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Here and echoing a part of my narration. We didn't go for work any more, in couple of days we changed the apartment. We periodically visited the page, but not someone didn't write. In couple of days we already despaired, but here wrote to us as some guy, a pier he with friends wants to try the married Russian whore. Phone stood nearby. Having called I told the price, 50 dollars from the person. Having received the address, we on were ruled there. We together reached a house entrance on the outskirts of the area, agreed that I will rise with Lena, I will take money and or I will remain — at the request of guys or I will wait for her below... The door was opened by the young guy, put to me in hands one hundred, and a nod invited Lena... I went down and for smoked, but desire to look as fuck my female overcame me, and I went to them. The door of the apartment wasn't locked and having taken only two steps inside I saw Lena from a back, it squated before the guy with the lowered trousers and judging by the characteristic movements of the head, sucked away to him. On her there was only a shirt on a naked body. Panties on her weren't any more. I passed to the room to admire the wife taking in a mouth from the guy whom she for the first time saw twenty minutes ago, but I was sharply stopped by his friend: — So, and you that here you do... — Yes here I came to check process whether it is necessary that. — modestly I told, I eyes and devoured this picture. The guy it is visible I noticed it and I told — You the last in turn, your wife are still busy. — At first she will serve us and our buddies. here 150 more dollars, surcharge, Sit so far there — he waved on a chair in a corner. Nothing remained to me how to obey and consider a scene already from other foreshortening. Lena didn't react to the event in any way, silently agreeing that it will be a laying for half-familiar young people and after she is passed round, maybe, will allow to give also to the husband Both guys were quite moody-looking look, at once it was clear that they belong to some gang, I was even rather afraid of them a little. But now their attention was drawn not by me, and to me they just allowed to look how they fuck my wife. Lena diligently sucked away to one of bulls, and the second bent behind her back and began to feel her buttocks. Suddenly breakthrough he lifted her back and forced to the knees, Lena gave the surprised cry, but right there again began to suck, without having forgotten at the same time on to expose buttocks more expressively. The guy quickly threw off trousers and, without encountering any resistance, strong grasped my whore by hips and began to plunge into her. Lena quietly moaned, and I observed how muscles on a back of the guy who was attached to the girl's hole rhythmically strain. In a hand at another phone rang out. The guy answered, called number of the apartment, confirmed something and pressed a release. — Now friends will be brought up, about the grandma not a word by him, all of us paid. — he told I silently nodded. All this time his dick was at Lena in a mouth, and other her opening was occupied by the dick of his friend. Lena was turned on a back soon and on her that to which she just sucked right there laid down, and the second took seat about her head and I hardly managed to notice how her lips were closed by a ringlet around his rocking dick. But just to enjoy a sweet mouth of the girl to it it appeared a little, his look fell to me, he hemmed, the dick from a mouth Lena which released him with a visible reluctance pulled out, and asked: "Do you have a husband?" Lena shivering from vigorous pushes of his friend with a smile nodded. "Pass greetings to him" — the muscleman continued to grin. Lena having laughed playfully I waved to me with a hand, continuing to make upward movement the one someone inserted her. Her attention right there again switched to a licking of the dick of the guy which forbade me to approach her. I watched how, feeling safe, they freely manage in openings of my wife, immersing in her the penises and enjoying her flexible body. Lena fucked in a vigorous rhythm, in turn laying down on it, and soon one of guys with groan lowered to the girl on the person. Lena greedy opened a mouth and caught a cum on a uvula. Almost at once behind it in the hall some noise was heard and to the room three more men became hollow. Comers found Lena with a cum on a face with the spread legs given to the brawny bull." — Oh, I already see, the hot girl" — the bearded man commented on what was seen, is obviously most senior than the others. — Cum quicker, now I too to her insert" — anticipating entertainment hastened one more." — And it that for the man?" I asked bearded, nodding on me. I shrank, all audience was obviously related to crime, and it was clear that if I begin to contradict them, I will have big troubles." — This is her husband, he looks" — explained a situation trying to recover the breath. — And — with understanding I told bearded — it is fine, look how we will fuck your bitch. Don't take offense the man, you not at affairs today. The girl at you to all appearances cool, but her our holes, won't be enough for you". Lena giggled, confirming the consent to such deal, and one of comers, even without taking off a jacket, quickly passed forward, undid a fly and began to shake the half got-up member over the face of Lena shining from a cum, she opened a mouth more widely and in a second the new dick already plunged into him. She didn't know even a name of the one to someone I sucked away and saw it an only minute ago, but it didn't prevent her to suck diligently not to disappoint the ёбаря. At this moment the jockstrap lying on her whose pale buttocks quickly rose and fell before between her the spread legs almost raised a howl. He sharply left, grabbed a dick and on an elastic tummy of my girl there were large white drops of a cum of the man who was just fucking her. But on it the program for Lena only began." — Following!" — the jockstrap told, getting down from Lena. Now it it is fucked in turn several guys directly in front of my eyes again." — There now and perfectly, let's pokuvyrkatsya" — I told bearded, I raked up Lena in an armful and I threw on the moved apart sofa near my chair. She right there turned over, got up on knees, stuck out buttocks in their party. For a second Lena faced with the drying-up cum traces me, attentively looked to me in eyes and slowly licked lips which it sucked round today already three dicks and wasn't going on it to stop. As she changed, from the good student, the decent wife, she turned into a female. Two guys exempted from trousers got into this moment on a sofa, bearded I took Lena for hips and sent the trunk to her sweet hot hole. The second came in front, took her for a chin and with words — And now suck