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- I love when cum on the person, - Elena when I at her request poured out love juice on the nice reddened face told me. Our another appointment came to the end. I wanted to drink wines and to relax. And still there was a wish to sit from Lenkaya, to chat, listen to the next story about her sexual adventures. - I don't want to release you, - I admitted, - I suggest to have a rest, drink, and, to tell frankly, it is interesting to me to learn when you fucked next time, after your departure from the village. Lenka got up and went to the bathroom. A couple of minutes was enough for her to make toilet, and to me - to fill glasses and to unpack a chocolate bar. She returned, flopped in a chair and kind of unwillingly said: - Well, if it is so interesting to you, then listen. ONCE AGAIN When after vacation I returned to school, was not to recognize girlfriends. All of them not only became higher growth, but many of them had some special gloss in eyes which reason I vaguely guessed. I easily could distinguish now which of them still and someone already. Gloss in eyes and special intelligence in a look belonged to those someone any more not a tselochka. And those someone yet never treated the category "" looked more childly. I, of course, very much was proud of the fact that I belonged to community "already". We strongly differed from целочек. To us was what to discuss. We found out how someone had it as passed someone and where was fucked. I understood that I was largely lucky with the uncle Slava. Other little girls weren't always fucked so delicately. Some were torn up on the attic group of three guys, someone was otymet in the car on back seat, someone flew on a booze and remembers nothing. One girlfriend fucked with the Arab who didn't know a word in Russian. Another was raped under a fence and thrown naked and drunk. Stories much. It turned out that some of our little girls left virginity for a long time, about two years ago, years in fourteen. Just earlier such subjects at us weren't discussed. And this summer when all on sixteen, probably, we already matured so that we ceased to hesitate and were able to afford to be frank. Interestingly our virgins behaved. Some pretended that their similar things don't disturb, others envied us. From those someone envied Svetka was especially allocated. Once she stuck to me with inquiries: that yes as. Everything was necessary to tell her. Well, I slightly invented, of course, not without it. It was ridiculous to see Svetka who was stunned by surprise. I specially focused attention on details to tease Svetka. I told lies to her that asked the uncle Slavik to fuck me. And he, allegedly refused, but I insisted on the, he was given and agreed. - To me so! - with admiration Svetka said. - Where to find such uncle who would agree to oversleep with me? - Why to you uncle? Find the young guy. It I there, in the village, had no choice, there are no guys of my age - either old men, or children, - I continued to lie godlessly, - and here quite another matter. For example, take guys of our class. Igoryok, Norik, Maxim - are the choice. - Age-mates aren't so interesting to me, - Svetka objected, - here if what man met, we with him would stir up. Having the right of more skilled girlfriend, I undertook the solution of the Svetkiny problem. We will find to you the man. Without questions. What to you: clever, silly, podgy or thin, bald or shaggy? Went with her to the most settling pothouse, to remove men aged. Took on a glass of beer, we wait. One approaches, little by little - got to talking. Told him frankly that supposedly we want to fuck. He is glad to help, agrees. The wife on a holiday in the Crimea, he in a hellbender, children adult and with him don't live, the hut is free. Tumbled down to him. He on the way took vodka the whole liter. At acquaintance he was called Zhorik though it was noticeable that he just doesn't want to tell the real name. But to us all the same - let there will be Zhorik. And I drank the main thing that wasn't a rude fellow that not really, we from him need operability of his principal organ. Zhorik took us to himself. Quite decent three-room apartment, the finest bed, whole a sex bed, on such and four together to somersault just right. It spent us on kitchen. - Help, little girls, some tomatoes for salad to cut, and that I, so to speak, in a barchelor way now live, all on pothouses yes to pizzerias I eat, itself I hate preparing. - And you took not a lot of vodka? - Svetka took an interest. - Normally, - he answered, - I invited one more guy. To be honest, that to me to one not to cope with you. Now we understood what was meant by his call "on business". He called some Alexey, the friend, and managed to invite him on a visit such improbable hints that we absolutely didn't guess anything, - Has to warn that one of us the virgin, - I told. - I even know who exactly, - and he significantly looked at me. - Do you think, I? - I hardly restrained from laughter. - Well not she! - surely he answered, pointing to Svetka. - Didn't guess, - that responded, - Lenka at us not the girl for a long time. - Here would never think, - he sincerely was surprised. Soon Alexey came. Contrary to my expectations, he was the tall and