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(The translation is FUCKTOR; the author — Harddaysknight) Part 1 This week-end had to be just excellent. If I, of course, have an ideal wife! Everything that I wanted, it is simple to fish, drink a little a beer and to relax. I have a good work, but too intense. I planned this small escape in a current of month, and Nan knew about it since the beginning. Everything began on Friday in the evening when I collected the belongings for a trip to mountains. Nan entered a garage and dropped the small bomb. "My mother called. She told that to the aunt Morin it isn't very good and we need to visit her if we want more though once to see her". I needed to be more sensitive. Now I understand it. I just blurted out "I don't feel any desire to see her, so that it is not a problem. Except that, she costs a leg in a grave since that time as I met you, and stood before, by the words of your father long before". I didn't receive the answer. The bad sign, I thought about myself. I looked at Nan. She had such look which is difficult for describing, but all married men know that it means. It was a combination of anger and inevitability of punishment to show full control it is necessary me. It is that look which forces men to fall on knees and to ask o forgiveness not to suffer on an extent of the next weeks or even months. Here it is a problem. It was obvious. Why men to be afraid of women who on scales hardly reach 100 pounds, and on only two inches higher than five feet? I have own theory, under it most of men can be signed. Female force proceeds from their small treugolnichka between their legs. This is Kriptonit who turns courageous guys into coward, weak-willed weaklings. Here in what their force. No women forget when hormones change chemistry in their body that Kriptonit loses the force if he isn't used. I don't tell o every day, but the man the piece of meat though is necessary for steam of times a month if the woman wishes to support the force. If you don't receive it, then the threat of excommunication loses effect, whether so? Women distinguish the force when they are young and they like a bed. They use it to keep the man in a bridle and under control. Somewhere in about 20 years or about that, they begin to forget about a source of the force, and think what the man does weak only fear. Most of men prefer to enter a den to a bear, than to lose arrangement of the wife for long term. When our relationship lasts long, we begin to understand that we don't receive this favor as there is a lot of and often we didn't jump through a hoop. In such way, the threat of excommunication from these benefits becomes doubtful. Men begin to think more o to themselves. They are exempted from fetters! They can catch fish, drink beer with friends, tell dirty jokes, and just cheerfully spend time. It very much disturbs women. They begin to think why their influence weakened. Women's control became a habit for both spouses. Then the husband leaves fog and looks back. His head becomes clear and life calls him. In lack of sex there are advantages, he understands. The truth releases him! He gets him, and gives nobody, so what devil he has to worship a being who weighs twice less than his mass of a body? It was a revelation which I enjoy since a recent time. Business at all not that I didn't want sex and didn't enjoy him when I had him. I just accepted the fact that he isn't necessary to me more, than to steam of times a year. Always there were reasons (justification), but the result was invariable. Any sex. Then she developed the theory. that if at me I got up, then I am ready to sex. (Honestly speaking, it was difficult for me to argue with this logic). There is no need, to caress, caress or play so the got-up dick. He is ready, so why to spend excess efforts? Certainly to suck this little boy, there was not an option. From other party, it needed to be cherished, prepared for it, to lick, play and give any expensive knickknacks, only for an opportunity to be allowed to her small treugolnichku. Then you climb up the mountain, having made practically everything, after all improbable efforts which can only be presented, and it escapes and tells one small thing which "spoils mood". You didn't undergo tests and you won't receive any pussy. In a result, everything becomes much simpler, and it is more best to look at soccer or to fish to be disappointed less. The fact that you don't ask sex isn't noticed the first several months. She is glad that you don't disturb her. In the end of the ends, reaches her that you don't apply any efforts which she so likes to break off. One of the greatest pleasures in her life escapes it! It begins to suspect that you have a novel on the party and begins to watch each your step. Of course, you aren't such fool to contact other piece of Kriptonita! You are free and quiet. She is concerned and alarmed. Funny, kakoe in it balance. She experiments with you, observing as many efforts you are ready to spend to reach this small crack. No now at you the clear head, and you don't want to play these games. If it wants to fuck, it has to lift your dick and allow you to get on it. Forget about all romantic dinners and a game in some gate! "We leave tomorrow, and we will visit Maureen. You can fish in any other time. It is more important" — finally said to Nan that it just enraged me. "I had plans, and I won't violate them. Morin doesn't even remember someone you are, without speaking about me. Cherishes memoirs of o the best days. I waited for this trip to fishing long ago, and she is more important for me, than the 90-letny aunt who can't recognize herself in a mirror" — I said. "You are such egoist, the self-satisfied bastard!" — Nana cried. "Go to fishing! To me to spit, you can not come back at all!" It completely suited me also nothing bad it for me was. I heard it earlier and could endure it. No in this time I allowed a mistake. I allowed Nan to understand how I am free and as far as I have a clear consciousness! "Ne wait for any sex now. I don't want that you ko to me touched, from now on" — Nan exclaimed. It was too. I began to laugh. It was not the most sincere laughter, but from heart. "What horror! After 20 years of daily sex how I will survive?" — I asked. "The old kind left hand always to me regularly served. Now only I and you, my old little girl!" I grinned. I raised the left hand and kissed it. Nan just looked at me, and I saw understanding in her eyes. Ee the threat didn't conceive any effect therefore that I already and so conducted life of the monk. It was developed and potopala back to the house, an I finished the preparations. After that evening I watched the TV, one when phone rang out. I heard as Nan answered a call in kitchen. She said very quietly, so that I crept to a door to overhear. The essence of a conversation was that to the aunt Morin it became much more best, and there are no reasons for panic. All the rest had no value. Unless I am not right? When time to lay down to sleep came, the door to our bedroom was locked. Nan decided to punish me, having closed access to the bedroom. It not strongly disturbed me, but I needed things and clothes for my morning departure. I knocked and tried to explain a situation through a door. Nan shouted to me that I cleaned up to hell and went to the room for guests. I began to start to boil. The dream was given me not easily that night. I jumped in five and again tried to come to us into the bedroom. The door all was still closed. I turned all night and was in terrible mood. Why I can't just collect the things and go to fishing? All house will be at her order, and it will get rid of me before revival. I receded on couple of steps and rushed on a door. The jamb broke up, and the door was opened. Nan immediately woke up and jumped. She began what-to to tell, but expression of my person forced her to falter. I threw the clothes for fishing into a ware bag and went to the car. We weren't thrown a uniform word. I promised Dan that I will come for him in six, and was late all on couple of minutes. He waited for me near the inhabited complex with a smile, and keeping a beer box under a mouse. "What excellent day for fishing, Steve! All spinner at me with himself" — he laughed, stroking beer. "I have all brackets directly here, "he laughed when he stroked beer. "Let's be loaded and we can go". In several minutes we went for the best fishing what can only be presented, in three districts. Has to be, I had a gloomy look therefore that Dan asked me why I am such gloomy. "You are single, Dan therefore you won't understand. Nan as a splinter in a bum. A I just wanted to relax on days off. The most ridiculous, she told that I am separated from a body, an I and so any more very long time ago have no sex!" — I complained. "Here why I am not married, Steve" — Dan answered. "In the world too there are a lot of women. If they want to hold you, or to bring you pleasure, they will do it. If they calm down or think that at them under full control, they without the end will fray to you nerves". "You are absolutely right" — I agreed. "She lost interest, in pleasing me. Sometimes I want that she changed me, it is simple that she had interest in sex again. To me though that-to fell intermittently, even if it would be caused by feeling of fault. Any sex is good, unless not so?" Dan burst out laughing: "I was always confident in it. You need to stir up the wife a little. Here and all". "Shit!" — I Shouted. "I was so angry that forgot a box so equipment and the license! Sorry, Dan, but we should return and take away them, otherwise I won't dare to fish. I heard how some children were fined for very decent sum!" "Without problems, Steve. It won't take a lot of time. We can take away your things