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Again I trudge on this disco, though I know that it won't be there. The marine doesn't love all these parties. I once too didn't love them, but max. accustomed me to it. Behind him all little girls run, but I need love only one – a marinka. - great, max.! - privetishche! What problems? I know that just like that you won't come to me. Speak. - generally … I like one little girl - a marinka of a maltsev, perhaps? - yes. And you as guessed? - yes all on your face is visible when you talk to her. In what a problem, do you want that the maltseva turned into a fedulova? - no, well that is not absolutely. I don't know what to do next. The guy has to take the first step. - I understood. Do you need to drag her in a bed? - it will be in time. You understand, we didn't even kiss and I didn't make a declaration of love to her. - well … affairs are bad at you. How many do you meet her? - half a year. - a bit too much. We will well solve so: you priznavatsya to the marine in love tomorrow. And no but's. If you don't make it, then I won't advise you any more. OK? - well I will try. Well … and if there is no right moment? - and you make so that was. You that, not the man of a chtola? - all right, I will try. Tomorrow we meet here. I sit in cafe and I wait for a marinochka. Pancake why she is absent so long. And suddenly she changed the mind? And what if she forgot? And suddenly I am not pleasant to her? - well at last! Hi, marines! - hi! It to me? Thanks! I love very much white roses. - truth? I am glad that was pleasant to you. Pancake, on her again this short short skirt. She what specially tempts me? And what legs! My God! She didn't put on a brassiere and to appear through a blouse the maiden breast. She precisely tempts me. We sat in cafe a little and decided to go to me. More true not to me and to my grandmother. The grandmother died long ago, and the apartment was still not sold – is empty. We came on kitchen. There is an angular sofa and I of course sat down near marishy. On the road we bought шампусик therefore the question "what to drink?" was out of place. After all what beautiful legs at her! I put a hand on a back of a sofa and slightly embraced a marine. She didn't resist, and even on the contrary inclined the head to me on a shoulder. - marines, I like you, even very much. Generally … I love you. – and without waiting for the answer I stuck into her lips as if I was afraid of her answer. Again I go on this damned disco. I don't consider myself either the loser, or the freak. So, normal guy. Well, with a self-assessment I am all right. And I am not afraid to communicate with little girls. Just I am afraid that I will take a wrong move and I will lose a marine. And the specialist max. in this case therefore I also ask him for suggestions. - great, max.! - privetishche! Well as affairs? Reported for a long time not the latest news to the nested doll? - is no word for it! I even exceeded a task. - did you after all manage to drag her in a bed? - yes that you became attached with the bed? I kissed it. - and how, it was pleasant? - you still ask! - this most important. What now does yours wish светлось? - I understood only today that I want her. She is such sexual! But suddenly she will think that I from her need only sex? - in what she was today? - in the transparent blouse, without brassiere … - here! It is the first indicator that it tempts you. Your marine wants you. - do you so think? - yes I am sure. Well, invite her to yourself home when isn't at home parents and act on circumstances. You are a guy visible, nice, she won't refuse to you. There passed week. In an hour the marinka will come. I invited it to the house of my grandmother again. Struck 7 o'clock in the evening. Call to a door. - marinochka, sun, hi! I was already tired of waiting. - I even before the appointed time has come, and you were already tired of waiting. Instead of the answer I strong kiss darling on the lips and at the same time I realize that I want her more and more. Hands reach for buttons on her blouse. And here I already tenderly touch and I stroke her breast, without ceasing to kiss a marine. We go to the bedroom and I notice a spark in the opinion of a marisha. She approaches me, kisses gently and takes off from me a t-shirt. Now I a torso feel her body, a breast, a tummy … lowering lips and I nachainat to kiss a neck, this gentle and madly favourite neck. The marine raises the head and holds up me a breast, she wants that I the flaring lips touched her fine breasts. But I don't hurry, specially. I begin to take off a short skirt from darling. At last what I dreamed so much of came true! Suddenly the marisha stops me and says: - Oleg, I am a virgin. – thoughts a whirlwind flew by at me in the head. It is a virgin? Such nice little girl and virgin? Never would think. I was seized at once by some unclear fear and at the same time responsibility. I very much wanted a marine, not to stop me any more. But that my darling didn't think that I am a coward, I told: - trust in me, I love you, to you it won't be sore. I will make this evening unforgettable. She strong embraced me and told that she loves. Marisha stood in some panties. I kissed her and put on a bed. She wasn't afraid, she believed me. I decided to take off trousers itself and pants in addition too. I clung to a marine breast. She closed eyes, and I liked to give her pleasure especially me it was pleasant to caress lips her nipples. I go down below and at last here they, panties. I lower them, the marine helps me to remove them, it is visible she is glad to get rid of this barrier. My God, as it is pleasant to caress her hips! But most important ahead. Marisha, being exhausted from desire I moved apart legs. It is necessary to tell she looked after herself, and can especially for this evening she shaved volosiki from a pubis. The same it is more best. The woman so more sensitive perceives caress. I approach the pussy of a marisha so that she felt my hot breath. She lets out cry of desire. Удволетворившись it I greedy begin to pinch juice from a bosom of darling. Какя she is tasty! She already expires and groans as the madwoman. The main thing that is pleasant to a marisha. But I wait for the fact that she will want me and specially I play for time. I kiss her on the lips and the right hand I caress the pussy as it is possible more gently. And here I understand that it isn't necessary to torment more darling and I begin to enter her slowly. The marine stood and closed eyes, probably was afraid of pain. On the middle of a way I felt a barrier and understood – here she, девственнось. But resolutely I moved ahead. Marisha blinked, but didn't stop me. Having reached the end I stopped and allowed to get used to a marine to the long-awaited guest. Suddenly she began to move towards to me. I right there picked up her rhythm and became already with heart her to fuck. I reached the uterus, the marine shouted something. Inside she was such hot, damp and narrow. Lubricants was so many that my friend easily could slip out. I felt that I will terminate soon and having thought of consequences the dick from my girl took out. I terminated on her stomach, she terminated after me. The sheet was in blood. I looked at a marine. It lay with half-open eyes, panted and probably for the present thought nothing. I laid down near darling. When she recovered to me again there was a wish to give her pleasure. I already wanted to caress to a marish a uvula, not the girl, and already the woman. Having fallen I clung to sexual sponges of darling and pinched blood. Blood was salty and tasty. I got language into a vagina of my little woman. She began to breathe more often and more deeply. Marisha derived pleasure and probably understood nothing. She was in ecstasy. I woke up. The marine lay, having covered with a blanket. Yes, then morning was cool. She lay on a back, having raised the left hand. Her armpit and a small nipple of a breast was visible to me. I leaned lips against a marisha armpit. She woke up. - well you do? Shchekotno! – now I for the first time saw eyes of this WOMAN. She loved me. Her look was gentle, tender and warming the soul. I could admire Marinin eyes for a long time, but she interrupted my studies. - Oleg, you love me? – I stared in her eyes and approached lips. - as do you think? - I think that you love. - I love you. – she clasped with lips my lips. Now that I understood that I in vain went to Max behind council. If she loves me, then loves me what I am. All these councils just nonsenses, vanity. I strong squeezed a marine in the embraces. Also I promised myself that any more never I will release it … is celine dion dating in 2022 date ideas joplin mo site mapMain Page