nice young man. And that I was adjusted to see, at least, the age-mate Zhorik. That, has to recognize that the company at us developed quite decent. We passed to the room, took seat on a sofa. Zhorik poured all some vodka. I said a short toast "for mutual understanding". We drank. - Alexey, - Zhorik addressed the friend with underlined respect, - I have honor to present you these young persons who met to me in one haunt of vice and addressed with a little unexpected request. They, you see are in search of sexual partners. How do you look at it Alexey, we could meet desire of these angels? - At first it is worth looking that they represent, - Alexey thoughtfully noticed. - It as? - Svetka didn't understand. - To you, young ladies, it is necessary to show all the delights in the natural form, - Zhorik explained. - To undress, perhaps? So also told, - and Svetka began to undo buttons on a blouse. The strangest that I didn't want to undress for some reason at all, and at Svetka it turned out easily and quickly - already a minute later, she faced men in absolutely naked look moreover and hopped as the real stripper. I behind her wasn't in time. - And here it is interesting, - said meanwhile somewhere in space anybody specifically without addressing, Alexey, - and these beauties could represent a lesbian sketch? - Yes this perversion, - I answered immediately. - Precisely, perversion, - Alexey agreed, - but what nice perversion. - And what it is necessary to do? - scaredly Svetka asked. Probably, she already began to regret for something. - Well, lesbian, - Alexey explained, - two naked stroynenky beauties caress the friend to the friend. Just it brings me. And if properly to bring me, then you won't regret, derive a lot of pleasure. His words sounded so convincingly that somehow itself it turned out that we at first embraced Svetka, then kissed. Actually, we didn't know what to do next, but nipples of our boobies adjoined, we were made horney. In a minute nobody could tell that before we had no experience of lesbian sex. I suddenly like pity to Svetka. Poor, she should endure defloration pain. I remembered how I was helped by Marina when was near at such moment as she calmed me both tender words, and gentle touches. I wanted to prepare Svetka for the forthcoming act. And I decided to make it originally, on the basis of those data what I had about lesbian sex. I seated Svetka in a free chair and asked to spread legs more widely. Svetka obeyed. I stroked lips of her vagina. - Cool, good fellow, - Alexey praised. - Perhaps we will offer girls traditional sex? - Zhorik took an interest. - We will offer a bit later. You see, at them so everything well turns out that it is just a pity to interrupt. I bent below and sniffed to a vagina of the girlfriend. Her smell made horney me so strongly that I literally lost reason. In some wild rush I began to kiss her lower lips so as if it were not lips of a girlish pisyukha, but the face of the darling. Then I began to lick her virgin tselochka. I was kneeling to a chair in which, having thrown legs on armrests as if on reception at the gynecologist, the girlfriend, blissful from pleasure, sat. I was made horney by her pose. I violently worked with language, holding the girlfriend for buttocks, pressing her to itself. I licked a vagina as if it was the tasty juicy fruit of a magic tree. Her smell just demented me. In addition the thought that we are watched by men made horney me. Alexey commented on all process so that from his voice and words I was made horney more and more stronger. And I didn't see that men already undressed and approached us; I didn't know how they are horney; I didn't see how there are their bulked-up dicks. And only when Alexey touched the dick of my ear, I understood that I was tired to torment Svetkino a bosom that it makes sense to have a rest a little. I left Svetka alone and turned to Alexey. - You are able to suck? - he asked. - No. - Do you want to learn? - Yes. He briefly told as as it is necessary to do. I thought that there will be nothing terrible in sucking away a men's dick; especially, when the guy saw how I stuck lips into a pizda of the girlfriend. From below his dick seemed huge. Actually he easily was located in a mouth almost entirely. Probably, nothing good at me it turned out. Alexey made several movements and quickly was disappointed in my abilities. - All right, next time you will learn, - he told, - and now show that you are able. In the village the uncle Slavik taught me to fuck in the equestrian's pose, seated on a dick from above. So it was pleasant to me most of all. I offered Alexey such pose. - I don't object, - he agreed and settled on a sofa. His dick invitingly stood as if a stake. It was elastic to the touch, and I with pleasure entered him to myself into a vagina. Meanwhile Zhorik with a good-natured smile, calming Svetka tender words, I tried to get into her virgin belly. She wasn't given. - Well what you, Svetochka, give more safely, itself wanted, - Zhorik said. - Yes, I now, - she answered,-Sorry, now, once again. - Perhaps to help you? - I interfered. - Anything-nothing, Lenochka, be engaged with Alexey, we will cope. On heart-rending shout of Svetka which sounded a bit later I guessed that Zhorik coped with the task. At this