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August 11 The call on cellular woke. I in front of the screen so also fell asleep without undressing. As got up, so own smell in a nose shibanul. From a hangover terrible, from a smoke break such that it seems as if even I exhale cigarette smoke. It became opposite to chertikov. Vo what turned? I took the call and I frowned from shout in dynamics. — Zhevtun — the chief of SOGA Taras shouted — you where were gone? Your case o bribes in court has to be tomorrow, you even didn't bring charge to a yet. The person under investigation should be let out in the evening. And Kopytko in a business trip I faded. To me you will order to work for all you? Eh, on the East you, parasites to send. There would jump bunnies. Ooh... as if drenched me with ice water. I the first wave of mobilization it is successful profilonil. — In an hour I will be — I muttered in a tube and it was disconnected. While under the burning water streams I stood, I tried to understand everything: why all my life — as the chewed sandwich. To someone didn't I there, above please? A shower I left, as a maternal womb: fresh, as if cucumber. The safe opened, looked at own unit of fire with pleasure. A hunting rifle — AK 47, 1972-go of year of release. It is a little remade that turns not пулял, but yes nothing... single will be enough for those someone it is necessary and. Yes boyka I hid a larva somewhere that the son accidentally didn't shoot. A that he at me is hefty curious. Hardly I came to work, at once Taras came running. As came running, so and I began to shout as if the victim. — Sha — I told him — the last interrogation and I rag show to this "haulage man" charge. At me all dokazukha is brought together long ago. Tomorrow I transfer business to court in the morning. At Tarasa from heart went away. He on a chair opposite took seat and sits, fans with a hand. — Kopytko that-to doesn't answer — I told me. — I wanted him to tell too where to get off, a phone is disconnected. — I washed down, probably — I muttered. — Or on whores I went on a spree. Taras smiled widely, a then and at all laughed loudly. — Precisely. He strongly loves this business. Already at the exit the chief turned back and, having cunning blinked the eyes, suddenly asked: — Did you why Anke break a nose? His wife in a trauma works as the nurse. To see, my blessed by her it managed to be cried. — I earned — I answered. Taras the head shook: — Well, sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes they besides don't understand any words. A your Anka-to and even less so... Here it became interesting to me. To that it is interesting that I even so a chair got up and approached Taras. — You what, too with her fucked? — Well that you, Roma? — sincerely Taras was surprised. — How could you think? Rumors went, not more. Rumors... He clapped me on a shoulder and for myself I covered a door. Rumors, means. It is interesting why they didn't reach me? — Ania — I asked ee in the first evening when home took — you want an of what most? I remember how she smiled. And from this smile instead of the Moon in the sky the Sun appeared. Yes to that bright that I even blinked. — To marry you in marriage — she answered. Skazano-sdelano. In two months the wedding was played. I then as time starleya received and from trainees in SOG was transferred to a full rate. Na the owner of that cafe where the wedding rattled, I already dokazukhu brought together. Yes I by a hand was stopped, there the prosecutor of that time was involved in that business. Which went then to the area. A I drunk then was to chertikov. The microphone took that to tell the welcome word of the groom, yes and blurted out foolishly: — I on the place of this cafe on a tank will dance. Ooh also they got a fright everything. I and on trezvyaku can load without looking, on the drunk absolutely I will hold an I don't know. A rumors reached, only I didn't want to trust them. All I thought that envy my happiness. That revenge for what. Means, there was it the ninth. The tenth in the evening I to the pastor in guests went, whistling. A gate he didn't want to open for me, of course, but yes this business simple. From a leg I struck, yes it from loops flew. Yes, still I fed a dog with cutlet with an isoniazid in his morning that he didn't get me under feet. The owner from me in the bedroom hid. Under a bed. As child, really. It is possible to think, I won't find him there. — Get out, Father — shouted I. — Get out, a that will be worse. In general then on horse-radish I will burn the house. You will be roasted as Zhanna D'Ark. Father grunted that-to murmured, but from under a bed got out. Weigh in dust, evil eyes. — Roma, my son — this stinker began to preach. — Remember, I warned you. I eyes made round surprised: — You what, the Saint father, you think that I came to kill you? You christened me. How it is possible? I came to talk. To talk, to watch film and I smother your dirty to clear of demons. I believed, the little fool. I relaxed, I sighed freely. — Roma — again got the balalaika — women — an essence angrily. Remember how Ecclesiastes spoke... Here here I to him under dy also loaded. Zamanal he me the Ecclesiastes naturally. The pastor was in half bent, air from lungs so released whistle. I on any case on a poppy-head hit it. That it wasn't stirred. Then on a chair I seated (heavy, a reptile. Ne differently no I observed one post, the righteous person), a sheet primotal. While the pastor in otklyuchke sighed, I at him found an adhesive tape. Over a sheet as I stuck with a cocoon. I departed slightly at some distance, I admired the work. Beauty! The mouth to him didn't begin to stick, let speak, a that will become boring for me. A I am a guy cheerful, to talk is hefty I love. Only I battened down windows tightly that inadvertently not to wake neighbors. A so far I at it in the living room rummaged boxes in search of movie theaters, those that of 18 years to infinity, the pastor