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The subject of wives whores began to make horney me several years ago. I often was in different chats and forums, read stories … I represented that on the place of these bitches — my Ksyusha. It seems, it began to make horney even stronger, than Ksyushina boobs of the fourth size … Even when I fucked her, represented that she fucks with others. In turn … But there was also no thought that all this will be able to become a reality. And I quite modest, and she especially. And the speech wasn't about that at least to start talking about it. But once … In all chats I always showed others photos, saying that it is my wife. There were busty beauties too, but to all of them was far to Ksyusha. But once I was made horney so strongly that wanted to show her real photos … Also I sent one. She so was pleasant to the interlocutor that he began to tell in detail as well as where he would fuck my whore. I continued the story in exchange for new photos … As a result I showed it even Ksyusha in a bathing suit. As strongly, as at that conversation, I was never made horney. And here I ceased to fuck Ksyusha almost recently — there was enough drochka. I saw that she is dissatisfied. And even I thought that, maybe, she from a nedotrakh will change … But all the same it was difficult to present it. After that conversation I showed her photos already more freely. Itself already arose to chat with guys who will tell me what she is a cool whore or will terminate on her photos … And once one guy asked whether I that she was really fucked want. I answered that, of course, yes. Such talk was earlier, but all for some reason merged, maybe, didn't believe that such busty long-legged beauty to them is really wanted to be enclosed … And this didn't merge. And we were fellow countrymen. And when he suggested me to remove her in real, I, having nearly terminated, agreed. Ksyusha should be shaken somehow. One night I invited on a visit this "friend", and on the same day presented her new, quite short, a dress. She loved new dresses, and I almost didn't doubt that she will put on it. And left. Long legs, short dress, heels … Artem behaved correctly. I showed that she is pleasant to him, but ahead of the engine I didn't run. I interested her in a conversation. She relaxed. All this time we drank her favourite Martini, and I tried that she got most. When Ksyusha left to powder a nose, Artem told that my whore just super. Whether she likes to dance? Yes, very much. I advised me to turn on the music, and he will invite it to dance. I had to refuse to dance. And still to go more often to smoke to a balcony … Ksyusha returned, and I turned on the music. She sat between us on a sofa, already quite weakened. The dress was slightly lifted up, and she didn't even pay attention. Here Artyom also suggested to dance. I asked whether I mind. I told that I am not present, of course. But itself I don't want to dance and so far I will smoke … From a balcony the quite good view of the living room opens if slightly to slightly open a curtain that I also made. They danced the ballad, she had his hands on a waist. It told something, and Ksyusha smiled. At some point even I laughed and I put to it the head on a shoulder. Right there I straightened out, but … Artyom obviously knew the business. He showed me gesture that I didn't come back yet. I began to smoke one more cigarette. The dick stood a stake. They drank, and when clinked glasses, long held glasses nearby. But not on брудершафт … Then sat down to talk again. And even it was visible to me from here that the dress was lifted up by Ksyushino almost to panties, and he looks there, and she doesn't straighten out … Artem looked in my party, and I came into the room. Ksyusha turned back to me, on her face there was a pensive half-smile as though she forgot that I too here. Artyom behind her back showed me that I didn't sit down on a sofa. I went to open a new bottle, then to cut cheese and under this pretext remained from that party of a table. Some time they and sat, we stirred, then Artem left in a toilet. Also I sent me sms from there: now I will try to stroke legs of your whore, and then and to a pizd … And you in ten minutes go to smoke. I read these words and smiled in response to Ksyushina a pensive smile. Artyom returned and sat down on the former place. Chatted about anything, about holidays, the cities a little more … I didn't see his hands. And Ksyusha as it seemed to me, slightly reddened. However, maybe, from drunk … In a few minutes Artyom showed me eyes — give on a balcony. I left … Yes, definitely it had his hand between legs. And legs were definitely slightly spread … Ksyusha few times turned around, but on a balcony was dark, and she could see nothing. It seems, she closed eyes from pleasure … I was ready to terminate immediately — I and didn't expect that everything will develop so quickly. In about ten minutes she left to powder a nose again, and he joined me on a balcony. Pizda of your wife already hot … I asked whether he will fuck her today. Don't worry, рогатик, your whore won't get to already anywhere … You, the main thing, return to the room and pretend, type you are cut down. And then directly here also fall asleep. On a sofa … I entered the room, poured all on a glass, sat down on a sofa and represented an osolovely look. Strongly it wasn't necessary to try — I really was as drunk … Ksyusha asked something, and then and Artyom, but I answered is less and less legible. I covered eyes. Someone's careful hand took away from me a glass … I sustained a small pause and then looked through slightly slightly opened eyelids. They sat next on other end of a sofa. Or rather, she lay down to him on a shoulder … He caressed her hips. The dress was already lifted up to a belt … Still the gentle music played, and sometimes they exchanged silent remarks. Then Ksyusha began to groan. I parted legs more widely, then it is absolutely wide … His fingers were in her pizda again. Of course, it was hotter also than wet long ago. Groaning, she sometimes turned around, but Artyom quietly said to her that the husband sleeps like the dead … Then he put her palm on the dick. Ksyusha was frightened, straightened out a hand … But he very softly returned her into place. And the wife moaned even more loudly — probably, he became more active to work fingers … For certain she already all expired. And Artyom thought of it too. It nestled to her a kiss взасос and began to caress her boobs … Ksyusha already thought nothing. He removed from her panties that it was more convenient to him. I lowered dress top below boobs … And while she caressed to him a dick, one hand he made horney her pizda, and other boob … I don't know how many times I cumed, without touching the dick. It was such sweet torment. Then he got up from a sofa and lifted it to himself. They were once again licked, and he led it to our bedroom. Ksyusha turned back on me. The dress of my wife was lifted up from above and from below, panties were absent, and the brassiere also wasn't. She went to fuck with the ebary, to begin new life. She looked at me and smiled. Also I began another story altogether … how soon is too soon to ask for a date on tinder dateline missing in america site mapMain Page