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Today this surprising dream which I can't but share with you dreamed me. It was the graduation class at school. Where it was I don't know, but precisely somewhere in the European country. We with the friend Greg, both 100% guys and the best friends, somewhere walked in the middle of lessons. I don't remember the old name, but it and isn't important. Both were still those researchers and climbed everywhere where it is only possible and it is impossible. In one of such adventures, I suffered a serious injury. Any changes, bruises, nothing, but it changed my life radically. Though no negative consequences existed, after all a lot of things changed. At first I also didn't understand that. There passed a little time and here I noticed... Yes, I noticed that my body changed. Nothing serious, but the rigidity and force in movements left somewhere. Instead they became soft and smooth. Imperceptibly it isn't enough, but the figure changed. It became a little similar to women's. The voice was raised. And, the most important, I thought as the girl and all these changes seemed for me absolutely natural. I began to estimate also girls and guys in a class from this position. It was noticed by girls and seriously were accepted to me. The clothes remained the same, jeans and a light sweater, but looked now absolutely differently on me. Low growth, and it decreased, at least did a zero breast size, leanness and small, but round buttocks and delicate features me the teenager, similar to the girl. I strongly lost in it to the school girlfriends from them beautifully issued by bodies. They even thought up to me a name Jessica. Fiery Jess. I don't know why fiery, but it was pleasant to me. As if in me completely replaced the personality, and left memory. As a girl to be cool! This constant feeling of flight. On the one hand it is good, and with another, you understand what not with that guy and will fall sick. But me was all the same. It was pleasant to me. By the way, when combed hair I noticed one more. They became a little longer, now reached a shoulder, and were clarified almost to the blonde with small highlighting. On the head set up a red cap. I dressed her back to front. It turned out not bad. Communication with girls was included into some new mode. Now I with pleasure stirred with them as with girlfriends. Greg noticed my change and now began to communicate with me differently. He so turned pale, being nearby. All this was very amusing to be observed, but also to make advances, nevertheless, without giving uniform chance of reciprocity. And I perceived all this as the girl. The following amusing case occurred when we with Greg came back home. Lived nearby and he didn't stop being the friend. We passed by one already strongly destroyed building in which the wooden, collected somehow huts of poor people huddled. There was one our familiar old man to whom we got. He had a little pupil, the boy of years 10. When we already left, the boy suddenly told - You aren't fiery Jesse, you are very gentle Juli, Julia, Yulia! I couldn't believe. We didn't mention not a word about it, and he knew everything and even noticed something else. The most important that I believed it. Completely and at once. I really felt quite so. Next day I went to the familiar doctor, and not just the doctor and the biologist working in scientific research institute. I didn't know as to think. I accepted all these changes at once and completely and even began to think exclusively in a feminine way. The friend the doctor told me that there was a jump in genes, and even showed all this on the image. A part of genes were marked in pink color and there is a lot of them, it isn't less than a third. From the research center I went with the acquaintance by the bike. On his background I was lost. Allocated me only a pink t-shirt with long white sleeves under it. I, happy, sat ahead of the driver. Wind, of course, hit into a face, but I liked this feeling. Here such I am soft and gentle Juli. This name to me indeed goes. PS Is really a dream and words more here isn't thought up. how is dating in your 30s date today google sheets site mapMain Page