recovered. — A Roman — I heard his voice — don't descend from mind. Let's talk. — We will talk, we will talk — I muttered. — Till the dawn long, we will manage to have a good long talk. Na a bedroom threshold I appeared shining as a ship watch bell. With a laptop under a side and three disks in a hand. Probably, Father managed to get rid of their bigger part. A here these for some reason zanykal. Jerk, one word. — Gotov? — I asked the captive. — The session for adults begins. I put a laptop on a bedside table opposite to his chair, I included in the socket and I loaded. Itself settled on pastorovskuyu a bed without sheet and threw legs in army boots on pillows. — Rum, it isn't necessary — Father whined. — Forgive me, I don't know that she so me created. As if were diabolized her. — Highway-highway-highway — I stopped it. — Now the most interesting will begin. The most interesting began. No not what was expected even by me. I then with Taras was in a business trip in the East. Investigated military crimes. The bitch, I was nearly banged there. These A... Na a matrimonial bed, under a wedding photo. In other room children peacefully snuffled. My children! There was one pastor. All in the cam I shone with a dairy paunch, yes a flabby bum. — Rum... — zanyl this cattle — I will explain everything to you. I silently got up, went to the shed and brought a canister with gasoline from there. When this swine saw with what I came, his hair began to move. — You won't make it — he muttered. — I christened you. — Here therefore — I answered — now your turn. Only I will christen not water, the flame cleaning. It is necessary to you, Father, before the Lord to appear clean. A what treats for any sincere evil spirits best? Only fire. The padre sat, poured by fuel. Lupal eyes and blood promptly cast from his person. — I am not an animal — I for some reason warned him. — I will give you the last word. Speak. I included a dictophone on cellular and I was going to listen. Pastor Zaujal an owl, zaplyamkal lips and suddenly burst out laughing. Crazy laughter of the madman. — Last word? So there will be to you my last word. To children make DNA, the moron. She with us without condoms had fun. They irritated with ee. I departed far away, looked in wild, mad, watery eyes of the spiritual mentor, struck flint of the lighter and threw ee into a cocoon. A I will visit daddy tomorrow. Very much I want to learn why my babes are so similar to my handsome — a dog the daddy. August 12 — Zhevtun — Taras flew in an office — heard that the house of the preacher burned down? — I heard. — Tell someone-to helped to set fire. — To spit. Taras settled on a chair opposite and fixedly looked at me. I made the most innocent person and touched papers on a table. Chto-to put in a table that-to sent to a ballot box. — Do you to it have no relationship, the truth? — the chief asked. — I slept. — I trust. What happens to you? It is because of Anki, yes? I lifted on him a heavy look. Taras shuddered and was even slightly removed together so by a chair. — Why I knew nothing? — I asked him. The chief rose and departed to a wall. — The woman in marriage should have left. To give birth to children also all such other. Nobody took A from our ee. A you lived six years in Kiev. While in KGU studied, yes I worked somewhere there. Then only here I was given assignment. You left, it a snivel thirteen-year-old was. Only then I came into full force. Well, and... it wasn't erased finally yet, I solved you zakhomutat. You such basic were. One and on all life. Here it also became for you that most — the first. This is Vitalik thought up. I rose slowly. I rested palms against a table, yes on Tarasa stared. Ne I know that he in my eyes read, but I turned pale as a cloth. — Ne nonsenses — he raised palms. — I to you with the offer. All right, I will listen though also a lack of time. I have no time. — We know — there began Taras — that Kopytko is your work. And pastor too. Anka sits at home and is afraid to poke out a nose on the street. What do you want? Revenges? Well, give I to you ee on a lasso I will drag, yes you are ee izmorduyesh to almost death. Then you will calm down? To me even it became cheerful from his words. It is possible to think if I want ee to kill, I wouldn't make it. — You that? — I answered Taras. — What do you offer me? She is a Saint woman. She, devil of ee pobury, mother of my children. On an extreme measure I hope for it. Taras sighed heavy, looked at me with pity and started talking again: — Then we have no other exit how to hand over you. Rum, you understand that you did? Here to me it became even more ridiculous. And a situation, it seems, tragic, an I laugh as the fool. Even I took waters from a decanter that this silly to stop laughter. I wiped a mouth and cheerfully I looked at the chief. — Taras, you me what, you know the first day? Itself taught much. So here, I one for a lattice won't go. All for me you will go. Including that donkey, which now in the area. "Frank" I will scribble A as that sewing Zinger machine. Without were tired, is. And all cooperation so the investigation is oath I promise you directly here. — In the general-to I somewhere so also assumed — Taras answered. — Therefore we have option B. Even two options B. Or unfortunate case, or... don't you want to give to the Homeland a debt? — What debt? — I was surprised. — A what I your way here do nearly thirteen years how I distribute not debts to the Homeland? — At you quite good chances to survive. A as you will return, there and all your jambs will say goodbye. We will try. Reached me. At last to me though that-to reached. — Call the military commissar — I filtered — let scribbles the agenda. Therefore that I won't leave you alone. Taras smiled and left. A I went home to gather. I know that I won't return. Therefore that I don't want to come back. Let daddy live. Children need the grandfather. how much are dating apps worth html date and time display site mapMain Page