and make up missed for an hour or about that. I can show you as it is necessary to treat women if the wife begins to gnaw you" — Dan laughed. "You didn't see my wife! She hope won't arrest me" — I answered. I was pleasant Dan's company. We worked in one firm, and became friends from the first day as he appeared in it. He was a big guy. He played the defender Notr I Will give, and everything still supported a form. It was not that guy with someone it was possible to long. When we stopped near my house, I noticed that the door not till the end is closed. The garbage lay at a door. It was similar to the fact that Nan wanted to take out it, postponed in the party and forgot about it. In it there was nothing unusual. Nan always was absent-minded and forgot details. I opened a door and glanced inside. I didn't see Nan, and began to think that I need just to take the junk from a garage and to leave, but the open door all disturbed me. I heard in kitchen kakoye-to mutter or that-to like it. Therefore I carefully approached kitchen and glanced inside. Minute was necessary for me to understand that it does to Nan. It turned out that drained in her long hair in the exterminator of garbage. She has to be I switched off it as time in time not to be tightened in him. She was bent over a drain and is pressed by the person to a back part of a drain. She was absolutely helpless and on an essence is blind. She couldn't see me in any way. A back part of a drain was the only thing that it could see. I several time prevented it, to be careful with hair, and here inevitable happened. Nan was dressed in a short dressing gown. It hardly covered her bum and before was open. Her breast dangled while it coiled and I complained in a drain. I heard a silent sigh and turned, having seen Dan for myself. He looked through my shoulder at Nan. He brought a finger to the lips, having shown me not to speak. He quietly bypassed me and went to Nan. "So, the lady, you probably got" — he thundered. Nan was so dumbfounded that began to stammer. "To-to-kto it? Please, help me. I can't pull out hair from this damned piece! Will you help?" — she begged. "Of course, I will be glad to help you, the lady" — Dan grinned. He put the big hand to her on a back, and Nan shuddered. He slowly carried out it down to her bum and squeezed her. Nan began to twist an ass, but she had no place to disappear. It is given I stretched other hand under Nan and caught it by a breast. Now he rumpled her breast squeezed a bum! My dick began to twitch when I saw how Dan feels my wife. "Please, it isn't necessary! I am a married woman. It is my house" — Nan when Dan pinched ee for nipples began to squeal. "I don't see that you are in situation to tell me what to do," Dan grinned. "Now costs on the place and to enjoy it!" Nan continued to twist a bum, trying to escape Dan's hands. Dan took away a hand from her breast and slapped her in a bum, I saw a palm print on her skin. She sobbed, but ceased to move. "Tak-to is more best. Conduct yourself well, and I more than it won't make" — Dan told. Telling it, he stnut Nan's dressing gown from her shoulders. He exempted from a dressing gown at first one then other hand, and rejected him in the party. "The lady, you have fine boobs!" — Dan when his hands returned to her probing noted. "Your nipples very firm. Did you begin to be made horney?" — he asked. "Isn't present!" — my dear wife answered. "Please, stop and help me to be chosen" — she asked. The left hand of Dan was completely shipped in Nan's boobs, a his right hand caressed her buttocks. He pushed it to her between legs and began to play with her sexual lips gently. Nan published strange sounds in a drain. "You are a little whore! You all wet there" — Dan told. With these words he pushed a finger in Nan. All that I heard from her, I was скулёжь when Dan rumpled her boobs and I drove a finger in her pussy. Hands she held a drain, trying to keep balance. Dan for a moment tore off the hand from her boobs, and lowered the lightning on trousers. He got piece which I can call only very big dick, and he was only half in a standing state. He grabbed Nan's palm and put it on the trunk. It quickly took away a hand. Dan was unperturbable, and Nan slapped in a bum again. I saw a print of his hand again. Then it took the small handle of my wife and again put a dick on the polustoyachy. Na this time, she left her there. "Jerk off my dick, the whore!" — Dan bellowed. "Do you want that he was firm for sovey a juicy small pussy, whether so?" I have to give to Dan due. He really owned a situation. He didn't leave at me any doubts that Nan will obey him. I began to stroke the dick through jeans, watching it. Nan slowly carried out by a hand up and down on his trunk, a Dan implanted a finger into her hard pussy again. I was struck, observing as Dan fucks a finger my wife, an other hand rumples her boobs, in that time as she jerks off to him a dick. I noticed that her hand began to slide further on his trunk, nadrachivaya it. I assumed that Nan wanted to measure the real length of an impressive bludgeon of Dan. She I hardened, and Nana's hand couldn't clasp him completely. It is ready to argue, in length he was centimeters 25, and in width it is more than her hand! Dan implanted into her two fingers, then three. The quicker he hollowed her fingers, the quicker she jerked off to him a dick. He controlled her speed of the. It pizda was really wet. I heard as his fingers champed in it. Unexpectedly, Nan moaned and it seemed that she will fall now. Dan supported her while she shivered with an orgasm. "Very well, my little whore" — Dan praised her. "It and the truth was pleasant to you, whether so?" The answer didn't follow, and Dan brought the hand to her bum of a then made one more slap. So or differently, Nan understood that he wants from her. "It was pleasant to me! Ne beat me, please" — she begged. Dan returned a hand to her damp pussy and on this time he concentrated on Nan's clitoris. By that time it was already very sensitive and noticeable. Nan renewed drochku his dick. "Do you want to feel my dick in the little pussy?" — he asked. "You have to ask about it if you want. Tell me whether you that my dick entered your hard, small hole, the whore want!" Ne I know, can do it was the fear again to be spanked, or lust, but I didn't believe the ears. "Please, insert it into me. I want to feel it in my pussy" — Nan said. "To insert into you that, the whore?" — Dan insisted. "Your penis. Implant it into me, please" — Nan asked. "It is a dick, a not a penis. At your husband, possibly, a penis. Your hand lies on a dick" — Dan told. "Now tell me that you want that I inserted the thick dick into your hard pizda!" "Yes. Please, insert the big dick into my small pizda. Please, fuck me, now!" — Nan exclaimed. It was similar to how the artist writes a picture, or the great musician composes the opera. Dan played on her, as a violin. I already with might and main jerked off the dick, watching the events. Dan got up for my wife and the dick to her between legs, to her stomach inserted. She I stretched one hand and I took her boobs! The difference in their growth was improbable. It continued to rub her clitoris, talking to it. "You should most insert it if you want" — he told her. "I not a monster which rapes helpless women. If you don't want my dick, tell only a word and I will leave. The choice for you". Nan stretched a hand and grabbed a trunk with the small handle. Dan receded approximately on 10 inches as it seemed to me, and allowed her to put a head of the dick to her small opening. She rubbed it on the crack up and down, trying as it is possible to grease a dick more better. "Now, prepare, the whore. This dick will reach places which weren't touched earlier. Just relax and enjoy" — he told her. He pushed him forward, and Nan sighed. I pushed and Nan gasped. The head of his dick all was still visible. Dan continued to press and Nan began to move a bum to find more suitable position. Slowly, the huge head began to slip inside. Nan's breath became frequent. Her body became covered then. Dan continued to press. I saw as three inches entered. He stopped and waited. Then a little the dick pulled out and again I pushed inside. He did so quite long, in the end of the ends plunging more and more deeply into a pizda of my wife. When Dan reached a half of the huge trunk, Nan began to cum. He held her, continuing to put in her a dick. Now it seemed that Nan stays in a condition of a constant orgasm. She groaned, squealed and complained in a drain. Legs at her shivered, and I am sure that she would fall and broke to myself a neck if Dan weakens a grasp on her hips. He had about two inches when he, seems, reached a bottom. He has to be I was at a neck of a uterus of Nan. She didn't express any emotions now, in that time as Dan continued to work with the huge dick in her narrow space. Suddenly Nan loudly sighed, and I saw how Dan completely drove in her a dick, on the balls. He has to be I entered her uterus! Dan just stood several minutes, allowing Nan to get used to such improbable battle. Gradually breath began to return to her, and she even began to coil around a huge love muscle of Dan. "You are my whore?" — he asked. "It is the best dick from all what at you were?" "Now you want that I fucked you on the present, the whore? I stopped playing, and is ready to present you a fucking of all your life". "Yes! At you the biggest and the best! I am your whore, your whore. I very much want it. Vyebi me it is rigid! Force me to terminate again, you are a big bastard!" — Nan cried. And it was told by my darling, the frigid wife! I didn't sustain on it and terminated directly on a kitchen floor. No Dan didn't stop scoffing at her. "Do you like my dick more, than the husband's