered her. She clasped me with hands, and we began to move slowly. It was not such rough sex, as usual - we decently were tired. In 10 minutes I a little bit accelerated, and we at the same time terminated. It is a little оклемавшись from an orgasm, Olya asked: - You precisely native? - Well... - What never saw it? You know what to me know that in the neighboring room the guy forced to amuse himself with a hand though his dick could amuse my mouth sleeps. I want to come to him to the room, to jump in a bed and to leave the body on worry... - the sister squoze the word. - Rather you think "This guy likely again stocked up on a porno and sits looks, let me enter and I will break off" - I cut violence of imagination of the sister. Having a little more chatted and having watched TV, Olya got up and said: - Well it is time for me. I two days of the house wasn't. Having seen off Olya, the sister began a conversation. - Do you really think that I don't wish you at night? - If you wish me every night, then would flood half of the apartment or came to me at night - you Want to tell, I long suffered? - I didn't wait rather. - I told and went to the room to have a rest. In about ten minutes to me the sister came to the room. Her thoughtful look showed that she wants a serious conversation. - You know, Mish, probably, you is right. I lacked patience. I shouldn't have done it. I understood at once in what business. After our first sex I already tried to begin a conversation on this subject, but nothing left, and over time I got used to the events. It seems that all this still concerned Alina. - Well now to think, we will leave everything as it is. - Mish, no! - Alina screamed. The tear slowly rolled down her cheek, reserving a wet path. - It is impossible to leave "it"! You just got used to go down stream! It is necessary to change something, "it" is abnormal! At least for the brother with the sister. - Would think of it earlier, - without having restrained, I blurted out and at once I regretted about it. "What I really don't have, so it a step", - rushed at me in mind. - Let's it stop, - Alina said in a low voice. - Now any sexual relationship, even hints. - And there are no other options? - It was pleasant to fuck the sister? - Alina's eyes flashed, and she threw up the head. - Itself doesn't mind, and you blame me. - Alyn, it it is impossible just to take and stop. We won't be able... - confusedly I began to speak, having been confused from her pressure. Alina, on the contrary, sharply shouted: "Easily, any mouth and all!". - No, not all! You don't understand... - I shouted in reply. - I - understand! - on syllables Alina shouted. - And you wouldn't prevent to understand. In total! With these words Alina left the room, having slammed the door. This day became critical in our relationship. We ceased to talk with each other and even to look in the face. Somewhere in a week Alina left with girlfriends to the village, and I began examinations, and I began to prepare not to get stuck in our provincial town. Examinations took place successfully and I entered the institute in other city. The last time I saw Alina on my wires. Lil a rain, we with family and several friends sat on bus station and waited for the bus to Moscow. Having embraced the father and mother, having shaken hands with friends, I looked at Alina. She approached closely, looked me fool in the face and, without a word, embraced. Several seconds I embraced her, inhaling such familiar aroma of her hair. Having discharged, she smiled and said in low tones: "Farewell". I didn't have words so I just nodded. In a few minutes I got on the bus and went to build new life where for Alina the place wasn't. 6 Five years passed a part. It is a lot of for any relationship. Day of a quarrel remained not sorted in my memoirs. I didn't try to understand the sister not of myself. In 5 years I tried a great number of girls, some resembled Alina, some complete antitheses. But I compared all girls to her. At first I amused myself with a thought that it because of the fact that it was the first. But my fellow students remembered the first with laughter or indifference. In five years I didn't find any girl whom I could put near Alina. I began to blame myself for our first night, then all it seemed a game, entertainment for both of us. And we didn't notice how it developed into something bigger. If such relationship has no future, then likely would shouldn't be and I began. I knew what ahead of me waits for the house. Ours with Alina the "Theater of a close-knit family" burdening and tormenting. That only vacation spent at home was a burden only therefore I didn't come any more. I would like to arrive home and to begin all over again, but it is impossible to forget what so changed you. The sister made me such what I am from beginning to end... I quite successfully reached the apartment and, having a little rumpled, called a door. The door was opened by mother. On the pleasant flavor of food reaching from kitchen I guessed that preparations of a festive dinner are well under way. I entered the apartment and for a moment looked round - all was as before. The sister was at work, in new office of large Moscow bank of our city, and the father left somewhere. I passed to the room and fell heavily on a bed, having a little thought, I dozed off. The father woke me. - Why the hero of the occasion sleeps when all wait for him? - I was tired. - Well, still you will have a rest, and now get up I unwillingly I got up and I went to the living room. All family already gathered and waited for me. Waking up, I calculated a free chair and sat down on it. All evening parents asked me on study and institute, with Alina I only peremolvitsya by two words. Already late at night the banquet ended, and I tipsy was filled up to sleep. It was necessary to sleep to me not for long. Having felt powerful desires in a toilet, I got up and went to a toilet. From the room of the sister light shone, on the way back I decided to glance to her. She sat in front of the computer and was engaged in something, only her profile was visible to me. I attentively looked at her. For last years she really matured: thin and slim figure, high breast. She grew hair to shoulders, and they, all same dark, beautifully shone in the light of a desk lamp. I slightly knocked with bones about a jamb, Alina, having noticed me, turned on a chair and stared at me. - It isn't slept? - she began a conversation. - Yes, as always I am acute, - I grinned. - With what did welcome? - having ignored my jeer, she asked. "She wants a serious conversation", - rushed at me in the head. - "Means, it is time". - I wanted to improve relations. I think, it is time already, - having got up courage, I told. - What will you begin with? - Alina said in low tones. "Tries to carry on a conversation itself", - I thought. - "Well, we will begin with the general questions". - How life young? - trying to seem cheerful, I asked. Alina's eyes flashed, it is visible, she didn't expect such simple question. But, having restrained, she just answered: - As you see, I work from morning to the night. - And days off though are? - I continued all same subject. - Is, but I use them not for designated purpose, - having grinned, she told. I decided not to specify that she means, and continued a conversation: - And for the rest as? - Well, generally not bad, - she told and again I turned to the computer. Her intense back obviously gave out that it doesn't want to talk any more. - Good night - I told and I left the room. I lay in the room and looked in a ceiling, in the head of me our relationship with Alina emerged. Then everything was simply, and now I couldn't talk, tell normally with her about failures, share impressions and experiences. I don't know how many I indulged in memoirs; out of a trance I was brought by the sister who entered the room, she quietly approached a bed, laid down nearby, having put the head to me on a breast. - Mish, - the sister quietly asked - why we have everything so otstoyno... Never I thought that I will understand such general abstract phrases, but I thought of it. - In vain we then broke off our relationship, - she told. - Then I thought that all this is very simple. I knew how she thought... - Then you thought that a relationship of the brother and the sister and the relation of lovers is something various and ordinary, not connected. And what having suspended some relations, you won't touch others. These words I hit the bull's eye. Alina's eyes extended, and the hand convulsively compressed fabric of my t-shirt. With surprise I noted that on her cheek the lonely tear creeps. - I was such silly woman, - the sister whispered. - It only the past, - was said by me in low tones, having stroked her on hair. - A lot of time passed, you shouldn't remember. - And what with our relationship? - Alina asked the most important question. A question over which I thought 5 years and I didn't find the answer. But now... now everything was in a different way. I changed. She changed. And I knew that to answer her. Having risen, I got up, and Alina stood up together with me. Having taken her by hands, I looked directly in her eyes and said in low tones: - We will continue their development, but we will choose other direction. I need the sister, but not the mistress. is dating and talking the same thing date ideas jersey city site mapMain Page