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John asked Nickey to make to him coffee. Was still very much early, about 6:30 in the morning and the house didn't recover yet. Without saying Nickey's sound the obmyagshy dick released at last from a mouth. He kissed a head and passed to the room. Already being going to put on trousers from a pajamas he suddenly remembered. He threw a pajamas into a bucket and pulled out a spyatanny bag because of a case. He chose a small kimono which hardly covered hips from him. It of course covered his buttocks and a dick, but you shouldn't have bent or sat down in it. He came back to the bathroom and was going to celebrate need when John appeared in the doorway. The member Nickey stood several hours and in such state it was difficult to celebrate need. "You always have to do to Nikki it sitting. Even in a public toilet, you have to wait when the cabin is released, but not to use the urinal. And you never have to close a door to the bathroom if I am at home. If you want to caress yourself, you shouldn't ask me permissions. When there is a moment, you can go to the bathroom or the empty bedroom and to jerk off yourself to an orgasm. You shouldn't do it before me or ask me to make it before me. Though I can ask you to play with myself while I observe or someone observes another. And now finish and make to me coffee" Nickey was fast facilitated, and then having writhed on a toilet bowl began to masturbate quickly. He never before saw so much cum. He cumed seconds 30, then accurately collected all cum and merged it down. Dressed in a thin kimono he barefoot went down in kitchen to make coffee for John. As changed in his life much in a half a day. Now it had a person, the lover who will be cares for him. Though he knew that John was married, Nickey decided to be to him a partner to be sure that all his whims and desires were carried out. Behind these thoughts and preparation of coffee he didn't notice as on kitchen the grandmother entered. Hey was to dart enough at the grandson of one glance that the picture became clear. Short silk dressing gown, long elf-lock, a little rumpled face on which there was an expression that happens at the girl who lost virginity all this explained noise which sounded from John's room tonight and in the morning. The rhythmical scratch of a bed becoming quicker and stronger until was replaced by groan. Already long time in these walls didn't hear such sounds. And this look, happy and a little haughty look of a female who was fucked and filled with a cum. Nickey welcomed the grandmother cheerful "Good morning". After several leading questions of Nickey told about all to the grandmother, lowering of course, some picturesque moments. Her reaction made happy Nick. It suspected that it could do happens and was even happy for both of them. The grandmother told that John the good person, and he needs someone someone would care for him. And that John's wife too probably will be glad because is to a lump will take care of her husband and this is not other woman who can become pregnant and destroy their family. Later, when they were found by the grandfather, he only shook the head and told: "He same whore as his mother". News also reached girls on the top floor and in the evening at supper as a surprise "wedding" cake appeared. Ded Nickey brobormotat something and left the room, but the others cut cake and stated congratulations. John kept silent, but thanked girls for pie, and then rose and went to himself. As soon as he left the noisy room, he turned to Nickey and told: "Be not late" Girls turned to Nickey and giggling advised him to hurry upward, without thinking of ware. They asked him several intimate questions, but for some reason for him was all the same. He quietly answered them and giggled together with them. They envied him when he climbed a ladder, he told them what you feel when other person enters you as he looks in your face during an orgasm. Eventually they asked to show them his "pussy", he with pleasure lifted up a short black short skirt that covered his buttocks and bent down. Girls didn't wait so far he will part buttocks, they made it for him and stared at the pink wrinkled hole. Then they carefully touched it fingers. Then they burst out laughing, said goodbye to him and he rose to the husband. That night, was at night which Nickey remembered well. He never felt further such passion. Of course he fell into sexual "madness" when he was fucked by several men for one night and participated in sexual "marathons", but that night was unique. Only he and John. Nickey wasn't mistaken. He foresaw each movement of John, caressed each erogenous zone, and absorbed each drop of a seed that his dick gave. Nikki received six portions of a cum in a night. Also she terminated 4 times. 2 orgasms were spontaneous, and two times when John caressed her a hand in a step to the pushes, taking her behind. It was wonderful night... Two months passed since John raised a claim for Nick's body. John gradually completely subdued Nick. The nickname completely accepted John as the owner and the lover. Nickey Udivyalo how naturally it turned out. As he adopted John's "rules". As he concentrated on needs of the adult man. As he began to feel mood and John's desires. Nick very much tried that his husband was always happy with him in every respect. What is amusing, Nick never especially went in cycles in sex until so far he didn't have a notion of compulsion to become sex by the slave. Of course he thought of sex when was engaged in onanism, but he was a virgin until John didn't enter him and made him the mistress and the slave. Now Nick finally became Nickey. Her thoughts always first of all were about her man. She not only remembered all "rules", but also plunged into a role of the mistress. She gradually persuaded John to open for her the most deep desires. She added them to "set of rules" which I stored at myself in the head. It allowed Nickey to execute always John's commands and to give him surprises, even surprised him, the ability to please him. John was blinded by the creation. He was always a prominent man and it was pleasant to women, but bright beauty of Nickey and her tiny body forced him will be convinced of the force even more. At least he so thought. On the other hand this communication, with the boy, was the most strasty and getting from everything that he ever tested. Nothing could will be compared to attractiveness obedient and womanly boy girl, always hot incredibly intense men's body and narrow sweet