dick, the truth, the whore?" — he asked. "Would you any more never want to see the little dick of this dumbass, whether so?" "Please, I ask you, just fuck me. I love the husband, but your dick is more, it is more best than at him. Now use him, for the sake of all Saint!" — Nan begged. Dan winked at me and began to enter the pussy Nan. He put out him, the head wasn't shown yet, a drove it then back. Soon Nan started over again groaning in a drain. She terminated five times or six, before than Dan began to wheeze and squeezed so all force with what only I could, her a bum. I saw how his balls contract and his dick pulses. He filled my wife with the cum. It was the most erotic scene which I saw in the life. Nan wasn't protected, I realized. Why does she need it if she has no sex? "You are a dirty whore!" — Dan moaned. "You inserted my dick into the little pussy and asked me to fuck you. What you it? I want to tell you the little whore, truly? Did you force me to terminate in you, truly? I hope, you won't try to demand from me alimony, the whore!" I in panic looked at Dan. He smiled to me and shook the head. He as would speak to me not to worry, and at once it became easier for me. "To you the whore is more best to try to satisfy the husband. If you fly, he will think that it is his child. Will you make it, the truth?" — Dan asked. "Yes! I want that he thought that his child. I can't lose him" — Nan admitted. "I will make so that he believed that it is his child!" "The good girl" — Dan continued. "If it is the boy, call him Daniel, understood?" — he smiled from an ear to an ear now. "I promise that I will make it" — Nan answered. "Now, you won't help me to get out of this situation? I long won't be able to stand so". Dan pulled out from her a dick and the cum began to flow on her hips. He wiped the dick about her bum and thrust back into trousers. "I will put scissors on the shelf nearby. You will be able to take them and to be released how I will leave" — Dan offered. He suited ko to me and pushed out from kitchen. Then he whispered to me that I took the tackles and things and went to the car that I quickly made. I waited for only a minute when Dan hasty left doors and jumped in the car. I started the motor and we came out to the route. "We will tell nobody about it, agrees?" — Dan asked. I nodded in the sign of consent. "I hope, she will calm down now, buddy. She is an excellent girl. You are a lucky" — Dan told. I understood that he is right. We spent wonderful days off, fishing and drinking beer. It was interesting to me what reception expects me on Sunday in the evening. Part 2 Ne I managed to look back as day of Sunday came, and we with Dan returned to a civilization. In a current of 20 hours we fished and consumed beer, and slept for six more hours. It was the magnificent trip. Dan told me that he made vazektomiyu 10 years ago, and I don't need to worry that Nan will fly from him. He took care o not to become accidental the father. I relaxed, having received this information and enjoyed rest. I landed Dan and went home. I didn't know as Nan will react to my return. I conducted myself awfully, having beaten out a door of the bedroom and having broken a door jamb. I was nervous, and hoped that Nan really couldn't see anything when her hair got stuck in a compactor and Reng ruthlessly fucked her the biggest dick from all me seen. Soon I should learn it. I parked in a garage and unloaded all equipment. I waited a little, considering what waits for me reception. Reflecting on it, I decided that the strongest feeling which I have there was a horror of a not fear. In half an hour, I couldn't find any reasons any more to hesitate. I went to the house. The door of the bedroom was open, and the split jamb is removed. It will be required kakoye-to time to restore it. Here I and houses. Tired and slightly suffering from a hangover, I took seat in a chair and closed eyes. I has to be I fell asleep. I woke up from that kiss. Having opened eyes, I saw close from the person Nan. "I didn't hear how you came into the house, Steve. Do you have well a rest?" — she asked. "I hope, you got hungry therefore that we have a stake today" — she added. "I perfectly spent time and I feel myself much more better" — I noted. "I am so hungry that I can eat a bum of a skunk!" Such sort of a statement always caused reproaches from Nan. It was required kakoye-to time to pass from friendly chatter to that language which you use with the wife at home. I didn't make this transition yet. "I will consider that you answered yes, and you are ready to have supper. Ne you want some beer?" — Nan asked. She uses tactics "pretend that no quarrel existed". How do women do it? Usually it means, they know that they weren't right, but never recognize it and won't apologize. Instead of it, they conduct themselves so as if nothing happened. "Nan, you have a magnificent hairstyle! You what cut off hair?" — I asked. "You look several years younger". She looked younger. I should have guessed that her it is necessary to cut off hair and to make a new hairstyle. She has to be I cut off many hair to get out of a compactor. It became interesting to me whether the big dick of Dan and dozen of orgasms could rejuvenate the woman for several years. "Thanks, Steve! I decided to change the style yesterday therefore went to hairdressing salon and made a hairstyle" — Nan muttered. "I am very glad that is pleasant to you. It is even more pleasant to me that you noticed". Having told it, she disappeared in kitchen. I dragged the bum in a bathtub, was washed and shaved. The dinner was ready when I finished, and I joined Nan at a table. We chatted a little, and, it seems, she was glad that I returned home. I had guesses why she such cheerful, but I tried to be polite and answered her with that, from all forces. I helped her to remove so a table and put ware in the dishwasher. By that moment, the trip began to affect me. I was tired. Phone rang out. It was Nan's mother therefore I stretched her phone and went to the bedroom. I noticed that the door costs crookedly, passing by, and got under a blanket. I woke up from strange feelings. Nan was in a bed and held my dick in a hand. I opened eyes and saw that she is naked. Probably, she was going to constrain the promise made to Dan. I just continued to lie, and hoped that my dick won't rise too quickly. I wanted that she worked over him! No with this plan there were two problems. My dick always responded on any attention, it isn't important as seldom it occurred, and Nan looked perfectly. She has big boobs and all still rather elastic. A waist at her all still rather thin, a buttocks the real perfection. I noticed that when the man is angry on the woman, she is enough him for a dick, and receives forgiveness in limits from 20 seconds to one minute. He is powerless to fight against it. Kriptonit weakens him. He has to get him when he can therefore he forgets all rage and begins to fuck rigidly the woman, representing that it is revenge. When the man tries to receive forgiveness, he has no adaptation to weaken it. He can only pay soy the price and receive punishment. Only the woman decides when punishment ends. My dick got up and gave Nan's honor. She smiled to me and asked: "You were made horney?" Yesterday in the evening I had the plan. I wasn't going to give up so easily. She worried that she could become pregnant from Dan and had to tempt me that I didn't doubt that I am a father. Then she will play 20 years with the help of the child on my nerves! My plan consisted in complicating her a task. I turned over, having crushed under myself Nan and her nipple drained in. I was obsessed. I as if tried to exhaust Nan's boob. Then I slid off down and dived the head into her pussy. What, the devil take, so me occurs? I didn't do it several years! I licked and sucked it, having brought to an orgasm. I wanted that it lasted eternally. Nan was necessary to drag me for hair. She couldn't suffer it any more. I nestled on her lips the, having allowed her to feel taste of the juice while my dick groped her chink. I entered him on the handle. It was interesting to me whether there everything will be spacious, but everything was as before. I think, Dan didn't put her any damages. That was in a different way, Nan strongly terminated the only thing from my first push. She literally burned! roka I hollowed her, she twisted me with legs and pressed to herself. In the next ten minutes she terminated still as at least three times. She groaned constantly while I tried to return myself again a pussy which always was only mine. "O, babe! Concha in me! I want to feel as you pulse in me" — she begged. "Fill me, the road!" It was all that was required. I strained and the dick so deeply as far as could stuck into her, and devastated the tanks. Has to be, I cumed in her in a current of the whole minute. I remembered all this time how Dan's dick was thrown up to places, novel by me in Nan's belly. She in general feels my dick? It is similar that really feels. She had a powerful orgasm while I cumed in her. I fell by her beautiful breast and began to have a rest. Nan drove hands on my back up and down, bringing me into a shiver. I am always sensitive, after that as I will terminate. "I looked with her in eyes. She smiled to me in the answer. She executed that it was necessary for her. Now it became interesting to me whether my sexual life for a year or two will last. "Steve, it was fantastic!" — she whispered, having strong pressed me to herself. "You were magnificent". "Do you really so think, Nan?" — I asked, having nestled the person on her ear. "My dick is good? He rather big for you?" She strained for a moment. "Of course, Steve. Why you ask, after all these years? Your dick is remarkable. I love it". "Ne