at me — the dick to her enclosed in a mouth. "Here and the fourth" — rushed at me in the head. Now Lena didn't look at me, it had other occasions to which it was worth paying attention. But I looked at me giving it in a mouth, meanly I grinned and I told: — Well as, all is well visible to you? Now vyeby your little girl properly. I without coming off I watched how lips of my wife clasp his trunk which plunged into her mouth and was shown outside at all length again. Availability of Lena intoxicated. Took the breath away because that any could use her damp openings in this room, however, except me. One jockstrap having strong clasped with two hands Lenin buttocks, I puffed, bashing out it it is pliable the held-up buttocks, and to another she tastefully sucked." — Faugh — ooh!", I told out of breath bearded — let's exchange". The guy facing Lena quickly laid down, the girl is quick-witted threw through him a leg and his trunk without excess movements appeared in her. Just strung on one dick, Lena appeared on the following at once, and now her buttocks were held by other man on whom she right there began to jump vigorously. All her buttocks were located in its huge lapishche. Bearded which, probably, at first wanted to give it in a mouth attentively I looked at these buttocks, one movement I bent down Lena to that on someone she lay, and I sent the sticking-out damp dick to her to a hard hole between buttocks. The dick entered with pleasant ease, and Lena moaned in a voice. This groan became a signal for the third comer. He as if on command climbed up a sofa and attracted the head of Lena to the trunk. When that already appeared at her in a mouth, the guy told:" — Oh, here and for me there is a place", then darted a glance at me, grinned and added: "And for him isn't present! All five began to neigh, three from them didn't stop scurrying about at the same time the dicks in holes of my girl. At those two that already used her openings, dicks rose with a new force when they wait for the turn, will start up Lena on the second circle so to her and the truth not to me. Bearded, having enjoyed Lenina buttocks, I moved to her mouth, that bull whose dick she sucked round, with pleasure gave way to him that most to ship a trunk in her developed anus. Lena perceived all these movements absolutely quietly, by and large, it was all the same at someone to suck and someone and where fucks her, the main thing that fucked properly. Bearded I strained and with shout I began to cum in a mouth to my whore, and that obediently swallowed everything that he to her merged. Having recovered the breath, bearded I patted her on a cheek and I departed, Lena smiling I watched him leave, but it didn't forget to be stuck at the same time on two trunks. The guy who pulled hard on her from above began to wheeze too and began to pump up a cum her buttocks. Lena turned a head and almost delightfully looked at her otymevshy jockstrap while he continued to keep haughty, almost fastidious look. When he exhausted and laid down nearby, panting, third remained easily threw the wife, turned her on a stomach and got up from above. It was convenient to me to observe how this mountain of muscles drove the dick between such sexual buttocks of my girl. In total in a couple of minutes it splashed them with dense white liquid, having splashed out it in stages. Lena was sent to the bathroom to wash away a cum, water zazhurchat, one of guys slipped out beyond Lena and too came into the bathroom. Remained with satisfaction exchanged impressions: — and what the skank is? — Yes not especially I know, some shlyushara, Rick picked up on the Internet, divorced at once. By itself, it was necessary to share with boys. — And this of what? — Yes let looks, I am not sorry". From the bathroom through noise of the flowing water Lenin groans were heard, it became clear that her hole works again. Men began to guffaw again and started talking about something special. In a few minutes naked Lena flitted into the room again. Without being confused the look at all it right there laid down on a back on a sofa and habitually spread legs. In this disturbing pose she began to stroke herself and to erotically lick lips, unambiguously hinting dogs that she doesn't mind to accept in itself their dicks. Such show really in the eyes poured their shoots by new forces, but admired it not for long. After the words "— well, give her on time" — bearded I approached a sofa, I laid down to Lena, it the playful handle itself sent it to itself, and the fucking renewed though any more not at such fast speed. Two friends settled on a sofa around the Lenkiny head of the head, and it in turn moistened with a mouth their tubules. Minutes having tickled five in such pose, Lena without being too soft put on all fours, now to her buttocks absolutely bald bull was attached. He very routinely filled a dick in her chink and moved in a measured rhythm, deeply planting the trunk. I watched how her buttocks shake from pushes, and on his back at each movement muscles are rolled. While he stuck her on a dick, Lena turned back to me and coquettishly smiled, asked a look whether it is pleasant to me as she is fucked. "— You will stare at this sucker then" — the jockstrap with a big tattoo on a breast interrupted her and the dick in a mouth with words put her: — and now at me suck away". Probably, it wasn't pleasant to him that Lena pays me attention. When some more minutes boys decided to replace a pose again, he suddenly sharply told:" — Well, good things come in small packages. I looked how the real men have your girl, and will be enough. Now we will pull her without you". Throw this drop couple сотень and let fails... On peremptory tone it became clear that I should leave urgently the apartment where at full scale fuck my girl, I took money which to me was stretched, and these are 350 dollars and left. Already leaving I saw how the jockstrap with a tattoo leaned back on a sofa, crossed hands on a nape, and Lena was kneeling to him, and very vigorously sucked away and licked to him balls... But as she tried! And my girl humoured now the one someone forbade me to approach her and in general turned me out before using her holes. The door was closed behind me and I was deprived of an opportunity to observe what behind her occurs. Approximately through an hour and a half tired Lena left an entrance and on the way home I told that after I was expelled from a trakhodrom, it twirled in every way, her boys made even on calling, however, before it they is weakened lay on a sofa, and it had to get on them and to work properly as a mouth to return them to life. I pulled out 500 dollars from a pocket. — Oho — at the wife eyes were rounded. And pleasures of the sea and grandma big... Here so our career began... P. s Someone wants to communicate write on a mail. 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