buttocks. In two months Nickey had a wide experience in love games. She outgrew the status of the ordinary mistress and approached the experienced courtesan. The "first" Nikki would redden from what she could do now. Nikki not only expanded the list of rules which John established for her, but I also reached sources of these desires and now could foresee almost all desires of the man. John loved her and after a while took her absolute humility for granted. Nikki awoke every morning John diligently sucking away at him. She learned to bring John to an ograzm still before that wakes up. John woke up as after an erotic dream and opening eyes after remarkable dreams saw the girl looking at him the pensive eyes and mumpish sponges shining from a cum. Nikki so naturally did everything that sometimes she didn't notice a side between tempting and daily povedeliy. After she received a morning orgasm of the man the ode had to wait so far he will open eyes. After that as soon as their eyes met she had to drop the eyes down. Then, after she was convinced that John sees her slightly slightly opened lips, she very slowly I swallowed the received seed until swallows everything to a last straw, and then slowly I licked a mouth and lips. At it it turned out well. So it awoke John and at the same time made horney. She did many similar things during the day and night, but it was so natural that made a strong impression on John. After two months spent as "wife", Nikki was ready to try to be given to the man as she wanted it. In the most part of time John forced her to behave as as if she was a bitch in a techka. She was or is naked (when they were in the bedroom) or wore the short skirt or a dress which are hardly covering her constantly naked buttocks. Usually she went barefoot and used a minimum of cosmetics or didn't use her at all. It strongly made horney John who could approach quietly behind and telling words, softly, but surely to bend and take her. At first as a rule there was a small preliminary caress while Nikki his dick greased with saliva, and he stretched her hole fingers. Week followed a week, he could put it in a pose, enter and terminate telling not words and without any preliminary actions. Nikki dreamed of bigger romanticism in her life. Nikki dreamed of sometimes to make love, and not just about that that she was put in a pose and fucked. Of course when she went for days on end with the available chink operating so provocatively on her owner it forced him to do what he did. He treated her as a stallion with a mare in herd. She didn't want to change it because knew that it interests and makes horney him. But she wanted something else. In day when she decided to implement the plan, she managed to avoid a morning blowjob for John. Similarly, last evening she feigned a disease so when John came from work his dick was ready to explode from the collected cum. In the afternoon at school, Nikki didn't go to a toilet to work onanism. As she never carried now panties, and walked in the fitting trousers, onanism was not only requirement but also need as without this daily discharge her body began to stick out from trousers... Nickey lay in a bed, light was muffled and the light music played. She was naked apart from mesh Chulkov and belts with garters. John entered the room and was pleasantly surprised. The grandmother Nickey told him that Nickey very badly felt at supper and decided to remain in the bedroom. "Well and as my little girl feels" he asked when eyes got used to the twilight. In the bottom of his stomach stir went at once while he examined the slender seductive lover. Nikki was completely in an image of the whore. She inflated sponges, and invitingly looking at it turned a hip a little to show the buttocks to the man. Her penis was strongly intense. "Your little whore missed you and my hole waits that she was filled" she made a purring sound. John quickly threw off clothes and got on a bed John approached a bed headboard. His dick was as iron from tension, Nikki carefully raised the head and with skill began to caress his end. She gently removed a lace curtain and caressed the become bare head the language. Then she clasped her with lips and attracted it to herself. John almost fell down the temptress. He wanted to take her for hips and to turn on a stomach, in a usual pose as he got used to fuck her in buttocks. Nikki waited for it and before John began to move, Nikki clasped him with legs and attracted to the chink which was groundless now expecting him the dick. She lay on a back, having clasped him with legs for a waist, and his direct dick was sent directly to a chink of her buttocks. John lowered one hand down and sent the tool to the place of receiving pleasure. It squeezed perineum muscles as she learned to do for last weeks of lovemaking to take groan from her man. And then Nikki made the most courageous act for all her time of her life as the house whore. She clasped with the Owner's hands for a neck, attracted him to herself, and thrust the language into his mouth. John was definitely stunned, but he was too horney, his piston already went in buttocks of his whore forward and back, he already entered her at all length of the dick. Therefore he didn't make attempt to push out her language but only in reply I pushed the language in her mouth. Nikki only squeezed John legs even stronger and was furiously stuck by buttocks on his dick. They continued to fuck looking each other in eyes and making so much noise that undoubtedly all house guessed what now occurs in John's bedroom. They terminated at the same time. John splashed out a huge portion of a cum deeply in Nickey's guts, and she terminated on the flat stomach. THEY lay having embraced, connected with each other by still standing John's dick set deeply in Nickey's body. Nikki began to kiss John's face, his eyes, a mouth and told: "Forgive me the Owner, you are my man, my life, I so love you, I couldn't do anything with myself. I admire you and I want to be yours always. Don't think that I went crazy.".... It was more than Nikki told in total for last months their communications. John wasn't upset. He still couldn't depart from the best sex for the life. He looked in Nickey's eyes and strongly kissed her. His dick was still intense and he didn't take out him from embraces of buttocks of the girl, he started over again moving slowly in a hot narrow hole. Nikki received the answer. Her Owner real lover. Nikki was very happy girl. i'm dating someone with herpes dateline jennifer dulos site mapMain Page