I know. Just it is sometimes interesting to me, you can I wanted that he was more or more thickly. I think, it is paranoia of all men. Do you think the size has value?" — I asked. "I am the bad expert in this question as you understand, Steve. You were my first lover. I read that it is more important — correctly to use what you have. I you use it remarkably!" — Nan assured. "I am not sure even whether you have dicks much more than. Do you know many men with big than at you, the road?" Here it. I knew when Nan begins to collect proofs, and it was the fine example. What will she do if I call by her a couple of names of guys with big dicks? "Do you want to swear?" — I asked. "What I would be a moron if calls to you guys with big dicks? No one man admits it to the wife! It is too unsafe for us. How about several guys with smaller dicks? Here I can make it". "What wife needs men with smaller dicks, than at her husband?" — Nan laughed. "I think, we are equal in it". "Nan, I want to apologize for the fact that I was such fool last night. I was an egoist, you were right" — I noted. "You are the best wife what the man can wish, and doesn't deserve the best. I will try to be more best. I very strongly love you". It is just surprising that I told it. I didn't feel such emotions to Nan long ago. Good sex really helps marriage. To my surprise, Nan burst into tears! She buried the person in my neck and began to cry. I just pressed ee to myself and waited when she calms down. "Steve, I was a bitch. I understood it, and till this time I don't understand why I so conducted myself with you. I as if wanted to cause you pain that you suffered. You correctly became angry on me" — she said. "You won't be angry any more if you have an access to the pussy, and since this moment it is always open for you". "Do you want to tell that it was not just conciliatory sex? I can approach a thicket a well?" — I asked. "I strongly intend to make so that my husband was always satisfied" — Nan smiled. "Think that this your pussy, and you can always use her when to you takes in head. I don't suffer at all from the fact that you will use her! You were always a wonderful husband and I want that your wife pleased you and everything that is connected with her. I hope, the rude fellow in you will understand it!" To me it was thought that Nan really wants to bring me pleasure and that she loves me. Whether really an incident with Dan helped to create such situation, or my words o to the left hand and the fact that I beat out a door so affected? Independently of the reason, or the reasons, the result satisfied me. For the first time for many years, I took the second round, on this time in a pose dog-fashion. I tried to say more, and Nan as strongly I love her buttocks told and that it is my girl. I didn't dare to tell her that she is my whore! There are some things which husbands can't sound. Has to be Nan o a big dick of Dan when I took her behind thought. She terminated again, before than I pulled out the bolt. We embraced and overslept in obnimku all night. It was similar for the second honey month. When I returned for work, Dan raised an eyebrow as if asking as everything passed. I smiled and raised a big finger up. He laughed and went to the office. I sat down and reflected how strongly my life will change because of events of these days off. I understood that I really love Nan, and I want that it was happy and loved me. At me in the head the idea was slowly created. By the end of day, it was already completely created plan. It had to work. (It was only the beginning!) Week passed quickly. Nan was attentive and sexual. She didn't suck to me a dick, and didn't allow to fuck itself in buttocks, but she gave me the pussy in any time when I wished. Mine had to make a plan some of her reservations and the bans. On Monday the next week, I opened the account on hotmail. com, also wrote very short message on electronic mail of Nan. I wrote the following: "The whore, you miss my big dick?" I sat and looked at this simple line in a current of hour, before than mastered nerves and sent the message on Nan's mail. She asked me to help her to adjust mail therefore I knew her password. Time from time I checked it to be sure that she won't run away from me with what-nibud swineherd or gryobannym the republican. In the basic among her messages letters from the supermarkets extolling the new goods prevailed. Even it became interesting to me how she saved a lot of money to us on discounts for these years. Her case was filled with things with marks less than 50%. Each time when she spent 50 dollars, she saved as at least those 50 dollars. In a year or two we have to grow rich! I waited day and checked her mail to be convinced that she read the letter. It seemed to me, in the bedroom she became a little more passionate, but possibly it is only my imagination. I decided not to write her any more until she answers me. It occurred Friday afternoon. I received the answer from Nan. She wrote: "Someone are you?" I gave her an opportunity to think, before with what answered: "The person with the big dick who so was pleasant to your pussy. Did you think of me, whether so, the whore?" On Monday her answer came: "You can be arrested for rape, the swine. I am HE the WHORE!" Fun began. The fact that he I answered, told o the fact that Nan as at least, it is very interesting what the person with the big dick are. Except that, Nan became very loveful again. She became the initiator of sex if I didn't do it. At her always I was, on extremely measure one orgasm, an is frequent more. I was sure that it not my imagination. Her mysterious stranger pressed on some buttons, but I only began! Na the next day at work I wrote Nan's answer: "Rape? You the whore put my fat dick in the hard small pussy. You terminated on my dick about a floor dozens of times, the whore". Ee answers began to come to my mail in a current of several hours now. I knew that it quite often checks the mail. She wrote: "You used me when I was helpless. I didn't want it. Please, don't call me the whore". Nan didn't demand that I ceased to write how the offended lady would make. She wanted that I "understood" her situation. Kakoe to her put to the fact that I think? Dan the dick wasn't easy to be forgotten, and she not very much tried! I decided to look whether I can use this dick to increase extent of control. I began to think that I need to speak about a huge piece of meat to disarm the wife. The Internet is a remarkable thing. You someone it can be necessary, a my imagination was one of the best. My following message was such: "Did you force the hubby to fuck yourself him the sluggish dick? Whether you were tender with him?" Now I abused myself! Really I turned into the character like Dzhekila-Hayda? Na the business, me was to spit. There was this feeling of fault or lust, but Nan squeezed out of me all juice at night. Nan's answers became longer. It was obvious that she doesn't test any hatred to the person with the big dick. In the following message she wrote: "He has not a sluggish dick. He uses him so me every night, and does it rather well. Ne all men freaks. And yes, he was engaged so in me in love after it. I remembered what means when the man has a normal size. It was pleasant to me". Nan interceded for the husband though and it isn't strong. She pleased Mr. Jekyll, but Hyde had plans. Hyde answered: "Did you suck away at the husband? His small sausage can't give and a half of that cum that I nakonchal in you. In the following time, you will suck away my dick, the whore". We exchanged messages on couple of times a day, and Nan was constantly horney at night. It became interesting to me, can me it is necessary to submit the patent for Dan's dick and the brains. Any married man would buy this piece! Her answer was such is: "I didn't suck his dick, so why I will suck your freak? He normally cums. I think, you will strangle any woman who will try to take from you in a mouth, and any woman who will allow you to terminate her in a mouth will just choke. I needed all day to wash all your dirt so the legs". Nan, seems, showed great respect for Dan's size. He made on her a certain impression! I decided to press a little more deeply and wrote to her: "It was pleasant to you my cum, whether so, the whore? Now you know how the man cums. Since this moment, you will sign each message with the words "your whore", or I won't write you any more. Did you already say that you are my whore, you remember? I just wait for confirmation". Nan's answer came quickly. "You are an idiot! If you any more never write to me, I will be glad. Your dick takes away from you so a lot of blood that brains at you are disconnected! You any more will never receive this pussy again. It is too good for you". Here it. Nan didn't accept my ultimatum. I just should wait. She too liked this game to stop, or I so only think. I didn't respond her to this message. Two days later, I received other message from Nan. "So that, the dumbass, you at last left me at rest? Everything that I needed to make — not to confirm what I am your whore? I would like that you insisted on it earlier. You on the business have to rejoice that you had a chance to use my pussy. It was the unfortunate case, and you used it wholly. I cut off hair, so that it doesn't happen any more, you, the loser!" I refrained from the answer and to the current of the next several days received from her the following letters: "You has to be you are proud of yourself. It is ready to argue, you impressed several silly women with the huge dick, but brains at you the size about a pea. I am not your whore!" "Moe the curiosity is touched. Why you were in we wash the house that day? You used my disastrous situation. I had to tell all these things that you