moment I paid attention to her eyes: they were full of fear and tears. Really it wasn't pleasant to her? Yes, to be honest, it seemed to me that Zhorik is a little rough. They should have met with Alexey, he behaves more softly in the relation with the partner. - How you, Light, painfully? - I asked. - It is divine! - she cried out, and it seemed to me that it indeed. Her fears left, now she looked happy. Zhorik was happy too. And I with quiet conscience began to bring myself and Alexey to an orgasm. I so quickly began to move that his dick continually jumped out of my pussy, but I right there directed him back, and my pussycat as if swallowed him completely to the eggs. It was pleasant to Alexey. I managed to increase speed still. - And at you well it turns out, - Alexey praised me and right there I asked: it is possible to cum in her? Me strongly I started his question, and I understood that I will terminate itself now, and it will be able to terminate in me. - It is possible! - I shouted from pleasure, from a thought that now the cum stream will join me. And I was killed in ecstasy convulsions. Then I felt as Alexey cums, and I was covered by the second wave, already less long. Forces wasn't. I just sat on the dick, without wishing to pull out him from myself. Alexey kissed me and thanked. Then he accurately raised me, took out the remarkable device from my pisa. - Was tired? - with participation Alexey asked. - Is a little, - I admitted. - Misters, I suggest to have a rest, and then, perhaps, we will exchange partners, - Zhorik offered. All amicably agreed. Though, I wanted to change not really. Zhorik seemed to me rude, vulgar. With it I didn't imagine sex. But Zhorik forced me to think differently soon. I understood that his roughness rather affected, not real. He bended over me and carried out by a palm on vaginal lips. - Mokrenkaya, - I heard, - it is good. He gradually entered into me the dick. It was pleasant. He at the same time squeezed my right breast that added to me new impressions. - What elastic breast, - he said, - and what pizdyonka very narrow! Long ago I such didn't fuck. How many years to you, little girls? And that we ебёмся, and I forgot to ask. You though not young children? - No, - I told lies, enjoying rhythmical movements of Zhorik. - I can show the passport, but me not to the passport now. Oh! High! Still! More deeply! Stronger. Zhorik liked my reaction. I brought him, repeating the exclamations. And to him had already no time for our age. Svetka learned to suck a dick at Alexey meanwhile. Probably, he decided not to strain her pizdyonka additional loading, and offered oral sex. It is necessary to tell, she was more successful schoolgirl, than I. I licked a dickhead as a real minyetchitsa of the pro. Alexey even groaned from pleasure. His groans affected also me. And still I was especially made horney by a type of a pizdyonka of my friend. She there between legs had a continuous wound with bleeding on a leg. But Svetka didn't pay attention to it at all, was so keen on suction. Zhorik in me worked wonders. I was on all fours, sticking out a bottom from pleasure, trying to pass a dick as it is possible more deeply in a subsoil of my vagina. At the same time balls cool beat buttocks from sharp pushes of Zhorik. When I looked at Svetka again, her face was already filled in with a cum. Alexey terminated. She smiled. - Happy, - I told her. - Yes, - she agreed. Here I felt that Zhorik in literal sense is picked my ass. Until I distracted, he managed to drive a finger to me into an anus and now desperately moved with him in different directions, sometimes probing the dick which violently walked on mine excessively to a horney vagina. It was such state, new to me, that I just ceased to think. I only understood one: the rough orgasm becomes ripe. - About the devil! - involuntarily escaped at me. - Everything is normal, - Zhorik calmed me and so strongly I drove in me the tired-out device that I shouted from delight. - Aauuu! I was all wet. On legs my juice from the remains of a cum of Alexey flowed. Oh yes my orgasm was not just rough this time, it was stunning. It seemed to me that I even faint. I relaxed and fell down a stomach, having stretched for beds a bottom up. Zhorikin a dick jumped out of me and right there on a back the stream of a warm cum poured down. Zhorik took out a finger from my bum, moistened it in a cum and for some reason pushed it to me in a mouth. After a mad high, I didn't give the report in the actions any more. To me was all the same for what Zhorik offers me this perversion. So it is pleasant to him, well and let. He moistened my lips with a cum, and I licked his finger. So I for the first time felt taste of men's juice. After this Zhorik procedure I suggested me to lick a dickhead instead of a finger what I agreed too to. Than I am worse than Svetka? Well, and then men began to drink vodka. We were washed in soul, drank on a cup of coffee, put on, brushed the hair. - I hope, it was pleasant to you? - Zhorik asked, having slightly become tipsy. - Very much, - I answered. - And me too, - Svetka added. - Won't you object to the next meeting? - Alexey took an interest. We, naturally, didn't object. how accurate is a dating ultrasound date ideas kalamazoo site mapMain Page