didn't kill me or didn't cripple, or still that-nibud. Ne your whore!" "I didn't become pregnant, and I on tablets, so now that I don't need to worry about it now, being engaged in love so in the beloved husband every night. You missed the only chance! I can and told all those words, but you pinched me for nipples and put that huge joke in me. It was the only reason why I told that I... your whore!" Hyde moved in the way! I decided not to respond Nan to the last message, therefore that she tried to seem whether stupid, whether clever. I saw how her determination weakens. There passed two days, before than I received the message which I wanted, or thought that I wanted. "You are the haughtiest bastard with the big dick who fucked me! I will play your game, only therefore that I want to learn enough o to you to make the revenge. I wait for your answer. With respect, your whore". Nan was on a platoon the last several days, but tried not to show it. If I don't know that in her head Mr. Hyde sits, I would notice nothing. However, her nervousness was obvious. I waited one more day and sent it the following message: "Tak-to is more best, the whore. Did you like my dick, whether so? In you never so cumed, and you miss these feelings, whether so? I want that you told me the truth. It was pleasant to you with what force I fucked you. I like your hairstyle with short hair, between other. You look lovely. From your look I get up a dick. I know that you like to think of it, so, the whore?" "It was the unique case, and I tested several orgasms, so that I have to note, I got a certain pleasure. Where did you see me with the cut-off hair? Do you watch me? Your whore". Messages just began to fly now. The dam was broken through! "You want that I spent the energy for watching you! In the following time you will come ko to me, and you will suck away to me a dick, or I won't allow you to catch the dick in your hard, wet, small pussy. I saw you and your husband with the little dick nearby. You, possibly, saw me, but you will never determine my person by my dick". "I know that you are rather big man, but where I saw you? I don't suck dicks, so that you should wait very long. You want my pussy again. These are your problems. You know that you can't catch her again, and it kills you. My husband has not a little dick. On extremely measure if to compare to normal people. Your whore". When I returned home to that evening, Nan was very romantic. She very much tried, to drag me in a bed. I told her that I need to send several emails to clients. When I remained alone with our computer, I sent her the message. Then I told her that I will go to wine shop on a corner, to buy what-nibud wine. It will give her time, to read the message from Hyde. there it was written: "The whore, you have to learn, suck a dick and it has to be pleasant to you. The pod of your hubby will be good practice for you. To facilitate to you a task, at first don't try to swallow it completely. I want that you to it sucked away today and told how you did it and that it was pleasant to you. You can't be my whore if you don't suck a dick when I tell you". I returned home in ten minutes with wine gallon. We sipped wine and embraced to the current of hour or about that, a then I led Nan to our bedroom. Whether she read the message? How will she react to it? I was excited how the virgin on final evening! I undressed and got into a bed, Nan's a went to the bathroom. When she left, she was naked, and she was magnificent! I was extremely horney, OR this is Hyde was horney? As only Nan was a row so me, I slid off down and made by her a serious cunnilingus. I completely focused on bringing her pleasure, and it worked. She terminated as at least, twice, and I shivered when I was discharged to gather air. I decided to climb her body up and to send the dick to her well greased pussy. If it plans to suck away to me, it to happen how I will enter her. I was confident in it. "Darling, allow me to bring you pleasure at first. You were magnificent!" — I exhaled Nan when I was already ready to enter her smooth chink. With these words she turned me and began to kiss my breast. Then she began to fall to my stomach, and at last, to the dick! Hyde was happy! How did I have to feel? My wife, at last, sucked my dick. To her it was told, to make it, the big guy who stupidly fucked her the big dick couples weeks ago. She obeyed him, sucking away me. I thought of it only several seconds. A then I understood that I have the most powerful erection what I could only remember! It was my answer. I felt myself perfectly. I not the madman. I am normal, or just I convinced myself of it. I put a hand in Nan's hair and speed began to regulate ee while she slid on my dick the mouth. Hyde woke up again and the dick in a throat Nan began to push more and more. Hyde knew in it sense! Nan just continued to swallow of my dick greedy. I was close to that to blow up. I took away a hand from Nan's hair and growled that just about I will terminate. To the amazement, it didn't miss from a look centimeter of the dick! Without my help, she completely swallowed of my dick with each movement of the head. I has to be I unloaded a floor of a cylinder of the cum in Nan's throat. The first shot, has to be, I got it directly into a stomach. So deeply I was in it. Then Nan moved back and the dick in a mouth retained, continuing to move the head on the dick. She didn't pass drops and the dick from a mouth didn't release, having sucked away me as the pro. Something else time was for me for the first time. My dick that ки didn't become soft. He ceased to cum, but remained firm. It seemed to me that I can break a glass such bludgeon! I pulled out it from Nan's mouth and threw it on a bed. I put the dick to her small chink again and plunged into it on the handle. From the first push Nana terminated as the madwoman! I was on a platoon and and fucked her pussy as never earlier. She without the end cumed, each time when I drove in her the dick, as deeply as could. "Do you like my big dick? You want it. Did you like to suck my dick, a then the fact that I fucked you, so?" — I asked imperiously. "It is pleasant to me! I like to suck your dick of a then to feel how you hollow him my hard pussy!" — Nan exclaimed. Then she told it. "I am such whore! Fuck me, Steve, fuck me!" It was that moment for which Mr. Hyde waited. He couldn't resist such gain. "You are a whore, the truth? You are a whore for big dicks, so? Tell me" — I demanded. "Yes, I love big dicks! Than they it is more, that stronger I want them in a mouth and in the pussy. Fuck me the big dick" — Nan exclaimed. Even Hyde was surprised. Nan only that admitted that she loves big dicks. She told about it in multiple number, having in I see not one dick! It turned out that I was not the only person with bifurcation of the personality in our bed. It was the last thought after which I couldn't restrain any more. I grabbed Nan's legs and put them to myself on shoulders, and began to fuck it even quicker and more deeply. At last, having become covered then (sweat flew down from me and I dripped on Nan), I allowed the mind to be disconnected, having tested a magnificent orgasm. Nan screamed and stood. I think that she pretended to be several seconds! I held a dick in her and lowered a cum so deeply in the wife as never earlier. Grown weak, I slid from Nan and laid down with her nearby. She turned over on me so that her breasts appeared on my breast, took my wet become soft dick in the small handle and fell asleep. Nan all still slept when I left for work as morning. She deserved rest! At 10 in the morning letters began. "I sucked away a dick of the hubby as the pro, last night! I even swallowed! I have to tell that his dick the truth not so weak or small. Just your dick really very big. He so much nakonchal to me in a mouth that it seemed to me that I will choke. I don't even know how I in general will be able to take your dick in a mouth and to swallow a cum which you nakonchayesh. Na the business everything was very not bad. I felt that I completely control it. I could force him to terminate, using the mouth. I will do it more often. I have to admit to you that he is a surprising ladies man. Do you do to A a cunnilingus or you rely only on the elephant pod? Always your whore". "I always knew that you are a whore. It is obvious that you always wanted to be her. I so also didn't tell you as I liked to squeeze your big boobs ми at the same time to fuck a finger your wet pizda. You have excellent boobs, the whore. You have to know that best ladies man, than I, in the world am not present. Continue to work over sovey the equipment huyesosaniya. I want that you made to me the best blowjob in life". "Thanks for o compliment my boobs. They the truth were pleasant to you? You the truth know how to attract their attention. I am glad to learn that you are a skilled ladies man. No it is more best than mine nobody isn't present. I think that I can make to you blowjob which you will never forget. I will be improved in it the next nights. The hubby will be exhausted! Your devoted whore". What, lines take, I do? Nan believes in Hyde! She is sure that she talks to the guy, so an elephant dick. How long will I be able to drive her for a nose? Possibly, rather long, to receive several excellent blowjob! I only hope that she won't be disappointed. Dan so the dick could rule the world if him attach my brains! The next several days Nan sucked my dick at any opportunity. I, in the end of the ends, asked why she so sharply changed the relation to oral sex. "I can please the husband, so?" — she answered. "I am sorry that I didn't do it everything these years. The truth it is pleasant to me, and you, it seems, is happy. How do you think, I am good in it, Steve?" I burst out laughing over her question. Nan underwent surprising transformation, and my love to her to her became deeper, than I could imagine. Good sex really helps marriage, I understood. My letters became softer, and she noticed it. I knew that I have to continue to support in her interest. To stimulate her mind and her body will follow it. I cumed the ideas. I, at last, decided to push Nan and to look how far she is ready to come. She was the attractive, bright woman. She deserves, to have some hidden pleasures. At all we are the dark party. I showed the when allowed Dan to take ee in our kitchen. How far will she come for the person with a big dick? I wrote to her: "You are my whore? It is ready to prove it?" "Can you not doubt? I made everything, that you will ask. if only again to feel in itself your big dick. Your devoted whore". Nan, seemed, is ready to make everything for Hyde. I had a plan of which there was nothing to be proud, but thinking of it, at me the dick stood the rock. It could stop at any moment if wants, so I argued. I began to carry out this plan. "Na Uter Strit there is a movie theater for adults. Do you know o it, my sweet whore?" "I know where it. I never was there. Will you be there? Your devoted whore!". "Questions are asked by me. I want that you went there on Tuesday in the evening at 19:00. Buy the ticket and sit down in the most dark corner. I will send to you someone. You will understand that I want from you". Hyde made it! He instructed my wife, to go to movie theater for adults. Whether she will make it? How this game was serious for her? My dick was firmer than any subject which I could remember in that situation. It was the biggest madness what it did in life, unless not so? There passed day, before than I received the answer from Nan: "I will be there on Tuesday in the evening. I do it therefore that you want that I made it. I don't set questions. Your loving whore". Nan was as fire, that evening. I otlizal to her, fucked her and in the end was engaged with her in love. Now it was even difficult to present that there were times when it seemed to me that I live without wife. Sex was so good, and Nan was uncontrollable. Since that time I began to wake up every morning from the fact that she sucked my dick. She demanded nothing from me in exchange! It occurred how we were engaged in slow gentle love, I told Nan that I will be late at work on Tuesday. At home I will be not 21 earlier: 00. I smiled in soul when Nan told that she can will go to look at cinema or still that-nibud will do while I am absent. Tuesday came, and I don't remember that I once so was nervous. My letters contained only one — that Nan didn't bring me and was in exact time in the agreed place. She assured me that knows where this place, and will be there. I bought an old hat and a coat in Army of Rescue. They were too big for me. I several time examined myself in a mirror and remained is happy. Even the closest friends wouldn't recognize me if I fasten a hat low on the person and there would be a bad lighting. I went to theater 6 around: 30 also I sat in the most dark section. There were only about ten people, all men scattered on all theater. I decided that, so as I was earlier, I have to pee. I got up and went to a men's toilet. I could return up to 19 long before: 00 and to prepare for Nan. I sweated at the thought that it can recognize me. I returned to movie theater, and waited so far my eyes will get used to darkness. Na the screen the woman sucked a dick to the guy with a huge dick. From where only do these guys undertake? I decided to return on the place when saw her. Nan sat almost there where there were I earlier! Now I had to approach her. I planned to sit down with her nearby. When the woman sits with the man in podomnom the place nearby, she often allows to understand that she waits from what-to man of actions. As only I was taken courage, to approach the wife what-to guy appeared from me at the left, was ahead of me, passed on ranks and sat down with Nan nearby! I felt weakness. Sweat poured from under a silly hat. All life exactly so I reacted when was afraid or wasn't sure what to undertake further. I stood. The man sitting a row with Nan was quite big and it was probable to him somewhere for fifty. I looked for the best way as it is possible to knock out the nonsense of it if Nan begins to shout or that-to it. The man embraced Nan having thrown a hand to it through a shoulder. She sat without moving. I began to come nearer. I went there where it would appear directly behind them, but would be hidden by what-to like the old curtains which are hanging down so walls. Light from the screen was more than enough to see what they do. His hand was in Nan's blouse, and she moved without stopping! He has to be I pulled and I pinched it for nipples. Nan on the business nestled on it. He continued to do it several minutes. I saw how her hand passed to him to knees. She undid to him a lightning on trousers and his dick in pants began to jerk off. He slightly moved and Nan was got by his dick. I relaxed, having seen that his dick was approximately those sizes that at me. Why it was so important for me? While Nan was released from trousers by the man's dick, he undid all buttons at her on a blouse and lowered her from shoulders. Then he hitched up her bra and released her beautiful breasts! This guy didn't lose time. He bent and began to suck Nan's boobies as if he didn't eat for about a week. My dick pulsed at this show. Nan worked on his dick while he feasted on her boobs. Then he took away from them a mouth and whispered that-to Nan on an ear. Nan bent and swallowed his sword! He started a hand to her in hair and began to drive her head on the trunk up and down. I saw how he raised hips, controlling Nan's head. I examined movie theater and saw several guys who watched this show. Then, when Nan swallowed his piece of meat, the man waved to guys, to join him! She couldn't see it. Her person was shipped in his groin. Unexpectedly it raised the hips above and pressed down Nan's head strongly down. It was obvious that he unloads a cum in a mouth of my wife! He released head Non, but it continued to serve him. She really well trained, swallowing everything to the last drop from my dick. Now pleasure was derived by this guy. Nan raised the head and saw two other men who hung over her. They got the dicks and slowly nadrachivali them. Nan, seems was surprised and tried to pull back on the boobs a bra. Then the first guy told rather loudly, so, that I heard. "Ne play shyness, the whore. You came for dicks here, so receive them. Now suck to us, you, the whore!" — he ordered. These two guys passed by Nan and her new lover in narrow pass. The second guy stopped directly opposite to Nan having exposed a dick before her person. Another took seat on the empty place on the right nearby with her. He began to rumple and twist Nan's boobs. Nan bent forward and took in a mouth from the new guy. He seized her by the head and began to move her backwards and forward. The man to whom Nan only that sucked away, touched her so far she sucked at other guy. Both men sitting on sides from her stretched her sweet boobs to what-to new sizes. "Suck, this dick, you, the whore. You even have a wedding ring on a finger. Well, you and the whore, suck a dick at the stranger at movie theater. Your hubby knows to what whore he is married?" — this pathetic bastard said. "Be going to have supper well, the whore. it seems, he is ready to feed you still with a cum, the bitch. Exhaust him dry as also to me!" I on the business heard how Nan moaned when the second guy fed her with the cream. At this moment I terminated to myself in pants! And again, Nan wasn't let out by the dick from a mouth, wasn't convinced yet that she exhausted everything to the last drop. The guy, which only that terminated, departed in the party, and the third guy got up opposite to Nan. "Minute, friend" — the first man to whom it sucked away told. "This whore can do two affairs at the same time". Having told it, he just lifted Nan up and put it to himself on knees. Having lowered her, he raised her skirt, rather highly to bare her pussy. "I knew that you don't carry any panties, the whore. You are always ready for the dick, whether so, the bitch?" — he told, raising her again and holding for hips, over the restored dick. "If you want my dick, the whore, then you have to insert it" — he croaked. Nan stretched a hand and his dick put to the very wet chink. He released her hips and she fell by him on the handle. I could see how she shivers so the place. She cumed! He laughed again. "It really it is pleasant to the whore! Now feed her with the tool, the friend" — he told the man who stood opposite to Nan. Even now, when it wasn't restored from own orgasm yet, it stretched a mouth to the dick, quite not bad by the sizes, with impatience. It needed about two pushes by the head to ship a nose in his pubic hair. The third guy changed on the place where he only that Nan sat and started over again rumpling and twisting her boobs. The man in ee a vagina continued to lift and lower ee for hips and to call the annoying names what could only think up. The man to whom I sucked Nan lowered hands on seams, and Nan continued to support a steady rhythm on his dick. She didn't need support! "Look at her!" the man in ee a vagina grinned. It cums again! This is the dirtiest whore from all someone I fucked". He was right, Nan cumed. I saw how she does it, is rather frequent for the last several weeks to see signs. She seemed, passes through constant series of orgasms. She groaned and was shaken, but continued to jump on the dick. She didn't lose speed for a second and the dick from a mouth didn't release. The man under her moaned and strained. He began to lower the cum in Nan's vagina. How he terminated, other man began to fill with a cum Nan's stomach. It had him too deeply in a throat that she could feel his taste. When the man under Nan stopped moving, the guy that sat nearby, lifted her and put on himself. Ne speaking words, Nan was taken by his dick and put to the rastrakhannym to sexual lips. The guy allowed her to fall by his dick and through several pushes, Nan started over again cuming. "My God" — the man who fucked Nan now laughed. "It is the hottest pizda that I fucked. Married women the biggest whores. Look how she cums". He took away from her hands, and she began to move up and down. The man who before terminated her in a vagina got up before her. "The bitch, you made dirty my dick. Clean it" — he ordered. Nan was quickly taken by his dick in a mouth and washed up it language and lips. She continued to fuck while the dick cleaned to it. At last, he pulled out the dick from a mouth Nan and thrust back into trousers. He shook the head when left. Probably other guy was satisfied with the received blowjob and too left. I left because of curtains and passed on a row, having got up before Nan. My dick was firm again. I got it and offered Nan while she jumped on the dick up and down. She to time didn't even look above at my dick. It drained in him in a mouth and soon he plunged into him on the handle. I tried to restrain and not to cum, but my balls boiled. When my spheres strained and the cum began to stream in Nan's throat, the man under it quietly began to wheeze and began to fill with the cum a sweet pizda of my wife. It is necessary to give her due. Nan continued to suck my dick, without looking at anything, and completely drained it. My God, she looked sexually! The man under her held her boobs, and strongly squeezed them while cumed. "Here it is the whore, the man! I never saw such whores earlier" — he exclaimed. "I want to take her home and to fuck all night, but the wife will be minds" — he laughed. "She has no feeling of humour. It is necessary to bring somehow her here that she sucked away couple of dicks. Maybe then she will relax". I just nodded to him and departed in the party. I returned to the confidential place and saw how he cast away Nan on the next chair. He stretched hands and squeezed both of her nipples, before than released her. "It is more best to you to return home, the whore until the husband began to look for you" — he warned. "Thanks for eblyu will also pass. You were magnificent, a your boobs are simply fantastic". These words, it seems, brought Nan out of her euphoria. It threw itself with a jacket and lowered a bra, then was quickly clasped. In a minute she already got into the car. I passed behind her to be convinced that there is with her everything in an order. I waited minute and went home. To me it was thought that if I pass on lanes, I will be able to arrive home before Nan. I pressed a pedal of gas and hurried home. I appeared houses as time in time, having quickly taken a shower, before than Nan entered doors. I greeted her from a shower. "Nan, I waited for you! How cinema, darling?" — I Asked. She seemed scattered. I to it wasn't surprised. I was just glad that she normally reached home. She conducted the car in prostration. It became interesting to me whether a will be able to give breath a cum? "Anything special" — she answered. "How long ago you houses?" "Rather long, to miss you, expensive. We will go so me" — I insisted, having taken her for a hand and having gone to the bedroom. Nan began to stammer and protest. She worried, and I noticed signs of well fucked woman. "I want to write, and to dos, Steve. I will come at once. Why don't you pour what-nibud to drink?" — Nan asked. "The only thing that I want, it you. Or can be you prepared new linen?" — I asked, dragging her to the bedroom. She was excited and frightened. She tried to escape, but I expected it and strong held her. I undid her blouse and a bra. She reconciled so the destiny. It seemed to me that she just about will burst into tears when undressed her. Beautiful boobs of Nan were red and swelled up. Ee of a nipple were still firm. I undid a skirt and dumped from her hips on a floor. "You without linen? We play pranks today?" — I joked. The cum flew down on her legs and her pussy became swollen. Nan never looked more beautiful. Nan looked at herself and gasped. Here then tears also began to flow. I was so sorry for her that I hardly didn't burst into tears. Instead of it, I took ee on hands and put on a bed. "O, Steve! I am so sorry! I am so..." I closed ee the lips, having kissed it a long and deep kiss. I wasn't appeased several minutes. Nan understood that I won't allow to speak to her. "If you put a dent by car or that-to it, all is equal to me" — I calmed her. "Just tell me that you love me. It all that I want to hear, the darling". "Steve, I love you. It is most on light! Even it is more, than I thought. You have to trust me" — she begged. I stopped up her with other, deep kiss, having slipped the dick in her sweet, juicy pussy. I felt as Nan when we heard as my dick zachavkal in her strained. I just continued to enter and leave her slowly. She attentively watched me. "Nan, you have to go to cinema more often. You such wet are also already ready to my dick. Do you love my dick, whether so, Nan?" — I asked. "Tell that you love my dick. Tell that you love me". Tears began to flow on ee to cheeks when she answered: "I love you. I love your big dick. It is my only dick, Steve." "I know, the babe!" — I moaned, having terminated in her wet, filled with a cum pussy. I fell with Nan nearby and strong pressed to myself, having again kissed. She quietly sobbed when I kissed her and squeezed hands a breast. "I love you, Nan. You are my girl" — I whispered. "Now went to sleep". Part 3 The following to steam of weeks was excellent for me. Nan constantly tried to please me in any possible way. It isn't enough of fact that sex was excellent, so she still prepared excellent dishes, did me massage and in general was very attentive. I think, the feeling of fault made it. It did all possible to compensate her immodest behavior at movie theater though we never spoke about it. So the party, I did all possible to answer with reciprocity ee attachment and devotion. She didn't write Hyde on electronic mail any more, and it seemed, all is going to bury in the past. I almost ceased to check the account for hotmail. com. Once in the morning, in several weeks after Nan's trip at movie theater, I found the letter to Hyde. "You in general were in this awful theater? I was nearly broken off there while I waited for you!" She forgot Hyde's rule of o how she has to sign the electronic letters. It couldn't remain unpunished. If it descends her from hands someone knows what it will lead to. "Someone it?" — there was everything that I wrote to her to the answer. The answer came in several minutes. She, has to be, I sat at the computer, expecting the answer. "A someone it can be, you are a pathetic bastard? The woman whom you used in her own kitchen a forced to be humiliated then with what-to nasty porn movie theater!" Hyde saw at once that she didn't sign the letter in a due way and decided to refrain from the answer. I couldn't but admire hladnokrovnosti and Hyde's patience. He knew how to treat women. Passed couple of days, messages from Nan weren't any more. Probably, Hyde didn't guess! Can be, he overestimated force of the big dick. Then on Monday the message came in the morning. "I just want to receive an explanation why you so so me address and whether in general there were you at that movie theater and whether saw me, your whore". Hyde made it again! He picked up her on a hook. At me the head when I thought o that my dear wife all on a hook of a big dick of Hyde was turned from the power. "I saw your performance, the whore. You were very good. These people used you as the whore, and you didn't disappoint me. You, probably, became good chlenososkoy. I remained is happy as you sucked dicks of strangers and swallowed a cum of everyone". When I returned home to that evening, Nan literally attacked on me. She, seems, twice to me sucked away and allowed me to fuck herself in all possible positions. Hyde was my friend! In two days Hyde received the following message from Nan. "Thanks for a compliment. I rather well suck now dicks. Of course, I had no opportunity to suck away really big dick. It is interesting to me though what-to woman could accept completely yours in a throat? Having trained, I am a thought, it is possible, your whore". At Hyde got up when he read the message from Nan. She all still dreamed o a big dick of Hyde, or I should telling o Dan's dick. It has to be difficult to throw out thoughts from o head what-to similar, how it visited at you the pussy. She asked to suck his huge dick! Dan asked me to go on the lake again, to fish and relax. I decided that now the most suitable time to accept his offer. I started talking to him about it in lunch time. "Dan, I thought to go to the hut to the following days off" — I began. "It is interesting to you?" "You know the answer, buddy!" — he answered quickly. "I always like to spend time there". "It is possible to ask you about one service, Dan. Ne a thought that it will strongly complicate you" — I grinned. "Of course, Steve" — Dan answered. "What it is necessary for you?" "Additional four inches" — I told him. "It concerns your wife?" — he Asked. "She needs one more lesson what whether?" "You is very convincing so the huge dick" — I answered. "So it turned out that I know that she grieves for your mighty piece. She will make everything that it is necessary to please your dick, Dan, and she doesn't even know someone you are and as you look!" "Ne I want to brag, Steve, but at me often so is. Women want to test it though time, a then still time, and come back again". Dan smiled. "How you want to work on this time?" The next several minutes we discussed my plan and coordinated our actions. Everything that was necessary for Hyde to bring Nan into the hut on days off. Hyde sent to Nan the message. "You are such whore! You want to suck away my terrible dick, but you not in a state to swallow it. I will award you with a big shot of a cum in your stomach if you well work. In the following time when your hubby goes to fishing, go with him, and you will have a chance again to ride out my dick, you, the little whore". Hyde, probably, was a little rude, but Nan, probably, responded on a similar sort the address. In only several minutes her answer came. "I can't risk, my husband can learn everything! I very much love him, even nesmotrya on the fact that I betray him with you. Ne force me, to lose the husband, please. You know that I brought you pleasure. Your humble whore!" I and Hyde at both had mixed feelings after reading of this letter. He wanted full obedience, an I the wife who sincerely loves me. To me it was good that she said it, but I worried o her mind after these days off. I answered. "You have to trust more me, the whore. I won't destroy your marriage. I definitely don't want that what-to whore accused me of the problems. You want my dick. Go to fishing!" I sent the message and continued to work. The remained part of day, seemed, lasted the whole eternity. When I returned home, Nan prepared remarkable horror. She even made pie for a dessert! I knew that she wants what-to to tell, and a lot of time didn't pass when she gave out that wants. We sat down to watch cinema, and Nan soon made to me astounding, slow blowjob. As everything changed! Dan's dick and my mind is capable to make impossible. How Nan swallowed all my cum, she slipped out the clothes and nestled ko to me. She took my hand and put to herself on boobs that I could play with them while we watch cinema. "Don't you gather for fishing in these days off?" — she Asked. I felt that my dick rises again. "Na the business, I thought of it at work today" — I answered. "I thought, to go to fishing to these days off, but I don't want to leave you one here. I know how you hate fishing, beer and all these men's habits. Can be, to me just to remain houses so the dear little wife and to work longer with her love". "Would you remain for the sake of me at home, Steve?" — she Asked. "It is so lovely. It is no wonder that I so strongly love you! I, however, have an idea poluchshe. Why don't I go to the hut with you? I won't fish, but I can drink, relax and prepare for you". "I, has to be, in paradise!" — I laughed. "Agreed!" I knew that she wants to go only for the sake of a big dick, and from it was incredibly made horney. My dick was firm again. It didn't remain unnoticed. Nan pulled him and laughed. "It is similar that someone liked this idea too. This big guy for me?" — she asked. I took ee directly on a sofa, a then still time when we laid down to sleep. All this situation incredibly made horney us both. When I on Friday returned from work, Nan already prepared everything for departure. She even bought couple of packs of beer and a little wine. I began to think that she understands that she for fishing waits for her! I threw everything in the car, without having forgotten about the rights and tackles, and we went to the lake. On the road we have well supper and arrived when already was quite late. We were unpacked, and Nan filled our bed. We sat and watched how fires are reflected from the lake, and drank beer with wine. By that time when we laid down in a bed, we were already really horney and fucked as rabbits. Na the next morning I got up at dawn and put the tackles in the boat. Ann loaded couple of cold lunches and sandwiches into the portable refrigerator for me. I thought about myself that she doesn't want that I too early returned home. I kissed her and sailed from the coast. I was developed and moored to the coast at an appointment point. Dan's minivan stood on the parking. He stood with him nearby. I went to the coast. "You are o time, Steve! Well that, Nan in the hut waits for the knight with a big spear?" — he laughed. "You have to look how many beer and food she to me put!" — I answered. "She hopes that I won't return to darkness". "All right, we will begin a game" — Dan grinned. "At all respect for your wife, I all would like to fish to darkness". I left the boat, tied to the coast and went with Dan to our lodge. He reaped to me a hand and went to an entrance door of the hut, an I remained to sit on back seat of the car. I heard as he knocked, a told then that-to. When I heard as slapped a door, I went out of the minivan and rushed off on the small verandah leaving to the lake. I left all windows in the house opened and not curtained. I made the way to the second bedroom and quietly slightly opened a door. Dan talked to someone-to on mobile, Nan's a prepared what-to dishes on a plate. "I now in a lodge on the southern end of the lake" — thundered Dan in a tube. "Well, I have a nice woman here. At her also, it seems, pair of excellent boobs. Such sissk which want to be rumpled you won't be tired yet!" Nan suddenly looked at Dan and reddened. She became ogladyvatsya as if wanted to see where there is the next exit. Dan smiled to her and continued. "I fight about a mortgage, ee the pussy tuzhe, than hell. She still looks as fantastic chlenososka" — he added. "Of course, she can and on cope with my device". With these words he undid trousers and pulled out the hippopotamus. With such dick as Dan, had no reasons to exaggerate the sizes. Nan gasped when she saw Dan's meat which fell out of his trousers. He was more than at me, thus he didn't get up yet! I already forgot what shoot at him. He smiled to Nan and gesture called up her. "Yes, it seems to me, she will begin to suck away to me directly now" — he said. "I know what whores these married young women. They want the big dick, and I can give them it. At her it seems already saliva began to flow!" Nan licked lips and quickly breathed. Nan of dreams called up her and she began to come nearer. "Well, everything, so far" — Dan told. "The little whore wants my dick". Nan, seemed, was in what-to trance, getting closer to Dan. Her eyes didn't come off his economy. She stopped before Dan. I dezhe am not sure that she looked to him in a face. She koordinatom was his dick. It seems, Dan had an element which worked stronger, than Kriptonit! "You claimed that you are capable to suck a dick, the whore. Sit down on knees and we will look how you coped with it. It is a small cone of your husband" — he added for me. Nan slowly got up on knees and stretched to the trunk which is hanging down before her. Ee a hand looked tiny in comparison with Dan's dick. I even began to doubt whether it is enough at her forces to lift this chyortovu a thingummy! She brought him to the person and several time kissed. Then she began to grease it with saliva, licking and sucking a huge head several minutes. "Suck my dick, the whore" — Dan ordered. "I know that you want to swallow my cum, whether so?" Nan began to suck more diligently after Dan's words. He pulled out a dick at her from a mouth and asked: "Didn't you tell whether you want to swallow my cum, the bitch?" Nan nodded and again took Dan's boat, having taken him in a mouth. He every second became heavier and grew. Nan began to suck and sip with such diligence what I never saw earlier. Sounds of Nan who tried to bring pleasure to a huge dick the mouth were the only sounds in the hut. She tried to swallow of Dan's dick in a throat, but the head was too big to be located in her. And everything is equal, she tried. I quietly entered the room behind Nan and got up very close to it. At this moment the roof could fail, and she wouldn't notice it. The huge dick at her in a mouth became for her all world. Dan began to groan. "Here went, the whore! Be enough my cum and swallow of it!" — he began to wheeze. It is strong held Nan's head, having densely pressed it to the huge dick, and began to shiver. I fell to Nan and approached the person her person when Dan's rocket began to shoot. Nan, at last noticed me when Dan's cum I began to inflate her cheeks. She had a mad expression of the person while she swallowed of a cum not to choke! Dan pressed to himself her head and continued to fuck it in a mouth. How, probably, the whole pint of a cum appeared in Nan's stomach, Dan tore off from himself her head and several more streams fell on a face and Nan's hair. She began to swallow of air as only her mouth became empty. She looked at me when Dan pushed her in a mouth the dick again. "Lick my dick, the whore. You know how it is necessary to finish good blowjob" — Dan demanded. Nan sucked round a then licked Dan's device, looking at me. It seemed that she thinks as if she in a dream and will wake up soon. "Someone your friend, Nan?" — I when Dan's dick slipped out mouth ee asked. She was too shocked to speak. She just looked at me while Dan wiped the dick about her person. He won back the role, but it was worth it. I continued to look in Nan's eyes, even when my own dick began to move. "I not... I don't know someone is he such" — at last, was succeeded to tell her. "You don't know whose dick you only that sucked" — I asked. "Don't you know someone only that you filled your stomach with a cum?" "It sounds awfully, I know" — Nan admitted. "He just spoke by phone, a told then me to make to him blowjob, and I made". "He threatened you or forced to do it?" — I asked. "Do you want that I caused police?" "Isn't present!" — She almost cried. introduce yourself dating app date html css js site mapMain Page